KOT blast Mulamwah and Sonnie for clout chasing after reuniting

After publicly questioning the paternity of his child Keilah, Mulamwah has reunited and accepted Carol Sonnies’ daughter.

Mulamwa on Wednesday April 13 shared a video of a photoshoot between the two. They appeared happy and reunited.

Sonnie has denied this reunion claims, saying he gatecrashed her photoshoot then shared the video to fool Kenyans.

“Let me set the record straight. Yesterday I was having a photoshoot with Kapedo, a few minutes into the shoot Mulamwah showed up, I wasn’t aware he is coming and he wasn’t invited, I asked him what he was doing and he said he is there to apologize, I insisted he should do that online but he insisted he wanted to talk first,” she posted.

Kenyans are not happy with their publicity stunts and blasted them for it.

This statement has come back to haunt comedian Mulamwah.

Keilah is not my kid – Mulamwah

Comedian mulamwah has confessed that Keilah is not his daughter.

The comedian in a post bluntly said ‘Keilah is not my daughter’ a day after also telling that his baby mama Carol Sonnie cheated on him leading him to question if the child is his.

His tweet has elicited mixed reaction from fans who are split as to his online drama.

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New details of Mulamwah and Sonnie breakup

She cheated on me for over a year I kept quiet

Mulamwah in an IG QnA told a curious fan that he broke up with baby mama Carol Sonnie aftet discoverign she was cheating on him.

He told that ‘ she cheated on me with a guy living at Arrow Apartments Gitaru around Kikuyu area, I found out they had been seeing each other for over a year. Infact during lockdown as I was burning my shirt in stress, she was living at his house That’s when we first broke up.’

He added ‘the neighbors send me videos of them partying and ki**ing. I still have them too having fun on weekends W were by then doing keeping up with the Mulamwahs. Asked her to apologize but she claimed she was told I was cheating too. I played dumb I apologized for her mistakes got her paged and left.’

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Carrol Sonnie denies dating Madini Classic

Mulamwah’s ex girlfriend Carrol Sonnie denies dating Madini Classic after Madini’s wife called him a cheat.

Mulamwah’s baby mama has denied dating Madini Classic claiming that their trending photos are from a music video.

The rumors went viral forcing Carol to respond since she had advised young ladies not to get involved with married men.

“Don’t be fooled, it’s a music video. It’s really sad how some individuals are taking advantage of all this and trying to tarnish my brand. I’ve been quite but this doesn’t mean I’m stupid. Hata kama ni kiki this has gotten too far, wacha heshima idumu na tupige kazi bila makasiriko!!!” she wrote.

Carrol went ahead and apologized to her fans making it clear that it was a misunderstanding.

“to my fans, poleni for the misunderstanding that was brought by the other parties. This is work, don’t be played!!’’ she added

Madini Classic’s wife Nelly Mwenda Kajuju recently claimed that the musician is a serial cheat who had left her for Sonnie.

This was after Madini Classic shared a photo of himself and Sonnie getting cosy and captioned “ call me me polygamous. Wife number 2”

Abortion to cheating claims! Mulamwah and Sonnies drama

Mulamwa’s ex-girlfriend Carol Sonnie denies cheating on Mulamwah

Ex-girlfriend to the popular Mulamwah come out to the open about her relationship with the comedian and said not for once did she ever have any relationship outside. Sonnie also mentioned that it has not been easy for her weeks after the breakup.

‘No, I had no relationship outside na siezi jua kama yeye alikua nayo (I do not know if he had any relationships outside),’’said Carol

‘‘It is not easy, especially kuna watu walikuwa wana look up to us, so for them, they feel like we disappointed them, but it is best for one to leave a relationship where they feel hurt or where you feel unhappy or even comfortable doing something, the most important thing is to have peace of mind first,’’ Carol said it on the interview she had with Mussawe Jappani.

From the interview, Sonnie said that they both agreed to part ways because they had their own differences that dragged them behind. Carol mentioned that trust issues also added to their said. She then responded to a claim by Mulamwa that she was cheating on him. ‘I never had any relationship outside,’’ she responded. She added to it and said that she does not know if Mulamwa had any relationship outside.

