Murang’a: Police arrest two women suspected of operating a drugging ring

Police in Murang’a have arrested two women suspected to be operating a drugging ring in Nairobi and the Central region.

Murang’a County Police Commander Farah Maalim has said the two suspects were arrested in Juja on Friday and handed over to Kirwara police station where they are being held.

Maalim said the two are suspected to have been operating a ring that drugs people in public places and steals from them.

“We know the two reside in Nairobi but are in the process of establishing their exact residences,” he said.

The two suspects, Mary Nyaguthi and Mary Gathamba are in their early thirties and their main target has been men in pubs.

A victim who spoke to The Star on the phone said the two suspects that they positively identified at the police station joined a table that he was sharing with two of his friends in a club in Murang’a and initiated a conversation.

The suspects then drugged them and took their car keys, got them into their cars and drove off with them.

The victim said he woke up in his car that was packed alongside the Kenol Murang’a road in the wee hours of the morning, only to find his cash and mobile phones stolen.

They also accessed his mobile banking accounts and withdrew money.

One of his friends had blacked out at the back seat and only woke up later in the day while the other was left alongside the Thika Superhighay at Juja.

The victim drove to Murang’a police station where he recorded a statement.

Similar cases have been reported at Makuyu police station in Maragua and Gatundu police station in Kiambu County.

Maalim however appealed to any-one who has fallen victim to the two to present themselves to Kirwara police stations to help with the investigations.

He said the police want to consolidate all the cases lodged against the two suspects to ensure they have a strong case when they charge them in court.

-Alice Wangechi

Muranga Senator Irungu Kang’ata gushes over wife days after wedding (photos)

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata last Saturday solemnised his marriage to his wife Mary Wambui, in a colourful wedding graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The wedding was held at Gathinja Catholic Church in Kahuhia constituency, Murang’a county.

The couple picked nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Mukami as the best couple for their yellow-themed wedding.

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Speaking to Word Is, Kang’ata said, “I met my wife in 2007, when she was a form four student at Mugoiri girls. She was a frequent visitor to her aunt in the area who was a secretary.

“After she finished high school, we started dating while I was still a young lawyer in a law firm called Gacheru and Company, in Murang’a county.”

The couple started living together while she was still in university and had a customary marriage after she became pregnant while in third year.


Kang’ata was excited by the President’s presence. “It is rare that he attend weddings, so I don’t take that for granted. I was also happy for Murang’a people because they also got some benefits from my wedding. As a gift for my wedding, the President gave goodies worth Sh5 million to the people of Gathinja Day School, a bus to the neighbouring Mukang’u Day School and promised to tarmac a road for them as well.”

The senator’s journey in politics began while he was still young.

“Even before I met my wife, I was a councillor at 22 years, and in 2013 I became an MP,” he said.

His journey while growing up was not so smooth, as his parents did not have a guaranteed source of income.

“My father was a mechanic and could not raise enough money to educate or even give us a good lifestyle. We lived in a wooden house that was a bit small, despite the fact that we were eight siblings.

“The best thing about me is that I was very bright in school and managed to scoop good grades to join university.”


Kang’ata was honouring his ailing father’s wish to do a church wedding.

“Although my parents are very sick, they are very proud of me and the far I have come. My father has a terminal illness that we have decided not to even disclose to him, while my mum is diabetic and also suffering from heart attack. She is immobilised and can’t move on her own. They are under medication and we are wishing them well,” he said.

Kang’ata was once a DJ, and most of his county people know him for that.

“While in university I was suspended after opposing the parallel degree programme. I became a DJ just to keep me going while out of school. I used to be called DJ Nyutu in Murang’a for two years,” he said.

“After Kibaki came to power, he ordered that all students who were suspended from the institution be taken back. That is how I went back to University on Nairobi and finished my degree in Law.”

His wife Wambui is an accountant and the two have three children: Rita, Euna and Etan.

Check out the photos from the wedding;


IMG-20180919-WA0017 IMG-20180919-WA0064(1) IMG-20180919-WA0053 IMG-20180919-WA0015 IMG-20180919-WA0016

Uhuru and the couple

Worshipers shocked to find man living in their church in Murang’a

There was shock in Gaitega AIPCA church in Kahuro subcounty, Murang’a County after church goers found a man living inside the church.

