Do’s and Don’ts when visiting your mother-in law this holiday

The holidays are almost here and most women are preparing to be taken to visit their mothers-in-law to be and here is how to leave an impression.

1. Stay Offline

You might be tempted to spend your days on the couch catching up on your WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook post but dare not.

Don’t let your mother-in-law assume you are a useless potato couch who has nothing to offer. Make yourself useful.

2. Offer to Pray for meals and before sleep

We all know that he prayer can move mountains, so before you are even asked offer to pray you never know it might soften even the hardest of hearts.

3. Dress  appropriately

The temptation to rock booty shorts may be high but hold it down girl,Your  In-laws have seen enough tender things to get swayed by your.

So wrap a leso or wear something decent otherwise your in-law might start asking the son kama alioa kahaba (prostitute).

4. Help with house chores

Slay queens this is meant for you, there is nothing like Pizza when you go to your mother-in-law. Don’t let her know you don’t feed her son well.

Utawachwa ubaki mataani.

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5. Avoid gossip

The best way to make your mother-in-law fall in love with you is to avoid joining other girls in the village to gossip.

You would rather gossip with her, hio hawezi mind.

6. Abstain from pekejeng

I know this idea may sound really bad but what is better than making your MIL to think you are practising abstinence?

Waiting a few days wouldn’t hurt. It’s better than waking up to stares over all the weird noises you were making at night during your escapades.


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Mother In Law’s, Listen Up! This Is Why Your Son’s Wife Isn’t Reproducing

Women have fewer children if they live with their mother or mother-in-law, a major new study suggests.

Researchers found, on average, females who live just with their spouse have more children than those who share a bathroom with their relatives.

The findings dismiss widely held theories that sharing a house with a mother or mother-in-law would encourage women to have more children.

Austrian scientists made the conclusion after assessing statistics attained from 2.5 million females across the world.

Until now, biologists assumed that a woman who lives with her mother or mother in law would have more children.

But the new study, ‘dubbed interesting’ and published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, discovered the opposite effect.

Writing in the journal, the researchers said: ‘Our data thus point to lower fertility in case of the presence of any mother in the household.

‘This is interesting, as one would expect that both mothers should have “some biological interest” in a higher number of grandchildren. 

Experts blamed reproductive competition behind why many women choose not to have children while living with their own mother or in law.

The University of Vienna team noted how the grandmothers tended to be younger if they were still living with their daughter, or son’s spouse.

They suggested that a younger grandmother may have children on her own which is more important than raising their own grandchildren.

This may cause a woman to avoid becoming pregnant, as they would perhaps feel they wouldn’t receive enough support with their newborn.

How was the study carried out? 

Researchers used census data of 2,478,383 married women between the ages of 15 and 34 from 14 countries, including the US, Iraq and Argentina.

Analysis showed a stark cultural difference between which women tend to live with either their parents or in laws. All of the participants lived with their spouse.

Some 1.47 per cent of American women live with their husband’s mother, compared to 53 per cent in Iraq, the results revealed.

While the amount of those living with their own mother ranged from 0.79 per cent in Malawi to 17 per cent in Thailand.

The analysis bracket included all women still in their reproductive years, in theory, meaning they had yet to complete their family.

Education, where they lived and their partner’s education level were also assessed for any potential effects on the number of children.


The reason why Celina abruptly left the Tv hit series Mother-In-Law

Catherine Kamau earned the role of Celina on the popular TV show Mother-In-Law. Her character as a struggling married woman won the hearts of many.

Celina posing

After months of excelling at her role, Celina exited the show unexpectedly. She told Kalekye Mumo on Talk Central that her disagreement with the management of the show led to that. And yes, she quit without a plan.


She adds that she left begrudgingly.


Kalasha Awards

Currently, she is acting in Sue And Jonnie, a show that earned her the award for the best actress in the Kalasha Awards.

City woman narrates how her mother-in-law spiked her husbands drink in this nasty experience

Mothers-in-law are known to be inhuman, unkind, jealous, envious, bad-hearted creatures who mistreat their daughters-in-law especially if she sees you as the worst choice for her son.

A Nairobi woman has left many perturbed after she shared her harrowing experience with her mother-in-law from hell.

