Amani opens up on struggle to conceive

Amani never thought she would be a mum after struggling for so long to get pregnant.

 Cecilia Wairimu alias Amani is a mum to a two year old, and loves her journey.

For Mothers day 2022, the singer returned to social media to pen a sweet message recalling her difficult journey to motherhood.

She penned how she struggled to conceive, and God heard her prayers. She advised those struggling to ‘trust God’.

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers …Once upon a time I thought I would never be mum…but God…Yahweh made it happen… God is not a respector of persons.What he can do for one,he can do for a another.For those trusting God for the fruit of the womb,he is still performing miracles .He will do it for you,keep believing. Yahweh is a good God.
Today I also celebrate my mum,my mentor,my spiritual mum,my friend and so many other things.Mama I appreciate you,I love you.’

Cecilia miscarried back in 2019, and opened up about being disappointed below.

‘When I took this picture last year, I was pregnant but lost it. It hurt but, at that moment, I chose not to grumble or murmur or get angry. Though disappointed, I chose not to give up and lose faith,’ the singer said.

Amani pregnancy journey

After 10 months of trying, Amani told that she became pregnant.

‘I had conceived after failing to conceive for a while. So, I realized that my season had come and it was just a matter of time. I thanked God in advance and the following month I conceived again and this time the pregnancy was sustained,’ she added.

Amani however remains secretive about her child and has never shared the gender or a picture.

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Breakfast in bed and mpesa! Dj Mo shows Size 8 love on Mothers day

Dj Mo’s Mothers day tribute to wife size 8 has melted our hearts.

The spin master took to social media to toast to Size 8, showing him and their two children brining her breakfast in bed.

The excited children jumped up and down as they helped Dj Mo carry the tray of food to her bedside where she was eagerly waiting to see the surprise.

He thanked her for all the love and work she has put in for their family.

He captioned it ‘

I can write a whole book about but you the most important thing is that ;
You are so amazing and am so happy am doing life with you ❤️ @size8reborn

Thank you for making me a dad , taking care of our 2 babies & 134 (our free daycare) .
Imagine nimejitolea and the way I hate kitchen to make this breakfast for you . .
From @ladashabelle.wambo & @muraya.jnr
We LOVE YOU so much..

Ni ka avocado 🥑 sikuweka otherwise @broadwaysbread nimesort .

Sasa angalia mpesa 😍’

Happy mothers day mama Wambo

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Celebrities share sweet Mothers day messages

Mothers teach us the meaning of unconditional love and sacrifice. Thank you for being the best moms in the whole wide world.

Kenyan celebrities have taken to their social media to share images of their mothers and tributes for the big day.

  1. Corazon Kwamboka. The mother of two captioned a picture with her son and daughter ‘Being a Mother made me experience love like I never felt before. Made me strong like I never imagined. It made me understand what a sacrifice is. It made me appreciate and understand my own mother’s love, pain and sacrifices. Happy Mother’s Day to all women out their. We’ve all mothers whether you’ve given birth biologically, hoping to do one day, or raising children not biologically yours.’
  2. Comedian Njgush. The father of one captioned a loving family moment ‘

Special mother’s day WaTugi
You take care of all of us without complaining. Alot on your shoulders but you don’t complain. We are really blessed to have you of great heart. Tugi knows he has the best Mom ,juzi he said nilimchagulia Mum mpoa. I’m glad it’s you, Wouldn’t want it any other way.If you ever doubt you are doing a good job please look at your 1st born, that’s some proper job done.Siamini we are this far.Shukran for being super supportive through Thick and Thin .Thank you for purely loving my mother means the world,thanks for cultivating love n life .We love you Mama T². More Grace n favor, more life and laughter.
Thank you @celestinendinda .’

