Celine Dion, Elton John and U2 among Forbes top earning 2019 musicians 


A list of 40 musicians ranked as the top earners in 2019 has been released by Forbes.

Among those are Classic 105 favorites Celine Dion, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez and U2.

Forbes explains how they came up with the ranking

To determine our rankings, we consider income from touring, music and outside business ventures with the help of Pollstar, Nielsen Music and interviews with industry insiders including many of the stars themselves. Our list measures pretax earnings and does not deduct fees for agents, managers or lawyers. The ranking once again highlights an unfortunate reality of the music business: just ten women out of 40 names, only a marginal improvement over last year’s one-in-five ratio, while 15 people of color made the list, though five of them in the top ten.

Here is the list, do you agree with it?
40 | Migos
2019 EARNINGS: $36 million

39 | U2
2019 EARNINGS: $37 million

38 | Celine Dion
2019 EARNINGS: $37.5 million

37 | Shawn Mendes
2019 EARNINGS: $38 million

34 (tie) | Zac Brown Band
2019 EARNINGS: $38.5 million

34 (tie) | Kendrick Lamar
2019 EARNINGS: $38.5 million

34 (tie) | Calvin Harris
2019 EARNINGS: $38.5 million

33 | Dave Matthews
2019 EARNINGS: $39 million

32 | Lady Gaga
2019 EARNINGS: $39.5 million

29 (tie) | DJ Khaled
2019 EARNINGS: $40 million

29 (tie) | Marshmello
2019 EARNINGS: $40 million

29 (tie) | The Weeknd
2019 EARNINGS: $40 million

28 | Rolling Stones
2019 EARNINGS: $41 million

27 | Luke Bryan
2019 EARNINGS: $42.5 million

26 | Jennifer Lopez
2019 EARNINGS: $43 million

25 | Guns N’ Roses
2019 EARNINGS: $44 million

24 | The Chainsmokers
2019 EARNINGS: $46 million

22 (tie) | Ariana Grande
2019 EARNINGS: $48 million

22 (tie) | Paul McCartney
2019 EARNINGS: $48 million

21 | Fleetwood Mac
2019 EARNINGS: $49 million

19 (tie) | Jimmy Buffett
2019 EARNINGS: $50 million

19 (tie) | Eminem
2019 EARNINGS: $50 million

18 | Bruno Mars
2019 EARNINGS: $51 million

17 | Billy Joel
2019 EARNINGS: $52 million

15 (tie) | BTS
2019 EARNINGS: $57 million

15 (tie) | Pink
2019 EARNINGS: $57 million

13 (tie) | Katy Perry
2019 EARNINGS: $57.5 million

13 (tie) | Justin Timberlake
2019 EARNINGS: $57.5 million

12 | Travis Scott
2019 EARNINGS: $58 million

11 | Rihanna
2019 EARNINGS: $62 million

10 | Metallica
2019 EARNINGS: $68.5 million

9 | Diddy
2019 EARNINGS: $70 million

8 | Drake
2019 EARNINGS: $75 million

6 (tie) | Beyoncé
2019 EARNINGS: $81 million

6 (tie) | Jay-Z
2019 EARNINGS: $81 million

5 | Elton John
2019 EARNINGS: $84 million

4 | The Eagles
2019 EARNINGS: $100 million

3 | Ed Sheeran
2019 EARNINGS: $110 million

2 | Kanye West
2019 EARNINGS: $150 million

1 | Taylor Swift
2019 EARNINGS: $185 million

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Thong song singer Sisqo has not changed one bit in his latest photos

Mark Althavan Andrews, better known by his stage name Sisqó, is considered the King of RnB.

Sisqo is one of the founding members of the R&B group Dru Hill, who garnered a following in the late 1990s with hits like “In My Bed” and “Never Make a Promise.

Sisqo kicked off the 20th anniversary of the Thong Song with a new album back in October this year.

The RnB singer is 42-years-old and has much to be grateful about.