Sonnie was also asked if she ever thought of having an abortion as the ex-boyfriend claimed. ‘’what I can say, I respect my baby so much and I respect Mulamwa so much and I respect myself so I would not want to talk about abortion because she is growing and she will come to see these things and I’m the person she will ask,  so I wouldn’t want to address that.’’ She added that people should believe what they want to believe and respect is the only thing she wants from him.

Sonnie also admitted that they are planning to meet up with Mulamwa and talk about everything since a baby is now involved.

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‘I wasn’t shocked’ Sonnie on Mulamwah introducing new girlfriend

Mulamwah’s ex Carrol Muthoni has  opened up on how she felt when he swiftly moved on to a new bae.

The mother of one says she wasn’t shocked at how quickly Mulamwah moved on and introduced his new bae on social media.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni on Ilikuwaje, Sonnie said

“Some one told me men move on very fast. I was not surprised.

I was not hurt. I had seen a lot of thing so my expectations had gone down.”

Asked on whether she knew Mulamwah’s new bae, Sonnie responded

“I had seen the girl on social media.

I had done my investigations.”

Sonnie says the only thing that would have made her not date Mulamwah was if he had a baby mama when they met.

” I never asked him about his exes.

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A case-study of comedian Mulamwah’s saddening and maddening love life

Comedian Mulamwah’s love-life is comic tragedy taken to a whole other level. Why? The comedian seems to have developed a taste for pain and self-immolation.

The reason for my extremely cynical and morbid introduction is that the comedian still hasn’t still gotten over his girlfriend Carol Sonnie, 6 months after she dumped him.

And why do I believe she dumped him? I wrote a whole piece explaining my logic and reasoning in the article below:

I think Mulamwah was dumped like a piece of trash by his lover Carol. Here’s why

Last week the comedian shared a message celebrating her as she turned a year older. As seen on his post, Mulamwah proved that despite having been unceremoniously dumped, he still has no hard feelings towards her.

His birthday message read, “All factors kept constant, help me wish her a happy birthday as she turns 23, you deserve the best day ever regardless, happy birthday ka ma’am , blessings @carrol_sonie.”

Call me a nihilist but the way the man is behaving leaves a lot to be desired. Why? Not only did Carol delete all their photos together on social media when she dumped him, but it also seems that she did it after he had done everything for her-short of deifying her.

His break-up message at the time informing Kenyans of the split had this very interesting snippet, “I always carried you on my shoulders; I don’t know what you saw ahead 🥺 while was too preoccupied making sure that you remain at the top. I always believed that when you elevate your woman she will stand in for you when you are at your worst…”

So you can sort of get my frustration at the man’s lack of self-respect. Why are you still saying sweet nothing’s to someone who dropped you like a hot potato? As they say in Kiswahili, Ukiachwa, achika! I believe that exes should be left in the past-like the landline telephone.

Another thing? Mulamwah is acting like Carol is the only woman he can date/marry in a world populated by many women! For a guy like him who has status, money and isn’t shaped like a potato, I believe he can have plenty of other options, were he to move on.

But what do I know…

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Mulamwah in drama with baby mama over co parenting daughter Keilah

Kendrick Mulamwah claims he has not seen his daughter.

Comedian Mulamwah has confessed that ex baby mama Carol Sonnie has denied him access to their daughter Keilah Oyando.

Mulamwah on a QnA said he needs to shed some light on things, and told fans to ask away. The first was when he last saw his daughter.

‘Honestly ata sijui kama bado anaitwa Keilah, the mother told me she will change the name and tell the kid babake alikufa. My family has never seen the kid alikataa kumleta home, she even shaved her on her own against norms’

In another question, the comedian was asked ‘what does it take to have such thick skin juu weuh you’ve been dragged through the mad’

He answered ‘Got used to it. It’s the new norm. to me. You dont fight depression you get used to it knowing one day the switch will be turned’

On Tuesday, Mulamwah alleged that Carol Sonnie was moneyminded and expected him to splash money on her.

