Bae, sponsor or fossil! How to identify the kind of man you are dating

As a man, you sometimes ask yourself whether you are bae, sponsor or a fossil.

According to women, these three categories are different and here is how.

‘Bae is a man who is aged 25, when you are past 25 but below 35 your are referred to as a potential given that you can make a good husband in the future.

According to women men above the age of 35-45 are called sponsors, this is because most of the time these men are married but have a woman on the side.’

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If you are a  man above 45 you might be wondering what category you might fall in.

‘Men who are aged 45-65 are known as ancestors so do not get angry the next time a woman calls you that.’

In conclusion,

‘If you are a man who is aged 65-100 and dating a young woman then you should know that you are a fossil.’

Crazy as it may sound men in all the above categories have no trouble finding love, in fact, the older you become the easier it becomes for you to find love.

Especially when you are financially capable after all which woman would get horny for a man whose wallets are dry?

Which category are you at and maisha hio floor inakupeleka aje?

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‘I miscarried at 5 months’ Wendy Kemunto speaks out after rape ordeal by rugby players

Kenyan artiste Wendy Kemunto has finally publicly opened up on her pregnancy after she was sexually assaulted by Frank Wanyama and Alex Mahaga.

The duo assaulted Kemunto in April 2018. They were in August 2019 sentenced to 15 years in prison, they have appealed the decision.

Speaking about her ordeal during an interview with Grace Msalame, Kemunto said she decided to keep the pregnancy she conceived after the sexual assault.

‘Accepting to keep the baby was a journey at first I did not want to keep it because I felt it was unfair.

But after speaking to other people who had been through the same ordeal as I had I chose to keep it., I realized it was not the child’s fault.’


Kemunto added that she decided to keep the child as she felt God might have decided to bless her with a child, despite the nature in which it was conceived.

‘I decided that God had opted to bless me with a child despite the circumstances in which it came.

It was a difficult pregnancy because it was when the rape story had picked up on social media.

I was affected by it. Around the fifth month, I suffered an unexpected miscarriage. We rushed to the hospital because it had started happening (miscarriage) at home.’

Kemunto added.

‘The doctor looked at me and decided we had to remove the child as it would be harmful to me.

The miscarriage was because of the stress and the environment I was in at the time.’

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Meet the woman Mike Mondo wants to carry his twins – photos

Classic 105 radio host Mike Mondo has already identified the woman who is set to carry his babies, which according to him will be twins.

Mike is already a father of one but is not married to the mother of his kid.

Well, you might not be aware but Mike Mondo has a crush on Nigerian female artiste Yemi Alade and according to Mike she will be the mother of her kids.

Introducing her song during his radio show Mike hinted

‘Coming next is a song by Yemi Alade, The woman who will have my twins.’

‘If God gives me another child I am OK with it, but I am contented with Xolani,’ – Wilbroda

In line with that, Mike asked Terry if she has plans of having kids any time soon.

She said,

‘I am not ready for kids but when I am I will get them. Kids are a forever attachment so its not something you just do (get kids) just because your biological clock is ticking.

Further more there are so many kids out there who don’t have parents so even adoption is an option.

To men out there you should stop asking women when they are getting kids, you might not know what people out there are going through.’

Below are photos of Mike Mondo’s crush.

Yemi Alade-classic 105


Yemi Alade


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Read of the sad and lonely life Robert Mugabe lived after losing all siblings

Robert Mugabe was known to many as a dictator but not many knew the tough life he had to keep up with before he became president.

Apart from coming from a dysfunctional family, his marriage to Sally Mugabe was not as rosy.

1. Robert Mugabe lost his two brothers.

Mugabe is reported to have had two older brothers when he was a young boy, both of whom died while they were still only children.

2. Father abandoned them

Around the time of the second child’s death aged 10, his father abandoned the family in 1934.

3.Lost his only sister Bridget

Mugabe lost his only sister in 2014 after almost four years in a coma.

Photos of Robert Mugabe’s wife that prove he has fine taste in women

4. Arrested

Mugabe was imprisoned for ten years during his first marriage to the late Sally Mugabe due to his political activities in the 1960s and 1970s.

5. Survived two assassination attempts

During campaigns in the ’80s, Mugabe survived two assassination attempts.

In the first, which took place on 6 February, a grenade was thrown at his Mount Pleasant home, where it exploded against a garden wall.