3. Actor and content creator Abel Mutua told wife Judy ‘Happy Mother’s Day Mama Mumbus!!! You’re a mother to many despite the fact that you’re the same size as your daughter. Thank you love for being the absolute best. @judynyawira’

4. Conent creator Kabi wa Jesus praised his wife Milly in a cute note ‘

Happy Mother’s Day to my lovely wife @millywajesus our beautiful children remind me of your strength and beauty every single day.
Asante for caring and delivering our babies.
Asante for making me a dad Asante for loving us all.
Asante for never giving up on our family.
Asante for your sacrifice of love 💕 and being selfless in taking care of our children.
Asante for being an amazing mum, nakupenda 💕

Happy Mother’s Day my love 😍 and all amazing mums out here we love you 😍’

5. Akorino makeup guru Carey Priscilla shard a video with her sisters dancing for their mother. she captioned it ‘

Happy Mother’s Day Queen! You are truly Heaven Sent!
We are blessed to have you as Mother 🤍🤎’

6. Yvette Obura. Bahati’s baby mama praised Diana saying ‘Happy mother’s day to this incredible women.My mom,my siz @oburamercy and mama heav @diana_marua .’

7. Pinky Ghelani captioned a video with her mother ‘

To all of you who are looking after your parents I send you so much love and respect. It’s not easy to watch a parent who taught you everything you know struggle…

Happy Mothers Day to mums who are getting older and finding it harder to be present as the mother they used to be… you are very very special’

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First time mums celebrating Mothers day

Happy Mothers day to all mothers and maternal figures.

Have a blessed day from the Classic 105 fam.

We have put together a list of first time mums who will be celebrating this beautiful day today.

  1. Georgina Njenga is the latest mum in town after welcoming her daughter on Saturday May 7th, 2022 Georgina is a girlfriend to ex Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya. Tyler announced the good news of their daughter arrival on his Instagram ‘

She Came on my Birthday😭😍🥳
We would love to tell you guys that baby and her Momma are doing great and being taken care of here @komarockmodern It’s a whole rollercoaster of how things happened😂😍 Can’t wait to take you guys through the journey❤️

We Love You🥰 A.N.K💖’

2. Grace Ekirapa. The Gospel Tv presenter welcomed her daughter in April and has been enjoying motherhood according to her updates on her Instagram. Grace has wished herself a happy mothers day saying ‘

My very first Mother’s Day and am loving it😍😍😍
Shout out to @totoandmommieltd for the Mothers Day gifts. We love the gorgeous outfits for baby AJ❤️❤️❤️ follow them for amazing baby clothes of good quality☺️☺️
Before you ask, Ace has been trained to handle baby and yes for those with fur baby’s, how amazing it is to see them bond and isn’t it brillant how dogs can actually lay their lives in order to protect a baby😊’

3. Celestine Gachuhi. The former Selina actress delivered her bundle of joy last week. She announced ‘

“Even miracles take a little while 😍” Remember this👆??
Our miracle baby girl came 😍❤️, it’s been a week now and our lives have since changed completely❤️❤️🙏🙏 @phil_kimemia I thank God for you , you’ve stood by me since day one, the ups and downs as my priest. God bless you ❤. IT CAN ONLY BE GOD! A huge thanks to these amazing souls’

4. Aggie The Dance Queen. The dancer and video vixen delivered her bundle of joy a few months ago. She and hubby Oscar Mwalo adore spending time with their baby.

5. Nadia Mukami. The Jipe singer werlcomed a baby boy last month named Haseeb Kai. and has shared her delight at being a mum.

Nadia Mukami baby boy

6. Evelyn Wanjiru. The gospel singer is a new mum after ten years of trying for a child. she welcomed baby Mshindi. She captioned the glorious moment ‘So blessed, grateful that our dream came true! #Asante Mungu.’

Evelyn Wanjiru and husband

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Mothers day 2019: Julie Gichuru’s message is so relatable you will love it


Celebrated TV personality and mother of four Julie Gichuru has a pre-mothers day message to her mother

Julie  took to her social media to pen a message that read;

You truly appreciate the role of your mother when you are able to visualise yourself at your most vulnerable…

Mama, thank you for being such a wonderful, loving, spiritual, principled, strong, intelligent, fiercely protective, and nurturing Mama! 

