‘Mpango wa kando beat me up after dumping him,’ Narrates city woman

We all know many married men and women seek mpango wa kando services just for a short term thrill or rather use them as a distraction.

But according to one lady named Emily, her mpango wa kando got pretty attached to her thrills and could not stomach being dumped.

Emily said she noticed the mpango being too clingy and needy compared to her husband and told him she was thinking of ending the affair.

The man never took it lightly and when Emily started ignoring his calls, he made his way to her work place and pounced on her beating her up mercilessly.

Irked by his actions she planned to get one over him and this she did after the mpango wa kando invited her over for a chill out.

She tried to talk herself out of the relationship but he would not take no for an answer and the two ended up exchanging blows before breaking up.

Read her narration below.

Mimi nilikuwa na mpango wa kando na nikaona anakuja sana hata kuliko mzee wangu, na nikataka kumtoka. Nikajaribu mbinu zote kumtoka ikakataa.

Sasa siku ingine sikushika simu zake zote, wacha anikute job si aliniona war. Ushawahi ona mtu anapigwa na mpango aki ya mungu? Nilionwa war aki ya mungu.

Alinipiga kwa sababu nilitaka kumwacha sasa nami nikaamua dawa ya moto ni moto, akaniita mahali na nikaenda.

Nikamwambia mimi vile nilikwambia ni ivo, nikaona anataka kuleta fujo tulionana war sasa ni mtu na mwingine. Sasa ni kupigana, moto juu ya mwingine mpaka ikaisha ivo.

Unajua huwezi ambia bwana shida ni gani unamdanganya kuwa unaskia mwili ni mchovu, halafu anajua mimi ni mchokozi.


Shocking: Wife Confesses To Murder Live On Air And Plans To Do It Again!

What lengths would you go to save your relationship? Or rather the proper question should be; How far would you go to ensure you keep mpango wa kandos away from your man?

That was the question posed by a popular radio presenter.

The question attracted a wide range of reaction from thousands of her listeners who narrated all sorts of stories with the most popular ones being; beating them up to sending them all sorts of threats.

However, one lady pulled a shocker on the presenter which left her listeners shocked when she casually revealed that she stabbed her partner’s mpango wa kando to death after she found her red handed in their home.

The lady used to work with one of the leading mobile network operator in Mombasa but her hubby was in their Nairobi home and she had no choice but to tap his phone after she started doubting his husband was having an affair.

One day she traveled to Nairobi without clearly notifying her husband her whereabouts with hopes of ambushing him with his lover.

True to her instincts, when she opened the door she found the mpango wa kando and she had to lie to her that she was the man’s sister so as to execute her plans.

She locked the door and asked the two to be clear on their relationship and that’s when things went south. When she confronted the mpango wa kando she rudely told her that the two had no choice but to share the man before trying to fight her, and that’s when she grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her to death.

Read her confession below.

Sahii nimeolewa kwa miaka sita. Sasa kuna siku after kutoka Nairobi nikaja Mombasa kwani nilikuwa nimemuacha mume wangu kwani nilikuwa nimeenda kikazi.

Mimi nime track simu yake na kila akipigiwa huwa napata kila kitu kwanza. Sasa ilikuwa nifike saa kumi na moja hivi na alipouliza nikamdanganya bado sijafika juu nilijua hawezi kosa mrembo kwa nyumba. She narrated.

Nilielekea kwa brother yangu nikakaa huko na ilipofika jioni nikaenda nyumbani na nikamuonya kwamba leo lazima ningemshika na akakanya, alipokanya nikamueleza wacha nifungue mlango uone maajabu. Kufungua nikapata mwanamke, nilipompata nikamwambia asiogope kwani mimi ni dadake.

Sasa nikamwambia aeleze ukweli wa mambo na hapo alinijibu vibaya na ilibidi nimdunge kisu na akafariki. She added.

As if that was not enough, the lady has threatened to kill her husband’s current mpango wa kando adding that only God knows what she’s planning for the lady enjoying her husband’s goodies.

Listen to the full confession below but first, don’t you think this is a police case? Shouldn’t she be arrested?

listen HERE

Mipango yangu yote ya kando ni wakikuyu, Sonko confesses

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has reiterated that he does not hate Kikuyus as all his “side dishes” are from that tribe.

“People say Sonko hates Kikuyu, it’s untrue. I have nominated over 10 Kikuyu MCAs, my wife is a Kikuyu, all my side dishes and inlaws are Kikuyu. Even the incoming deputy governor is a Kikuyu,” Sonko said during the swearing in of Caroline Karugu as Deputy Governor of Nyeri.

The governor has in the recent past been at pains to redeem himself from utterances he made in March that several Mt Kenya leaders have been meeting at night to scuttle Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential ambitions in 2022.

“We are aware that some politicians from Mount Kenya have been holding night meetings in Nairobi to craft plans on how to support one of their own in 2022,” Sonko said during a service at Presbyterian Church of East Africa in Runda, Nairobi, presided over by Ruto.

