Uhuru reveals that he has Jamaican relatives on state visit

Uhuru Kenyatta has been in the Caribean island of Jamaica. What has the most hardworking, enterprising and dedicated president in Africa been doing in the country where many people get irie?

Well, Mr. Kenyatta was on an official 3-day state visit to the birthplace of reggae and its most famous export Bob Marley. Apart from the formal and boring business that happens on a state visit, Uhuru had some stunning revelation to make.

Uhuru in Jamaica
Uhuru in Jamaica

The fourth president declared that he had relatives that came from the island, saying;

My wife’s brother’s mother is from Jamaica. We affirm the Jamaican diaspora is everywhere and the prime minister was wondering whether we have some in Kenya. In deed I can confirm given the fact my wife’s brother’s mother comes from Jamaica and she lives in Kenya.

Many Kenyans wondered why the president hadn’t referred to the relative as his mother-in-law since the said person was his wife’s brother’s mother.

Uhuru in Jamaica
Uhuru in Jamaica

True to netizens insight, it appears the president had a slip of the tongue as we have discovered that the mother to the wife of Uhuru’s brother, Muhoho Kenyatta, is the link between the Kenyatta’s family and Jamaica.

Mama Norma Florienta Kanja who died on Wednesday, August 16, 2018, was mother-in-law to President Kenyatta’s younger brother, Muhoho.

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Norma was the wife of the late Jimmy Kanja. According to obituaryKenya, Norma, 83, was the daughter of the late Rupert and the late Loretta Forbes.

Loretta was the sister of Valerie Afflick, the late Doreen Nesbitt, and the late Carlton Forbes of Kingston, Jamaica. Uhuru said last year in her tribute;

As we have all heard, she was a wonderful human being and we can testify to that fact. Mama Norma Kanja lived her life well and has left an enduring legacy which should be emulated.

Uhuru in Jamaica
Uhuru in Jamaica

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his host Jamaican prime minister Andrew Holness held bilateral talks on Monday, August 5, purposely to deepen ties and economic partnership. During a press briefing attended by delegations from the two governments,

It was also disclosed during the state visit that the two nations were planning to introduce direct flights from Nairobi to Kingston as part of the journey towards a vibrant economic partnership.

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