From Rose Muhando having demons to Jacque Maribe’s arrest, these are the biggest stories of 2018

We take a look at some of the biggest stories in 2018, ranging from murder, celebrity arrests and demon exorcisms among others.

Below is the list

1. Jacque Maribe and Jowie’s arrest

Jacque Maribe was arrested as a person of interest in connection to Monicah Kimani’s murder.

The Director of public prosecution also asked that she and Jowie  be charged with the murder.

She was however released on a Ksh 2 million cash bail,  Jowie  is still in remand at Kamiti Maximum Prison.

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe

Jacque Maribe’s fiancé arrested as person of interest in murder of Kileleshwa woman Monicah Nyawira who was found dead in bathtub

2. Okoth Obado’s arrest

Migori Governor Okoth Obado was  arrested in September 2018, over the murder of Sharon Otieno.

The move came only days after he admitted that he was the father to the unborn child Sharon Otieno was carrying.

He was also slapped with a second murder charge. In the second count, Obado was charged with killing Sharon’s unborn baby, referred to as “Baby Sharon” in the charge sheet.


3. Sharon Otieno’s murder

Ms Otieno was seven months pregnant at the time she was abducted and killed.

Her body was found in a thicket in Oyugis, Kodera forest

The slain university student was buried on Friday, October 19, 2018.

Sharon Otieno
Sharon Otieno

Okoth Obado admits Sharon Otieno’s pregnancy was his. ‘It is normal to have a moment of weakness’ he says

4. Monicah Kimani’s murder

She was found inside a bathtub with her throat slit and hands tied.

Her brother George told police they had to break into the house having failed to get a response after knocking several times.

They were shocked to find the body in the bathroom with a slit neck, Monica lived alone.

The late Monicah Kimani whose lifeless body was recovered in a bathtub
The late Monicah Kimani whose lifeless body was recovered in a bathtub

5. Rose Muhando

Weeks ago a disturbing video of Rose Muhando being exorcised of demons caused panic with many wondering when the rain started beating her.

It is not yet clear what is happening to her but one thing is clear,she needs redemption and quick.

‘We are ten demons, we have said she will not sing again ‘Disturbing video of Rose Muhando being exorcised of demons emerges online ,Watch it below




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‘I panicked and ran back into my bedroom’ Jacque Maribe narrates how Jowie came home soaked in blood

Jacque Maribe and fiancé Joseph Irungu/ Jowie are still in remand over the murder of Monicah Kimani.

We can now reveal part of her confession contained in an affidavit  of what transpired

“I love you and I am sorry”

These were the words Joseph Irungu aka Jowie repeatedly told Jacque Maribe after visiting her home on September 19. In her statement to the DCI, seen by the Star, Maribe said her fiancé came back home on the said day crying and apologized for what she did not know.

Jowie left emotional as his mum appears in court to support him over Monicah Kimani’s murder case (photo)

The two are the prime suspects in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani. The latter was found dead in her apartment on September 21.


Jacque Maribe and Jowie in Court
Jacque Maribe and Jowie in Court

They denied the charge before Justice Jessie Lessit on Monday and are expected in court on Wednesday for further directions on their case.

Maribe said

 “I had gone to bed by the time he returned. He came to my room crying and telling me he was sorry.”

I told him my child was sleeping and that he should stop making noise lest he woke the child from sleep. He kept crying that ‘Jacque I am sorry’, but I ignored him.”

Jacque Maribe with her fiancee Joseph Irungu alias Jowie
Jacque Maribe with her fiancee Joseph Irungu alias Jowie

After some minutes, Maribe stated that Jowie walked to a closet in her house after which she heard a gunshot.

“I jumped out of bed and went to the closet, and found him lying on the floor. Blood was oozing from his upper left chest area,” she said.

She added that Jowie kept on apologizing to her sending her into a panic mode.Addig that

“He was repeatedly saying ‘I love you. I am sorry.’ I panicked and ran back into my bedroom for my phone.”

Maribe said by the time she came back, Jowie was gone.

“I left the house and ran outside towards Brian Kassaine’s house where I found him lying down.”

Brian is Maribe’s neighbour. He was released on a free bond but ordered to report to the DCI every Thursday.

“Brian’s wife Cate also ran outside to where Joseph was lying. He was still bleeding from the chest,” Jacque told the detectives.

On Monday, Jowie, burst into tears after his mother hugged him in court before his murder charge was read out.

Jowie has been in custody for a month. He and his fiance Maribe were charged with killing Monica Kimani.

Another man who had been detained in connection with the killing was released.

Brian Kassaine is now a prosecution witness. He is said to have helped detectives to piece together the events of the night the crime was committed.

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Gruesome and horrifying murders that shook the nation to its core:Photos

Kenyans are still in shock after the body of Monicah Kimani was found dumped in a bathtub with her throat slit and tied up in what seems to be a calculated murder.

