‘I will never forget,’ Njeri Kaberere on Kambua supporting her during difficult pregnancy

Its no longer a secret that gospel artiste Kambua is expectant with her first child with husband Jackson Mathu whom she has been married to for 7 years.

Everyone has been taking to social media to congratulate her but Njeri Kaberere is among those who can’t contain her excitement.

She took to social media to share about a time when Kambua used to visit her after she lost her husband Peter Kaberere.

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Njeri Kaberere and Peter Kabererere

Kambua also went to see Njeri when she had an appointment with the gynecologist, a move she says she is forever grateful for.

What a mighty God we serve!
When I lost my husband one thing about @kambuamuziki that I will never ever forget is that she always came home to mourn with us.

This really touched my heart of hearts.

Even when I had visits to the gyna she made sure made her way to the hospital to see me.

kambuapregnantShe adds,

I am so happy that God’s ways are bigger than our thoughts and ways.
He is the final say.

He works behind the scenes to prove that He is the only Creator and giver.

Congratulations @kambuamuziki and God loves you and that miracle baby is blessed to have you as their mum.

What then can we say? If God is for us who can be against us!

Asante Yesu! Umemtendea Kambua mema🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🙏🙏🙏👏👏

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‘I’ll get married when I want, marriage is no joke’ – Matilda of TRHK

Real House helps of Kawangware actress Matilda has revealed that she is not in a rush to get married. According to her, marriage is not an institution to be rushed into.

The sassy TV damsel addressed this topic during a live video interaction on social media after a majority of her fans raised the question whether she is married or not.

‘Why do people feel like marriage is easy? I have never been married before but thing I am sure of is that marriage is not an easy thing.

Marriage is a serious commitment it is not something you just wake and make a decision about.

I will get married when I want.

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Real House helps of Kawangware actress Matilda
Real House helps of Kawangware actress Matilda

She continued, “I cannot get married or have kids just because people want me to do so.

If I rush getting married and get into problems will the people asking me to get married now, help me out?”

‘I caught my husband raping my 7 year old daughter’ Cries Christabel

Kenya actress Matilda
Kenya actress Matilda

Matilda’s fans also wondered if she was a mother

No I am not a mother, yet. Most people confuse me with my fellow actress Njambi because she is the one who is a mother of one.

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Woman reveals how pregnancy and motherhood has changed her life forever

Some women have taken to social media to narrate the deep regret they feel for having become mothers.

According to them that has stalled their life.

I am a single mother of one, my child is 3+ .The issue now is I have been living in regrets of having this child.

This feeling of regret is getting so strong and overwhelming , that sometimes I just sit and start crying ,asking God to take the feeling away .

I don’t have a mother,I am not a graduate ,I live with my dad who is a single father and no sibling.No family member.

Meet Miguna Miguna’s beautiful wife


I look back at my life from before I had this child and I am full of regrets. I don’t know if other mother’s( single or married) experience it too.

Please those young girls out there who gets pregnant outside wedlock, please do well to go for that abortion , don’t be like me and wallow in regrets few years down.

I look at myself in the mirror ,the fallen breast ,the saggy tommy and the stretch marks and the pain won’t just go away.

It hurt so bad!

She adds

I am a shadow of myself. I can’t even kill myself cos there will be no one to look after my child.

I am a lonely single mother,I have even thought of just killing us both but I can’t..
All I need is encouragements .

I am falling deeper into this abyss of depression everyday. God please I am sorry..I am sorry my child.

Another man adds that he understands the womans predicament.

Would you believe me if I told you I understand exactly how you feel? The feelings of regret come because having a child has completely turned your life upside down.

I parent with my wife and still experience this in leaps and bounds…talk mire of you, a single mum.

The saddest part is…there are married women who feel like you everyday in their marital homes.

I talk to so many of them. This is why i encourage people about the importance of having true support. You will keep feeling this way.

Another adds

 l totally understand your situation because I was once in it 16 years ago when I was 18years old. I was raised by my father and grandmother, had no mother.

I got pregnant at 18, without any help from father or family, so I had to raise my son all by myself.

There were times when I cried and wished I didn’t have him, but I had to be strong because I knew how I felt and what I went through when my mother wasn’t there for me& trust me, keeping him was the best thing ever.

God was there for me even though I had no relationship with Him.

 16 years later, I am married, went back to school, got a good job and just gave birth to my second child 5 weeks ago..

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‘It was a painful experience’ Risper Faith on harrowing birth experience

Risper Faith has opened up on how difficult delivering her baby.

