83 Muranga partygoers ditch bhang during surprise police raid

The police have arrested 83 people who were patronizing a club in which 146 rolls of bahng were found in Murang’a County.

The suspects were arrested on Saturday night in a party that allegedly required all its participant to buy a roll of bhang to access it.

It is said posters had been distributed all over Kenol town in Maragua Sub County indicating that the gate pass to the party was a roll of bhang.

According to Maragua OCPD John Onditi, the suspects had travelled from Thika and Ruiru towns in the neighboring Kiambu County with only a few locals in attendance.

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Onditi said the police conducted a raid in the club and recovered the bhang after which they arrested the suspects.

He however noted that a Nissan van that was found in the compound and which is suspected to have ferried the suspects to the venue was confiscated.

But the police could not find the keys to open vehicle that had tinted windows to establish if it had more rolls of bhang and is now being held at Makuyu police station.

He explained that when the police raided the club, majority of the suspects who had bhang dropped them on floor while others were founder in the counter and the DJs stand.

“This is why we have decided to zero in on six people including the owner of the club and the other organisors,” Onditi said.


The suspects were arraigned in a Kigumo court where the prosecution asked for one week to complete their investigations.

Senior Resident magistrate Agnetta Ogonda on Monday granted the prosecution’s application and the six will remain in police until July 10 when charges will be preferred against them.

13 of the suspects were charged with being drunk and disorderly and causing disturbance and were sentenced to one day community service.

On Saturday, Onditi had raised concerns that the Kenol Sagana highway that connects to Moyale Ethiopia highway is being used by bhang suppliers to ferry the drugs from the Northern parts of the country.

The criminals, he said, have been using unorthodox means of transporting bhang and have even been using fuel trucks.

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Onditi said this even as Murang’a was named as one of the counties with the highest levels of drugs usage among students.

He noted that the security team is working day and night to curb drugs use and that peddlers and suppliers are arrested on a daily basis and charged in court.

“It is shocking that even the elderly are selling drugs to youths. We recently arrested a 74 years old granny with 49 stones of bhang in Maragua,” he said.

The anti-drugs fight requires the co-operation of all stakeholders, he noted, saying that some akurino faithfuls have been using their turbans to hide and peddle bhang.

The high rate of drug use has caused an increase of crime especially rape and defilement that has in turn resulted to high teenage pregnancies.

He said this after area MP Mary Waithera said that Children as young as 9 years were using drugs in schools.

Waithera had said that students we using drugs in schools during break time, citing the example of Maragua, Makuyu and Kirimiri areas.

“When you see students basking in the sun in the fields during break times, chances are high they are using drugs. Drugs are now being heavily used in the rural areas and drastic measures are required to stop it,” she said.

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Murang’a family donates dialysis machine after daughters death


A family that lost an 18-year-old girl to kidney failure last year, has donated a dialysis machine to Murang’a level 5 hospital.

The machine will make it possible for more renal patients to access dialysis at the facility.

The renal unit was started in 2015 by the county government with four machines and the national government then added 5 others in 2016.

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George and Lucy Kihara donated one dialysis machine in partnership with Consolata Shrine fraternity to the renal unit that has now been named after their daughter Christine Wambui.

Governor Mwangi Wa Iria while receiving the machine said he was prompted to start the renal unit after he met Wambui while she was seeking medical care during the 2013 elections.

The unit, he said, has so far conducted about 16,224 free dialysis sessions and saved patients over Sh160 million.

Governor Mwangi wa Iria with a renal patient at the unit at Murang'a general hospital on Thursday.
Governor Mwangi wa Iria with a renal patient at the unit at Murang’a general hospital on Thursday.

He said a dialysis session costs Sh9,500 at Kenyatta National Hospital where patients previously had to endure the long queues, many succumbing as they waited.

He however noted that the facility has been put under a lot of strain due to the high number of patients steaming into the hospital every day.

The governor noted that about 42 patients are on chronic dialysis and attend two sessions every week while 42 others are in the waiting list.

“I am happy that with the new machines, we will be able to conduct 6 more sessions everyday,” he said.

Renal machine

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Wa Iria also directed his health department to procure 9 more dialysis machines to expand the unit.

