Hijab looks you can borrow from Lulu Hassan and Jamila Mohammed

We all love Lulu Hassans’ fashion statement and that of her  fellow colleague Jamila Mohammed.

They make Hijabs look so beautiful.

‘They said I sold my uterus to be famous,’ Kansime painfully opens up

A wise man once said that

Hijab is beautiful, so make it look beautiful, wear it with love, wear it with pride and most of all wear it right. Hijab forces a man to look at a woman with respect rather than as an object. 

Below are looks other you can borrow from these stunning media personalities.



‘Sending me naughty videos won’t make you win,’ Kansime warns Kenyans

Jamila and Lul


Lulu 4

‘I rushed into marriage’ Anne Kansime talks about her past marriage

Lulu Hassan

Lulu Hassan 2


Luolou hassan


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Sheikh issues guidelines for husbands to eat their wives

A controversial Sheikh in Saudi Arabia announced a new fatwa (interpreted as evidence of the sacrifice of women and obedience to her husband and her desire for the two to become one) for men to “eat their wives if they are suffering severe hunger.

Saudi Arabian grand mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah allegedly issued the guidelines to allow a husband to eat his wife’s body parts in extreme circumstances.

The cleric is reported to have said the ruling represents the “sacrifice of women and obedience to her husband” – but campaigners are understandably outraged.

The announcement has sparked major concerns about the already well-documented poor treatment of women in the country.

A statement reportedly from the cleric’s office said: “A fatwa attributed to the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, which allows a man to eat his wife or parts of her body if the husband was afflicted with a severe hunger, raised concern and debate over social media.

The controversial Muslim leader has previously called on all churches to be destroyed under Islamic law.

But his latest declaration is yet to appear on his official website and no confirmation of its legitimacy has been made.

Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia are notoriously scarce.

Until 2011 they were banned from voting or running in public elections and earlier this year all female television presenters were told they must adhere to a strict Islamic dress code.

The country has an abysmal human rights record, including against women, and females are banned from going anywhere in the country, or even opening a bank account, without a male chaperon.

Punishments for breaking such trivial laws include public lashings and humiliations.

Top Muslim body calls for ‘killing, crucifixion’ of IS militants

Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s most prestigious centre of learning, has called for the killing and crucifixion of militants from the Islamic State group, expressing outrage over their murder of a Jordanian pilot.

In a statement after the burning alive of Maaz al-Kassasbeh, the Cairo-based authority’s head, Ahmed al-Tayib expressed his “strong dismay at this cowardly act”.

Tayib said this “requires the punishment mentioned in the Koran for these corrupt oppressors who fight against God and his prophet: killing, crucifixion or chopping of the limbs.”

The Islamic State group in a video on Tuesday claimed the gruesome killing of Kassasbeh who was captured in Syria when his plane went down in December.

Photo Credits : AFP

Muslim cleric wants Prophet Owuor arrested

A Muslim cleric Friday condemned the death of five people waiting for a healing miracle at Prophet David Owuor’s crusade in Nakuru county on Thursday.

Kenya National Muslims Advisory Council chairman Sheikh Juma Ngao said there is “nothing like miracle healing under the sun” to be performed by any man or woman of either faith.

Ngao urged the government to investigate and arrest all religious leaders claiming to be prophets.

“The only genuine miracles through God’s help and guidance were last performed by two prophets, Jesus Christ and prophet Muhammad. Any other person claiming to have these powers is just conning the public and it is sin,” Ngao said at a press conference in Mombasa town.

The five people had been taken from various hospitals to receive healing at the crusade on Kaptembwa Grounds.

Ngao said there are no prophets after Jesus and Mohamed.


Muslim cleric killed in Mombasa

A Kenyan Muslim cleric, who supported government efforts to stamp out radicalism among youth at the coast, was on Tuesday night shot dead by unknown assailants, police said.

Sheikh Salim Bakari Mwarangi was shot while returning home from evening prayers at a mosque in the Likoni area of Mombasa, the local police chief said.

“He was rushed to a nearby local hospital, but succumbed to his injuries,” the Mombasa County police commander, Robert Kitur, told Reuters.

Kenya’s coastal region, a tourist hub where most of Kenya’s Muslims live, has been hit by a spate of bomb attacks over the past months blamed on Islamists linked to Somalia’s militant al Shabaab group.

Haki Africa, a local Muslim rights group, said the slain cleric was a peace activist and that his killing may have been tied to his stand against extremism in Mombasa.