He is still performing
He is in Australia on tour, according to his social media where he is very active with fans, sharing and retweeting their comments.
He still has platinum blonde hair
He cut it all off only once but it grew back to the signature style we all know him for. Because his hair attracts attention when we go out, he keeps it hidden under a hat, except during performances.
He is married and a father
He married his longtime girlfriend in 2018, and together they have a son. He has two other children, girls.
Sisqo net worth
Sisqo has a net worth of $6 million. He has sued multiple people for royalties accruing from his popular hit song “The Thong Song”.
Solo music career
As a solo music artist, Sisqo has released three full-length albums
sisqo 4
sisqo 3
sisqo 2
sisiqo 1

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TBT: 90’s Rn B star Blu Cantrell throwback tracks


Blu Cantrell burst onto the music scene in 2001 with the release of her debut album, So Blu, which features the hit song “Hit ‘Em Style (Oops!).”

The cute singer, who catapulted to fame with her smash song Hit ‘Em Up Style in 2001, was taken into custody by police for a psychological evaluation.

From a failed reality show attempt on Tv ( NBC) and racy photos from her past resurfacing, to her suffering a minor mental breakdown, the press went from bad to worse.

In 2014, when she was reportedly picked up by police in Santa Monica, Calif., after “running through the streets, ranting about people trying to kill her.”

Cantrell was taken into custody around 2 a.m. after witnesses claim the star was shouting about someone giving her “poisonous gas.”

Listen to how powerful her voice was in her most popular hit song.


He hasn’t aged one bit: Latest pictures of Michael Bolton


From ‘When a man loves a woman’ to ‘how can we be lovers’ US singer Michael Bolton’s love songs are among the greatest love hits of all time.

The 66-year-old performer has had an illustrious career in music that began in the 70’s.

He has accumulated 50 years in the show business as a multiple Grammy Award-winning Singer, Songwriter and Social Activist, who has sold more than 65 million records globally.

We hit his Instagram to pull out a few pictures of how amazingly Zaddy he looks. Girls feast your eyes on him.





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Debate over what Seals song ‘Kiss From a Rose’ means


I was today’s years old when I learned that Seals’ song ‘Kissed by a rose’ was all about cocaine, and it all makes sense now.


There has been much speculation as to the meaning of “Kiss From A Rose” – many think it has something to do with drugs, while others hear it as an expression of love or a journey to the afterlife.

Seal has never explained what the song is about, offering only that there was “some kind of relationship that inspired the lyrics.”


The lyrics have set off a debate on social media, with people giving their take on what he was saying.

Some some views below:
Great song. Love it! But, it’s not about love, it’s about drugs.

” … when it snows, my eyes become large and the light that you shine can’t be seen”
“You remain my power, my pleasure, my pain”

It’s a song about cocaine, not se3.


Seal wrote this song sometime around 1988. Another wrote

“But did you know that when it snows
My eyes become large, and the light that you shine can be seen?”

Well. I’ll be damned.

One gentleman has really thought about it in the comments below:
Wrong, wrong, wrong.

It’s a love song, and a dirty one at that.

“Grey” = p*nis
“Rose” = lips (as in, a woman’s red lips)

Hence, he’s comparing his lover (whom he apparently admires greatly) to a “kiss” from a “rose” on the “grey.”

All the so-called drug references are just lyrical abstractions and double meanings. What Seal is saying is that his girlfriend is the best, the greatest, the s33iest thing in the world – that makes him feel as good.


The part about a rose had this person in awe

Not to come across too cheeky or crass, but this song is about a West African man getting his first taste of the coveted, foreign, mysterious, taboo white woman. (From an African man’s persepctive–not universally–specifically, a black man’s perspective). She unexpectedly and absolutely blows his mind–and other things, I’m sure–and he refers to the experience of her as a drug. He’s hooked to her like an addict.

The same is said of black men from the perspective of white women who experience their first BBC. They say it can be Earth shattering.

Amazing how such contrasts can magnetize so powerfully!

Just to add to my take on it – Rose and snow are both slang (not just metaphors) for amphetamines. These would have been common use in drug culture in London at the time.


What do you think? Are people reading too much into it?

