‘I knew my son was no more’ Mukami Mwaura recalls son’s death 2 years ago

Nelius Mukami has taken to social media to share a heart wrenching tribute to her son who passed away 2 years ago.

Mukami, who is married to nominated senator Isaac Mwaura, recalled the day she received a call informing her that her son had died.

Two years ago … I got a call at 8am from Nairobi hospital NiCU asking me to rush to the hospital.

I asked how my baby was doing … the nurse kept quiet for a few seconds then she told me my baby was still in critical condition but she would rather that she talks to me in Person.


I knew what she meant. I knew my son was no more. 69 days of pain and suffering, with a heavy heart and overwhelming sadness.

I also felt some relief; that my baby wouldn’t have to go through all that suffering.

‘People say that I sacrificed my children’ Isaac Mwaura sadly narrates

Isaac Mwaura1

She adds that

I knew he was in a better place. He is forever a beautiful gift to us …

We will always remember him in our hearts and in his little brother we are reminded that Gods brings no sorrow with his blessing.

So we rejoice at the gift of a baby who was too beautiful for earth.
#rip #ripson #preemiebaby #infantloss #infantlossawareness #preemieloss #neverforgotten

Since the death of her kids Mukami  has taken the initiative of constantly talk about it to encourage other mothers who have lost their kids.

The surviving baby Njiru Mwaura recently celebrated his second birthday.


All we can say is that God has been gracious enough to the Mwaura’s despite losing their kids.


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‘I would really cry’ Mukami Mwaura on weight loss struggles

Maintaining a beautiful body after child bearing is a challenge for most women and that was the case for Mukami Mwaura, wife to politician Isaac Mwaura.

The mother of three says that the journey to regain her post par-tum body has not been easy.

“Where to start … so many questions about my weight loss journey … It took me at least 14 months to finally find something that worked for me after delivery and another 6 months to get some visible results .

That gave me alot of motivation to keep going  My pre baby weight was 58kg … I went all the way up to 78kg 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭…

Exclusive: ‘I wont stop opening my legs as long as it pays my bills’ Akothee


Let me not tell you how much I would cry when I had nothing to wear and my hands were huge ..and then I discovered tights and long tops 😭😭😭😭😭..

well now she is back🙌🙌🙌🙌 ….. 59kgs with abit of toning to do . Am not there yet but working towards a toned body .
Keep it here for the big Secret 😁😁 #weightlossjourney #fitnessmotivation”

Mukami is a mother of triplets who sadly lost two of her kids shortly after delivery

“My babies were born on 19th Jan 2017 at roughly 10 am, this was on a Thursday. I woke up a few hours later to find a lot of happiness in the room from my mum, my sister, my mother in law and a few friends.

My husband seemed to be in a state of shock and a bit of sadness I just thought it was the shock of the whole incident but I would later discover the reasonfor his sadness was because he had seen the children as they were being rushed to NICU.


I was not able to see my babies until later in the evening as I was transferred to the main maternity ward which was next to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

I was helped out of my bed at around 8pm.The Cs wound was super PAINFUL, I never imagined such pain existed.

So we walked slowly into the NICU. It had a sign board written “staff only”, parents to the babies were the only ones allowed inside apart from staff so my husband led the way.”

‘Every Time I Look Back At This Night, I Break Down In Tears,’ Mukami Mwaura Shares More Heartbreaking Details About Giving Birth

She adds

“Let me start by saying that the NICU is the worst place for any child to begin their life I salute the staff who work there because it’s not a pretty sight.

For the longest time, I have blocked the memories of this first night because it was horrible.

Seeing your child/children for the first time should be a joyous occasion but for me, it was one night that I hope to forget.

Every time I look back at this night I feel so helpless and disappointed and I can’t help but break down in tears.

I never want to go through this again. It was a feeling of shock, disbelief coupled with feelings of failure, failure as a mother.

 I had failed my children, my body had failed me, so many questions ran through my mind when I remember this night.”


‘People say that I sacrificed my children’ Isaac Mwaura sadly narrates

She further narrates

“We began with triplet number one (Mwaura Jr) who was at the furthest corner of the first room, then triplet 2 (Njiru) and 3 (Njeri) who were together on neighbouring incubators.