But to silence the critics, Sonko added that his cabinet has four Kikuyus while the chief of staff and the county secretary is also from the region.

He added that since its a season of forgiveness its time people moved on and shunned bad politics.

On April 16, Sonko said he will not allow senior government officials to fan tribal wars between him and members of the Kikuyu community.

A furious Sonko, who took a swipe at the media at a public event outside City Hall, condemned an article published in one of the dailies which appeared to focus on his leadership style.

Sonko claimed Interior PS Karanja Kibicho is working with unidentified leaders from the Kikuyu community to try and label him as a hurdle to the well-being of Kikuyus in the city.

He further claimed Kibicho is working with a few individuals in the media to tarnish his record and label him as unfit to lead Nairobi.

The governor also accused former Starehe MP Maina Kamanda of engaging in secret plans to sabotage his work.

-The Star

Drama As Wife And Mpango Wa Kando Clash At Their Man’s Burial

There was drama at a funeral when the burial of one Mr. James almost turned chaotic when his wife and the late’s mpango wa kando met face to face.

While eulogizing her late estranged husband, Nancy Iteshi started by giving a brief history on her relationship with James before turning her attention on the mpango wa kando who was standing next to the coffin, accusing her of breaking her marriage as well as the family.

The two tied the knot back in 2001 and the two sired two children together.


“My name is Nancy Karai Iteshi, James and I got married in 2001 and we were blessed with two children a boy and a girl.” Narrated Nancy.

We had a normal and happy life together but he changed immediately after our second born turned a month older and he stopped taking care of us. I sought advice from my mother but he once threatened to chop her with a panga.

I persevered but I eventually left him not willingly but because of this lady (pointing at the wailing mpango wa kando). I am the reason why James was called a father. When I found him he had no wife and he had no children and this woman is the one who ruined my marriage.

Now my kids are orphans without anyone to educate them.” She added.

The widow’s comments irked the mpango wa kando who at some point threatened to attack her before she was carted away.

Watch the video below.

Here Are The Names Kenyan Men Use To Save Their Mpango Wa Kandos On Their Phone-books

Kenyan men are known to be promiscuous. They will get married but still cheat on their wives with other women popularly referred to as mpango wa kandos.

Well, if you want to know your man has a roving eye and he’s spending his savings on a mpango wa kando, just check his phone-book. Most of these men save their mpango wa kandos with sweet names in their phone-books and if you come across some of the names below, my sister, just know you’re dating a player!


2. Sister-In-Law

3. Initials e.g CN

4. Boda boda

5. Muthoni wa maai


6. Mum

7. Akinyi fish supplier

8. Mama mboga

9. Taxi guy

10. wrong number

11. Mpesa

shocked dog

12. Watchman

13. Insurance agent

14. Mama mboga

15. Nicknames

16. Class monitor

17. Mama kufua/Wash lady

18. Suzzy media

19. co-op agent

20. Caro M-pesa

21. Mama nani e.g Mama Ochieng

22. Njeri wa Makara

Mpango wa kando: Woman shares her sad life as a side chick

Being a side chick is not easy. You never enjoy your holidays nor do you get to spend quality time with your man. He is a family man who always has to go back to his family, so as a side chick, you will always be left feeling lonely.

Well, a city woman has confessed that being a side chick is a hard job. According to this woman, she has been a side chick for quite a while but apart from the gifts and treats that come along, it’s not worth it.

Here’s her experience;

“I’ve been a side chick to several of my boyfriends. Strange enough, most of them I was in a monogamous relationship with. My first serious relationship was with Mr. T for whom I left my child’s father and boyfriend of 7 years. We dated for two years. Since we never lost contact, We never officially broke up. Years after we stopped a sexual relationship, he helped me get the job I’m currently at.

After him, I dated a guy who had a girlfriend for a couple of months, then while at work, I met a guy who was to get married soon, I called him Mr. H. Mr. H and I never really had a sexual relationship but he did everything for me. We still keep in touch as well.

So for all those times, I was doing okay as a side chick, I dated those guys in peace until I met Mr. N. He was different from the men I previously dated because unlike my previous men Mr. N was not in a happy relationship with his main woman. He was having issues with his wife, so I was his solace. I was okay with that.

Everything was going well until he had resolved his problems at home and he said he wanted to keep me as his girlfriend even though he was now happy at home. He even suggested he would make me his second wife. While we were in discussions of what we will do next, his wife somehow how found out and all hell broke loose.

The wife went berserk and attacked me verbally. We had verbal exchanges and often screaming matches on the phone. She was often threatening and it got so bad that I had to block him and stop talking to him. I haven’t spoken to him since. It could have ended badly because if I hadn’t handled everything like I did, the wife was threatening to beat me up with her friends.