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Sonnie wanted me to spend money on her – Mulamwah on breakup

Comedian Mulamwah has opened up about a reason for the breakup with baby mama Carol Sonnie.

In an intertview, Mulamwah spoke on the breakup ‘“Living in a KSh 9,000 house does not mean I don’t have money.’

Mulamwah in 2021 told that he lives in a rental costing this little because his aim is to save.

He added in the interview

‘I have over a million, but it does not make sense when you tell me to drink KSh 4,000. I come from a place where money is valued. You cannot convince me to thousands on a night out, yet KSh 1,000 can push my grandma two weeks,’

But this revelation has stirred discussion onlien that heis just a stingy man and she is better off for leavign tolook for a man who can give her the standard she wants.

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Mulamwah’s baby mama admits comedian dumped her

Comedian Mulamwah and his baby’s mother Carole Sonnie announced this week that they have parted ways. The ex-couple said that the split was amicable.

“Everything that needed to be known is laid out in that caption. It is not a joke. Issues come up…we saw its best for us to part ways…both of us were wrong,”

In an interview, Sonnie revealed that the comedian actually dumped her and that he was the one who initiated the split.

“Ni yeye ndio aliniacha, Niliachwa! Maybe I was too good. I wronged him but we moved…just a normal mistake.”

“It is good, it is something I expected, I am not shocked. I know the girl… they are together. I will focus on my baby now and create content to build myself, lets not focus on what we lost,”

“I tried (to salvage our relationship) but it seems it couldn’t work, I did what I could but haikuwezekana. I asked him for forgiveness… he said it was Ok then all over a sudden he changed his mind. I tried my part.” 

The baby is mine, I will cater for her. Not moving on anytime soon, I am focusing on myself and the baby.”

In a long post on Instagram, Mulamwah said that they will make their daughter a priority and co-parent.

“… carrol & i decided to call it quits .We both decided to separate a very long time ago but we so it fit to also put everything straight that we are no longer together as partners. Ofcourse our beautifull daughter’s pripriorities comes first , and she will never lack anything within my reach . For carrol thanks for everything i still have the utmost respect for you , and all the best ahead.
Dont be too quick to judge neither me ,carrol nor ruth for our actions and choices maybe one day it will all unfold open and youll get the clear picture of what really transpired , its not easy to just step out without solid reasons , we could no longer sacrifice our peace and live in pretence for your happiness . And to other couples out there , when things dont work out dont resolve to violence , sit down and squre things out peacefully ,theres always still a life after everything .
Instead of mockery laughter and trolls , pray for us , this is quite alot for us to go through now , you never know who could be next . We dont clout – ( as you call it )- on such sensitive matters involving lives . All the best , baraka . Lets get back to work.”

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Mulamwah opens up about fiancée Carol Sonnie’s labor and birth


Comedian Mulamwah opened up to his fans about moments leading to the birth of his daughter Keilah in an Instagram QnA.

One person asked him “how was labor, take us through your experience”

He replied “haikuwa rahisi for both me and her. Nilisugua mgongo karibu 9 hours nonstop. Nikiacha tuu kidogo napigwa na maneno mbaya sana. Men help your ladies, sio rahisi”

Another asked his advise about planning to have a baby and it’s costs. H told the concerned fan “bora you got what it takes to raise a kid. Sio mchezo kulea ata ball pekee. Bills everywhere”

His babies weight at birth? “3kgs mluyia strong”

Meanwhile his newborn daughter has already got more than 10k followers on her social media poages.

the humbled comedian thanked fans with an appreciation message that read “congratulations my girl. 10 on Instagram. In 3 days it isn’t easy

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Worth the wait! Mulamwah tells fiancée Sonnie after birth of daughter


Comedian Mulamwah has announced the birth of his daughter.

Ina cute announcement on social media, the Kitale born native said fiancée Carol Sonnie delivered baby Keilah who arrived into the world early Monday morning.

