From Mututho to Balala, here are politicians who own media houses

Ever wondered who owns your favorite media house? Well it is not a secret that some stations are owned by some of our favorite politicians.

Here is a list of politicians who own various TV stations and radios stations as well

1. Jakoyo Midiwo
The member of Parliament for Gem Constituency,owns Lake Victoria Fm.
RLV provides community relevant issues such as health and HIV/AIDS, education, environment, agriculture, news, weather etc.

‘Don’t marry him without carrying out a financial audit’ Maina Kageni to women

jakoyo midowo

2. Raila Odinga
Odinga family owns Radio Umoja and Namlolwe fm.
Raila Odinga3. Charity Ngilu 
The only female Kitui governor owns Mbaitu FM. According to them, they are the only FM radio station that mirrors the Kamba community’s hopes and aspirations; creatively showcasing their experiences through the slice of life.
Charity Ngilu
4. Najib Balala started Pili Pili FM and Sheki FM
balala5. Chirau Ali Mwakwere owns Kaya Fm
Chirau Ali Mwakwere (1)6. John Michael Njenga Mututho owns Country Side Fm
mututho7. Kalonzo Musyoka owns Athiani FM
KALONZO8. Moses Kuria owns Fanaka TV
Michezo afrika

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‘Moses Kuria’s resignation would have embarrassed the President’ Sources indicate

The political scene was yesterday set on fire after word went round that Moses Kuria,Gatundu South Member of Parliament had resigned.

Contrary to what many might want to believe ,he had actually set his mind on resigning ,even jotted a letter before Uhuru Kenyatta’s  top aide stopped him .

This was before he could deliver a resignation letter to National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi.

Yesterday the Star learnt that former Jubilee vice-chairman David Murathe and Deputy Chief of Staff Njee Muturi intervened.

Private: BREAKING!!! Moses Kuria resigns as Gatundu South MP

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria addressing the press at Parliament Buildingsyesterday. /JACK OWUOR

Kuria was with Murathe on Tuesday night until 3am to discuss resignation and Murathe reportedly talked him out of it. The MP had made the comments on New Year’s Eve and they went viral.

The sources said that Kuria’s resignation would embarrass the President who had himself been Gatundu South MP and the President cannot appear to be forcing out an MP from his backyard.

On Wednesday, talk of resignation was rife as leaders from Mt Kenya region called press conferences to denounce Kuria and reaffirm their support for President Kenyatta.

‘He was an altar boy’ Here are things you dint know about Moses Kuria

Gatundu South MP moses kuria
Gatundu South MP moses kuria

Yesterday morning Kuria informed Muturi that he was going to deliver a letter to his office. He did not specify the contents and instead read a statement making no mention of resignation.

He then delivered the press statement to the Speaker.

Asked whether he was to deliver a resignation letter, Kuria neither confirmed nor denied it.

The Star

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‘He was an altar boy’ Here are things you dint know about Moses Kuria

Moses Kuria  has set the political scene on fire after tendering his resignation as the Member of Parliament for Gatundu South.

The outspoken politician has been the talk of two the past few days and its not surprise given that he does not mince his words when it comes to politics.

Well here are things you did not know about Moses.

BREAKING!!! Moses Kuria resigns as Gatundu South MP


1.He was born in 1971 ,meaning he is celebrating his 48th birthday.

2.He served as an alter boy at Gatundu Catholic church before indiscipline started creeping in once he joined high school.

3.He is a graduate of University of Nairobi where he studied for a Bachelor of Commerce although his first love was to study law.

African Celebrities linked to occult and witchcraft to boost their careers

4.He worked as a bank manager in Saudi Arabia working with Rajhi Bank,the decision came after he went  abroad to search for greener pastures.

He has also worked with Standard Chartered .

5.He was SONU treasurer, a position that may have helped mold his political career.

6.He is married to Joyce Njambi and together they have two kids.

7. He was a member of the Budget & Appropriations Committee in the National Assembly .

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Exposed: Here is why we think Jacque Maribe might be preparing to join Murang’a politics

TV journalist Jacque Maribe appears to be positioning herself to dive into politics, if the latest developments are anything to go by.

The Citizen TV news anchor, who’s currently facing murder charges, threw a birthday party on Tuesday.

The intimate party was held at a restaurant in Kilimani where she invited women from her home county of Murang’a.

