Photos from Mr Seed’s colourful ruracio to fiancee Nimoh Gachuiri

Gospel artiste and his girlfriend Nimoh Gachuiri on Saturday made their union official during a colourful ruracio ceremony held at Clay City, Kasarani.

The young couple who are first time parent held the event months after they welcomed their first child, five months ago.

Taking to social media to share a video of the ceremony, Mr Seed wrote,

Chaguo la moyo ata afunikwe nitamjua tu hehe 😜

‘The woman I loved was in love with someone else’ Cries Mungala Mbuvi

Mr Seed with his wife Nimoh and their son
Mr Seed with his wife Nimoh and their son

Mr Seed had proposed to Gachuiri in 2018 at a Valentine’s dinner organised by Bountiful Safaris for gospel artistes and their significant others.

“Before proposing, I sought the counsel of my friends who are already married.

DJ Mo was one of them, and even on the day before I went on one knee, he showed me what to do. This is a big step I have made, and with God, everything is possible.”

‘No one ever died over lack of [email protected]’ Pastor Burale advises men to zip up

The celebrity-studded dinner was graced by the who is who in the gospel entertainment circles, but the highlight of the night was the surprise proposal by Mr Seed.

In attendance were Size 8, DJ Mo, comedian Njugush, Abel Mutua, Guardian Angel and Betty Kyallo.

“The dinner was at Azure Resort in Westlands, I planned the proposal on the day. I was so nervous and tense, my stomach had butterflies. She was so surprised. Alilia,” Mr Seed said.

Below are photos from the eventSeed 2

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-11 at 13.01.17


WhatsApp Image 2019-08-11 at 13.01.43 (1)


WhatsApp Image 2019-08-11 at 13.01.24

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I tried to commit suicide but I couldn’t do it – cries Mr Seed

Gospel artiste Mr Seed has stired the emotions of Kenyans with his newest jam ‘Simama’.

The song is about the tribulations he went through that led to him harboring suicidal thoughts.

In an exclusive interview with, Mr seed says that he was frustrated because nothing was working out for him.

I was frustrated with life a few years back. I lost hope  with everything because nothing was working out for me. I had so many problems.

So many mistakes with life and it reached a point where I felt, life to me, was useless.

I used to stay indoors even for a week without any human interaction. I was living in Ruaka at the time, I tried to commit suicide but I just couldn’t do it so I started praying.

I made a habit of going to Karura Forest everyday by foot just to pray.

Lucky to be alive: Celebs who’ve opened up about trying to commit suicide

Mr seed

The lyrics below from his song, best illustrate what he felt at the time.

Nilipata tabu dunia iliponisukuma kwa kona nikaona kujitoa hai. Ndio Mungu wa Abrahamu akajitokeza mwenyewe akaniambia niko na wewe.

Hata binadamu wakiniangusha nibebe tu, sitajali nikiwa na wewe. Kwa maisha mungu wangu ananitosha.

‘I queried God when I did not die after two suicide attempts’ Grace Ekirapa

Which translates to,

I got into so much trouble when the world pushed me into a corner and I felt like suicide was the only option I had.

The God of Abraham however came to me and assured me that he was with me. Even if people fail me I will not be worried if God is with me.

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Drama never ends: Bahati calls police on Mr Seed’s fiance Nimo

This week has had so much drama and it has revolved around Gospel artistes.

A few days ago, Mr Seed announced that he has left Bahati’s record label, EMB Records.

He said, “After two successful years being signed under EMB records, I have finally decided to go independent and be my own artiste.”

mr seed1

He went on,

“This is for the sole purpose of paving way for other young and coming artistes that Bahati has been taking in that need more the platform and support that EMB have offered to me and can offer. I also in return would like to nurture other upcoming artistes for it has been a dream for too long now to do something about the talented young artists that need that just one push to realize their dream.”

There were reports that the exit by Mr seed had a lot to do with an incident that took place on December 31 during Bahati’s New Year’s party.

But Mr Seed’s exit didn’t look like he had bad blood with Bahati because his message was quite polite.

mr seed and bahati

Bahati and I still remain brothers and will always wish him the very best in everything he does. If there will be other stories that will rise up, I will address them to everyone coz am already getting words on the streets that are not pleasing to my ear. We start 2019 on a high note.”

A few hours ago, Mr Seed posted a photo of himself and his fiancé, Nimo, with the caption:

“I respect her so much and if av never DISRESPECTED her no one can do that .. Advice: NEVER ALLOW ANYONE FRIENDS OR WHOEVER DISRESPECT YOUR WOMAN KWANZA WHEN SHES CARRYING YOUR BABY SO WRONG!! … @nimo_gachuiri ❤❤.”