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Classic 105 celebrates Tupac Shakur on 23rd death anniversary


Today marks 23 years since the tragic death of Tupac Amaru Shakur, known to the masses simply as 2Pac.

Tupac Shakur was embroiled in a feud between East Coast and West Coast rappers and was murdered in a drive-by shooting in 1996, leaving behind an influential musical legacy at the age of 25.
He has sold 75 million albums to date, making him one of the top-selling artists of all time.tupac all eyez on me

Tupac was gunned down in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996 and died six days later. His murder has never been solved.

Tupac was named Lesane Parish Crooks at birth. After joining the Black Panther party, his mother changed his first name to Tupac Amaru, after an 18th-century Peruvian revolutionary who was killed by the Spanish. Tupac later took his surname from his sister’s Sekiya’s father, another Panther called Mutulu Shakur.


Tupac Shakur
June 16, 1971
September 13, 1996
tupac black and white
Tupac Shakur’s parents were both members of the Black Panther Party.
At 13 Tupac played Travis Younger in ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ at the Apollo Theater to raise funds for presidential candidate Jesse Jackson.
Before the East Coast/West Coast rap feud started, Tupac and Biggie Smalls were friends.
Tamalpais High School, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Baltimore School for the Arts
New York, New York
Las Vegas, Nevada
tupac smoking

Tupac’s body was cremated. Members of his old band, Outlawz, made the controversial claim that they had smoked some of his ashes in honor of him.

His mother announced she would scatter her son’s ashes in Soweto, South Africa, the “birthplace of his ancestors,” on the 10th anniversary of his murder. She later changed the date to June 16, 1997 — Tupac’s 26th birthday as well as the anniversary of the 1976 Soweto uprising.

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H_ART The Band holds listening party for new album


If you weren’t among the many celebrities or KOT who flocked Hart The Bands listening party you can still relive the experience thanks to our photographer Moses Kiarie.

The event took place at Muze Club on July 17th. The title of the album is ”Made In The Streets”

Here are photos










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Living In The Fast Lane! Diamond Platnumz Shows Off Sexy New Ride (PHOTO)

Diamond Platnumz is a man on a mission -and his mission seems to be to let the rest of us in on the secret. What secret pray tell?! Well that his life is just awesome and he lacks for nothing!

Diamond, one of East Africa’s biggest and most successful stars is out here looking like a million bucks after he launched a BMW i8 similar to the one Kev Mullei of Mo Sound drives. The car is estimated to cost around a hefty 13M Kenya shillings. Hizo pesa zili toka wapi???!!!!

BMW i8

His, however, is blue -to match his shoes –  and he seems not to have been scathed at all by the recent drug busts in Tanzania that targeted top artists whom the government wanted to snitch on their dealers. The reason why I bring this up is because his own brother was among those arrested.

He even went ahead to spend millions in celebration of his new-born son’s 40th day on earth in an extravagant party.

 Diamond Platnumz’s Wife Oozes Elegance And Class During Their Son’s 40 Day Celebration (Photos)

Check out the big bad sexy machine he has launched:

diamond platnumz i8

‘Why I Am Alone This Valentine’s Day,’ Gospel Star Mbuvi Explains

Valentine’s Day is a day for all those love birds who make the single people cringe. Thus it is probably the worst time to be alone as you watch everyone else couple up, but for renown gospel artiste, Mbuvi, he really has no choice.

It seems Mbuvi will be spending his Valentine’s all alone. The star was linked to the gorgeous Kambua before she was stolen away from the life of singlehood by, Pastor Jackson Mathu.

Drama Free! Top 10 Kenyan Gospel Artistes Who Have Managed To Keep Scandals Away

So, is the Kwata Kawire singer single and available? Has he found someone to warm his bed? Why is he spending Valentine’s all alone?

Mbuvi explained,


Being a celeb comes with its own issues, while regular people flaunt their bae’s with no second thought celebs have to think twice.

Exposing your significant other to the drama of publicity and constant attention from fans can cause serious issues in the relationship.

Though some celebs choose to go public with their relationships, Mbuvi has chosen to keep private things private.

He says:


Do You Remember Taking Your Date To These Places Back In The Day?

