My life is in danger claims Radio Mowzey’s mother months after son’s death

A few months after the death of Mowzey Radio his mother Jane Kasubo is living in fear after an unknown people issued her with death threats.

According to ghafla a Ugandan media has reported that Jane is scared and this is her message to her president .“We don’t know what is going on. They have threatened to monitor our movements and gun us down. Please come to your rescue President Museveni”,

Radio lost his life early this year after succumbing to injuries he got in a bar scuffle and even though the main suspect in his murder was arrested, no conclusive findings have been found.

The late radio known for songs such as ‘Magnetic,

The family is also frustrated by the slow court process which is taking ages to conclude. Ms Kasubo also wants other suspects implicated in the death of her son to be produced in court.

Currently only key suspect Godfrey Wamala (who is in the custody of police) has been appearing in court.

Key suspect in Mowzey Radio's death Godfrey Wamala aka Troy (handcuffed)
Key suspect in Mowzey Radio’s death Godfrey Wamala aka Troy (handcuffed)

Radio came to the limelight with their songs such as ‘Kuku’ and ‘Magnetic’ which he sang with his partner Weasel whom they sang as a duo.The late was celebrated not only in Uganda but as well as here in Kenya for his music prowess.

Radio is not the first celebrity to die through a mysterious death, In Tanzania, actor Stephen Kanumba died mysteriously after a scuffle with his girlfriend who was sentenced to two years but is out on probation.







Very painful! Lillian Mbabazi, Mowzey Radio’s widow shares heartbreaking message that will leave you in tears

It’s barely a month since Moses Sekibogo popularly known as Mowzey Radio went to be with the Lord.

Mowzey Radio
Mowzey Radio. photo credit: Instagram/mowzeyradio

Mowzey Radio, of the Goodlyfe Crew passed on while undergoing treatment at Case Hospital in Kampala early February this year.

Will That Bring Him Back? Mowzey Radio’s fans express outrage after bar where he was beaten is shut down a week after his death

His family and fans are yet to come to terms with his untimely demise and Lillian Mbabazi, one of his widow’s recently revealed that all was not well. She still can’t believe the father of her two children is no more.

“I have been trying so hard to get the strength and words to write something about you, Papa Asante. I have been in a nightmare and I can’t seem to wake up from it. Knowing that I can’t see or talk to you is very hard for me to understand. You were kind, a SPECIAL human being and the greatest talent of our generation. I am blessed I got to share many moments with you, I am grateful for our amazing children. You have left a huge gap that NO ONE will ever fill. I love you, Papa Asante, forever and May God give me the strength and courage to raise our children to continue your legacy. To Everyone that has reached out and supported me through this time, I want to say thank you so much and I am humbled… May God bless all of you… Papa Asante, we miss you and I see you every time I look into our babies’ eyes… Words are not enough to express how I feel at this moment. Please rest in perfect peace. I will be still and know that He is God,” read Lillian’s message.

Mbabazi, who is also a singer, shared another heartbreaking post accompanied by a photo of Radio, their son and herself and captioned:

“It still hasn’t sunk in😔😔😔😔😔😪😪😪😪😪😰😰😰😰😰😰”


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NO CHILLS! Zari Hassan did not attend Mowzey Radio’s funeral and admits why in the most shocking way

 In her latest post, Lillian Mbabazi shared an old photo of her and Mowzey reminiscing their best moments. This particular photo had no caption and her followers flooded the comment section wishing her well in life and some even prayed for her.
Mowzey Radio
Mowzey Radio and his baby mama Lillian Mbabazi

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#RIPMowzeyRadio: Police recreate crime scene as Ugandans mock investigators


A day after arresting a suspect alleged to be involved in the murder of singer Mowzey Radio, police have also swung into further action.

This is so like something out of an action movie that it’s sort of hard to believe what you’re seeing.

Police detectives have taken bar manager George Egesa back to De bar to reconstruct the scene of the brawl that led to the death of Mowzey.

Police have began to document the crime scene where Ugandan singer Mowzey Radio was murdered after being involved in a bar fight. The investigators are creating a possible crime scene in the probe on the death of the singer.

They are also asking for the public’s help in establishing any leads.

Ugands on Twitter have criticized the police saying

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor
Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor
Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, people walking and outdoor
Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor
Richard Sany …..Police your doing work and non can undermind but yo capacity of fouling insecurity is low and based political game other than planning why don’t request Ministry internal affairs to force every bars or pubs to plant in and out CCTV Camera, such that this occasions can be easily seen? so, wake up otherwise u will let Ugandans have no hope in work of keeping us and our property

Setty Eddy ….But this police?Why wasnt this done that very night the incident happened?There is what we call secure and preservation of crime scene.Now you are doing this reconstruction of the scene after 2weeks ?What kind of incompetence is this?You wont derive much,and i think there has been so much delay,in the workings,that physical clues have already diffused from site.There will be too much conspiracy theories than real facts of what happened.There will be no much scientific methodology for foresincs.The rest will be heresay and eye witness accounts.This case will remain

Ssebaduka Aisha ….Too late you should have done that the moment radio got hit but since it’s Uganda police you had to wait for the public outcry
chaya Emmanuel Was he a prehistoric animal that needed a reconstruction of the death scene? Uganda police can really be rudimentary. See they’re even still using bic pens and ream papers. RIP

Mugisha Brian ….Two weeks after the incident occurred, the man has already been buried. How are they going to compare evidence? These police are just there for the allowances.