“Words can’t express the feeling ♥️ , its the best thing to ever happen to our life , welcome sweetie”

He added

“Thanks dear @carrol_sonie for this amazing gift . You are such a strong woman to pull this through despite everything we’ve been through . Thank you all for wishing us well and keeping us in your prayers . Asanteni sana . She is cute , cant wait for someday to show her to the world , and have a dad daughter talk . PROUD DAD I AM . All thanks to GOD ”

The newest dad in town added “And its a girl ♥️♥️♥️ @keilah_oyando

Good things take time , its worth the wait . @carrol_sonie ♥️♥️♥️ full video link on my bio ”


Kendrick has also opened an Instagram account for his daughter.

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Mulamwah’s fiancée Sonnie’s maternity photo shoot



After a successful baby moon trip to the coast, comedian Mulamwah and his fiancée Carrol Sonnie have released pictures of her baby shoot.

Sonnie is glowing in a shimmery gold dress, draped under her belly. She shared the stunning pregnancy shoot as she nears her due date.

Not only did the gold dress show off her glowing baby bump, but got congratulatory comments from impressed fans who felt they should do this look for their maternity pics.

Maureen Waititu, Nana Owiti and Jacky Vyke are some mums who have done such a photo shoot.

She is radiating pregnancy glow and wrote a letter to her unborn baby take a look.

She posted three pics from an undisclosed location, possibly a studio and wore her dreadlocks with a gold crown in each pose.

Girls has Sonnie inspired you to do the same?

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Mulamwah and Sonnie are proof expecting couples need a baby moon


A baby moon is a relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.

For comedian Mulamwah and his fiancée Carrol Sonnie, this was just what they needed. The couple lost their unborn child in 2020, then broke up and reunited.

They then announced their second try at a family and Caro is now almost due to deliver her baby.

Mulamwah wrote how happy Sonnie was and glad they made the trip showing us baby moons work and we should  get away while we still can and enjoy romance.

They give us three convincing reasons why we should all consider going on a baby moon.

  1. She proves that mum to be’s should take a baby moon in the second trimester or the very early part of the third trimester. In screen grabs of the video on their Instagram, we see Sonnie in a bikini looking cute. She seems to have energy for the beach as they run along the sandy beach.mula beach (1)

2. The couple flew to their baby moon. Traveling while pregnant can be tricky because you want to keep the mum to be comfortable. Travelling by road or rail is a nightmare. A quick and short trip to the holiday is important because pregnant women need to keep blood circulation in mind to avoid blood clots.mula fly (1)

3. They are enjoying couple time as they hang out by the pool. All mums to be are advised to relax and have me time before popping. They also took the time to talk about their impending parenthood as selfies in the bathroom were shared.mula room (1)

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Fans in disbelief Mulamah pays 9k in rent, but he has proof


While his peers are bragging how they are managing to live lavishly thanks to their hard work, comedian Mulamwah is doing the opposite.

He told fans in a QnA that he saves his money and lives moderate. He was asked ‘unalipa nyum,ba doo ngapi?’ to which he responded with picture proof of his rent showing 9k.

Another fan asked him how he manages to be so disciplined about money, and the comedian said he saves his money living a frugal life with his fiancée Carol Sonnie.

ave mulamah (1)

The comedian and Sonnie are expecting their first child very soon, and have done a can for the gender of the child, but not opened the envelope yet to find out. The fan asked ‘;a boy or girl’. Mulamwh responded ‘weh sijajua, we have the results but we haven’t opened’.

He told a fan who wanted to know how excited they are to be new parents that ‘a gender reveal will be done, although they don’t like parties for such occasions’.


rent mulamah (1)

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“I spend that 700k you’re showing off in a week!” Ringtone trolls Mulamwah

Ringtone Apoko is a provocateur per excellence, as the man will always stick his head into the topics that are trending in Kenya.

He should just get saved or become a thief! Ringtone says about Omosh’s begging

One of the people Kenyans are talking about is Mulawmah. The comedian recently flaunted his riches showing off his huge bundles of notes saying it was meant to encourage Kenyans.