“He was a member of the Mombasa peace committee and was helping the government a lot in dealing with radicalization and guiding Muslim youth towards the right path,” said Francis Auma, the organization’s programs coordinator.

“He may have created enemies, but the police will establish the truth in their investigations.”

Mwarangi was just the latest Muslim cleric to fall victim to violence in the region.

In June, Sheikh Mohammed Idris, chairman of the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK), was killed by assailants at a mosque in the same area. Muslim activists said at the time he was among 21 other clerics who had either disappeared or been killed in a similar manner since 2000.

Kenya is trying to break up militant recruitment networks in its Muslim community in an effort to end attacks it blames on al Shabaab and its sympathizers, who have vowed to punish Kenya for sending troops to Somalia to fight Islamist rebels.

Activists have long complained that heavy-handed police tactics after militant attacks, including the mass round-up of suspects, have stoked anger among local Muslims and undermined moderate preachers trying to counter radical ideas.

They also complain police have not done enough to offer protection when threats have been made.

Source: Reuters 

Odinga Shows ‘Eid Al-Adha’ Support To The Muslim Community

CORD leader Raila Odinga has offered his support to the Muslim community in Kenya and around the world as they mark Eid Al-Adha.

Odinga posted this message on Saturday on his Facebook page;

“To our Muslim brethren, as you offer your prayers on Eid Al-Adha, I hope that the true spirit of this auspicious occasion fills your heart with happiness and good cheer.
Eid Mubarak, God bless Kenya!”

Radio Africa group wishes our Muslim brothers and sisters a great Eid Al-Adha and hope that you are guided by your faith in the almighty and shine in His divine blessings. Wishing you a happy Eid.

Modern Muslim

She walks down the street Buibui held up at the front. It’s those stylish ones with pretty borders and tight fitting. She knows its wrong but it’s all the rage in town. Her friends are wearing it why shouldn’t she? After all she has many years to repent in this life. Boys whistle at her when she passes by, she pretends not to hear but in her heart she smiles. She can’t wait to put it on Facebook and get those comments she yearns for. Everyone on Facebook thinks she is pretty, they say MashaAllah, she deserves to be praised right? After all, she is a beautiful creation of God. Her Hijaab is tied on properly, secured with a pin, but at the front she shows her fringe, it’s just a small amount of hair, it wont hurt anyone, after all everyone else is doing it, and it makes her look prettier.

She goes to college and mingles with the guys, they like her a lot, in fact they praise her for being so friendly unlike the others. She is not at all like the other Muslim girls. She is a moderate Muslim, a modern Muslim, an open minded Muslim. She loves the attention she gets from the guys, both Muslim and non-Muslim, it makes feel loved, wanted and special. The other girls with their Niqaabs and Jalbaabs don’t get any attention, she thinks that is why they always try and talk to her about her behavior, because they are jealous. She shakes their hands, gives them hugs, and goes out with them for coffee. She is not fornicating; she is just being outgoing, making friends, having fun and enjoying her youth. After all You Only Live Once.

She wears the latest shoes, latest skirts, latest scarves, and latest trousers. She must keep up with the trends; didn’t you see Kim Kardashian in those sleek chinos and that silk blouse? That’s how women are supposed to dress, not in suffocating Jalbaabs with head scarves that cover half of your chest. Her scarves are colorful, chic and barely conceal the neck, after all her hair is covered isn’t it? Well most of it anyway. If she must put on the Buibui and cover her head she will do it in a fashionable manner, who said that Hijaab cannot be fashionable? Right? The other girls talk to her about short scarves and tight Buibuis but she pays them no heed. They are outdated Muslims with no sense of fashion whatsoever, asking her not to alter her Buibui, do they really expect her to walk around looking like she has put on a sack? They must be crazy.

She is my sister, she is your cousin, she is his daughter, she is her friend, she is our Modern Muslimah!

Tuesday 29th July 2014 declared Public Holiday

The Muslim holiday of Idd Ul Fitr which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadhan will officially be marked on Tuesday 29th July 2014 here in Kenya.

Special Gazette Notice announcing date for Idd celebrations

A special gazette notice dated 18th July 2014 declaring the day a Public Holiday has been published, signed by Cabinet Secretary in charge of Interior Joseph Ole Lenku.

The Chief Kadhi had last week written to the government identifying the date as the most likely for the sighting of the moon which is used as an indicator to the end of fasting.