Emuron Wilfred Sam ……this is not not a detective but a tactic to confuse the public. Where were they all that time…

Otoo Tolit Noel…. This guys killed mozey radio yet themselves can’t do what the guy was doing. …sad

NO CHILLS! Zari Hassan did not attend Mowzey Radio’s funeral and admits why in the most shocking way

On 1st February this year, the East African entertainment industry lost a music icon.  Moses Sekibogo popularly known as Mowzey Radio of the Goodlyfe Crew passed on while undergoing treatment at Case Hospital in Kampala.

 Mowzey of the Radio and Weasel duo was laid to rest on Saturday in Kagga village,

From artistes, socialites, members of parliament to common citizens, thousands turned up to give Mowzey Radio a befitting send-off. But, one of the most popular Uganda showbiz celebrities Zari Hassan was missing in action. The mother of five had already sent her message of condolences to Radio’s family which read;

“On behalf of my family, would like to send our deepest condolences to Moseys’ family during this hard and trying time. May the Lord rest his soul in peace From Ms Zari.”

On Saturday, when Mowzey Radio was being laid to rest, Zari and her other female friends were in Dubai to celebrate one of their pal’s birthday and she splashed photos on social media having fun leaving many shocked.

One of Zari’s follower’s identified as Kaytayc even took to social media to question her on why she didn’t attend Radio’s burial.

“I’m your number one fan but it hurts to see you enjoying in Dubai not coming home to mourn for our brother the Lamborghini hitmaker Mowzey Radio vocal master,” Kaytayc

Zari came out guns blazing and her response has left her fans talking for days.

“@Kaytayc I paid respect on Facebook. I don’t remember anybody’s life stopping when my mother passed on. I don’t get it when y’all always wanting to find fault when there is none when it comes to me. Did your life stop when Ivan ‘Don’ Semwanga died? Yep, I thought so.”

Another social media user by the name Hanipher Shafighah was also not happy with Zari and she questioned her on why she didn’t make it to Radio’s funeral.

“Seriously Zrai you’re dry and selfish. I didn’t expect this from you. The late Ivan died many Ugandans were there supporting you and making you strong including the late Mowzey Radio but it’s unfortunate you didn’t even turn up to even see his remains.”

Zari did not hesitate to respond and here is her response:

“How many in diaspora did you send tickets netugana okuja? Tulibanji why Zari?”


Here are the screenshots

Zari vs fans

Zari Hassan


Money was thrown into Mowzey Radio’s grave just like it was down for Ivan Semwanga and his death has left a big vacuum that no one will fill. Who killed Radio? Will Weasel make it on his own?, these are just some of the questions lingering in our minds.

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‘This Is Just Sad’ This Is Why There Was So Much Commotion At Radio’s Funeral

Commotion rocked the burial place for the loved vocalist Mowzey Radio, leaving some people with injuries.

The commotion started when money was thrown into the grave and some of the mourners tried to snatch the money.

At this point, police officers tried to contain the situation but some were beaten by unknown goons.

One Police officer with a gun was beaten to a point that he couldn’t tell what was going on before he fainted.

Mowzey Radio’s Burial/ Instagram

On rising from the ground, the police officer picked his gun, staggered and supported himself on a motorcycle which had been parked nearby.

Mourners ran in all directions trampling on others leaving some injured.

What also looked like the notorious Kifeesi gang swang into action beating up unsuspecting mourners and stealing their belongings including wallets and phones.

The chaos went on for some time till people scattered in different directions before calm was restored.


Mowzey Radio’s Body Arrives At Its Final Resting Ground Ahead of The Burial

This week has been crazy after we received news that Mowzey Radio has passed away.

Radio is said to have been involved in a fight outside a club on 23rd January in Entebbe. He was rushed to hospital where he had been in a coma for more than a week.

Mowzey Radio
Mowzey Radio in a past performance. Photo/ Facebook

Celebrities, family and friends have been in mourning as many have nothing but good words to describe the late Radio.

Well, Radio will be laid to rest today in Kagga Nakawuka. His body has finally arrived as they prep for the burial that is set to take place at 4pm.

Mowzey’s Body Arrives/ Facebook

Jaguar has also jetted to Uganda to pay his last respect to the celebrated artiste.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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Nyashinski Pays Tribute To Late Ugandan Star Mowzey Radio

Kenyan star Nyashinski has penned a heartfelt message to his late Ugandan industry colleague Mowzey Radio, who was part of the Goodlyfe Crew. The “Malaika” star took to Instagram to appreciate the singer, who was part of the Radio and Weasel duo.