In the second, on 10 February, a roadside bomb exploded near his motorcade as he left a Fort Victoria rally.

6. Forced to resign

Mugabe was forced to resign as Zimbabwe’s leader days after the army staged a coup in November 2017.

He died aged 95.


Check out the lavish house of Sauti Sol’s manager Marek Fuchs

We all love coming home to a well decorated and spacious house. Well, Annabel Onyango is living the dream as her house is definitely that and more.

Annabel who is married to Marek Fuchs Sauti Sols manager is a fashion designer. She has done most of the decors in her house.

Annabel Onyangu ,hubby Marek and their son
Annabel Onyangu ,hubby Marek and their son


We take a glimpse of their home courtesy of photos shared by Annabel who is a die-hard of African decor buff.

Fashion 101: Here are five unique ways you can rock ankara

In one post she captions her photo saying,

Home is where my ❤️ is.

In another, she writes

So gloomy out, but still feels SO good to be back home

Check out her house.

Annabel Onyango,spare bedroom
Annabel Onyango bedroom
Annabel Onyango’s house
Annabel Onyango’s dining table looking all classy

Annabel Onyango

Below are some of the comments from her fans that really confirm that Annabel Onyangos’ home is serving us home goals.

mumenough: The wall art is so well done. Picked a few ideas

ritah_wanjiru: Your interior is goals💚

winnieoty: Beautiful spaces!!👌

armstrongtheblackpearl: Great interior over there…

burgundyplace_interiors: Loving the mud cloth bed runner, such an amazing piece

nanjalaedna: You have STYLE Mamah👌👌

alma_eunice: Creativity on another level

bernoberland: Aki your whole house looks like pages right out of a catalogue😩🔥🔥

lwakiyu: Your home is beautiful…everything is unique

Kenyan woman found dead in Australia a week after her murder

As Kenyans are celebrating Madaraka day, a family is mourning the death of their daughter Jelagat Cheruiyot after she was found dead in Australia.

The 34 year old was  found dead in Osbourne Park, Australia, days after her family reported her missing.

According to Perth Now, an Australian publication, Jelagat was found dead when police went to conduct a welfare check.

“They (the family) were concerned because she had not been seen for several days and they were unable to make contact with her which was very unusual,” Detective Wright told Perth Now.

The late Jelagat
The late Jelagat

‘Getting babies is not enough to pin a man down,’ Captain Kale advises

The police, however, did not give any information in regard to the type of injuries found on the body or how she might have got them.

They are also trying to investigate if a man who had been at her house earlier threatening her with a knife lived there or was visiting.

It is believed that Jelagat had been dead for almost a week before her body was discovered.

Neighbors stated that on one occasions they had heard screams from the house as a man and woman were fighting making threats with a knife.

Her murder still remains a mystery.

Source:9 News

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Single and searching!! Tanzania’s Aslay breaks up with baby mama Tessy

Tanzanian musician Aslay has broken up with his baby mama by the name Tessy in what she termed as ‘family issues’.

The couple has been living together as husband and wife even though they are  not legally married ,which was confirmed during an interview with Times FM .Tessy stated that she does not enjoy the limelight

“Matatizo ya kifamilia, ni ya kawaida. Sipendi maisha yangu yawe kwenye mitandao,”

Tessy Aslay's baby mama
Tessy ,Aslay’s baby mama

I am REAL! Transgender model Letoya Johnstone flaunts her humble home

According to Mpasho the Tanzanian artiste had to come clean  on being asked whether the two were married “Sijaoa Babu. Panapo majaaliwa nitaoa,” he said.Tessy went ahead to defend her baby daddy on being asked whether women were part of the issue why they broke up .

 “Ni kawaida kwa mwanaume yeyote ‘kuwa na wanawake wengi’.”

This comes  a few weeks after Celebrated Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz broke from his baby mama Zari in what she termed as continued disrespect .The couple has two children with whom Diamond can’t keep away from after giving them a visit weeks after the couple broke up.

The former ‘Ya Moto band’ member is not shy when he comes to women and Terry is just one of his baby mama’s ,and with the money and fame we might be surprised if ladies don’t throw themselves at him.

Kalyeke Mumo hints on qualities she is looking for in her future guy

Uganda’s Jose Chameleone would serve as a good example to Aslay as he recently celebrated his 10 year marriage anniversary and 15 year of friendship with his sexy wife Daniella Atim

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