He further noted that the county government sponsored three nurses for a training course at Kenyatta National Hospital at a cost of Sh. 1 million per year per nurse when the unit was started and that 3 more will be trained handle the increased machines and patients.

“We want the unit to become a centre of excellence in renal services countrywide as we offer the services to Murang’a people and the neighboring counties,” he said.

He hailed the family for the donation and called out on more Kenyans to take up similar initiatives to help boost medical services in the country.

“If more of us supported the health sector in a similar manner, then we can deal a blow to the challenges facing the sector,” he added.

Father Francis Wambua, vice chairman of the Consolata Shrine said the donation will help keep alive Wambui’s dream to become a doctor.

“She spent so much time in dialysis machines it prompted her to aspire to become a nephrologist,” he said.

Wambua said the church supports the donation as it will serve as a reminder of her kindness and desire to help people.

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‘The Lord who gave me these kids will come to my rescue’ Read the heartbreaking story of Muranga woman whose five kids are disabled

A story of a family with five children living with disability in Kiharu, Muranga County is that of love, resilience and determination from the kids and parents.

Emily Wanjiku got married to the love of her life Sinporian Kangethe 43 years ago, and the journey has not been easy given that all their children have been born with disabilities.

She sadly narrated her story on Inooro TV saying

“Sometimes I go places and hear people talking behind my back, and I have to leave their presence. I have really struggled with these kids in terms of providing clothes and food”

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Kang’ethe on the other hand says that even his own mother and siblings chased him away

“In 1997 my own mother and siblings chased us away from home due to us bearing kids with disabilities. One our kid passed away aged 16.

After being chased away from home I met a man from Italy and I explained my problem to him, he understood our predicament and bought us a piece of land.

A house built for the family by a well wisher

Emily on the other hand remains optimistic despite the dark cloud that has left their marriage full of struggles and pain, she says

I believe that the Lord who gave me these kids will come to my rescue, the same way he sent people to give me land, built me a house and even provided clean water for me.

I used to fetch dirty water because no one was willing to give me water.”

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She goes on to narrate that she is in pain after she hurt her shoulder due to too much work, but can’t afford the Sh6,000 needed for an x-ray.

“I even hurt my shoulder due to too much work I was told to go for an x-ray something I did not do as I could not afford it.”


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On why they are still together for all these years despite the challenges they have faced, Mr Kangethe, their dad says

“Anyone can get disabled, I can also  get disabled so why would I dessert them after all they are God’s creatures.”

Their mum says

“The situation takes a toll on me at times but I have never felt bad about having these kids.Whenever people talk about their kids I proudly talk about mine because to me they are the best.”

Emily's kids
Emily with her kids,a journalist and a well wisher

To parents who have kids with disabilities Mr Kangethe says

“All a child with disability wants is love.”

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Police hunting for a gang of six that attempted to rob Amica sacco in Murang’a

Police in Kandara, Murang’a county are looking for six suspects who attempted to rob Amica sacco last night.

The suspects were armed with guns as they accessed the sacco’s Kagundu-ini branch at 10 pm on Friday night.

According to the sacco’s chairman Hiram Mwaniki, the gang waylaid the branch deputy manager Charles Ndung’u as he headed home from his office.

Ndung’u, Mwaniki said, he had stayed late in the office finishing some financial reconciliations that neared their deadline.

He encountered the gang at Marumi area as he went home on his motorbike on a dilapidated stretch of a road and was riding at a minimal speed.

They attacked him, beat him up and took the sacco’s office keys and went straight to the branch, Mwaniki added.

Kandara OCPD Wilson Kosgey said the victim was able to flee after the gang left and reported the incident at Kigumo police station which is near his home.

The police boss said Ndung’u sustained serious injuries on the face and hands and is receiving medical attention in a local health facility.

“The gang knew the victim and after injuring him, they demanded for his office keys and left,” Kosgey said.

CCTV footage recovered by the police confirmed that the gang of six was armed but was unable to break into the safe, he added.

“They overpowered the guard who co-operated with them and they quietly opened the office and went straight to the safe. All this is in the footage,” Kosgey said.

Kosgey said a manhunt has been launched for the suspects.

The sacco, is one of the main farmers’ sacco in the county and has 17 branches, with a membership of over 130,000 people.

-Alice Waithera