Journalist Jacque Maribe with a host of women from Murang’a county during her birthday party at a Kilimani restaurant on Tuesday, December 18, 2018. /COURTESY

Reports from her close associates indicated that the TV siren may be eying the Murang’a Woman Rep seat come 2022.

Itumbi Umeona Hii? Photos of Jacque Maribe and Jowie cuddly during a Court appearance

Reached for comment, Maribe said:

“It is something I would be interested in when the time is right.”

The women who attended the party are said to have assured her of their support if she decides to go for it.

Maribe’s interest into politics, at a time she is going through one of her most difficult moments in her life, doesn’t come as a surprise.

The TV girl has quite a good number of high ranking politicians as close friends who might have influenced her interest in politics.

Jacque Maribe and Moses Kuria
Jacque Maribe and Moses Kuria

‘My friends wife cheated and the baby came looking exactly like the neighbor’ ( Audio)

They include President Uhuru Kenyatta, DP William Ruto, Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria and Jubilee vice chairman David Murathe among others.

Maribe and her fiance Joseph Irungu, alias Jowie, are facing murder charges in relation to the brutal murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani on the night of September 3.

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‘Go pick it from my grandmothers toilet’ Moses Kuria to former media consultant accusing him of snatching his phone

Gatundu South MP Moses is on the spotlight again after being accused of confiscating a Tecno Camon CX 32GB phone worth Ksh 46,000.

Dan Muhuni, an old friend and former media consultant of the mheshimiwa, claimed that Mheshimiwa snatched his phone and refused to return it.

“Kuria snatched my phone from my hands at DCI headquarters and I thought it was a joke. But he refused to return it and even threatened me.”

moses kuria

‘I sold women’s body parts with b**bs ranging from Ksh80k to 25k’

Muhuni reported the matter at Muthaiga Police Station (OBB/4/8/017), but the last time he called Kuria, he told him to go to his grandmother’s toilet to get the phone.

When reached for comment, the outspoken legislator rubbished the claims, describing them as childish.

“My friend, I am too senior for those stories kama ya Muhuni. Akwende huko!” said Kuria before disconnecting the phone.

The unrelenting Muhuni has vowed to fight to get his phone back even it means forwarding the matter to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation.


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Never before seen pictures of Moses Kuria’s wife and children

Gatundu South Member of Parliament (MP) Moses Kuria is not only a politician but also a family man.

He is a proud husband and father. I must say he has a beautiful wife and two handsome boys that he loves.

He posted his family on social media for the first time, he was letting his fans and constituents know that he is taking a much needed break. Together with his family, he will be holidaying in Dubai.

On his post he also made fun of the recent situation happening with Miguna as he said,

“I can positively confirm we have all nationalities on this flight including a very bald headed Canadian. Rehla Sayeedah General.”

Well here are the photos he shared of his family.




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Top viral TV moment of 2017: Where were you when Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria cursed?



Controversial Gatundu Mp Moses Kuria has been on the mouths of many this year and it all has to do with moments when he reacts to national topics.

He is not known to hold back his thoughs and most times, his comments have landed him in trouble with the NCIC, after Kenyans demanded they take action against hate speech.

Well, several months ago, Moses Kuria in April cursed on TV, after a journalist asked him a question when the Gatumdu party primaries went wrong. Chaos broke out and the controversial MP cursed on TV. Many of us played back the youtube link, tryign to catch what he really said.

While some KOT were amused, others did not take it kindly saying it reflected badly on a national leader.

Moses Kuria curses on TV, blames opposition for Gatundu primaries chaos


This was after an NTV journalist asked Kuria what was his take on the issues that characterised the polls staged to elect a Jubilee candidate for August 8.

“Every wrong done here in Gatundu is by Moses Kuria. F*** you,” he said before walking away from the journalist.

Later, Kuria addressed the media dismissing the allegations as a smear campaign against him by his opponents in the race.

“That is a smear campaign. I am now suspecting the hands of the opposition.”

Kuria asked the media to keep off Gatundu saying there are many places where they can cover the Jubilee nominations.

“Why only Gatundu? Keep off. Within an hour everybody will be voting here,” Kuria said.

Watch that moment here courtesy NTV;



5 Reported Hate Speech Incidences And Why It Shouldn’t Divide Kenyans During Elections

We all are victims of hate speech but when it comes to political hate speech, well its a very big deal especially as the elections are around the corner.