According to this embittered wife, her mother-in-law hated her from the first time she met her. She claims that her mother-in-law was against her marrying her son and she has gone through hell in the hands of the Jezebel (mother-in-law) in her family. Her sister-in-law is also another agent of Satan.

“My mother-in-law and sister-in-law hate me with passion. My husband is a graduate, well educated and has a well-paying job while on the other hand after completing high school I didn’t join college due to finances my family was struggling. I met my husband in a coffee shop I was working and he loved me right there and then we dated for 2 years then, he married me. I remember when they came to pay my dowry his mother called me aside and told me that I should treat her son well or else she will send me packing back to my poverty-stricken family,” she wrote.

The frustrated wife added;

“The next day I woke up early to prepare breakfast, she woke up pissed, questioned me about everything. The design of the seats and the decor, she didn’t like the wallpaper I had installed oh no she hated everything. The night came, we prepared ugali and beef and I served everyone. Later we decided to have wine with hubby and her. Continue reading “City woman narrates how her mother-in-law spiked her husbands drink in this nasty experience”

Photos From Celina Of Mother-In-Law’s Bridal Shower

It is barely a month after Phil Karanja, former Tahidi high actor went to pay dowry for Celina, born Catherine Kamau.

The mother-In-Law actress finally did her last step before the marriage that this writers source says will be in a couple of days’ time… The bridal shower.

The event was which was held at a popular hotel in town was graced by her friends from the acting industry among them Neomi Ng’anga and Amina Abdi.

In a recent post, Celina shared messages that fans talking about her white wedding

“I gachu… Count down Mrs Karanja 🙏👰”

In another post, she wrote

“Mrs Karanja loading… ❤”

Phil made his intentions known to her after he proposed to the mother of one lovely son at a hotel in town. She later flaunted the ring after the surprise event.

Celina Kamau

However, their love story hasn’t been the bed of roses everyone might be thinking of if her social media message to fans is anything to go by,

“It’s not been an easy road, we will tell you our story someday, last year was our worst, but we thank God , I hope my journey will encourage many single mums out there to never give up hope ..there are good men out there willing to love and respect you . MUNGU PEKEe.”Celina wrote

Harusi Tunayo! Photos Of Actress Celina’s Traditional Dowry Ceremony Emerge

Kate Kamau, popularly known as Celina has just set the bar high for those looking forward to holding ruracio ceremonies.


Ruracio is the traditional dowry negotiation and payment ceremony.

Before the groom’s family is allowed into the house, the women of both houses sing songs at the entrance of the home. This vocal tussle is done to illustrate the coming together of two families, that start off singing two different songs but end up in sync.

Over the weekend, Celina’s longtime fiancé Phil Karanja paid a visit to his heartthrob’s parents home to pay dowry ahead of their wedding which is said to be a few weeks from now.

Unlike many ruracio where people dress up in their best kitenge get up, Celina’s was quite different. It was very classy from the dress code to the venue and even how it went down.

Dressed in an African Ankara form hugging dress, designed by actress-cum-designer Neomi Nganga, Celina looked absolutely gorgeous! Her fashion sense is on another level.

Well, the ceremony was attended by family members and close friends among them comedian Njugush, producer Abel Mutua.

Celina and Phil have been dating for several years now and their relationship has always left many green with envy. Basically, they are a match made in heaven. Ohh so perfect.

The former Tahidi high actor took to social media to shower his bae with love and here is what he wrote;

“As long as my focus is on you, whatever comes my way I will floyd👊 it. I love💝you my🌍 kate_actress.#Mrs…loading….”

Their followers congratulated them for the big step they have taken in life and here are some of the comments

Dennis: Congratulations are in order

Abel Mutua: Destined for greatness. All out, guns blazing, stopping at nothing!!! I’m seeing great things ahead. Go get it fam! Keep winning!!!

Marto: Wadau mnakaa fiti sana. Congratulations

Sarah ‘Tanya’ Hassan: 🙌🏽🙌🏽😍😍😍 congratulations 💕💕

Brenda: Congrats to you Cate & Phil. God Bless ❤️

Zylan: Congrats love you look lovely…a beautiful bride..

Risper: Finally the two are here… God be with you Kate. Go for it swiry.

Here are photos from Celina and Phil’s ruracio












Sister Love: Former Mother-In-Law Actress Reveals The Love And Respect She Has For Singer Akothee

Celebrated actress Catherine Kamau aka Celina has been in the entertainment and film industry for a while now, and over the years, she has become better, bolder and more beautiful.

