‘I Served My Mother-in-law As A House Girl For 7 Years,’ Akothee Opens Up

Kenyan artiste Akothee never shies from sharing her past struggles in life. The songstress, who is a great example of grace to grass story has disclosed that she served her mother-in-law as a house help for seven years.


Akothee, who is known for her flashy lifestyle, revealed that she was doing all this while her ex-husband, the father of her three daughters was in school.

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 The mother of five also disclosed that despite fame and money, she can survive any situation and anywhere.

“Drop me anywhere I will survive, attitude is key, I severe my mother in law as a house girl for 7 years, for food accommodation & care while my ex husband was in school! I know she misses me but I thank her for everything,” she wrote.


Akothee has been through a lot and she recently revealed that preachers used her situation to preach back then when she was ashy and broke.

“Preachers used my family status as an example to preach in church! gave me all kinds of names because they heard the story from one side! No one wanted to associate with me! Rejection is poisonous, that’s why most people mistake my attitude towards life for arrogance. Mimi ni msabato, sijabeba kifunguu ya kanisa yenyu wewe enda church ongea na Mungu wako, hatakuuliza dhambi zangu . The world shaped me this way  don’t come to my wall expecting me to correct or raise your children for you? I was raised without internet but I still messed up, don’t hang your children’s behaviors on celebrities, we won’t stop living our lives just because of the name Role model! Unfollow anything that is not inspiring! The button is right on your finger ☝️if you can’t keep up unfollow pap, if you are addicted accept and embrace, if you are jealous get something better to do with your life we also have healthy competition!” read her post.

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This week started off with an interesting conversation on the morning show with Maina and King’ang’i, about how parents are nowadays ruining the institution of marriage by encouraging their children to walk out at the slightest sign of stress or trouble.

This is in comparison to the old times when parents would advice their daughters or sons to stick in marriages through thick and thin, despite the challenges.

In regards to this, Kenyan men have now come out to reveal how mother-in-laws frustrate them by demanding financial support, yet they still have families to take care of. Maina Kageni’s big question today was: “what is wrong with a mother demanding that her son-in-law be financially stable?”

Well, this question sparked a lot of reactions from male callers. Listen to their rant below as they explain how they have to part with cash to financially support their wife’s family.