Small is an understatement, my babies were tiny, a bit wrinkled and covered in cotton wool wrapped in polythene bags to keep them extra warm.

They were all intubated and on life support. I was sure this were not my children, they were white with a lot of black hair.

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami

They did not look like babies. I immediately felt like running away. Why was I here? These are not my children.

I asked my husband if he was sure they did not confuse them with somebody else’s children. These are not my children…. by now tears were flowing freely …

One of the NICU nurses who was on duty that night came and held our hands to comfort us. She told us that the one single thing our babies needed was our strength.

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Kenyan celebrity parents who have lost their kids in recent years

It is hard losing a child. No parent is ever prepared for this and when death knocks most parents mourn for years while some never over come the loss.

Dr Burton Grebin once said 

“The death of a child is the most single most traumatic event in medicine.To lose a child is to lose a piece of yourself “.

Some Kenyan celebrities have experienced this loss first hand and some don’t publicly express it, it doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting. So the next time you meet them on the street be kind because kindness does not hurt.

  1. Michael Okinyi

The TV presenter lost his son after he succumbed to complications related to Sickle cell anemia. In 2015, Okinyi announced the demise of his son to the public in the tweet below.

Before his untimely death  Twani was to turn 5 years

Image result for photo of MIchael OKinyi
MIchael OKinyi’s wife with their son

‘All I have is pure hate for her’ City man narrates how his ex texted his mother asking her to take back her broke son after he lost his job

2. Shiru wa GP

The venacular artiste famously known for hits such as ‘Agiginya’ was a mother to twins (boy and girl) before losing one of them after he developed a chest infection that saw him admitted to Nairobi Women’s Hospital, where he sadly lost the battle.

In an earlier interview with Jeff on Inooro Fm, Shiru wa GP opened up about losing her son and she said:

“It was a bad experience because I didn’t expect it. It’s one of those situations when you have tried so hard then you finally have something good and then the devil snatches it from your hands. I had tried conceiving for 9 years, heading to 10 when God blessed me with twins. I was very excited even though they did not make it to term as they were born 2 months premature. At that point, I didn’t even ask people to pray with me as I knew God had already blessed me in a big way. It (the loss of my baby and my admission) was not only challenging emotionally but also financially as the bill had accumulated up to Shs4.5 million so I had to reach out for financial aid which wasn’t easy.”

Shiru wa GP
Shiru with her husband and daughter

God has been gracious to her as she still has her daughter.

3. Dbanj

Nigeria artiste Dbanj is among other celebrities who have lost their kids. Early this year his son drowned in a swimming pool at the residence leaving the young parents heartbroken.

Dbanj termed the period of losing his son as a hard one but he remained  thankful to God for seeing him through.

‘The past few weeks have been incredibly trying and difficult, but God’s love has kept me and my family going. I can’t thank my team enough and the incredible love from you all. May God keep us all. #StrongerTogether’…🙏🙏🙏”

Dbanj with his son Daniel
Dbanj with his son Daniel

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife speaks out on losing a child: ‘This emptiness is how we feel all the time’

4. Isaac Mwaura

Nominated senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Mukami Mwaura lost two of their kids after they developed complications after being born prematurely.

Mukami had delivered triplets namely – Njiru Maigua Mwaura, Mwaura Maigua and Njeri Maigua – who were all born at 28 weeks, sadly Njeri and Mwaura passed on after 3 months at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Speaking about her loss Mukami said

The emptiness you are left with after you lose a child … “We may look as if we carry on with our lives as before. We may even have times of joy and happiness. Everything may seem normal. But this, EMPTINESS is how we all feel, all the time” ~ John Maddox, for Bereaved Parents Month

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami

Mukami is a happy mother though after his remaining son recently celebrated his 1st birthday.

5. Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana, who is among the top female artistes in Uganda, lost her son after he succumbed to severe asthmatic attack at theAgha Khan hospital.

Juliana celebrated his fourth memorial with an emotional post reminiscing on how perfect he was as a son.