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These celebrity moms will celebrate Mothers day for the first time

She went ahead to say,

Thank you also for being so cute 🤗 I got some of them genes from you 😅😅😅❤❤❤ But seriously Mummy… thank you for being a wonderful Mama, always. I love you🙏🏼❤


Some of her fans went to her social media to comment about the picture saying,

steff_m_bsa: Your face got that “Mmmmhhh” black girl mood💃

ndimishumo: Your expression is priceless 😍😍😍 you’ve always been cute and you knew it from the start 😂

mariam_bishar: OMG your face is such a meme in that photo😂😂😍😍😍

mabera_shen: This is just beautiful

saddam_cadee: Woow u look like ur father

bernice_nyarnyamwa: “I don’t drink water from the Tap ,only keringet and yes I don’t date broke guys face is what you made there 😆😆




These celebrity moms will celebrate Mothers day for the first time

Some of our favorite female celebrities have described 2019 as a blessing after welcoming beautiful bundles of joy.

Are children not a blessing?

Here is my list of first time mothers who will certainly remember Mothers day 2019.

1. Sarah Hassan

The former Tahidi high actress has been off social media after her baby shower which was held by her close friends.

Sarah hasn’t shared pictures of her new-born yet, but we are hoping that she will be celebrating mothers day with a smile besides her baby.

sarah hassan

Most Kenyan diaspora to send cash gifts on Mothers day

2. Bridget Achieng’

Former Nairobi diaries and Model Bridget Achieng’ is a proud mother of one.

Her son Sekani was born early this year and Bridget couldn’t be happier.


Fun things to do with your mother for mother’s day!

3. Risper Faith

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Risper Faith and a first time mum will be celebrating mothers day with her son.

She has always withheld the name of her son only referring to the child as Baby R.


How to celebrate Mother’s day without your mother

 4. Chantelle Petite

Kenyan vlogger Chantelle Petit’s heart-wrenching childbirth story went viral after having dealt with Fistula during the birth of her beautiful daughter.

Well having fought that, she can be grateful and happy that she will be celebrating mothers day with her beautiful daughter Boo boo  (as she calls her) this year.


5. Magda Ngima

Even though she is not a first time mum, we all the same wish her well. Magda Ngima, will be celebrating mothers day with her third child.

She is the baby- mama to Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua (Jaguar).

47693392_767712066923454_5101182643015000473_n (1)

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Most Kenyan diaspora to send cash gifts on Mothers day

Why not treat your mum to a cash gift on mothers day?

A new survey from leading online international money transfer service WorldRemit reveals how the estimated 3 million Kenyans living abroad celebrate their mums on Mother’s Day.

The just released WorldRemit survey of customers sending money to Kenya reveals:

  • When asked who they send money to, 66% of those that responded said they send money to their mums in Kenya.
  • When asked when they last met their mother, 44% of those who responded said they haven’t seen them for at least 2 years.
  • 99% of those who send money to their mothers celebrate Mother’s Day.
  • 80% of those who celebrate Mother’s Day do so by sending their mother money.
  • Of those respondents who send their mom money for Mother’s Day, 84% also give their mum a call and 50% also send her a gift.

Last year, the Kenyan diaspora sent home over $2.7 billion, making remittances one of the top forex earners for the country.

Sharon Kinyanjui, Head of East and Central Africa at WorldRemit, said: “Mother’s Day is an important time for 3 million Kenyans living abroad to show their mums that they’re thinking of them. Our online money transfer service makes it easier to send money to your mom this Mother’s Day. Customers can make transfers at any time from anywhere with just a few taps on their smartphones. We also deliver notifications to you and your mom when the money has been sent and received to help you stay connected at every stage of the money transfer journey.”

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, WorldRemit is offering new customers zero fees on their first transfer if they use the code MDAYWR when making payment.

WorldRemit’s app and website make sending money home as easy as sending an instant message. Kenyans living in over 50 countries, including the USA, the UK and Canada, can send money in a few taps directly from their smartphones, without having to travel and pay expensive fees at a money transfer agent.