The new mother says that despite everything she has been through she is staying strong.

Risper who is famously known for her role in a local show Nairobi D shared her experience with an aim of encouraging another mum out there.

I had a good pregnancy and I thank God for that,even though at the final hours delivery I couldn’t take the pain any more that led me to undergo caeserian section(cs)..

I wasn’t able to dilate to 10 cm for 12 hours .. It was a very painful experience to say the least,any mother can relate to that.

But I was strong,I had to be strong for my baby,and that’s what mother are…STRONG.

Risper Faith

‘I would not attend my mum’s burial if she died today’ Brags city woman

In a past post Risper had penned on how she feels blessed for having her son in her life.

You light up my entire world,the kind of love I never knew existed,I never knew I could love any harder than I already do,every time.

I look at you my heart is filled with joy,God has truly blessed me beyond measure…I love you so much son you are my greatest treasure ♥️♥️♥️

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25-year-old mother goes into labour in her sleep

A new father was forced to deliver his baby son at home when his partner woke to discover she had gone into labour in her sleep.

Sarah Pearson woke at the couple’s home in Barnsley on October 13, telling partner Graeme Smith she ‘felt something weird’.

But by the time the 25-year-old realised what was happening baby Charlie was ready to make his appearance in the world.

The couple had visited Barnsley Hospital just hours earlier when Sarah’s waters broke.

But midwives, having checked her over, told them to return in 24 hours.

In anticipation of the arrival of their firstborn, the couple headed home to get some sleep.

But their nap was cut short when Sarah, an art student, woke to find she was already in labour and her baby’s head was crowning.

Checking to see what the ‘weird feeling’ Sarah was experiencing was, Mr Smith, 22, discovered he could see his son’s head.


The DJ said: ‘We had a couple of hours sleep and then Sarah woke me saying “what’s that? It feels weird” and when I looked there was a head sticking out.

I phoned the midwife who told us to ring for an ambulance and while we were waiting a woman on the phone was talking me through everything, what to do and to get towels and things.

‘She was saying “are you sure it’s a head?”. I said yes I’m sure, it’s got hair on it.

‘We kept wondering where the ambulance was and the woman on the phone said we had plenty of time and they would be here soon. The next thing we knew Charlie was out.’

When paramedics arrived they found little Charlie, who weighed 6lbs 15oz, curled up in his mother’s arms.

Mr Smith said praised Miss Pearson for her bravery in giving birth without any pain relief. He said despite his initial fears, the birth which took about half-an-hour, went well.

He said: ‘I was a little bit scared but your instincts kick in, I didn’t actually do a lot, Sarah did all the work I just cleaned him up when he came out made sure the cord was okay.

‘Sarah did really well and I’m very proud of her for doing it without pain relief or anything like that.’

Did You Know? Mothers With Postnatal DEPRESSION Are More Likely To Have DIFFICULT And Emotional Children. Details

Mothers with postnatal depression are more likely to have difficult children, new research reveals.

Sufferers of the mental health condition who are insensitive towards their children are more likely to have youngsters with difficult temperaments, a study found.

Researchers believe mothers who respond to their children’s needs, even if they are battling depression, teach their youngsters how to regulate negative emotions.


Families with effective communication where everyone is involved in raising the children may also aid infant’s self-regulation, they found.

Lead author Dr Stephanie Parade from Brown University, said: ‘Maternal postpartum depression was only associated with persistently difficult infant temperament. This work underscores the importance of supporting families in the postpartum period.’

How the study was carried out  

Researchers from Brown University analyzed 147 families with children younger than 30 months.

The children’s temperaments were assessed at eight, 15 and 30 months old.


Mothers were interviewed to determine whether they suffered from depression.

The families were observed to assess their function and the mother’s sensitivity.

Key findings 

Results revealed that depressed mothers who are insensitive towards their children are more likely to have youngsters with difficult temperaments.

Dr Parade said: ‘Maternal postpartum depression was only associated with persistently difficult infant temperament’.


The researchers believe mothers who respond to their children’s needs, even if they are battling depression themselves, teach their youngsters how to regulate negative emotions.

Families with effective communication where everyone is involved in raising the children may also aid infant’s self-regulation, the researchers add.

Dr Parade added: ‘This work underscores the importance of supporting families in the postpartum period.’


Daily Mail

She Looks Stunning! News Anchor Anne Kiguta Is Back On TV After Welcoming Twins

Citizen TV’s news anchor Anne Kiguta recently welcomed her bundles of joy after giving birth to twins.