She’s Glowing! 5 Photos Of Gloria Muliro That Prove She’s Doing Better After Dumping Estranged Husband

Gloria Muliro made headlines back in 2015 when she came out to reveal that she was separating from her husband, Eric Omba, after claims of abuse, misuse of her cash and infidelity.

The celebrated singer walked out of the marriage because she couldn’t fake happiness anymore. Even as much as she had tried to make amend and make it work, the controversial pastor only made things worse in the 5 years they were together.

Gloria Muliro’s Ex-Husband Eric Omba Is A Bitter And Angry Man. Find Out Why

Pastor Eric Omba and Gloria Muliro exchanged wedding vows back 2009 at a colorful ceremony. Things, however,  didn’t turn out to be so blissful, with Gloria Muliro revealing that her ex-husband mismanaged her career, as well as making claims to property that was not his.

Gloria-with-pastor-Omba (1)

At some point, Eric Omba did not want to let go of his beautiful wife and even hoped to win her back, but sadly,  Muliro had moved on and decided to turn over a new leaf.

But years on, Gloria Muliro has proved to be stronger and has been focusing on her music and rumour has it that she found a man worthy of her attention. She is currently dating him but has chosen to keep the relationship away from the public radar.

Sorry Pastor Omba, Gloria Muliro Has Moved On

On the other hand, her ex-husband has also found himself a younger woman, and they already have a daughter together. Mark you, they have not walked down the aisle, meaning he’s gotten a child out of wedlock…


But one thing I have noticed, Gloria Muliro looks stunning and is glowing even after walking out of the painful marriage. There is no doubt that she’s now stress-free and is doing better than ever.

These elegant photos below prove that Muliro is happier and now has peace of mind;










Fans Mourn With Christina Shusho After The Passing Away Of Her Friend’s Son

Pole sana Mungu amuweke mahali Pema!! A devastated Christina Shusho is in mourning following the passing of a close friends son.

The gospel star’s fans joined her in an outpouring of emotion noting how hard the young man’s death has hit her after she posted a moving tribute to the family of the late young man.

She offered her grief and overwhelming sadness in the post below;

christinashusho; My condolences to this beautiful family, rafiki yetu @mireille basirwa amefiwa na mtoto wake wa kiume hii leo mchana.
Personally habari hii imekua ngumu sana kwangu.
So sad so sad so sad so painful ..eeh Mungu uwe faraja kwa rafiki yetu @mireille basirwa.

Below is a picture of the young man;


Christina added;

christinashusho;Boy, gone too soon, RIP @mireillebasirwaoff, haki pole rafiki yangu, kama mwanamke natambua ugumu, uchungu wa kuzaa unao pitia, I feel the pain. Ujue hauko peke yako , pole sana sana rafiki yangu @mireillebasirwaoff kupoteza kijana mkubwa oooh God mfariji wetu tufariji tena….mfariji tena mireille basirwa katika kipindi hiki kigumu.
RIP boy

Here is a picture of the young man and his mother below;



May his soul rest in eternal peace!



Bongo Singer Diamond Platnumz Debut’s His Sons Face Proudly Proclaiming ‘Das My Handsome Son’

After holding out for forty days, Tanzania’s finest singer Diamond Platnumz has finally revealed his new-born son’s face to the world.

Diamond and his wife Zari, have been holding out on revealing their son’s face to the public just like they did with their first-born daughter Tiffah Dangote.

And while the celebrity couple was very forthcoming with information about the pregnancy, the two love-birds have preferred to keep their baby’s faces hidden from the public for forty days in anticipation of an unveiling ceremony.

Diamond Platnumz 3-Day-Old Son, Prince Riaz Bags Thousands Of Instagram Followers But Doesn’t Follow The Singer

Zari and Diamond flew to Tanzania from South Africa where they live in a lavish mansion, to hold a special ceremony for their new-born son, Prince.

His fans took to social media to praise the boy’s good looks at the same time congratulating Zari for a ‘job well done’.

Athumani Siwa Kafanana na dada yake halafu ujue

Lizz Osimbo Finally we’ve seen prince.like daddy lk son.he resemble Tiffa too.cute boy.