Hate speech causes violence and we definitely want peace this year because the 2007/8 post election violence nailed so many Kenyans to the cross and it was no joke.

So in the past we have seen several politicians mentioned in hate speech scandals. Let’s take a look at who they were and what they said that made them be accused of making hate speech statements.

The Pangani 8

They brought tensions when a member of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee political party appeared to call for the assassination of opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Well they were arrested and locked in Pangani police station for quite some time, these broke the record because most Kenyans finally had hope that the law applied to everyone no matter your financial status and title.

The arrested included Moses Kuria, Kimani Ngunjiri, Ferdinand Waititu, Timothy Bosire, Aisha Jumwa, Junet Mohammed, Florence Mutua, and Senator Johnson Muthama.

Raila Odinga

He is currently facing an alleged hate speech scandal and is under investigation. Jubilee politicians claim Raila’s remarks over claims that he asked a community in Kajiado to shun others that have settled in the area as well as allegedly asked the Maasai to stop selling land to outsiders is inciting violence.

Well since the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) is reviewing recordings of the remarks, by the time they are done, we shall understand whether his words were indeed hate speech or not.

Ferdinand Waititu 

He has severally been mentioned in hate speech cases. In 2012, Waititu was allegedly reacting to the killing of a street child, allegedly by a Maasai security guard, for stealing a chicken in Nairobi’s Kayole suburb. The director of public prosecutions Keriako Tobiko then ordered for his arrest, for alleged incitement and hate speech against ethnic Maasai. Well the case was finally dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Waititu and Kuria also made headlines over hate speech

The two MPs were facing charges for alleged incitement remarks made at Kasarani during Njogu wa Njoroge’s thanksgiving service where they were sad to have spoken in their native Gikuyu. The Magistrate ruled that the English and Kiswahili translations provided as part of the evidence in the case were incorrect. And again due to lack of evidence the case was dropped. Kuria has also had his own share of enough hate speech cases that have been acquitted.

William Kabogo

Kabogo was alleged to have made hate speech remarks against NASA leader Raila Odinga over circumcision. Kabogo was also alleged to have said, “We should not waste time with boys or what do you say? I have often told you that the thing is not good because it is not something that you can detach. It retards a person’s backward mentality. Are you with me?” The case was again dropped due to lack of proof.

According to the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) they have expressed their disappointment at the lack of convictions in hate speech cases. They also say evidence is usually tampered with from time to time and witnesses who want to confess are scared as its usually a confession against high profile individuals.

Well most Kenyans still use social media to spread hate speech but again is it because we don’t know what hate speech is. Here is a brief definition; is speech which attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or gender.

Why should we not allow the hate speech of our leaders divide us during elections or campaigns;

  • Because they’ll never know you died because of the remarks they made.
  • Because it will take Kenya a long time before there’s justice for hate speech.
  • Because they’ll still seat down and be good friends after they abuse each other
  • Because their aim is to win your vote whatsoever it takes.

So lets not hate speech divide us as we are close to the August 8th elections.Be of sound mind and practise peace and stop fighting along ethnic lines on social media.

Work Or Play? Former Miss Kenya Charity Mwangi Reveals The TRUTH About The Allegations on DATING Moses Kuria And What They Are Really Up To

Former beauty queen and Miss Kenya 2015 Charity Mwangi was rumored to be dating Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria.

The allegations started around 2 years ago after the stunning model was seen severally with the controversial MP, rumours she dismissed claiming that it was purely business and that their friendship was only professional.

Their romance rumours were again fuelled after Charity visited President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, alongside Moses Kuria, raising eyebrows as to whether it was just business as usual or if there was something more.


The stunning lady has however had enough of the allegations and talk, and during an interview with Pulse magazine, Charity Mwangi laid it all on the table, vehemently denying she was seeing the MP at the same time admitting that they have indeed met up and still talk.

“After I won the Miss World Kenya title, Moses Kuria who is my MP was contacted by Miss World Kenya pageant holder Terry Mungai. The point was to have a courtesy call at State House. We were a team, besides Terry, I was even accompanied by my predecessor, Iddah Nguma and Moses Kuria came over with the First Lady” Charity explained.


The beauty girl went on to expound; “After the President hosted us, I shared with my MP my vision and he pledged to assist. What is wrong with your MP assisting in my charity projects just like he does others?”