The celebrated media personality has been away from our screens after becoming the newest mother in town on July Ist this year.

Though Anne Kiguta has not shared her babies’ faces or photos, she has been appreciating their presence in her life and also revealed that her twins are a boy and a girl, with a beautiful picture of puffed baby shoes.

Double Blessings! Stunning News Anchor Anne Kiguta Gives Birth To Twins

The Sunday Live Show host is now a mother of three children, with a first-born daughter, Baby Wairimu, from a previous relationship that didn’t work out.

Anne Kiguta revealed the news of her second pregnancy during an interview with Drum Magazine a couple of months ago, where she graced the prestigious magazine’s cover.

Anne Kiguta

The stunning journalist is rumoured to be dating a powerful government official, who’s also alleged to be the father of the twins, though none of them have come out to deny or confirm this.

Well, after taking time off for her maternity leave, Anne Kiguta has embraced motherhood and is now back on our screens, looking absolutely happy and content!

She shared a beautiful photo while in the studio, looking elegant as ever, with this short caption: “M.A.M.A is back. Good morning royals. Pray up & put your crown on. #QueenofPolitics.”

Welcome back Anne Kiguta, your fans had missed you! Anne Kiguta

Wow! 46 Year Old Single Mother Who Wants To Be An Exotic Dancer Admits She Gave 22 Year Old Son a Lap Dance

A single mother of three says she has been given a new lease of life after taking up exotic dancing.

Natalie, 46, England says her children are proud of her profession and she even practised for the role by performing her first lap dance for her son, Brett, 22.

‘I am not embarrassed for my children to see me half naked, I gave birth to them,’ said Natalie, who is also a mother to Sonny, 20, and 13-year-old Poppy.

‘When I got my first pole dance gig I said to Brett “I am going to have to practice on you”. He said “go on, just do it”.’

Natalie poses for a selfie as she goes on a night out with her sons Brett and Sonny. Her daughter Poppy, 13, left, said she has got used to seeing them all getting drunk
Natalie poses for a selfie as she goes on a night out with her sons Brett and Sonny. Her daughter Poppy, 13

She explains (and demonstrates) on Channel 5 show Mums Gone Wild: Embarrassing Parents that she loves to party with her older offspring, joining them as they down shots and go on the pull.

‘The situation that my kids are there never feels weird as we are all best friends,’ she explains. Her sons say they are not at all embarrassed by their mother’s ‘wild’ behaviour.

Sonny is even grateful when Natalie takes his new love interest off to bed with her to stop him committing the sin of having sex on a first date.

He said of his mother bedding his girlfriend: ‘It is just one of those things, your mum looking out for you.

Natalie said when Poppy is older, if she wants to go to university but can't afford the fees, she would suggest she takes up pole dancing to fund her studies

‘Mum has taught me everything about life I need to know, how to treat women. I think all mums should be like mine, they should all let their hair down, go out and have fun.’

In contrast, teenager Poppy confesses she does find her mother’s outrageous and flirty behaviour a little embarrassing on occasion.

She said: ‘My mum is crazy, she doesn’t care what people think. I don’t mind being the one who isn’t drunk as I am used to it now.

Mother-of-three Natalie, 46, has become an exotic dancer and said she 'isn't embarrassed for my children to see me half naked, I gave birth to them'

‘Sometimes she does embarrass me as she kisses all the girls, she just kisses anyone to be honest.’

As well as sharing partners and getting matching tattoos with her children, Natalie said she wouldn’t mind if her daughter followed in her footsteps and one day became a pole dancer in order to earn an extra income.

She said she doesn’t care i anyone disapproves of her antics. ‘People say I am crazy and off the rails. I think I am normal and everyone else is a bit boring,’ she said.

Natalie, left with daughter Poppy and son Brett, who she had to give her first lap dance to in order to practice her routine when she got a new job























Daily Mail

Too Moving! Top Make-up Artist Shares Her Emotional Story About Being Pregnant And Ashamed At 22

Top professional makeup artist Muthoni Njoba is at a good place in her life right now, being the official makeup artist for top public figures, celebrities, and personalities in the country.

To add on to that, Muthoni Njoba became the first Kenyan make-up artist to be assigned as the Lead Brand Ambassador of an International cosmetic brand, L’Oreal and Official Make-up Artist of Maybelline New York Kenya.

Muthoni, a mother of a handsome son, is the ultimate go-to person for anyone who wants a flawless look for weddings, photo shoots, catwalks, or corporate events.

But as she recently revealed, life has not been a bed of roses and she had to go through the toughest time of her young life when she got pregnant at the age of 22, soon after graduating from university.