‘You were so perfect’ Juliana Kanyamozi pens as he mourns her late son Keron

6. Julie Gichuru
The laid back Julie opened up on losing her 3rd born son after a choking incident at home.



Image result for photo of julie gichuru


7.Size 8

Size 8 recently lost her unborn child after suffering a miscarriage,speaking about it she says

“Rumours were in many blogs that I was pregnant but I never did really confirm it because it was a battle all the way, so I just wanted to go with the fight privately. But God decided the best lane for me and I lost the pregnancy juzi. To be honest I’ve cried and asked God so many questions. I have given my husband stress. He is trying to make me be okay,” Size 8 said.

Size 8


Chantelle and J Blessing lost their son Kyle  at the Aga Khan hospital  3 years ago,After Kyle’s death J Blessing posted lines to the hymn “It is well” on his Facebook page.

“Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee. How great Thou art, how great Thou art.”

The couple later broke up due to irreconcilable differences.

J Blessing


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Never before seen photos of Isaac Mwaura’s wife looking like a SNACK

Mukami Mwaura is setting the trend in the fashion industry.

The mother of three has what many of us only dream of, a supportive husband, a beautiful baby and a banging body to seal the box.

Mukami lost two of her babies after delivering triplets after they developed complications. She spoke about it saying

“At 28weeks pregnant the last thing I expected was to deliver my babies, so when I got strange cramp pains at around 9pm on Wednesday 18th January,  labour was the last thing on my mind.

I called my doctor who told me to head to the labour ward ,this was not strange as I had been admitted to the labour ward several times before in the course of the pregnancy .

So once we got to the labour ward they started giving me meds to hold or reverse the labour. By 3am that night .

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami

I was in full blown labour, at around 7am the doctor checked in and said we would be going into the delivery room for an emergency CS.

The theatre was fully booked but they managed to get space; actually a friend of mine who later lost her baby in the delivery room allowed me to go in before her.

My husband Isaac Mwaura and I were happily expecting Triplets due in April 2017 , on 19th January 2017 at 10.10am , 10.11am and 10.12am we delivered our 3 beautiful babies ; 2 boys and one gal . 11 weeks later we left the hospital with one baby boy and a hospital bill of Ksh11.2m.”

That aside we are celebrating her evolved sense of fashion and here are photos to prove that she is a goddess.

‘You can only smell my cookie but you cant touch it’ Women tell on why they deny men conjugal rights when they go broke (Audio)

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-21 at 11.17.16 AM


WhatsApp Image 2018-12-21 at 11.17.26 AM(1)

‘I was exposed to STDs’ Senator Linturi’s wife says in divorce papers

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-21 at 11.17.24 AM

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-21 at 11.17.23 AM

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-21 at 11.17.18 AM

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-21 at 11.17.17 AM


WhatsApp Image 2018-12-21 at 11.17.14 AM


‘People say that I sacrificed my children’ Isaac Mwaura sadly narrates

Politician Isaac Mwaura recently opened up on the effect the death of two of their children had on him and his wife Mukami Mwaura in 2017.

Mwaura and his wife were blessed with triplets early last year, but lost two of the babies (a boy and a girl). The surviving son will turn two soon.

“I am a happy dad of one surviving child from my triplets. I love the way we play around with him because he reminds me that if his brother and sister would be alive today, they would have also been like him because they looked alike,” he said.

Life became a nightmare for the couple but through prayers and support from friends, they got back on their feet.

 How does he juggle between family and politics? “It is a challenge to be a family man and a politician because I have to travel a lot and leave my family for some time. I have a very understanding wife,”

‘I was dating my wife’s best friend before my wife won my heart’ – DJ Soxxy

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife speaks out on losing a child: ‘This emptiness is how we feel all the time’

Mwaura also talked of his experience with social media bullying.

“People attack me on the basis of albinism and tell me nitauzwa [I will be sold in] Tanzania. [They] even say that I sacrificed my children. In the beginning, you feel the trolls but over time you realise it is common and decide to just laugh because that is when you are making an impact.