Charity then revealed that Moses Kuria has been there for her and that they are doing business together: “Whatever we are doing is purely professional, it’s cheap for anyone to think that we are dating. One thing I would like to stress is that people should this mentality that beauty queens are just objects with no brains.”

My MP opened doors for me just like he has for many other Gatundu residents out there. I can only thank God for connecting me with him as I honestly don’t think I would have made it this far without him,” Charity told Pulse.


As it happens, the model is the Managing Director of Fanaka TV, which is associated to the politician. Moses Kuria revealed that Charity wanted assistance to start a TV show, and after listening to her, he decided to assist her so that he could provide job opportunities for talented people out there.

“What we are doing is offering something different, I’ve always wanted to do something like this. We already have celebrities participating as hosts of different programs. We went on air last month and the response is overwhelming, added Charity.”


Other than the TV business, the elegant beauty queen is still the founder of Gundua Foundation, which assists with early cancer detection initiatives, and revealed that she’s too busy to start thinking of dating at the moment.

She, however, made it clear that she is not dating Moses Kuria and that people should stop purporting such; “I don’t think I want to waste my time answering back on this matter. My relationship with my MP is as plain as I have put it… and that’s the end!”




Moses Kuria Storms Out Of Live TV Interview (Video)

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria is the talk of town after storming out of a live television interview on Citizen TV Tuesday evening.

Moses Kuria was being interviewed regarding the hate speech video that showed him inciting youth to use machetes given to them to slash anyone opposed to the National Youth Service (NYS) agenda.

When he was questioned further Moses defended the video saying, “you are not going to do what you do to Kenyans every day, you go out there, you prejudice them. You got some selectively edited footage, you played the footage out here you already prejudiced the case.”

The Mp demanded that Citizen TV anchor Hussein Mohammed play the video of him inciting the Gatundu residents and when it was about to play Moses Kuria stormed out.

Check out the video below courtesy Citizen TV

Moses Kuria to appear in court over hate speech

Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria will appear before court Thursday to answer for hate speech charges on comments he made on social media. Kuria in his facebook posts associated a certain community in Kenya to some of the acts of terror rocked the country last year.

Moses Kuria who is out on a Sh5 million bail had been sued by Law Society of Kenya and has since offered a public apology although the case has not been withdrawn. Kenyans have felt that Kuria’s apology wasn’t sincere after he posted another post hours after he apologised that caused outrage on social media quoting what may be considered a controversial verse in the bible.

Kuria will appear before Senior Principal Magistrate Enock Cherono at Milimani Law Court.

“Go hang”, Kuria tells COFEK on the NGOs bill

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria, who is sponsoring a bill to reduce foreign funding for NGOs, has told those opposed to the legislation to “go hang”.

In an exchange with the Consumers’ Federation of Kenya on Twitter on Monday over the proposed legislation, Kuria said nothing will stop the amendment to the Public Benefits Organisations Act.

“The passage of this bill is a fait accompli (accomplished and irreversible). Now look for the nearest tree and go hang. Kindly get the next mzungu cheque before the bill passes,” he said.

Cofek had urged Kuria to focus on development in his Gatundu South constituency instead of hurting the constituents by sponsoring a bill that will limit NGO funding.

“Honourable Moses Kuria, find something to do for the people of Gatundu South. You will hurt them when limiting all NGOs funding to 15 per cent,” Cofek tweeted.

Cofek asked why there is no move by the government to secure such arrangements when receiving money from foreign nations.

Moses Kuria is MP-elect for Gatundu South

Moses Kiarie Kuria is the MP elect for Gatundu South Constituency.

This is after the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, late on Wednesday, issued Kuria with a certificate of election.

IEBC had earlier published a Gazette notice declaring a no contest for the Gatundu South By-election that would have been conducted on Thursday.

Kuria was the only candidate left in the race after his only challenger Joackim Kamere withdrew his candidature

The seat fell vacant after MP Jossy Nyumu died in May.

Moses Kuria to be Gatundu South MP unopposed

Moses Kuria is set to be declared the MP elect for Gatundu South constituency unopposed.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has today resolved to cancel a by-election that had been set for this Thursday as there is no other candidate apart from TNA’s Kuria.

The only other candidate who had declared interest in the seat, New Democrats Party’s Joakim Kiarie Kamere wrote to the IEBC this week withdrawing his candidature.

Kamere’s party further announced that it would not be fielding any other candidate.

The seat fell vacant following the death of former MP Jossy Ngugi  Nyumu in May.