‘My 65-old-dad was caught in bed with our house help’ Cries city woman

A female classic 105 fan shocked many after confessing on live radio about how her mother physically beats her dad, without a tinge of regret or remorse.

According to her, things have always been like this ever since she can remember adding that currently her dad is nursing a broken arm.

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Speaking to Maina Kageni she said,

“Maina, my dad is going through terror at the hands of my mother, and it has not started now. He is currently  nursing a broken arm which my mum broke.

The reason being that she found him in bed with our house help. Truth be told my dad loves women, he can’t keep off yet he is 65.”


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On being asked whether the help is still working at their home, she sarcastically says

“She is no longer here. She received such a thorough beating from my mum before being thrown out.”

The confession by the woman above put men on the edge with a majority of them calling to defend themselves on why they sleep with house girls.

Below is what they had to say

“Hata paka mzee hunywa maziwa’ so sleeping with these girls is a part of life and you can’t change it.”


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Another adds

“Maina you saying that these house helps should be given leso’s is a waste of time because even if you dress them in sacks, these men will still go after them.”

Another male caller who seems to be a member of team mafisi says

“These house girls seduce us and as you know men are weak, we just find ourselves giving in.”

Just when you think you have heard enough on such a beautiful Friday morning another caller adding;

“If she denies me s#x as a man believe you me I will even lay her sisters, as men we produce millions of sperm per day where does she expect me to take them?

Women should learn to give men some freedom.”


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