I even thought of blocking the trolls but realized that is a way of attracting traffic on their timelines, through posting controversial sentiments on my timelines.”



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Isaac Mwaura’s wife opens up on how tough it is being a politician’s spouse

It is an exhausting, exciting life and only a few are really able to thrive in it.

Nominated MP, Isaac Mwaura‘s wife Nelius Mukami, is revealing how difficult it is being a politicians spouse.

Well, for the longest time people have always wanted to know how Mukami  has been able to put up with the pressure of being a politician wife and she has finally opened up her journey from the time she met Isaac who was still in politics.

“I feel the like political wives are the most misunderstood people around. Disclaimer though, am not an expert. Well it’s been about 4 years now.

When I met my husband, he was already in politics working as an advisor in the office of the prime Minister. I could tell he was going to be active in national politics but I could never have guessed it would be that soon. We took a break shortly after that and life continued for both of us. By then Working at transparency international for the Governance and Policy Programme meant that politics was part of our core business and parliament was one of the institutions we worked with for institutional strengthening and legislative development.”

The lives of political families are often considered open for inspection by media and the general public.


Mapenzi Tele! MP Isaac Mwaura Celebrates First Wedding Anniversary With His Beautiful Wife (Photos)

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami

Mukami went on to say how she has been trolled on social media by even her friends.

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife speaks out on losing a child: ‘This emptiness is how we feel all the time’

“Fast forward to 2014 when we rekindled our romance he was already very active in national politics and I became a political wife. What I never expected was the attention we got around the engagement, wedding and other activities we did that a normal couple does. However, the worst part was being trolled on social media, the snide comments I got from my friends and even family and of course the uncertainty in people’s faces. Of course, there was the obvious issue of the fact that my husband has albinism. To be honest that was never an issue for me so it is not something I would discuss or explain. I was of course afraid of the expectations that came with being a political spouse, expectations that I was not ready to live with and still working on.


My Oxford Dictionary defines a politician as “person engaged or interested in politics” and politics as “science and art of government; political affairs or life or principles etc.” Politics consists of “social relations involving authority and power”. A politician is defined as one who is actively involved in politics or one who holds or seeks a political office. A politician is an individual who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making in government. Politicians are ideally the voices of the people who work hard to improve the people’s welfare. Since politicians play a major role in our everyday affairs it therefore explains the interest in their lives beyond their offices and this includes their families and of course the person they have for a life partner.

Why Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife blamed herself for the death of two babies


We live in a patriarchal society and unfortunately the rules of patriarchy dominate the family; political couples are not an exception. Based on this a political wife is expected to take the back banner and play the role, of a supportive role. I am happy to know numerous wives of politicians who are winning in different spheres of life; I know auditors, magistrates, awesome lawyers (hi Clare), awesome business people just to mention a few. The expectations that political wives face is an impossible set, be pretty but no too pretty, be stylish but not uppity, quit your job, be a people person but not controversial, support your husband regardless. Sometimes people may associate being a political wife with glamour and wealth, others associate them with living in the shadows of your husband well others associate being a political wife with the scandalous side of life, mistresses and various disgraces. Well some of this is true, most of it is wrong.


One thing I know about political wives is that they are women with inner strength, courage and determination that makes then an awesome partner to a politician. However, there is always the reservation on the uncertainty of a politician’s life and career. The hardest thing about being a political spouse is being aware of the fact the politicians calling of service to humanity will always come first. Something that I have slowly learnt and am trying to accept; being married to my husband; that life with a great man is sometimes life without him. And sometimes most times they never really pretend that you will have special claim to his time and attention but this is not say you are unwanted NO. The greatest thing is that when he turns his attention on you, you will have no doubt in his intentions.” She revealed this in her blog

The two walked down the aisle two years ago in a colourful ceremony held at Citam with a reception at Evergreen Gardens, Kiambu Road. The wedding was attended by close family and friends and later went for a lavish honeymoon just like his wedding.

It is now three years and the couple has been making moves in their lives.

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Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife speaks out on losing a child: ‘This emptiness is how we feel all the time’

Weeks after celebrating the first birthday of her son, Mukami Mwaura (Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife) is still a woman in pain as she talks about losing her two babies.