Celina from the popular Citizen TV show, Mother-In-Law, is one of the most popular actresses in Kenya.

She used to host a cooking show on Ebru TV titled Sugar And Spice, with her killer curves that keep men glued to the screens every weekend, and is also a brand ambassador for toilet bowl cleaner.


The gorgeous media personality is a mother of one and is happily dating former Tahidi High actor, turned producer Phillip Karanja. Cate has with no doubt made it in the Kenyan film industry and is still climbing her way up the media ladder.

Crazy In Love: Former Mother-In-Law Actress Celina CUDDLES Up With Her Producer Boyfriend In a Steamy PHOTO

Well, what many don’t know about the actress is that she had to work hard to make it, and even hosted Karaoke in night clubs at some point in her life.

But now, she has worked hard to fend for her son and is in a committed relationship with the Phil It founder, who has also taken her son as his own, despite the fact that she got him from another relationship.


Now, Celina has come out to reveal her respect to singer Akothee. The artiste is a wealthy single mother of five children, two sons, and three daughters, and is known for being vocal about women’s rights.

Proud Mommy! Former Mother-In-Law Actress Celina Can’t Get Over How Fast Her Son Is Growing (PHOTO)

Akothee recently shared a beautiful photo with her boys, with a caption that read; “Only mothers can think of the future – because they give birth to it in their children. Goodmorning” and Celina couldn’t help but leave this comment, praising the singer;

My Wonder Woman , super woman , goals af always Akothee Kenya



Proud Mommy! Former Mother-In-Law Actress Celina Can’t Get Over How Fast Her Son Is Growing (PHOTO)

Catherine Kamau aka Celina, is one of the most celebrated and talented actresses in the Kenyan showbiz industry.

Other than that, she is also a renowned TV host, an ambassador for a top toilet cleaning detergent, and also a TV show creator, but in all those things, nothing beats her role of being a mother.

Celina is a mother to a cute son by the name Leon Kamau, who is now 11 years old. The actress gave birth at a tender age, but has no regrets about her decision, and is now one of the sexiest mums in Kenya.


The curvy lass is currently dating former Tahidi High actor and producer Philip Karanja. The two have invested in TV production company, Phillit Production, which has come up with some of the top TV shows and series.

The Sue and Johnie main cast is a proud mother and has done a good job with her dear son. Her boyfriend has also been a great support despite dating Celina as a single mum, and has been an amazing father to Leon.

During Leon’s birthday, Phill had these sweet words for him; “Its the Kings birthday. Happy birthday Leon…Daddy loves you to the moon and [email protected]_actress kazi fiti raising this one.”


Well, Catherine Kamau can’t get over how fast her baby boy is growing, as she recently revealed how he’s so big now that he doesn’t like being kissed or hugged in public and how he just wants to pick his own clothes;

So he is at that ka age where he wants no hugs and kisses in public, wants to dress himself, all over sudden am not that cool , how now 😳??? I want my little baby back ! He must need me! MUST

If you are a mother with a kid at that age, you know what she’s talking about.



Crazy In Love: Former Mother-In-Law Actress Celina CUDDLES Up With Her Producer Boyfriend In a Steamy PHOTO

Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Celina from her days in Mother-In-Law, where she played the role of Charlie’s wife and a daughter-in-law to the Mwamba’s.

Though she quit the show, to focus on other projects and TV hosting, Celina has been able to build a niche for herself in the Kenyan entertainment and showbiz industry, not forgetting her ambassadorial deal with a top toilet bowl cleaner.


Celina aka Kate is currently dating former Tahidi High actor Phillip Karanja who is now a director and producer and the CEO of Phil It Productions, one of the biggest productions houses in Kenya.

The two have been together for years now and despite being in the limelight, they have been able to keep their private and relationship life under wraps, and only sharing what they want fans to see.


The hard-working showbiz celebrity is also a mother of one child, a handsome young boy, who she got from a previous relationship, but that did not deter the media guru from pursuing the elegant actress.

Celina has worked hard to be at the top of the Kenyan entertainment and film industry and always encourages young, single mothers not to give up on love, and finding a good man because there are still good men out there, and she’s proof of that.