Now, it turns out that Mr Seed and Bahati were in the middle of a cat fight involving their baes.

nimo bahati

Diana Marua is reported to have demanded that Bahati give her a stand at the Thika Stadium where they were hosting the New Year’s party.

Well, it turns out that Mr Seed and Nimo had already set up and made purchases way earlier to also sell wares at the party.

So when Diana demanded to have that space, Nimo and Seed were shown the door. The two later learned that Bahati’s house manager was the one selling wares on the said stand.

A close source to Bahati and Mr Seed whispered to us that there was a showdown to a point where Bahati “used security forces to eject Mr Seed’s girlfriend and her father from the event“.

mr seed

We called Bahati for a comment but he hung up.

After saying, “Continue following the story.”

We contacted Mr Seed and he laughed, saying, “I can’t comment on that. I don’t want to talk about anything concerning Bahati. I left EMB for growth. I’ve decided to go solo. Not planning to sign with any record label anytime soon.”

He continued,

“There’s no blood between us. I have no issue with him, unless he does. He is my brother. I just wish him the best in everything. Right now I just want to focus on myself and music.”

Asked whether it was a publicity stunt, he said:

“I’m a very honest and straightforward person. I can’t pull publicity stunts when it comes to work. There are things I can’t joke with.”

mr seed2

Mr Seed’s girlfriend, Nimo, told us,

“I support my man’s decision to leave EMB and support him. He’s capable and I believe in him.”

Responding to allegations that she and her dad were ejected from Bahati’s event, she said, “Let me not comment about it because that’s something that is private. We should just dwell on the positive side and not negativity. I have no issue with Bahati and his wife Diana.”

Ringtone confirms the news of the ejection in this Instagram video

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Can’t wait to meet you: Mr Seed and his girlfriend expecting their first child

2018 seems to be a good year for many celebrities as most of them celebrate the birth of their kids and others await for the same next year .

Among those whose girlfriends /wives are expectant is gospel artiste Mr Seed and Shaniqwa and Dr King’ori of Wicked Edition which airs on NTV.

Mr Seed took to social media to post amazing photos of the two together, and it’s fair to say that Nimo really looks amazing during her pregnancy phase.

Meet Debbie, the single 45-year-old woman who cuddles with a teddy bear to sleep

Mr Seed and Nimo
Mr Seed and Nimo

Nimo is smitten and below is a heart melting post to her uborn baby,it makes us wanna get pages ASSAP.

“Just a letter to my little blessing ‘’ just to let you know baby, you were planned for, wanted and already loved by us, ❤️ you have no idea but the world out here can be cruel at times, never let anyone make you think or feel less😭, but also know we are here to protect you through it all 👍🏽there also so many other good people out here so open your heart and enjoy everything this world has to offer , feels good to already feel life from your kicks 😊 hope you are grown enough someday to read this😘 we cannot wait to meet you cc @mrseedofficial”

Below are some photos from the shoot

47584086_488162341707159_4696533789374067643_n 46927051_366462177251712_2725403551164377686_n 47585958_394095861328725_8701341395430065591_n

Issa Baby affair: Shaniqwa ecstatic as he shows off his expectant girlfriend

47585344_2048816461884421_6178484696854920676_n 47027831_321483021791774_7344042843147385669_n 47428279_518314445311306_3367174881195912554_n

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‘God will fight for you no matter what’ whispers gospel singer Mr.Seed

Gospel artist Mr.Seed and Bahati are two great friends who support each other and  move forward together to achieve success in what they love to do.

Seed, who is signed to Bahati’s EMB records are on tour with other artists and they began at Mathare.

He however shared on social media that he is up to something. Is it more music or what?

“2018 big things coming soon.. Tumeziendea ☺ ☺ #kingseed.”

Although Bahati is Seed’s boss, they are like brothers from different mothers since they are mostly seen together whether it’s about music or family ‘manenos’.

He recently shared a picture on social media captioning,

seed 1

“When you refuse to compromise and not be squeezed into society’s mold, God will give you favor and cause you to stand out above the rest… BLESSINGS.”

We pray Baha will recognize what a true friend he is and will make him his best-man the day he decides to walk down the aisle since it is also Seeds wish.

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Gospel singer Mr Seed reveals where he meet his fiancée Nimo Gachuiri after proposing on Valentine’s

On February 14th during a Valentine’s diner, Gospel artist Mr Seed went down on one knee and proposed to his long-term girlfriend Nimo Gachuiri.

