My mum is a reverend – Murugi Munyi a.k.a Yummy Mummy

Controversial content creator Murugi Munyi says that her mom, who is a reverend gets calls about her bold and at times risque content on social media networks.

In a past interview, Murugi was asked if her mother approves of her content online.

She said, “My mum is a reverend, ni mtumishi wa mungu in many ways we are watumishi wa mungu in a way. I don’t think my mum consumes my content, I don’t even think she knows I have a podcast or the content in there or in my page.”

Murugi says that the mum gets to know about her content through third parties.

“My parents don’t follow me on social media. Unless my mum meets someone and they tell her ‘Did you see your daughter posted this?’. They know I’m a social media influencer because every time they go someplace, someone people introduce them as my parents they know that much but they don’t actually watch or know my content.”

She continued, “Even my mum when she is in church, there are people who go to her and start asking her questions she knows nothing about. What I always say is, in any line of work there are some things you have to sacrifice to live the life you are living.”

Asked about her spirituality and if she will follow the footsteps of her mother and preach the gospel.

She said, “I go to Mavuno church and we are told we are all fearless influencers which is what God calls us to be in whatever space we are.”

Adding, “I have been saved before but I’m not sure right now if I’m saved. But for sure I have been saved before. This life has many temptations. what I can say is that I have a relationship with God and I believe that if I died today, I will see heaven.”

Murugi recounted how her mum has not given up on her soul.

“My mum keeps telling me to recommit my life to God. Sometimes when I post a video with curse words, she calls me saying, ‘You know somebody sent me this video where you are using words that are not good.’ So I have to tell her, ‘It was by mistake, mum, I’m sorry.’.”


Yummy Mummy ‘ate’ abortion money just to go out partying

Murugi Munyi has revealed she once lied to a man that she was pregnant so he could send her ‘abortion’ cash which she used to go party.

This she revealed after a social media fan revealed the crazy ‘lie’ she had ever told a man just to get cash from him.

“I had unprotected s*x with this guy so I could use the p2 money to retouch my locs, 1st year,” shared the fan

 Munyi admitted to having lied before just to get cash to go and party.

“I too have been there. I once lied to a man about being pregnant so I can use the abortion money to go out that weekend,” wrote the mother of three. Adding, “Sir, if you’re reading this, there was no baby but anyway.”

Well Karma is a b*tch, years later Munyi was a character developed by her ex after he made her pay 16k for their date

Yummy Mummy
Yummy Mummy

Sharing her experience via her social the mother of three narrated,

“What’s the most ghetto thing an ex has ever done to you? One of my exes asked me out – we had dinner, such a good time! At some point, his friends joined us and we drank and drank, and then time to go home he hits me with ‘Babe si you spot me, I forgot my wallet at home.’The bill was Ksh16,750 (I’ve never forgotten) I was in uni. It was ALOT. “

Munyi says she waited for a refund of the cash in vain.

“The next day I waited for him to send the money back, instead he was just saying things like ‘I’m so lucky to have you, I can’t wait to spend my life with you. We had been dating for 3 weeks, I Ghosted him instantly and never spoke to him again. Tell me your story – let’s laugh together in the comments,” she wrote.

What’s the craziest lie you have ever told a man just to get cash from him?

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