The faithfuls discovered that the unknown man was living in their church on Saturday evening when a group of them went to clean it in preparation for the Sunday service.

The group was shocked to find that keys to the church were not where they are usually kept yet the church was locked.

They went in using a window only to find the church dirty and disorganized, and informed the leadership of the church.

According to Stephen Kigo, church leaders immediately made their way there to assess the situation and determine the next course of action.

“We were so shocked to find that someone had made our church his home,” Kigo said.

The man, Kigo said, had broken into the church and into the vestry which he had converted into a bedroom.

He had laid a mattress on the floor of the vestry and used three stones and church utensils for his cooking.

“This man used Holy Communion cups and trays to cook matoke that he may have stolen from the neighborhood,” the faithful said.

He also used candles used for Sunday services for his lighting and wore clothes worn by church youths to perform, clothes worn by priests and church covers.

Feathers found near his cooking area indicated that he may have also been feeding on birds.

Kigo said a group of church leaders and faithful stayed in the church overnight on Saturday waiting for the man to return but he did not.

“We thought he would come back because his mattress was still lying on the floor in the vestry and he had gone with the keys,” he said.

Monicah Wanjiku, another faithful, said the church will be praying for the culprit to comprehend the essence of a house of worship and respect it.

“This man had misused clothes and items used in worship with disregard which shows he does not understand what a church really means,” she said.

“We will not condemn him but pray that he acknowledges his wrongs and repent. A house of God is to be respected and failure to can be detrimental,” she added.

The church’s deacon Kariuki Kang’ethe said they had to perform a cleansing ceremony before the Sunday service could take place.

“The man must be of sane mind but we do not know why he decided to get into our church or what he may have been doing in it so we could not use the church before praying and cleansing it,” Kang’athe said.

-Anthony Gitonga

Rare spectacle in Muranga as 60-year-old first time bride walks down the aisle to marry her 78-year-old sweetheart

It was joy at St Marks ACK Church in Maragua, Muranga County, as a 78-year old man wedded a 60-year old woman, who is a first time bride.

Friends and relatives of the bride and the bridegroom flocked the church to witness as the two lovebirds exchanged vows on Sunday.

Looking jovial, Mr Ayub Mugo Waitara who is a grandfather to many quit the bachelor’s club to marry Ms Teresiah Njoki.

He sat by his lover Ms Njoki in church as they keenly followed the preacher’s sermon in front of family and friends who had come to witness the big day.

The man said that his life would completely change after wedding his sweetheart, adding that he had been lonely for the past 10 years.


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On how they met Mr Waitara says

“In 2017 while on a private business in Thika town, I saw a woman who appeared very special to me, a strong feeling of love hit me and I decided to follow her.

I stopped and asked her out for tea which she obliged. While at the restaurant, we exchanged phone numbers and an intimate conversation followed a few days later.I knew she would fall in love with me because I kept on praying for her,”

Mr Waitara said he called all his five children and informed them about his new love, and his children promised to stand by him during and after the wedding.

Mr Waitara said he decided to marry to kill boredom and loneliness which, he said, had affected him since the death of his first wife.

“Old widowers and widows are at the risk of dying of loneliness and stress and I advise them to marry,”


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Ms Njoki said that at first, she resisted Mr Waitara’s marriage proposal, but was compelled to accept the proposal.  After exchanging her vows she says she is happy

“I feel so happy; I had kept telling God to reveal to me the man he created for me. Despite old age, I have met him, I love him so much,”

The couple however, said they had no intentions of siring any children. The bridegroom’s first born, Mr Chege Waitara 50, said their father’s happiness was their priority.

Adding that

 “We are happy to have a mother and a brother; we shall live happily as one big family,”.

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Police investigating over 40 students in Murang’a over arson

About 40 students from schools in Murang’a County are being investigated over arson and attempted arson.

The Students are from 17 schools that have experienced unrests in the month of July.

Three of the students from Dr. Kiano boys high school in Kangema sub county have been arraigned in court and charged with arson.

The students were arrested after a dormitory was razed down by fire last Saturday at 10 pm as the students were watching the world cup with over 80 students losing their personal items in the fire.

Eight students from Makuyu boys secondary school in Maragua sub county have also been arrested after they were found with a bottle containing petrol.

Sources in the police indicate that the 8 had allegedly set a curtain on fire using a match stick in one dormitory and are being held at Makuyu police station as the police await their parents to be able to record their statements.