Mukami had delivered triplets namely – Njiru Maigua Mwaura, Mwaura Maigua and Njeri Maigua – who were all born at 28 weeks, sadly Njeri and Mwaura passed on after 3 months at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

She is married to Isaac Mwaura and the couple recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary with an escape  vacation to Dubai.

In a recent post, Mukami had addressed people who were constantly questioning the slow growth of her son despite the fact that he was born premature.

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami

Be sensitive! Isaac Mwaura’s wife pleads with people asking hurtful things about son

 She asked people to be a bit more sensitive given the fact that all kids are different”

“Every child is different. I know my child is doing great considering his birth weight and his history … so I don’t need you to highlight it after seeing him for one hour. People really don’t understand how some questions and comments hurt… We should endeavour to understand and appreciate that every child is different. Halafu be sensitive … empathize before you ask some hurtful questions.”

Like all mothers who have lost their children, Mukami agrees that it is never easy to lose a child because despite the fact that one can get other kids, the gap can never really be filled.

‘Every Time I Look Back At This Night, I Break Down In Tears,’ Mukami Mwaura Shares More Heartbreaking Details About Giving Birth

She wrote

The emptiness you are left with after you lose a child … “We may look as if we carry on with our lives as before. We may even have times of joy and happiness. Everything may seem normal. But this, EMPTINESS is how we all feel, all the time” ~ John Maddox, for Bereaved Parents Month

Mukami Mwaura with her son
Mukami Mwaura with her son

A wise man once said

“The death of a child is like losing your breath and never catching it again.It is a forever panic attack feeling your heart dying as your soul is screaming for them .No matter what you try to do you keep loosing your mind.”

Society does not help when giving moral support to a grieving mother,as most make the mother end up feeling more miserable over constant pressure on the mother to move on.


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‘Not having a child by 30 doesn’t make you less of a human’ – Mukami Mwaura

Utaoa lini na utazaa lini are pretty much common questions many of us girls face from society, once we hit a certain age.

Women have often been victims of pressure from the societies unrealistic expectations on them based on who, when and how a woman should settle down with.

Some have even claimed that women above 40 are ‘wasted goods’ and that no man would want to settle  with them, but how true is this? Unlike women in the old age, the modern woman is more enlightened.

She is more independent, more vocal and more enterprising which has led to most of them being unmarried even in their 30’s and some in their 40’s. Unlike men, women have a shorter ‘shelf life’ given that the more a woman ages, the harder it is for her to get pregnant.


Mukami Mwaura, wife to nominated MP Isaac Mwaura, has some advice for you on how to achieve personal fulfillment despite pressure from the society.

She put down her thougts saying

“Break the stigma!! You aren’t any less of a woman if you haven’t had your first child by 30 years of age. Neither are you any less of a woman if you aren’t married by then.
You aren’t any less of a woman if you decided to postpone child bearing to a time when you feel that you’d be a happier mother and neither are you disadvantaged if you decide to neither get married nor bear children.
There is nothing wrong with choosing to put your career goals first, similarly, there is nothing wrong with balancing family life, being a wife and career growth as a mother and there is absolutely nothing wrong with deciding to be a housewife after marriage.


There is nothing wrong with choosing to live single and childless too. If you are blessed enough to raise a child in a wholesome manner as a single mother, do so. There’s no need to be tied down to ‘a union with any Tom, Dick and Harry’ to hide the ‘shame of having had a child or children out of wedlock’.”

Check out the school Terryanne Chebet pays Sh2.1M as school fees

With the high number of dead beat fathers leaving women to take care of their kids, Mukami advices

“If you do bear a child ‘out of wedlock’, still…train up your child in the way he(she) should go and when he(she) is old he(she) will not depart from it. Being an unmarried mother doesn’t make you any less of a parent.

If you choose the academic path, flourish. There’s nothing wrong with being a ‘dangerously overeducated’ woman. There’s nothing like ‘too much education’…STUDY to the utmost of your ability. It doesn’t reduce your marriageability, if anything, it boosts it.
There’s a stereotype that women make bad drivers 🤦🏽‍♀️😊…you can break that too. LOL.”