She was jobless, fresh from campus and pregnant, with no one to turn to, and reality hit her hard when even friends deserted her during this hard time. This is so heart-wrecking and inspiring at the same time.

Watch the full video below as Muthoni Njoba describes her ordeal as a young single mother.


A Mother’s Love: Woman Refuses To Take Painkillers After A Car Accident So She Could Breastfeed Her Baby

A mother who was rushed to hospital after a serious car crash with her newborn baby refused strong painkillers for more than four hours so she could breastfeed her daughter.

Danni Bett was travelling with two-month-old Indi on the outskirts of New Zealand, when she lost control of her vehicle and smashed into a metal fence, ‘totalling’ the car.

The impact of the terrifying crash left Ms Bett in a neck-brace, but with her motherly instincts still fully intact, saying she just wanted to comfort her baby.

‘All I could say was, “Get my baby out, she’s in the car, get my baby”. I was in so much shock,’ Ms Bett recalled.

Amazingly, Indi slept throughout the crash and only woke when onlookers came to help the pair before paramedics arrived to take both to Hospital.

With the shock of the incident and concern for her child at the top of her initial concerns, it wasn’t until Ms Bett stepped into the ambulance that she noticed a shooting pain down her neck, back and through her hips.

Regardless, she refused strong painkillers for four hours as she underwent X-Rays, ultrasounds, and other tests, just so she could breastfeed her daughter.

Incredible: Danni Bett went without strong painkilling medication for more than four hours after a serious car accident so that she could breastfeed her newborn daughter Indi in hospital

Upon being wheeled back to her room she pleaded with the nurse to let her feed Indi, but it was instead suggested the newborn be fed by bottle. But a determined Ms Bett persisted and was eventually allowed to see her crying daughter, reunited on a hospital stretcher.

‘It was instant relief. I wanted her, I wanted to calm her. After a traumatic day as it is, to give her that (a bottle) would not be right. (Breastfeeding) is the best for her and I had that,’ she said.

A hospital nurse captured the special moment in an amazing photograph, which Ms Bett then shared on Facebook.

She said she hoped the photo would inspire other breastfeeding mothers ‘to feed our babies whenever wherever’, whether in public or a hospital bed. Both mother and child are now doing well.

Inspiration: Ms Bett posted the amazing photo of her breastfeeding her daughter in hospital on Facebook in an effort to inspire other mothers to breastfeed their children whenever or wherever they need












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Stunning TV Anchor Janet Mbugua Shares Her First-Time Parenting Challenges And How She Overcomes Them

Gorgeous Citizen TV news anchor, Janet Mbugua walked down the aisle on May 30, 2015 and said ‘I Do’ to the love of her life and long-time fiancé, Eddie Ndichu, at a colourful invites only ceremony at Chaka Ranch, Nyeri.

The lovely couple would later be blessed with a cute son, Ethan Huru Ndichu, on October 26, 2015, which was the most joyful day in Janet and Eddie’s lives, with their celebrity friends sending congratulatory messages.

5 months down the line, the proud mother of one has truly embraced motherhood with time, but it’s not been easy, and  according to her it also came with it’s challenges.



Through her blog, ‘The Journey with Janet’  the TV Presenter is able to share her journey of motherhood and this time she decided to share the struggles she has gone through as a first-time parent. So motivational! Read the post below.

Parenthood is so, absolutely fulfilling, but first time parenting can be frightening. I’ve had an interesting run so far and as Baby Huru or Ethan approaches his sixth monthversary, here are some of the ‘milestones’ I’ve overcome in the last 5 months:


The situation: Man…this was tough. Ethan would lift his leg, crunch his face and let out a wail a sure sign of colic. Baby colic (also known as infantile colic) is defined as episodes of crying for more than three hours a day for more than three days a week for three weeks in an otherwise healthy child between the ages of two weeks and four months. The cause of colic is generally unknown. Baby Huru’s colic was not on the extreme side (he was easily soothed) but it was still stressful.

What I did: I used gripe water, infacol and finally Bonnisan, all recommended by my Pediatrician, the last two of which helped a great deal. They’re not medicinal per say but they certainly soothe the baby for a period of time before the next episode. I also waited patiently for Huru to hit the 3 month mark to kiss colic good bye, and now I sing all kinds of praise hymns because colic is behind us! Mothers to be, and new mums, worry not! It literally lasts three to four moths max and then it’s gone!