On Father’s Day, Phillip Karanja shared a loving message, appreciating the woman in his life

Being a father is so far my greatest achievement in life….my sons success will be my legacy, my greatest achievement overall, and with you [email protected]_actress by my side, I know everyday I get closer to perfection. I love you both to bits
Ion thanks bae for the extra calories you ongezead me today. fathers day should be every weekend


‘I Have My Boyfriend’s E-mail And Social Media Passwords!’ Actress Celina Declares

There’s no doubt that this couple is happy and content with their love and relationship. Check them out as they cuddled up in a recent post. Aren’t they just adorable?





CUTE! Popular Mother-In-Law Actor Ninja Welcomes a Baby Girl And She’s Too Adorable (PHOTO)

The greatest joy for anyone is welcoming a newborn into the world, and now Mother-In-Law actor Ninja is the latest dad in town.

Ninja, real name Jeff Okello is one of the original cast members on the Citizen TV drama show who’s still going strong in the competitive film and TV industry.

The celebrated actor has revealed that he and his un-named spouse welcomed a baby girl on May 18 and he couldn’t be happier.


He shared a cute photo collage of him and the cute infant, where they both hold their index finger up to represent one, with a sweet caption that read; “When you know she is daddy’s girl on day 1. #teamnumberone.”

The Mother-In-Law cast member plays the role of a watchman for the Mwambas and is known for his humorous and comical nature, but in real life, he’s nothing close to a security guard.


Ninja once revealed that he couldn’t cut it as a watchman, although he is able to pull off acting as one.

Jeff was born in Huruma and he’s the fifth born in a family of ten, yes, ten children, resulting in his father being nicknamed ‘military’.

Check out the cute photo below that Jeff Okello aka Ninja shared of his bundle of joy.


Wow! Former Mother In Law Actress, Celina, Reveals How She Used To Work In Night Clubs Before The Fame

Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Celina from the popular Citizen TV show, Mother In Law, is one of the most popular actresses in Kenya.

She currently hosts a cooking show on Ebru TV titled Sugar And Spice, with her killer curves that keep men glued to the screens every weekend, and is also a brand ambassador for toilet bowl cleaner, Harpic.

The gorgeous media personality is a mother of one and is happily dating former Tahidi High actor, turned producer Phillip Karanja. Cate is no doubt made it in the Kenyan film industry and is still climbing her way up the media ladder.

Well, what many don’t know about the actress is that she had to work hard to make it, and even hosted Karaoke in night clubs at some point in her life. She shared a photo from back in the days before the fame, and I have to say, she looks different;

Used to hop club to club for 2 years grinding, getting that karaoke money, am thankful for the love most of you showed me then and the fun we had aye ?  we move to the next level but we never forget where we started and those that loved us still ?? #tbt

Here is Celina before she became popular;


4 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Partner’s Mom

It’s preferable to be respectful to the woman who raised your man but you should also find a way of limiting her influence in your home.

Having your mother-in-law active in your husband’s life can sometimes be a big problem. Some women have admitted to me that they wished their partner’s moms were dead. Others even say they wouldn’t want to marry a guy whose mother is still alive. It’s almost like, the fear of your mother-in-law is the beginning of wisdom. But whatever the case may be, she’s alive and involved in your marriage. So, to keep things sane and happy, here are five things you should never say to your mother-in-law;

“Don’t ever come to my house again”


Most mother-in-laws hate these words with a passion. They hate when the wives give them orders not to see their sons whenever they want to. They feel it’s their right to know everything about their sons’ lives but don’t want you to have same right.


“You are a bad mother”

No mother wants to be labelled as a bad mom, not even yourself. Yes, she could be problematic but does that make her a bad mother? The truth is she raised the “good” guy you are now dating or married to. She’ll think you are rude, ungrateful and disrespectful. This could be detrimental to your relationship.


“Stay away from my husband”

These words will hurt any mother. Your husband is her son no matter how you want to look at it. So show the woman some respect already! Some mothers are mean, even to their own children but don’t be the one to tell her that. Let her son do it. She’s been in her son’s life like forever so asking her to stay away from the man she raised is unreasonable.


“You didn’t raise your son any better”

Any mother hates when her ability to be a good mother is called to question by anyone especially her daughter-in-law. She knows how she raised her boy, and if the son isn’t complaining, you shouldn’t!


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