The duo was known for their hit songs, including “Bread and Butter” and “Nyambura”.

Here’s a video of Maina Kageni in studio after listening to Nyashinski’s new jam ‘Hayawani’

The message got a lot of comments from fans who could not believe that the singer had died.

Radio passed away after 10 days in hospital, having sustained serious head injuries after a bar brawl in a club.

Here’s the post Nyashinski put up:


I was deeply saddened by the news of Radio’s passing. My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to Radio’s family and friends. R.I.P. Radio. ✌🏾🇺🇬 💔 gone too soon, king. 😔

And here are the comments some fans dropped:

cyprianaluda May He RIP
siarich682 R.I.P
mcstero 😧😧😧
kevlon_jnr R.i.p
millyandiks Its so sad r.I.p
_.faree_ R.i.p
junemuthonikirumba Rip Radio
vizonboy.starboy RIP Legend
katelynelorence I will miss radio he was like a brother to me,soo sad we’ve lost the best in uganda, rest in peace my special friend
nguonojonnes Rip
isaac_maikweki R.i.p

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Maina Kageni reaches out to Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone following death of Mowzey Radio and reveals their special bond

News broke early this morning that Mowzey Radio of music duo radio & Weasel had passed away.

The singer had been recuperating at the Case Hospital in Entebbe, where he had been admitted with injuries sustained after a bar fight.

case hospital kampala
The hospital where Mowzey died

Sadly, he did not recover and his death was announced as his fans expressed sorrow upon his passing at the age of 33.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni has reached out to Jose Chameleone, revealing why he has done so.

Maina revealed that Jose Chameleone mentored Mowzey Radio, after discovering his talent while working for the celebrity.

mowzey radio


According to Maina Kageni, Mowzey Radio was a KYM at Jose Chameloen’s home and one day Jose heard Radio singing, and was overjoyed at his skills.

Several Ugandans have professed to his musical prowess, and so Jose took him under his wing and launched his career.

Maina confessed,’

This young man is going to leave behind one of the best voices Africa has ever produced.

He used to work for Chameleon as a laborer in his home. One day Chameleone heard him sing and paired him up.with weasel.

Radio just turned into one of Uganda’s biggest stars.

We shall miss him. It always pains me when young people go because you think of what more he could have achieved. To his parents I don’t think there is anything more painful. I have called Chameleone to pass on my condolences.

His contribution to the music industry is unparalleled’.

Maina also played this song dedicated to the group.

We at Classic 105 send condolences to his family, friends and fans. May he RIP.

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#RIPMowzeyRadio: Celebrities and fans pay tribute to fallen musician

Fans have gathered outside Case Hospital where the late Mowzey Radio passed on.

News of the musicians death has hit his fans hard, and many of them, according to Ugandan reports have rushed to the hospital where security has put up a barrier.

The late Nowzey is being hailed as one of Uganda’s best musicians and best vocalists in the country.

Kenyan celebrities such as rapper Sosuun, Femi One, Actor Nick Mutuma, singer Amani and Juacali wrote heartbreaking tributes to the late.

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RIP: Radio of Ugandan duo Radio & Weasel dies

Goodlyfe musician Mowzey radio has died, aged 33.

The artiste had been admitted to Case Hospital in the ICU, where he was said to be in a coma.

Radio & Weasel singer in coma after bar fight

The musician succumbed to his injuries after  it was alleged he was involved in a bar fight that left him nursing injuries. His team sent out information updating the public on his condition.

radio and weasel notice

He was injured in Entebbe a fortnight ago and was rushed to hosptial where he was admitted in critical condition.

May he RIP.

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Popular Ugandan Singer Mowzey Radio Of ‘Radio & Weasel’ Shaves Off His Signature Dreadlocks (Photo)

Ugandan group Radio & Weasel, is one of the most popular boy bands in Africa, with several hit songs to their name and a huge following on social media.

The Goodlyfe Crew is popular for several songs like; Zuena, Bread &Butter, Nakudata, Kuku and many more. The two singers are known for their signature dreadlocks and unique vocals.

Well, one of the group members, Mowzey Radio, is spotting a new look after shaving off his dreadlocks. Wow! He is now bald and looks like a totally different person, and without his popular beard, it would be hard to recognize him.


The singer, real name, Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo, posted his new look on social media with sunglasses on and for some reason, he looks younger now. He shared the bald head  look with this simple caption:

Rate Ma New Look. How Do You Like Me Now?

Radio was once a backup singer (for Jose Chameleone) along with Weasel, but following disagreements between Chameleon and the two singers, the duo parted ways and formed their own group, which has since become successful.

Now, check out his new look below. Is it hot or not?


See the comparison below;

Before And After