For recipients in Kenya, WorldRemit offers a variety of convenient ways to receive money, including mobile money, bank deposit, cash collection at over 700 locations across urban and rural areas of Kenya, and mobile airtime top-up.

Fun things to do with your mother for mother’s day!

Mothers day which happens to be on 12th May is just around the corner and most if not all the times, it catches us by surprise, Well not any more!

Now that I have reminded you that the day is near, you might be racking your brain what to surprise her with on this big day yes?

It might be easy to fall for the normal usual things that have been happening over the years, but we can try and make this year a little different?

Well you do not have to worry about that anymore,

Here is a list of some of the things the both of you could do on this day.

1. Take a mini vacation

Most of the times our mothers are always busy trying to make everything work in our homes.

Take her out for mini road-trip or vacation to let her relax and simply to make her feel special on that mini trip. It’s her day and she needs all the rest and relaxation she can get while at it.


image-2019-05-03 (4) (1)

Bahati and Diana Marua are definitely serving us couple goals in Dubai!

2. Book a family photo shoot

Who doesn’t like a photo shoot or a family picture? Well this might be your opportunity to get one.

Go for that fancy make-overed  photo-shoot you have been meaning or procrastinating for a while. This will create new memories for you and your mother.

3. Go see a movie

When old age kicks in, they tend to forget the little pleasures of life. Remind her how it feels like to have fun or to just enjoy their time.

For instance you could take her for a movie and just make sure she has the time of her life.

Young people watch movies in cinema

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4. Plan a picnic

A little relaxation for a mother goes a long way and a picnic to just cook and spoil her is a perfect idea to make this work.

Take her for that mini picnic lunch and just make sure that she has fun but above all she gets all the love and relaxation she will need.


5. Pamper Her

Take her out, treat her to a massage or a spa date, get her gifts, buy her roses, make her dress up and all that. Make it a little different for her and treat her like the queen that she is.



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HAPPY FAMILY: Janet Mbugua Has This SPECIAL Message For Her Hubby And Cute Son As She Celebrates Mother’s Day

Janet Mbugua is one of the mothers who’s celebrating the special day, being a doting mother to her one and only child, Baby Ethan Huru Ndichu, who turned a year old back in October 2016.



“NO, YOU ARE TOO PRETTY” Janet Mbugua Reveals Why She Never Wanted To Date Her Now Hubby Eddie Ndichu, And How They Met

To celebrate Mother’s Day, she shared a photo of her mother and mother-in-law, appreciating them with a warm message that read; “To my mother and my mother-in-law, You are strength. You are fire. You are love. Thank you, God bless you. God keep you. Happy Mothers Day to you both and to all mothers out there 👑❤.

Janet Mbuga also took time to talk about the joy of being Huru’s mother, with an adorable photo while holding the boy and a caption that read; “My munchkin; nothing gives me more honour than being your mother and your friend. I thank God for you everyday 👶🏾💕”


The stunning journalist didn’t forget to thank the father of her child, Eddie Ndichu and hubby, for being with her through her journey, as she shared her gratitudes for Mother’s Day;

On my gratitude list for #MothersDay2017: 1. I’m grateful to be able to share this journey with Huru’s father #MothersDay #GratitudeList #IAmMotherhood.

The other people she appreciated on her gratitude list was moments she shared with family, her son’s grandparents, friends who became family, cousins, and all her aunties.


Kenyan Celebrities Send Heartwarming Messages To Their Mothers On This Special Day

Mothers are special gifts from God. They are the pillars of our families and we are proud of them. Today, as we celebrate Mother’s Day worldwide, here are some of the heartwarming messages Kenyan celebrities have for their mothers and spouses.

To All MUMS Out There: Maina Kageni Shares a WARM Mother’s Day Message (AUDIO)

From Lilian Muli to Collins Injera, read through the sweet words

  1. Chipukeezy

“My mum, my friend the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you and you are the best..uko na deni yangu ya 250/-. Happy Mother’s day”


2. Janet  Mbugua

“To my mother and my mother-in-law,

You are strength. You are fire. You are love.