The situation: The night before I left the hospital to take Baby Huru home with my husband, I decided it was time to spend an entire night with him. He had been under the care of the nurses for five nights and I had such an urge to spend more time with him and get a feel of what life at home would be like. It was brutal; he woke up every hour, I kept buzzing the nurses to ask what I was doing wrong until I finally handed him back at 6 am to get some sleep before we went home. I’m glad I experienced it because it gave me a feel of what those nights of sleep deprivation are like. Five months in, I’m not quite used to it but I’ve figured out so many coping mechanisms, that its not as daunting as it was especially during the first three months.

What I did: The first few months, I just went along with it so that I could understand Baby Huru’s different cries and sings. now, when I hear him begin to whimper, I know that he’ll be up any minutes, so I wake up ahead of time to prepare his feed and keep a diaper ready in case he needs a change. By the time he’s fully up I go on army mode and before long, he’s back to sleep. So far so good! On the nights I feel too tired, I ask the nanny to stay with him so that I can get my system back up and running again. The combination of the two has helped a lot!

The situation: The first three months, I was confused about everything happening with and around the baby. But you can’t blame me! It’s not easy to know how to bring up a child if you haven’t done it before. It’s experiential learning, since one-size-fits-all can’t be applied to parenting. Four months in, I started to get into some kind of routine. Five months in, I’m genuinely enjoying the mother-baby bonding without all the worry that overshadowed the first few months.

What I did: The only solution for this one is to follow your gut and learn as you go!




The situation: The newborn baby requires much care and attention. Your life may become an endless cycle of feeding, changing diapers, soothing your crying baby and putting him to sleep. Then there is the additional work of washing baby clothes, keeping bottles sterilised, making baby feed and purchasing baby supplies. Before you know it, time swiftly passes by without the achievement of other family goals.

What I did: tried my best to nip this one in the bud by making sure my support system was in place and thinking ahead, planning what happens during what part of the day. Because babies are adaptable, you can put them on YOUR schedule, which helps you get things done as well


The birth of a child will impact all your relationships including your friendships. Some friends may slowly drift away as your hectic schedule is no longer able to facilitate the friendship.

What I did: I moved on!



Things First Time Mothers Need To Know

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing even with the morning sickness, bad moods, cravings and body changes you’re likely to face. It takes a while to get used to it but it certainly gets easier and better with time. It can be pretty intense during labor and delivery,  but the joy of holding your child in your arms overides it all. If you are a new mother there are some things you ought to know:

You should not be afraid to ask for helpIt will get crazy and since you are learning, its okay infact you should feel no shame to ask for help. Be it babysitting, changing the diapers, washing the baby, shopping, or feeding ask for help. It’s even better if you have a close friend or relative by your side through this.

You’ll never be alone You now come with a “plus one” . Before you make plans you have to think about the baby. Who will take care of them while you’re away, are they safe, are they well fed among other concerns. It’s no longer just about you. They will be in your thoughts constantly.

Breastfeeding – This will be your full time job, with benefits of bonding with your child. The downside is they will want it when they want it and you have to oblige, regardless of where you are. 

You will have bad days – There are days that the baby will be on edge and it means no peace or sleep for you. That doesn’t make you a bad parent so don’t stress about it.. everyone parent goes through it.

Sleep when you can – When the baby takes a nap, sleep too because you just don’t know if your baby will decide to stay awake through the night. The little bundle of joy doesn’t realize how tired you are, remember its a full time job.

Don’t neglect your relationship – Before the baby, there was you and him. Do not sideline him after the baby arrives. Try and involve him in everything that’s happening.

You will cry sometimesWhen you feel frustrated, tired, and grumpy when the baby is crying you will cry too and it’s okay. Don’t feel bad about it, infact it will make you feel better.

Facebook and Apple pay for their female employees to freeze their eggs

Egg freezing (or oocyte cryopreservation) allows a woman to have her eggs extracted and stored. They can then be planted into her uterus at a later time, meaning she can become pregnant at a time when her fertility might otherwise have prevented it.

This  process comes at a price and $20,000 equivalent to Shs. 286,000  might not stretch far. Each round of freezing can cost half that amount, plus hundreds of dollars for storage. This is however no guarantee that it will eventually lead to a pregnancy.

Facebook an apple are offering up to $20,000 (€15,800) to help cover the cost of putting their fertility on ice. The idea is to ensure that women who want to focus on their careers aren’t sacrificing their chance to have a family. This has however brought about alot of critism in regards to the role of women and motherhood.

Read more here: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/10/15/facebookapple-pay-women-freeze-eggs_n_5988090.html