Brandina Siame Hongera sana diamond muheshimu sana zari amekupa heshima kubwa yakuitwa baba

Malemba Mwanjala Congrats to you and your family,, wamefanana na Tiffah kweli

Here is their cute son






Will Zari Be Ok With This? Diamond Platnumz Invites Wema Sepetu To His Son’s 40th Day

Wema Sepetu has been through a lot over the past few days as Tanzania was literally on fire with regards to drug trafficking. The government is aggressively fighting the use of drugs in the country, and this time, they had a list of suspects who were summoned to a police station to give their statements on the same matter.

Some suspects were let go on bail while others were taken to court for the hearing. This must be a really tough time for this people.

Bongo Star Diamond Platnumz Talks About Where He Got His Stage Name From (Video)

Wema appeared before the Kisutu Residents’ Magistrate Court to face charges of being found in possession of 1.80 grams of marijuana. She denied the charges and was released on bail of Kshs. 200,000 (5 Million Tanzanian Shillings) after fulfilling bail conditions.


After all that drama, I think Wema would love some distraction. Diamond Platnumz and his wife Zari Hassan have a traditional whereby, when they kid(s) is 40 days old since birth, they throw a big party, which is attended by the who is who in the entertainment industry. They previously did this for their daughter Tiffah.

Now they are about to do the same for their son Nilan, this Saturday (11th February) at Diamond mansion in Madale, Dar es Salaam.

Diamond Platnumz’s Wife Zari Gives Advice On Why It’s Important For a Man To Show Off His Woman In Public

diamond and zari

During an interview with Clouds FM, Diamond revealed that Wema Sepetu will be among the invited guests.

Ni mmoja kati ya watu ambao wamealikwa. Na tunaomba wamalize matatizo yao salama,” Diamond said during the interview.

We all know Wema is Diamond’s ex, so will Zari be ok with her being around? Maybe they will put their differences behind…?

Keep it Kiss on updates about their lavish bash…

EXCLUSIVE: This Is Why Controversial Gospel Singer Bahati Was Broke Even After Hit Track

Bahati has finally spoken out about his struggle before achieving the fame and fortune has achieved.

In an exclusive interview during the launch of a local show dubbed, Story Yangu, the Maria hitmaker revealed the reason why he was so broke, even though his hit song Mama was all over the airwaves back then.


The multi-award winning artist disclosed that piracy was one of the things that led to him being broke. He went on to confess that in 2013, he was the artist who was most affected by piracy in Kenya. Yes, you heard right, the most pirated artist in Kenya.


The most shocking thing of all was that Baha revealed those who used to pirate his music were part of his own team. He, however, says he did not want to complain since he wanted to be seen on TV. Some friends those were!

Bien Of Sauti Sol Congratulates Bahati On His New Music After Attacking Him On Social Media


Well, the Machozi singer has since then graced our screens with his melodious voice, winning numerous awards, not forgetting the events he has headlined to date.

On the flip side, he’s also been in the spotlight for his controversial beef with fellow artists. Let’s hope this year will be drama free for Bahati.


This is what Bahati exclusively said;

“Nilikua naenda kwa watu wa piracy nasimama hapo..actually I think in 2013 I was one of the most pirated artists in Kenya…Na sikucompalin coz nilikua natamani bado nitokee kwa Tv…Nilikua naenda nasimama hapo wakiuza CD wananiambia ‘Kijana naona huu msanii ameku-inspire hadi unaeka nywele kama yeye.’

KUMBE! Did You Know Them Mushrooms Band Discovered Sauti Sol?

You can thank me later for this.

In a heart-warming post on social media, boy band Sauti sol are paying homage to Kenyans most iconic band, Them Mushrooms. Why?

It turns out that lead singer John Katana was instrumental in discovering their talent. How awesome is it to have a mentor with such an amazing history in Kenya?

Sauti Sol Move To Improve Girl Education As They Link Up With Amazing Globetrotting Teenager

In case you didn’t know, Them Mushrooms is a Mombasa-based musical group that sings Benga, and Chakacha music that’s very popular with the older generation. The band is composed of Teddy Kalanda, Henry Ndenge Saha and Ben Mutwiwa.