Thank you, God bless you. God keep you.

Happy Mothers Day to you both and to all mothers out there ????❤,” Janet posted accompanied by this photo of her mother and mother-in-law

Janet Mbugua

3. Kathy Kiuna

“Help me wish a happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing mother. She’s done a great job. Mum nobody beats you. You are by far the best mama ever. Love you to the moon and back.”

Kathy Kiuna's mother

4. Khaligraph Jones

“I appreciate all mothers love them. Happy Mothers Day.”


5. Kalekye Mumo

“Happy Mothers Day to this amazing woman Mummy, Ruth Mumo aka Mama Kalekye aka RM aka Madam Sir… she was tough and no-nonsense but look at me now, it paid off…. and to all the mothers out there you are a blessing.”

Kalekye Mumo and her Mother

6. Dr Ofweneke

“For the times you pinched me without anyone noticing. Sending me to get you a remote control that is only 2 seconds away. For ensuring that we eat “chapatis” every Saturday and Sunday. For praying for us even when we have failed exams. For waking up even at 3 am just to receive dad yourself. For trusting that I could do what I do today making people laugh and being my first ever fan. MOMMY YOU ARE THE BEST!!! As a family we celebrate you. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Mrs.Sande Oyolo.”

Dr. Ofweneke's mother
Dr. Ofweneke’s mother

7. Calvo Mistari

“She’s had my back since day one. Happy Mother’s Day Mum. Mungu azidi Na Baraka kwako ????????????’

Singer Calvo Mistari's mother

8. DK KwenyeBeat

“I never get worried, I never feel disappointed. I never feel ignored. I know you are here for me always! Lots of love on Mothers Day to my dearest mom!”

DK KwenyeBeat's Mother

9. Amani

“My mummy…today I celebrate this amazing woman of God, mother, wife, my mentor, my best friend ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ …Happy Mother’s Day ???????????? to all the mothers…be blessed.”

Singer Amani and her mother
Singer Amani and her mother

10. Betty Kyallo

“Happy Mother’s Day to all heroines out there.”

Betty Kyallo 94


12. Lilian Muli

Mummy, you are my best friend. I Love you more than ‘Love’. Happy Mother’s Day and to all you mummies out there, you rock!

Lillian Muli and her mother

13. Kanze Dena

“There is power when you spend time on your knees in prayer!..nothing, nothing but prayer can sail us through every situation we face in life. It is said the prayer of a mother availeth much! Today as we are celebrated in the world I urge us to continue spending time on our knees for our husbands, marriages, children, homes, ntercessor . work of our hands. Our religious leaders…Our nations! For a better tomorrow. NOTHING, NOTHING BUT PRAYER… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL MUMS AND MUMS TO BE!”

Kanze Dena

14. Rev Lucy Natasha

“Happy Mothers to my biological mother, Pastor Wanjiru and to all present & future mothers.intercessor.Thank you for the wisdom you have invested in me and my siblings. I love & cherish you, mum. Live Long Mama Tasha.”

Pastor Wanjiru, Rev Lucy Natasha's mother

15. Andrew Amonde

“To a wonderful new mom. Happy Mother’s Day! I don’t say it nearly enough times but thank you for all you’ve done, thank you for my first son TJ and everything you still do. I love you to the moon and back.”

Andrew Amonde

16.Oliver Mathenge

“#HappyMothersDay to all responsible mothers out there who have held us down over the years even when we didn’t deserve it.”


17. Big Pin

“My mum has made it possible for me to be who I am..Her greatest skill was encouraging me to find my own person and own independence..#mothersday __❤️❤️❤️ #Madrespect#Madluv.”

Big Pin and his mother

18. Collins Injera

“You are a kind hearted, wonderful, dependable, strong woman who means so much to our family that you know, you have been an awesome wife and a brilliant mother we are lucky to have you. Happy Mothers Day, babe.”

Collins Injera and his wife