In an interview with Kiss Fm  on the Maloko show with Chito, Mr Seed declared that he felt it was time for him to make the big step as he was ready and so was his girlfriend.

How did they come to meet? Was he introduced to her by a pal like so many others claim? He told Chito Ndlovu that he actually saw her walking in town and he ‘nyemelead’ her and  thought, “ wow! That’s the one,”. He later put on a brave face, approached her and when he said hi to her she told him, “I’m your biggest fan,” and he felt so happy she was his fan.

mr seed

They later on began dating and four years down the line she moved from girlfriend to fiancée.

He said his family and her family knew about them all along and they are very supportive of their relationship.

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Mr Seed addresses rumors he was dumped

Mr. Seed has been working under Bahati for a year now with Eastlands Most Beloved Records (EMB Records). He confirms that he has had an amazing experience working with him since they grew up together.

“Imekua experience poa juu ni mtu nime grow up na yeye. ni mtu ananielewa na ninamelewa.”


Mr. Seed has also been working on so many projects. He says he is just trying to focus on the main things and do things at the right pace, the right way. Speaking to Mpasho he said:

“Now I can stop recording and release songs for the next two years. Niko na so many projects for now am still pushing for Simba Wa Yuda because its really doing good.”

In his many projects, he would like to work with any artiste who does good music. He also admits that if God tells him to work with someone he will willingly do it.

“God akispeak anishow ‘I think unaeza combine na huyu msee inaweza work vipoa’ mbona nikatae. For now sina anybody in mind coz nimework na almost everyone in this industry ya gospel.”

Mr. Seed also thinks that the Kenyan gospel industry is still growing. He believes as long as people are preaching the word in their own way and style that’s fine. He didn’t want speak so much about other artistes music because he can’t judge their content.

With the issue of gospel music playing in Clubs he said he is happy that most of his songs, actually all the song that he has released this year, are played in the club since its ministry on his end.

Mr Seed

“Mimi huskia poa wimbo zangu zikichewa kwa club and then mtu anitext ama call aniambie ‘nimeskia wimbo yako na nimekua kwa club manzee imenibless ama imenifanya ni change njia zangu’ unajua thats ministry. Sasa hiyo ndio gospel, Jesus Christ didn’t come for the church. He came for those people who don’t know him na wale watu hawamjui ndio wale watu wako huko.”

mr seed

The worst rumors he has ever heard about himself are:

“Nimeskia mimi niko illuminati, ingine nilidumpiwa mpaka na peg ati nirudiwe. Nimeskia vitu mingi sana kujihusu toka nizaliwe”

Breakup: Popular Singer Mr Seed begs girlfriend to take him back

Where relationships are concerned, Mr. seed is not planning to get married anytime soon but he admits he currently dating.

“Sahi na focus na mziki, ile siku nitao nitaita kila mtu.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Size 8 responds to trolls after Kenyans dissed her performance during President Uhuru’s inauguration

It was all colorful  on 28th November 2018 as Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in as the fourth President of the Republic of Kenya for the second term at the Kasarani stadium. Top artistes, the likes of award-winning singers Rufftone, Emmy Kosgei, Size 8 among others entertained those who had attended the inauguration function.

Well, when Mateke hitmaker Size 8 took to the stage to entertain the crowd she started talking too much at least according to social media and she had just started singing her second song Tam Tam when all hell broke loose.


Before the crowd could even join in the singing, her performance was cut short leaving her followers tongues wagging and thinking that she was not entertaining or rather she had chosen the wrong song for that day.

Well, speaking to Word is she addressed the issue after they released a new song together with Mr Seed who is a  member of the EMB Records.

I have not been signed with EMB Records but just a collabo with Mr.Seed. It was very good working with Mr seed, He is very humble and very anointed by God, and then he is my brother from a long time. Mr seed ni mtu ako na character easy to work with with.” Added the gospel artist Size 8.

Asked about the inspiration behind the song, she said that,” Christ is the inspiration behind our song ,you know we are in our last days and people need to get saved we are harvesting and it is a call for people to get saved. We are not singing to represent ourselves but Christ himself.”


Speaking on the performance issue she said according to her, having done two performances she think did was not perform but instead she ministered to the people.

“I did not perform, I ministered to the people and God was there and the people were happy.