Tedd Josiah opens up on how his daughter fought jaundice after birth

Her final advice for that woman out there who is confused due to all the information flying out in the society , the myths, the trolling and the stigmatization by the society is

“This is for that confused 29 year old whose aunts keep calling her mother asking her when she will get married. The world is your oyster. Be pacified. This same earth holds a 60 year old woman who is currently nursing her 5 months old baby, a 30 year old woman who just received the sad news that her breast cancer treatment has affected her fertility. It is also on this same planet that celebrity mothers or otherwise start child bearing at 42 and go the whole nine yards and have a second born at 48.
The ultimate is, whichever way you choose to be happy, so be it!
Do you.
And if you believe in the Most High, all things are possible :-)”

Well you heard it, the next someone tells you that you should be married with kids just because you are over 30, tell them there is nothing wrong with choosing to live single and childless.

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Isaac Mwaura and wife celebrate third wedding anniversary (photo)

Isaac Mwaura, and his wife Nelius Mukami exchanged their vows back in 2015, at a colourful wedding ceremony held at Citam with a reception at Evergreen Gardens, Kiambu Road.

Thereafter they jetted off to Bali Island for their honeymoon. Bali is said to be one of the best tourist attraction sites in Indonesia.

The lovely couple was the talk of the town especially because their extravagant wedding came after a much publicized and romantic proposal.

Mwaura has always proved that he is the best husband to Mukami going by the lavish lifestyle he accords to his better half.

The Mwauras were later blessed with triplets early last year but sadly, they lost two of the triplets.

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura shows off his ‘greatest miracle’

Well, the two celebrated their anniversary a few days ago and  Classic 105 got a snippet of their anniversary celebration.

Mukami spoke out saying;

“Learning to celebrate the joys of today, the hopes of tomorrow, and the memories of yesterday. Happy Anniversary to us ..”

Check out the photo;


Isaac Mwaura wrote;

“Happy 3rd wedding Anniversary to my dear wife . We have gone through a lot together and this has only made us stronger. 3 years looks like a lifetime and we thank GOD for that.”


Check out comments from friends;

Njambi Waciuma… Happy anniversary to you both. God bless you with many more joyful years ahead.

Martin Chris Muraya ..Happy Anniversary Mwauras, enjoy every bit of the blessings that come with being together in holy matrimony.

Njambi Waciuma ..Happy anniversary to you both. God bless you with many more joyful years ahead.

Chrisjanice Ntinyari ..Trust God will give u more happy years together!! Happy anniversary to you two n God bless

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Be sensitive! Isaac Mwaura’s wife pleads with people asking hurtful things about son

Young politician Isaac Mwaura and his wife have been documenting their journey as parents on social media.

The two have been coming to terms with the loss of two of their babies. Mukami gave birth to triplets who were pre-term, but sadly two died.

Mukami is very open about their experience and doing so comes with its challenges – namely insensitive people.

On her Instagram, Mukami opens up on how insensitive people have been due to the delayed milestones her son is going through.

I must admit, being a Preemie mum is not easy. The worst part about it is dealing with questions about delayed milestones. My son will be turning one year 5 months on 19th June. But since he turned one every most people I meet are always asking if he is walking … others ask me if I have checked his calcium levels to see if he has a problem … others who are close to me tell me I don’t walk him enough that’s why he is not walking. Other self-appointed nutritionists will tell me he is too small for his age … he does not weigh as much… who died and appointed you the distributor of weight???”

Isaac Mwaura and his wife were blessed with triplets namely Njiru Maigua Mwaura, Mwaura Maigua and Njeri Maigua who were all born at 28 weeks, sadly Njeri and Mwaura passed on after 3 months at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Before then the couple had announced the birth of the kids with a beautiful photo shoot followed with the following caption

Feeling grateful!!! Mukami and I have been blessed with triplets. Two boys and one girl. This is the best day of our life. Our God is trully faithful…
Akiahidi, atatenda….We truly thank God!!!!