According to the county criminal investigations officer Julius Rutere, the eight will be arraigned in court as soon as investigations are concluded.

Seven students from Maragua Elite said to have attempted to light a fire in a dormitory using pieces of paper have also been arrested.

In the neighboring Ichagaki Boys high school, over 20 students suspected to have masterminded unrests in the institution have recorded statements.

This is after beds in one of the dormitories caught fire and were completely destroyed.

Investigations are ongoing in the nearby Thangira day school after students destroyed windows and doors to their classrooms before they stormed out.

In Kariti secondary school, four students were arraigned in court on Wednesday but did not take plea as the police requested for more time to complete their investigations. The students will take plea next Monday.

The police are also investigating an incident where two dormitories burnt down at St. Pauls Kiambugi boys high school on Sunday at one pm.

The students had staged a walk out the previous day and were repulsed back into the school by the police before the two dormitories were gutted down.

In Maragi secondary school, 6 students have recorded statements after a failed attempt to burn desks in a classroom.

Learning is however going on uninterrupted at Murang’a high school even after a cubicle that was accommodating 8 students burnt down.

At Elite Academy, students staged a walk-out without any destruction of property which also happened in St Pauls Kamukabi day school and Mununga Mixed secondary schools.

In Kinyoho  and Gatundu-ini secondary schools students staged protests and were contained.

-Alice Waithera

Shock as 73 year old granny is raped ,killed and body dumped in Muranga

Residents of Muranga South are still recovering from shock after waking up to the body of a 73 year old who was raped and murdered by unknown people .

The late who was identified as Jedida Wambui Muthengi hailed  from Kigoro village in Maragua Ridge, Murang’a South.

According to Daily Nation the body of the granny who seemed to have been strangled was found by her neighbours near her home.

Kawangware Pastor Commits Suicide After Raping, Impregnating Daughter

Mr Ng’ethe Magua, a resident, said the granny used to sell fruits at the Mbombo stage and would take beer at a local joint before returning home at about 9pm,adding that she lived alone.

Murang’a South police boss John Onditi said investigation into the incident is ongoing.

This comes days after a pastor committed suicide in Kawangware after his daughter whom he has been defiling got pregnant, prompting her mother to ask who was responsible.

A source said

“This Pastor had been defiling his daughter in the mornings after his wife goes to work very early in the morning at 4 am,“It’s after interrogation that she revealed that it’s the father who is a Pastor that impregnated her through defilement many times.”

Madness: Baringo North Police hunt for 24-year old man for defiling a 9-year old minor

Else where a 24 year old allegedly defiled a 9-year old class three minor at Kitibei village in Baringo North Sub-county.

Explaining when the accident happened the heartbroken said

“Her mother had sent her around 12 pm to collect her young brother at a nearby Isass Junior academy on Saturday 9,But due to her fear and discomfort about the matter she collected the courage to report it to her mother on Monday 11”

“Since then she has been sick at home and even not able to walk to school.”he concludes

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Murang’a: Woman Arrested For Stabbing Her Husband To Death

A 25-year-old woman was on Saturday arrested on allegations she stabbed her husband to death in Kangema sub-county, Murang’a county.

Dorcas Waigwe is said to have killed Julius Njuguna, 25, at their home in Gacharaigu village during a domestic squabble.

Njuguna died while receiving treatment at Murang’a General hospital where he was rushed.

Kangema DCIO Peter Wahome said neighbours heard a commotion in the young couple’s home and responded, only to find the man lying in a pool of blood.

He said a neighbour, who is also a relative, called for a taxi and together with his wife, they rushed Njuguna to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Wahome said after Njuguna died, those who took him to hospital reported the matter to Murang’a police station after which the man’s wife was arrested for questioning.

He said Waigwe will be arraigned on Monday.

Neighbours reported that the young couple has been having constant quarrels.

The incident followed barely a month after Gatunguru principal Samuel Mbogo was murdered in his home in Gakurwe.

The principal’s wife Alice Mugechi is facing a murder charge over the same.

Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege said she will organise seminars to train men on how to deal with domestic squabbles.

She noted that cases of women harming their husbands are on an alarming increase in Murang’a county.

“There is a need to establish what is happening in homes to prompt such actions. The seminars will focus on how men need to love their wives and keep peace in their families.”

-Alice Waithera