They are popular for the hit song Jambo Bwana, that a lot of tourists love singing whenever they jet into Kenya. Does that song jog your memory now?

Check out the post below that will make you feel proud to be Kenyan;

THEM MUSHROOMS/UYOGA . These are the men who made it possible for this generation to enjoy the freedoms of music. Sauti Sol was discovered by John Katana. He is the cool cat with shades on his shirt. We cannot thank him enough for always being our mentor and music father. They are immortal for their music. But also please remember them for giving you Sauti Sol. Without them there probably would be no us. Much love. 🐐🐐🐐

They also put up the photo below;


Diana Waititu Music from Them Mushrooms always picks me up after a long day. Heri niwe pekee yangu, Usiibe…There’s definitely something magical about their vocals, just like yours. Give John Katana our thanks for both them and you when you see him next.xx

Priscillah Mwai the best example of how real men put on jeans.God bless them all

Njeri Peterson Cool guys,,,,love their style;;;jeans worn at the waist not sagged;;;love this

Dimersal KharlyLol…. And katana looks like bien a little
Leona Eline Hellen I love this band ###jumamosi

Hilarious TBTs Of Famous Kenyan Gospel Artistes You Just Have To See

It is quite obvious that people can undergo quite a transformation after their pockets get deeper. These gospel artists, Mtoto Wa Mama Bahati, Willy Paul the Pozze, Hope Kid the General and the famous Kelele Takatifu have hilarious TBT photos dating back to when they didn’t know what style or fashion was.

Here are photos of these artists when they were broke and dusty;

Here Is A List Of Secular Artistes Who Are More Gospel Than The Gospel Artistes

Kelele Takatifu

It is evident that in those days the two Bamba Mbaya hit makers hardly knew what glamourous was. Their old fashioned casual look can obviously tell their past.

kelele takatifu


Willy Paul

Tiga Wana! That is the song title of his latest song but can also refer to his ‘swag’ or rather lack of in this pic. He must have been performing his song Rabuka while rocking this, shiny oversized suit and studs.

willy paul(1)


It looks like Bahati hadn’t started writing love letters and was nowhere near growing bushy dreadlocks. Maybe he was actually deep into doing real gospel music… Let’s just say times and money can truly change a person.

He’s Seen The Light! Bahati Goes Back To His Godly Roots To Work On Genuine Gospel Songs



Well, he must have been colour blocking his style during those days before he got his own fashion identity. Hope Kid who now has a new hit Mzito Ni Yesu has entered the list of controversial gospel artists in Kenya after criticism over the song.


Unconditional Winners! And The East Africa Super Hit Of The Year Goes To…!!!

These boys just aren’t slowing down!!! It seems like Sauti Sol is giving the industry a run for their money. The boy band has remained one of the most talented groups that have not failed to put Kenya’s music industry on the map. This group has gone on to win awards from Africa and beyond.


Being one of the most sought after artistes, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the group won two heavy-weight awards at the recent 5th edition of HiPipo awards held at Serena hotel in Kampala. The band won Song Of The Year Kenya and The East Africa  Super Hit with the song Unconditionally Bae which featured Tanzania’s Ali Kiba.

Sauti Sol Are Privileged To Record In The Same Studio Using The Same Microphone The Late Amy Winehouse Used (Photo)


Among others who walked away with awards was Diamond Platnumz with the East Africa Best Video for the song Salome featuring Rayvanny. Diamond also went home with Quinquennial Africa Music Vanguard Award.

Sauti Sol Move To Improve Girl Education As They Link Up With Amazing Globetrotting Teenager

Tanzanian duo, Navy Kenzo who performed at the event were awarded the East Africa Best New Act while Ali Kiba also walked away with Song Of The Year Tanzania with the song Aje.

Sauti Sol has always been superstars for the longest time ever. They are geniuses when it comes to making music and their mode of music production is on point. Their albums over the years have been nothing but successful and we are more than proud to say they deserved the awards.