I unknowingly paid 6 months’ rent for a married woman-Man tells Maina

In his latest song, ‘Kanairo’ Sammidoh highlights all the bad vices that go on within the city, especially for newbies coming to the city for the 1st time.

There is always a joke that if you have never been conned then you cannot tell any tale about Kanairo.

During the Morning Conversation on Classic 105, Kenyans narrated to Maina Kageni and his co-host Mwalimu King’angi how they were welcomed to Nairobi.

Baba Zuri narrated how he unknowingly paid rent for a married woman he had met at a club.

“I met a lady in the club, we talked and did what people do. I never realized that she was a married woman, it took me 6 months to find out. All along I was paying rent for a married woman.”

Baba Zuri says the woman had devised ways to con him among them colluding with the husband to pose as the doctor.

“She used to lie that has been hospitalised, yet she had turned her bedroom into her hospital.
Ilikuwa inakaa a real hospital bed. The husband was the doctor and he would even call me and give me the progress of the patient.”

A caller identified as Paul says he was duped of 15K when he went to buy a TV in the CBD.

“I went to buy a TV in Luthuli avenue. About 5 guys were selling the TVs not knowing that there was a conman there. I gave him 15K and he told me to wait while he goes and gets the TV. When I asked the other guys said they did not know him. I waited for that TV in vain.”

*Kama says he was duped when he was sold a phony phone.

“I went to buy a phone in the streets of Nairobi, I window shopped and found a guy who had phones. We sat down at a cafeteria as he showed me the options he had. I chose one and gave it back to him so that he could put it in the box.
He told me to charge for 5 hours, when I got home and tried putting the phone on I realized the phone was made of mud.”

*Njoro says he was conned when he was alongside his aunt.

My aunt and I were out in the CBD when we decided to buy some clothes. I found a good shirt going for 1K and she found a good dress going for 500 bob. When we got home I told my cousins to stop borrowing my shirts.
I then went to my room to try the shirt on only to find out the guys had wrapped banana leaves. They were so bad even our goats couldn’t eat them.”

Have you ever been conned? Share your experience.

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Most kids fail because their mums are busy in chamas and baby showers

Kenyan parents have come out to defend themselves over the failure of their kids in the just concluded KCSE results.

According to Maina Kageni, most kids develop mental issues because they are not used to having ‘no’ for an answer.

Giving their opinions one parent shared;

“These kids have failed because the parents are busy in chamas, wedding baby showers.

My daughter and I have gone through the worst but I still kept an eye on her.

Parents should stop creating excuses and accept they have failed.”

Steve said he failed but life went on.

“When I failed my dad told me he had sold a cow to take another cow to school. If someone failed they did, there is no need for sugar-coating stuff.”

Rose shared;

“Failing in the exam does not mean one is a failure, we have other areas they can focus on.”

Njoro says the kids who failed should consider taking up tertiary courses.

The last lot of disciplined kids is in the 80s.

How can you fail the exam yet you are busy cramming the lyrics of every song that comes out.

During our time we were warned, why to sugarcoat it.

They need tertiary education now.

The parents were not there for their kids, so they should stop sugar coating things, if you failed there is nothing to be done.

82 percent of candidates failed their KCSE exams.

A lot of parents said we should not be so hard on our children. Tuwapeleke pole pole.

Joyce added

“That’s the problem we teachers are facing..ukiambia kababa ukweli kesho anakuja na mzazi kukuharass.”