I moved on from that drama and currently, I’m the only one in my relationship. I am in a serious relationship with my partner. When I look back at the people I dated, I realize that I was okay with being a side chick because I never wanted my exes to leave their spouses. I later realized that for the longest time I had commitment issues because during this time I had suitors that had potential to be partners. I think because I liked the single lifestyle, going out clubbing and partying all the time. And with a guy that’s married, he’s not available at certain times and that worked for me. Also, the vacations were great because the only places you would go out with him publicly is where no one knows you. Though with Mr. T our affair was very public even to this date, we comment on each other’s posts, tag and even call each other almost every other day.

The sad part about being a side chick is it’s very lonely. The men are never available when you need them. You celebrate all the special holidays either before or after the days have passed, you never even have a priority on the plans you have.”


Credits: Familymatters

A ‘Mpango Wa Kando’ Confesses To Having An Affair With Her Friend’s Husband

As a married woman how would you feel if you found out that your husband has another woman on the side? To make matters worse, he has children and pays for child support and even plans leaving you for her.


Mpango wa kando or if you like MWK, are famously known for their home breaking techniques and taking away the attention of married men. Many women have opted to be mpango ya kando as opposed to being second wives because they are spoilt with money and attention.

A lady took to social media to confess how she snatched her friend’s husband.


In the post she says that she has been friends with the lady for 15 years and out of 10 years, she has been married. The husband and the lady have been having affair for almost 9 years and they have a son and a daughter who are 7 and 3 years old.

It is clear that the wife has been kept in the dark about the relationship and she is the Godmother to her kids. Surprising enough, her friend’s kids go over for play dates. The man pays for child support and is even planning to leave his wife for his side piece.


The lady is in a dilemma and doesn’t know weather or not to tell her friend about the relationship. This begs the question, which kind of friends do you have?

It is so sad how families are being  broken due to the rising number of divorces due to cheating husbands


Are First Wives A Mistake, Replaced By Mpango Wa Kando?

Today’s conversation was about men , their wives and their mpango wa kando. Alot of men say that there is a reason why they have mpango wa kando and those who don’t have are different.

The reason why a man has a mpango wa kando is because the first wife was a mistake and they are trying to correct it.

The men who do not have mpango wa kando is because they got it right the first time.

Mwalimu agreed to this and said that most men are trapped by pregnancies and women who move in and won’t leave.

Here is what the listeners had to say:

Is Mpango Wa Kando Life Good?

A woman called in yesterday and claimed that being a mpango wa kando is a good thing. This brought about today’s discussion.

According to this woman, a concubine gets to live the good life, is showered with money and enjoys a lavish lifestyle that the wife doesn’t get to experience.

She went on to say that the mpango wa kando dresses better than the wife and treats the man better.

Is being a mpango wa kando that lucrative? Here is what people had to say:

This Is The Mpango Wa Kando Rule Book

“Mpango wa kando”, the now popular phrase in reference to a clandestine affair with a married person has become common place. With relationships today becoming more of a joke, many people, both men and women, are now finding themselves “sharing” partners.

The fact that we openly acknowledge the existence of these relationships in society means that such unions require some form of regulation.

Below we share some rules that you need to follow as a mpango wa kando, whether male or female.

  1. Do not call your married partner when they are at home with their spouse.
  2. You have no business calling his wife AT ALL and if she calls you, well depending on her approach, have a cordial conversation without calling each other names.
  3. In reference to number two, should she choose to insult you, it is wise that you hang up and not engage her. Not even via text or whatsapp.
  4. Do not get pregnant, because, one, The man might scatter and you will be left hanging or two he might stick around but remember the time will be divided between two homes meaning he might not be around when you need him.
  5. Always have an exit plan because chances are they will not leave your partner for you.
  6. Don’t ever cry/fight for them, that’s not your work or your business.
  7. Your relationship is mainly based on sex and other material things so do not get attached for whatever reason.
  8. If they buy you something pricey make sure the certificate, license or whatever the legal framework needed is under your name not theirs. Should anything happen to the relationship you can keep it and keep the papers too.
  9. You shall NEVER EVER talk about his wife or family no matter how bad he portrays them, just listen and nod and always keep a neutral view…Never take sides.
  10. You shall never show up at their house, place of work or business for whatever reason unless they ask you to.
  11. Always stick to your position, don’t try to play wife there’s already one and it’s not you accept it.

What is the end game for a mistress?

A lady called in on Maina and King’ang’i in the morning yesterday saying that her life as a mistress isn’t as rosy as many people portray it to be. The 40 year old said she had been dating her 65 year old man for the last 9 years but is now worried about what the future holds for her as her title still remains ‘MISTRESS.

He has bought you a car, a house, opened a business for you but you will never be his number one at the end of the day he still goes home to his wife. Doesn’t this bother mistresses? What does the future hold for a woman who is a mistress?

How have you secured your future if that man drops dead today? Are you in his will and is your future secure? One fan sent in a message saying, “Ask yourself this question, how many widows are there? So what’s wrong with being 51 and alone am never worried of a future alone, I am worried of the future being poor.”

If you are a mistress, how does it feel knowing that one day you will be old and alone and he will be gone with his wife, yet you invested all your life in such a relationship?

Listen to the interesting discussion below