Honor your parents with a dance on your wedding – Muthoni Mukiri advises


Yotuber Muthoni wa Mukiri is reminiscing her beautiful wedding to Isaac held back in November.

Her nuptials excited her so much she has been sharing recaps of the day.

Her highlight according to a sweet not on her Instagram included a father daughter dance.

‘I just came across these pics..Father and daughter dance / mom and son dance…
This was one of my best moments..
My father’s dancing skills are top. 👏👏He entertained everyone.
My husband(am still getting used to calling him my husband 😊🙊) and his mom made me so emotional… ☺
For anyone getting married please don’t deny your parents this dance….They will talk about it forever.’

Mr and Mrs Njoroge tied the note in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends.




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Meet Mr and Mrs Njoroge! Muthoni wa Mukiri ties the knot


Youtuber Muthoni wa Mukiri anf fiancée Isaac have wedded.

She revealed the news that ‘Ecclesiastes 3:11 .He has made everything beautiful in its time.


Muthoni back in February revealed that the two met a year ago at a chama party that Teacher Wanjiku had invited her.

Isaac was seated at the end of the round table under the shade of a tree and I didn’t think much of him. He was there playing cool and we were having a good time.

Eventually, Isaac came over to where I was and told me I had a beautiful smile and had been watching me from the far end and the rest is history,now we are getting married,” Muthoni recalled, promising to release a video explaining the journey of their relationship.

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