In the video, Mulamwah alleges that he is holding sh700,000, which he says he’ll use to buy a piece of land. ”I’m here to motivate someone, I’m here to encourage someone. Kama ndio unaanza, it’s all possible…And today I want to inspire someone. Leo naenda ku buy my first piece of land; shamba yangu ya kwanza from comedy manze. Tukianza hakuna mtu alikuwa ana believe. Wasee watakutusi. Usijali. Wewe usiskize wasee. Just set mind yako right and go for it.”

And Ringtone isn’t someone to raise above his inclination to shoot first and ask questions later, criticising Mulamwah on his Instagram page saying;


But unlike some other celebs who might not ignore the mere trolling by Mr. Apoko, the comic hit back at the “Zoea Mawe” singer.

”Wewe hukua Na 100k moja Tu Kwa Mfuko, umetuzungusha miaka mingi Sana nazo . 😩”

Hahaha! Not the strongest diss back but at least he did respond.

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Mulamwah over the moon as pregnant girlfriend gives him gift worth 140k shillings!

Mulamwah’s relationship with the love of his life, Carol Sonie has grown in leaps and bounds from the time they broke up in mid-2020.

The comedian pined and mourned for Sonie(something I believe then and still believe now was a blunder) but what do I know. The two are now back together with Sonie pregnant with the comic’s first child.

The two seem to be over the moon at the moment, something that was recently illustrated by the gift that Carol gave Mulamwah.

Carol decided to surprise the entertainer with an iPhone 12 pro Max and judging from the post shared by Mulamwah, one could tell that he was giddy about it.

Using his Instagram page, the funnyman went on to flaunt the new phone stating that this time around; he would make use of all mirrors around – since he has a phone that can take good selfies.

“Thanks @Carrol_Sonie for this birthday gift. Sasa na 12 pro max sitoki Kwa kioo🤣🤣🤣🤣ulisave miaka ngapi? 🤔.”

Mulamwah's new phone
Mulamwah’s new phone

The Apple 12 Pro Max has become a status symbol. The phone costs between 135k and 200k in Kenya. They are the flagship smartphones in the fourteenth generation of the iPhone, succeeding the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

They were announced on October 13, 2020, with the IPhone 12 Pro being released on October 23, 2020, and the IPhone 12 Pro Max on November 13, 2020.

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Mulamwah and GF Sonie pregnant for a 2nd time after suffering miscarriage in 2020

Comedian David Oyando aka Mulamwah and his girlfriend Carol Sonie are expecting a baby! Yep, you read that right! The comic shared the good news on social media with a revelation that Sonie is 17 weeks into the pregnancy.

“We thank GOD for the blessings, may He see us through to the end as we open a new chapter in life. 🤰🏻💕 @carrol_sonie 17/42” shared Mulamwah.

Mulamwah with Carol Sonie 2

Sonie on her part put up her video saying the journey has been full of ups and downs but was grateful to God for the protection.

“It has been a journey full of fear and a lot of ups and downs but I thank God for this far… kufika tu hapa it’s a miracle tu ☺️ . We are at 17/42 weeks. May He see us through to the end 🤰🏻💕 @mulamwah” Sonnie Wrote.

This pregnancy announcement will shock many including me who thought that the couple was done and dusted after Carrol unceremoniously dumped the media personality in late 2020.

A case-study of comedian Mulamwah’s saddening and maddening love life

Even after their video together on January 27th, I still thought that the two were grasping at straws (especially Mulamwah) and that their relationship would eventually come crashing down after the two suffered a miscarriage in mid-2020.

Don’t forget the comic’s sad announcement in August 2020 about how the loss of his unborn baby affected him.

He narrated that it was not easy to accept until he had to go for counseling. He mentioned that the loss affected him in all aspects of life based on the fact that he was ready to welcome a new member into his family.

“…I once posted @carrol_sonie while in a hospital bed, we had just lost our baby at 3 months following stress after being trolled online. I have never been the same since then . Pole sana pia for all who looked up to me especially the kids, I have failed you 😔, but keep your heads up…” shared Mulamwah.

Let us hope that we will be celebrating with the couple, the birth of their newborn baby in the next few months.

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