‘I would not attend my mum’s burial if she died today’ Brags city woman

A day after celebrating mother’s day a woman shocked Maina Kageni after she confessed she has not talked to her mum for the last 10 years.

Adding that was her mother to die she would not bother to go for burial.

This prompted the question: What is the worst thing your mum ever did to you and you feel you cannot forgive her?

Here is what one caller had to say.

At some point my parents disowned me after I got married to a family they did not want me to.I had to go back and apologize given that I wanted their blessings.

They said they did not even want my dowry and gave me out for free.Sadly my marriage turned violent and I had to go ask for forgiveness.

Things are now OK.

Another adds

No matter what a mother does to you she remains your mum whether you want it or not.

Njugush delivers beautiful mother’s day message to wifey Celestine

mother daughter (1)

*Tracy*  adds that she was brought up by her dad. Her mother was nowhere to be seen nor did she bother to know what schools her kids attended.

‘We looked for my daughter even in the mortuary’ – Kate Actress’s mum

According to Tracy her mum was busy in Nairobi living her best life (akikula hepi) and for that she cannot forgive her.

Another caller adds

Some of us are experiencing generational curses. It’s not something she did or I did its just pure hatred. Even her grandparents never got along.

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Njugush delivers beautiful mother’s day message to wifey Celestine

Super talented Njugush, is almost always about comedy but this time, he got emotional in a post to his lovely wife.

Celestine said I do to him in 2016 and in 2018, they became parents to Tugi, their son.

Today is mothers day, Njugush wanted to send his wife a special message just to let his wife know she is an amazing mother and a wife.

He posted a picture on social media of the two of them and captioned,

Happy mother’s day Watugi. @celestinendinda
We don’t deserve you…..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Thanks for always waking up in the morning and going to bed At our home. Its warmer with you. Also, you are a sexxy mother….you make it fun I wish I would be a mother🙈🙈🙈🙈 Happy mother’s day love.

The comments on the post were all people appreciating Njugush for being a cute husband and also appreciating Celestine for her role as a mother.

The comedian did not forget his female fans, he sent out a message to the mothers on his comment section saying,

Also Happy mother’s day to y’all mothers

Njugush and Celestine love story is always one that makes his fans wish they will find a partner that will love them no matter what.

They are the perfect example of ‘power couple’. They work together so well, are great parents to Tugi and an amazing partner to each other

Have no plans on mother’s day? Give your mom one of these treats

Wondering how to treat your mum this Mothers Day? Nairobi will be bursting with appropriate events and unbelievable offers that we bet she’ll love.

Here’s a rundown of places to consider taking her to.

Mothers Day brunch

Image result for mother's day brunch

You can treat your mum and take her for brunch at any nice restaurant in Nairobi as they will be having offers for Mothers Day like the Seven Grill for example will be having spectacular treats on that day.

Spa Day

Related image

Moms always work hard. They will truly appreciate you going out of your way to set her up with a massage appointment. Join her if you can, and turn it into a fun spa day.

Go for a cooking class

Image result for mother's day cooking class

Take your mom to a cooking class and learn new things together while having fun. This will cheer them up.

Take her for a shopping spree

Related image

Women in general love shopping so why not pamper her any way possible and go wild shopping.

Go for a photo shoot

Image result for mother's day photoshoot

Cherish the special moment by going for a photo shoot. She will appreciate you taking your time and spoiling her to the max. Hire a photographer to take countless pictures you’ll enjoy for years to come.

‘We looked for my daughter even in the mortuary’ – Kate Actress’s mum

With mothers day around the corner Kate Actress’s mum has shared how her daughter once disappeared after coming out of school throwing the family in panic.

She says

One day Kate told everyone that she had a birthday party .She invited so many kids yet I did not have a clue despite the fact that I was the one supposed to cater for it.

We shifted to Mombasa at some point so one day after school Kate went away with her friends on a Friday and did not inform anyone.

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Cate Actress and her mum
Cate Actress and her mum

We panicked given that on Saturday she had not showed up. We started looking for her, we even created photos which we showed everyone around.

We went to Coast General Hospital and Coast mortuary but did not find her there.

Kate’s mum adds

On Sunday I decided to visit a church in Kongowea to talk to God.I found her leading a choir.