Mukami’s heartfelt post about the cruel things people are saying, reveals her heartbreak. She continues writing;


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She then went on to add “The thing is every child is different. I know my child is doing great considering his birth weight and his history … so I don’t need you to highlight it after seeing him for one hour. People really don’t understand how some questions and comments hurt… We should endeavour to understand and appreciate that every child is different. Halafu be sensitive … empathize before you ask some hurtful questions.”

Despite all the negative questions Mukami has come across, she has chosen to enjoy time with her son.

Check out his all grown photos.



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‘We Were Left With Only One Son And A Hospital Bill Of 11.2m,’ Young Politician Isaac Mwaura Mourns The Death Of His Two Children In Moving Tribute

Kenyans have joined young politician Isaac Mwaura and his wife in condoling over the death of two of their children months after they were welcomed into the world.

According to Mwaura who had welcomed triplets a few months back, the two, a boy and girl died leaving behind a boy.


He broke this news via Facebook in a statement that read in part: “Mukami and I even lost two of our triplets (a boy and a girl) and we were left with only one son and a hospital bill of 11.2 million to clear not forgetting that we were in the middle of party primary campaigns. It was really tough but we kept the faith.”

Baraka Tele! Kenya’s Most Romantic Mp Isaac Mwaura turns 35

The triplets were born in January and the news was celebrated countrywide with Mwaura posting on social media saying “Feeling grateful!!! Mukami and I have been blessed with triplets. This is the best day of our life. Our God is truly faithful.”


Beside the sad news, the politician also counted his blessing saying, “Our GOD is faithful and HE plans all in HIS time. How do you explain this…”

Adding, “Exactly a year later on 25th August 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta has nominated me to the Senate under the Jubilee Party via a Kenya gazette notice. The impossible has happened in the history of Kenya. That in one election 2013, one is nominated by Raila Odinga via ODM in the National Assembly and in the next election 2017, the same person is nominated by President Uhuru Kenyatta under a different party, Jubilee in the Senate.”

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami

He continued, “This is the making of the LORD and HE looks at us deeply. HE and only HE knows the intentions of our hearts. HE makes a way where there seems to be no way. HE lifts and exalts HIS own and HIS word shall surely come to pass.
For in His TIME, HE makes all things beautiful. How else would you explain this coincidence? There is a GOD in heaven and I know He never lets down HIS own. Lets learn to trust and believe in HIM and never ever give up even when there is evidence to the contrary. HE gives favour to whom He so desires for HIS promises are yeah and amen!! Thanks to all those who have believed in me and who have prayed for and with me. #PrayersWork.”

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami


Here are some reactions from Kenyans online.

Senior Chaplain Mulyungi: You are destined for great things coz thou have made Christ, the rock of ages as your stronghold.

Ruth Onesmus: This brought mixed tears in my eyes 1. Tears of sorry for the loss of the two babies and the huge hospital bill at hospital. 2. Tears of joy because of what the Lord did to you. You’ve encouraged me so so much. My president is the best,he never for gets the people who stand with him.

Ken Okoth: The loss of your boy and girl broke my heart. All else aside, may God take care of your family.

Rose Owuor: I love the Lord for who He is and what He does. Thank you for this testimony. We shall overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. May the good Lord repay you like He did to job. God bless you sir. And bless the President for doing this. I am inspired ….

Joseph Ndegwa: Grief is not easy. No way one prepares us to handle the loss of a child, it is painful more for a mother and coming at a time when a spouse is away in campaigns. I feel your pain Isaac and my sister in law, Mukami. It is sad that I didn’t get to deliver the baby gift items I had bought for our little angels at Burlington Store in New York. When I was finally told of what had happened, how long Mukami and the babies stayed in hospital, the emotional trauma you went through and the financial challenges that came with it, I new it would have been insensitive of me to come over with the items during that period of loss. Mwenyezi Mungu aliye juu atawarehemu na baraka zake ni tele. Hold onto that faith. Keep believing in God and His will for you and your family.

That aside, congratulations on your nomination to the Senate. Your statement on this post is what I call celebration in HUMILITY and ask all Kenyans to do so. Kongole ndugu Mwaura. God Bless You.