Sikuona coz i have been busy,adding that everyone is entitled to speak what they want but for me i engaged the crowd. My purpose was to engage with my fun and if people found it funny or whatever, my intension was to engage and celebrate the good doing of the Lord.I can’t not judge people vibaya, I guess its because the had not seen my earlier performance. Anyway i had fun and i was so happy.”

check out her new song;


‘Pull Up’ Here Comes The Latest Tune From Mr Seed

He is humble and unlike his fellow gospel counterparts, he has managed to keep a low profile. Moses Taurus Omondi popularly referred to as Mr seed has been in the gospel industry for a while and has even mentored and assisted artists in the mould of Bahati and Willy Paul as they were starting out in the music business. Continue reading “‘Pull Up’ Here Comes The Latest Tune From Mr Seed”

Top 5 Kenyan Gospel Artistes Who’ve Been Accused Of Not Paying Back Loans

Forget their hot videos that grace our TVs every time you mention the word gospel music.

These Kenyan gospel artists are the real thing, meaning, the real definition of ‘transaction is being processed‘…

Just when you thought all the drama is over after allegations of some artists not producing “real gospel” music, there is much more than their so-called “new generation” music. I must say, they are human just like you and me but if you want to minister to me, you have to pay your bills.

It is written, give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar. Well, let’s unveil the gospel artists who’re alleged by several Kenyans as individuals who’ve not paid back what they’ve borrowed. It’s important to note that it appears the accusations aren’t new some dating back a couple of years.You should also note that some of the celebrities have responded about the allegations to explain what happened while others haven’t.

Didi (Kelele Takatifu)

A friend of Kelele Takatifu’s, Didi, went ham on the Bamba Mbaya hit maker, citing that it has been 4 years now since Didi borrowed a loan from him, of which he has not yet seen payment. The friend identified by the name Kifaru went on to say that whenever he calls Didi, he gives different excuses.

“On February 6, 2014, Didi alinicall kuomba 60k alipe J Blessing arrears za video Yao ya Didimia alafu he said atalipa 6th march 2014. We were not close of friends so instead of loaning him 60k, I offered to loan 15,000ksh. Nilimjua Didi through his brother.
In Dec 2013 I had asked didi to help me with contacts to a video producer who would do videos for an artist I was helping (off YouTube) from Kibera slums to help start her career in gospel.
So, that is how I met him in Dec 2013 and the reason I offered to loan him this money. I also asked him to pay Up In April instead of March as he suggested ndio apate time enough to at least get his things together. In April I was planning to use this money on the Kibera lady I was helping to start her career,” Kifaru wrote.

Kifaru continues saying;

“2017 February now and Didi has not paid up. He has never bothered to even call at one point in the three years unless I call him. To add, his reasons as to why he hasn’t paid change every time because he is obviously lying.”


Jimmy Gait

Now, this is where all the drama lies. Soon after bragging of his new endorsement with a popular hotel in town, a service provider came out to say that Jimmy Gait had not paid for a job since 2015. Muhadhara imemshika!


“Hello, kindly help me expose a con gospel artist Jimmy Gait. I did an online marketing campaign for him in August 2015 on a local website, he was marketing a project where he was giving out motorcycles to his fans as a way of giving back to the society. The promotion was for one month and to date he hasn’t paid 20K of which we had agreed for the entire month campaign. Till to date he doesn’t pick up my calls or reply to texts with all sorts of excuses.”



Ringtone was accused of not honouring his promise of paying Ksh 200,000 a month for his house in Karen. News then came out that Ringtone was kicked out of his posh house. Alitenda wema, akaenda zake!

“Numerous requests by our client through his agent have been made for you to honour our obligations under the agreement in the last several weeks in vain and to date. You have not given any concrete proposals on how you intend to pay the said arrears and regularize the default” the letter reads in part.

L Jay Maasai

Forget his beef with fellow singer Bahati, L Jay Maasai is one guy who was accused of failing to keep him promises, and as is their nature, he denied the allegations stating;

“I am aware and with evidence that certain people including bloggers and writers have been paid to do anything to tarnish my name along with Willy Paul’s name. They will rest at no cost and will go to extents of forging information nd paying people to create false evidence against me.
That is why you will receive a new story and allegation each week for the next 2 months.. I even know there plan lay out.It is well… I will not fight back my battles will be fought by God Himself, He will reveal Himself. He that Got me this Far.My god is not worth any currency.”

l jay maasai

Mr Seed

The singer who discovered, gospel powerhouse, Bahati, is being accused of borrowing money from a friend and refusing to pay. According to the guy who’s called Benson, Mr.Seed apparently borrowed Ksh35,000 last year August and promised to pay after 60 days.  It is said that they even had an agreement in front of a lawyer and other witnesses.