At some point she disappeared away from home only for me to see her on the screens.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done while growing up? How did your mother react to it?

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Simple ways to celebrate responsible single dads this mothers day

Yes, I am aware it is Mothers day, but why not celebrate those single dad’s and widowers who play the role of mum and dad?

A bond between a mother and a child is inborn, but a father has to learn the ropes.

Here is how to celebrate them.

1. Volunteer to take care of the kids

You can celebrate such a dad by offering to baby sit the kids while their dad goes out with the boys to watch soccer or just catch up over some drinks.

Cuteness reloaded: Check out MacDonald Mariga’s daughter (photos)

Father and daughter
Father and daughter

2. Surprise him with breakfast or dinner

Help the kids make cards or a special breakfast for their dad.

You can also surprise him with dinner with his kids at a restaurant of your choice so that they can bond and enjoy the beautiful things life has to offer.

Let them enjoy a break from the normal mashakura on most Kenyan hotel menus.

Check out the beautiful wives of Kenya’s gospel DJ’s – Photos

3. Help do laundry and tidy up the house

Most men are terrible when it comes to cleaning up. The best gift you can give such a man is help clean up his place, all the dusty corners that are rarely cleaned and let some air flow into the house.

4. Show them love

Being a single dad or a widower is hard enough.

Remind such men that they don’t need to be perfect and that what they are doing is much appreciated.

Be kind this mother’s day.

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How to celebrate Mother’s day without your mother

Not everyone will be able to enjoy the physical presence of their mom as we mark Mothers Day this coming weekend.

She may have passed on, or she may be living far away or have abandoned her family.

For these reasons, we might not want to celebrate this special day but that shouldn’t be the case because no matter what, a mother will always hold that special connection to you.

Just celebrate her.

Here are some of the ways you could celebrate Mothers day, all of them may not work for you but one or two may help you get through the day.

1. Make one of her favorite foods

We all have childhood memories that always involve food. Make her favorite recipe and use that in remembrance of your mother.

It will remind you of the good times and that will put a smile on your face.


Fun things to do with your mother for mother’s day!

2. Send a gift to yourself that will remind you of her

Did she love roses, cake, chocolates, ice-cream, perfume or that cute watch?

Send yourself a gift that will remind you of her every-time you hold it close to you.

Man holding Christmas presents laid on a wooden table background

3. Visit one of her favorite places

Did she love the movies, travelling, picnics or hiking? By doing one of the things she loved to do, it may help you feel more closely connected to her.

This may help you connect in a deeper way by seeing things through her eyes.


4. Treat Mother’s Day like it is and acknowledge the day

By accepting this day, it means that you are healing and that you are allowing yourself to feel all the emotions that come with this day.

Some of the memories may not be pleasant remembering but by feeling the emotions, it gives you space to reconnect with your inner self and also with her.

mother's day flowers

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5. Be kind with yourself

You might be blaming yourself for many things that may have happened in the past.

You might be blaming yourself for the misunderstandings that may have occurred in your relationship.

However, even with all the conflicts in your mind, be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, allow yourself to heal and celebrate her anyway.



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Mothers Day Special. Gifts you can give your mum that cost less than 1000

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year dedicated to showing your mum just how much you appreciate her.

Sunday is around the corner and the clock is ticking nearer many of us will be scrambling to find the ‘perfect’ last minute gift for the most important woman in our life today.

Here is a list of some best present you can give your mum that cost less than 1000 shillings.



A soft comfy personalized pillow



A personalized Mug



A wine bottle and glass holder



Cupcakes with a beautiful mothers day message



A bouquet of her favorite flowers



A spa massage treat



Personalized wine glass with a beautiful message




Personalized Key holder



Beautiful Scented candles.



Decorative Personalized bottles



If she loves chocolate, buy her the big chocolate box



A simple thank you card

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Marriage goals! These Gospel celebrities have lasted for more than a decade in marriage

Mothers day is just around the corner.

For one to be a mother, it means a father or rather a husband is involved.

Marriage is not as easy as many would think of it. We have seen many part ways in the midst of their journey. This is not limited to the secular world only but also the gospel artiste where some of them last for months then go their separate ways.

