‘We are three months into our marriage and his family jewels can’t rise up,’ cries Muthoni

When one ties the knot they all look forward to enjoying sleepless nights showcasing their sexual prowess. But that is not always the case.

That has not been the case for *Muthoni.

Three months after her wedding her new husband cannot rise to the occasion leaving her disappointed.

My marriage is barely 3 months, ever since we finished our traditional wedding my husband has not had an erection.

During our courtship though we don’t stay in the same town I visit home every 3 months before we married.

We’ve had [email protected] before marriage and that was on our first date it was great.

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Muthoni says that on their second date things took a different turn.

After 3 months I visited him (3 months later), in the night he told me he was on prayers so no intimacy.

I agreed went back to my work base.

I came to start living with him one week two weeks no show, no touch no romance no erection from my husband.

One night I woke him up to ask him what the problem is first he said it was spiritual but I wasn’t really satisfied with the answer.


Not one to give up Muthoni pushed her husband to open up on what was affecting him, only for the answer to turn out to be a bombshell.

I persuaded him again he said in-fact that his spirit is cold with me.

I asked him what he meant by that, I said ok and started apologizing.

Since then we’ve been cool but still no erection even when I touch him and play with him.

He’s a good man the only problem is the inability to have an erection even when I’m naked.

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In conclusion, Muthoni added

I have a very seductive body, what could be the problem? Please help me and post it I’m losing my mind.

What advise would you give Muthoni before another man gives her the attention her man has failed to give her.

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The Hair-Evolution Of Muthoni The Drummer Queen

The brains behind one of the most successful events in Kenya’s entertainment scene is one Muthoni  Ndonga DQ aka Muthoni the Drummer queen.

She saw what began as a simple idea turn into a million shilling venture and therefore organised the event almost 60 times before they stopped.

Anyway, Blankets and Wine aside  have you ever looked at Muthoni’s hairstyle? Have you ever wondered if it’s always been that …. well I’n looking for a suitable word weird, unique,strange, crazy? I don’t know pick one that works for you.

Here is a pictorial of the hair evolution.