In the gospel world, there are few who can be emulated and have lasted for more than a decade in marriage.

‘God works miracles’, Size 8 talks about marriage journey with husband DJ Mo

Check out

1. Mercy Masika and David Muguro


Mercy Masika and her husband David Muguro amaze us with their longevity in their marriage. The two have been together since 2008 and have two beautiful children.

2. Janet Atieno and Husband

Napokea Kwako hit -maker is celebrating 22 years in marriage today. This is an achievement to the couple.

She wrote on her Instagram that marriage is not as easy as people may think.

“Well Marriage is not a bed of roses all through, but with God it can truly be amazing!!! 22 years and counting!!!!! Praise God!!!! The best marital advice I received can be summarized into these:-

Read below some advice she has for those who want to consider;

1. Let God be the centre of your marriage. His Word should be the foundation.
2. Keep servicing your marriage just like you do your vehicles. Don’t wait until it’s breaking down to go in for service!!!
3. Communicate, Communicate and Communicate. You better be accused of over communicating than not communicating .
4. When the devils fights your marriage, fight even harder to stay together!! 4. Seek advice from wise counsel only, not just anyone!!! #JO”


3. Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna

This power-couple are celebs on their own right. They might not be musicians but their reach and influence on the masses is remarkable. Pastor “Dad” and “Mom” as they are referred to by their congregants have been married for 24 years. It is not five months like your favorite celeb.

They together have 3 children: Vanessa who is 27 years, Steph is 22 Jeremy, 17, is in high school.


kathy kiuna

4. Wahu and Nameless

They have been together for 13 years.

Both met when they were beginning their music journey.  They were both secular artists but Wahu recently turned Gospel.

They have two daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio.





To All MUMS Out There: Maina Kageni Shares a WARM Mother’s Day Message (AUDIO)

Celebrated radio personality Maina Kageni is a favorite to many and one of the top radio hosts in Kenya.

Maina Kageni has over the years gathered a lot of listeners from his top breakfast show #MainaAndKingangi having been in the media industry for more than a decade, from his days as a news anchor.

May 14 is a Mother’s Day, a celebration for honoring mothers all over the world as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in our lives and the community in general.

Maina Kageni is one person who puts his family before anything else, and though he may not talk about it that much, those who know him know how much he loves and adores his dear mother.

The renowned radio king holds his mother Rahab Wangui very close and dearly to his heart and as everyone celebrates this important day in their mother’s lives, Maina Kageni decided to send a big shout out to all the lovely moms out there.


Maina Kageni’s father passed away when he was a child and most of his life, he’s been raised up by his mother Wangui, who has done a very good job at it, being a strong matriarch and foundation to him and his siblings.

Maina took the time to wish every mother a happy Mother’s Day and also remembered those whose mother’s have passed on, asking them to pray for their fallen heroines.

Listen to the heart-warming message from Maina Kageni below.



‘I’m A SUPER MUM,’ DJ Pierra Makena Shares New ADORABLE Photos With Her SWEET Daughter

May 14 is the day all mother’s in the world are celebrated for their unwavering love, support and strength they have shown to their children – Mother’s Day.

Top female celebrity deejay Pierra Makena is a lady who’s motherhood journey has impressed everyone after she revealed a lot of details about her pregnancy and the father of her daughter.

Pierra gave birth in July 2016 to the cutest daughter by the name, Ricca Pokot, after revealing that she was pregnant after months of speculation.

One thisng she has never revealed is who the father of the child is.


The celebrated entertainer recently revealed that she had broken up with the father of her child and then a few days, later, she found out that she was pregnant and decided to inform him.

The mystery man promised to be part of the child’s life and even promised to meet up with her to dicuss the future of their child. He never showed up.

Pierra Makena Confesses How The Man Who Impregnated Her Did Nothing During Her Pregnancy

Pierra Makena picked up the pieces and embraced the fact that she was going to be a single mother and preferred it that way after she found out that the father to the child was engaged to someone else and they were planning to get married.


The truth, according to her, is that the journey has not been easy but the gift of a daughter is enough to keep her going: “Bringing up a child is not easy….. but the joy is real yoo!! I’d never trade this for anything.” 

Pierra loves her daughter to the moon and back and to decided to celebrate being a mother on this big day, Mother’s Day, by sharing photos from a recent photoshoot for True Love and Parents Magazine.

The two look lovely and there’s no doubt that she is a proud mother to the cuddly toddler. She wrote this touching post in one of the photos;

Celebrating Mothers. … I’m so humbled to be getting so much love and advise….I just owe it to God! He has been my pillar and my strength. … I AM A SUPER MOM 😘 and I can say that again.

Have a look at some of the adorable photos below. What a sweet and cute daughter she has!







Mike Sonko Celebrates The Mother Of His Children In Style

Mother’s day is just around the corner.

And most netizens are busy celebrating their mothers -and with good reason.

Some of you are actually goblins masquerading as human beings and the only people who truly love you for you are your mothers!

But away from that, Mike Sonko decided to dote on the mother of his children and wife. And typical of the larger than life Nairobi Senator, he bought her a car. I mean, why do something small when you can do something grand and ostentatious.


And here I was planning to buy my mummy a card…

Anyway, he got her a car BUT wait, there’s more! He didn’t get her just any car, he went out and got the mother of his children a Range rover!

I mean gaddamn! It’s bad enough he made most of us look cheap but now he has to go and mess with the self-esteem of our bank accounts? You’ve gone too far Sonko! Too far!

Check out the cars below.



Carol Radull celebrates her mother

In the spirit of Mothers day, the football queen Carol Radull shared a photo of her mother on her Instagram page.

She wished her a happy mother’s day and thanked her for her love and support.

We would also like to wish Mama Radull and all other mothers out there a Happy and blessed mother’s day.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

As we mark mother’s day on May 10th, we have enough reasons to thank our mums or the mother figures in our lives. They have been a shoulder to cry on, our chefs, our first teachers and will always be there for us when we need them. What better way to say thank you mum than with a mother’s day gift.

Looking for last minute ideas on what to get mum come Sunday we got you covered, here are a few solutions

1. A mother’s day brunch treat
There is no better way than showing love to your mum by being with her and taking her out for a meal. It doesn’t even have to dent your pocket. Several restaurants have tailor-made offers for that particular day try Mediterraneo, Ole Sereni, Seven Grill, Que Pasa, Simba Saloon, Pablos, Cake City, Brew Bistro some with offers such as 50% off.


2. A spa treatment
Beauty is always a catch with women and a spa treatment will be a win for a mother. Give her one opportunity to get pampered in an all rounded spa where she can get a facial, a massage, get her hair and nails done etc. A spa voucher does not necessarily have to be used on the dday as she can keep it for later.


3. Jewellery
A women will never have enough jewellery and buying your mum a bracelet, chain, earrings maybe the perfect mother’s day gift. If you are a man and are doubting your taste in jewellery not to worry, a gift hamper from a gift store.


4. A home cooked meal
Mother’s day on a budget? A home cooked meal may come in handy. You can offer to make a special meal for the whole family and take over all the household responsibilities that your mother takes care of that day. It is her special day, make her feel special.


5. A shopping voucher
Mother’s sometimes forget to take care of themselves, she may not remember the last time she got herself a new pair of shoes or clothes, treat her to that shopping spree she badly needs. If you strongly understand her taste them buy her what she needs. It may be a shoe, bag, clothes etc.


Fred Indimuli’s Loving Message To His Mum

Sunday May 10th marks the annual mother’s day celebration and with a few days to the d-day, Kenyan celebrities are showing love to their mothers.

Ex-news presenter and senior content writer at Radio Africa Group Fred Indimuli has a sweet mother’s day message to his mum. Indimuli appreciates his mother for being an amazing disciplinarian and credits her for the man he has become.

Watch the video

Churchill’s Sweet Mother’s Day Message To His Mother ( #ThankYouToMum)

Kenya’s top comedian Daniel Ndambuki better known as Churchill or Mwalimu King’ang’i has a heartfelt message for his mum during mother’s day. Churchill says that his mum is the best thing that happened to him and she is his pillar of strength who prays for all of them as a family.

For mothers all over the world Churchill has a special mothers day message to you. He says, “Mother’s are the cornerstone of any nation or the world.”

Watch his amazing mother’s day message below