In the recent past more and more Kenyans are losing their life in the hands of cruel murderers who are baying for blood without considering the anguish they are causing this families.

Below ares some Kenyans whose murder shook the nation

1.Monicah Kimani

Her gruesome murder has shook even the coldest of hearts after her lifeless body was recovered in her apartments in KIlimani where she lived alone.

The body of the  29 year-old woman was  found in her apartment in Kilimani Estate, with her throat slit and her hands tied.

Exposed! Here are the people who were to be killed alongside slain campus girl Sharon Otieno


Family members called detectives to Luciane Apartments, on Kitale Lane off Denis Pritt Road, after they found the body of Monica Kimani dumped in a bathtub and the water still running.

The alarmed relatives had broken into the apartment after Monica failed to pick phone calls,she was killed  after returning from South Sudan where she was running a family business.

2.Sharon Otieno.

Before her death she was a Second year student at Rongo University before her body was found dumped in Kodera forest after being abducted alongside Nation journalist Barrack Oduor.

Sharon was seven months pregnant before her body was found with 8 stab wounds something which caused her unborn baby to die.

Sharon Otieno
Sharon Otieno

It is also alleged that Sharon might have been raped before being killed in what has been termed as a love triangle gone wrong between her and Migori governor Okoth Obado.

‘There is no peace for the wicked,’ mourns Monicah Kimani’s father curses her killer

3.George Muchai

The former Kabete Member of Parliament George Muchai was killed in what seemed to be a well calculated murder.

According to a newspaper  vendo Mr Ronald Nyangeres Siang’o, he said he was handing over newspapers to Mr Muchai on the fateful morning of February 7, 2015 when a lone gunman stepped out of a white car which had stopped in front of “mheshimiwa’s” and “just started shooting.”

“He first shot at the driver who I had given the newspapers to and had turned to hand them to mheshimiwa who was at the backseat…I heard about eight gunshots.” 

The late George Muchai
The late George Muchai

4.Chris Musando

IEBC ICT manager Chris Musando was found dead in Kikuyu after he had been reported missing by his family ,he went missing on 29th July only for his body to be retrieved days later.

A vehicle belonging to Musando was earlier traced to the TRM parking lot he had earlier on reported of death threats to Central Police Station.

The late Chris Msando
The late Chris Msando

It is alleged he was was killed for being among one of the few people with knowledge on the whereabouts of the servers at IEB in a hotly contested election .

5. Meshack Yebei

He was an ICC witness and was expected to testify in the Hague before he mysteriously went missing.

His tortured body was later found dumped at Tsavo national park after he went missing in December 2015. His family believes that his death was connected to the cases and whoever killed him did not want him to testify.

Image result for meshack yebei

‘I ask mortuary attendants to bring her body to me, observing it satisfies my heart’ Sharon Otieno’s dad confesses how he is coping with grief

6.Mercy Keino

The University of Nairobi  student was found dead in unclear circumstances after being invited to a party where former Kiambu governor was a guest.

Mercy was found by passers-by on the left lane of Waiyaki Way about 100 metres from the St Mark’s Church in Westlands in Nairobi.

The former governor has since been absolved of the murder.

The late Mercy Keino
The late Mercy Keino

7.Careen Chepchumba

The lifeless body of Careen was found in her Kilimani apartment. The former Kenya Power employee died after being strangled by hired thugs. According to Chief Government Pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor, the ever smiling girl bled from the eyes and neck due to pressure exerted by the assailants.

At the time she was dating former media personality Luois Otieno, who was later arrested and charged with the murder.

Careen Chepchumba
Careen Chepchumba

Photos of the woman who won Jowie’s heart before Jacque Maribe came along

8. Carol NJumbu

The lady was killed alongside IEBC, ICT manager Chris Msando whose body was found at City mortuary after his family reported him missing.

While it is clear that Msando’s death was planned it is still not yet clear why Carol had to die. According to an autopsy carried out on her body, Njumbu died of strangulation in lay mans language kunyongwa.


9.Willie Kimani

Willy who was was a lawyer before his mysterious murder was found dead in a river in OL-Donyo Sabuk, Machakos County after days of being missing.

Kimani was killed alongside his taxi driver Joseph Muiruri, whereas a third body found was that of Mr Kimani’s client Josphat Mwenda. The three were suspected to have been abducted by Administration Police (AP) officers on June 23rd, 2016.

10.Edinald Atieno

This lady is probably the least well-known of the ladies on this list because she was not associated with any high-profile personalities. Atieno was stabbed 10 times in the neck and chest by Maxwell Ochieng a former soldier in Kahawa Wendani.

Edinald Nyainda Atieno

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‘My sister’s birthday was last month too but instead we cried rather than celebrate’ Monicah Kimani’s brother pens, blasts Joe Muchiri for celebrating Jowie’s birthday

Monicah Kimani’s brother George Thiiru, is not taking kindly to the fact that Joe Muchiri is celebrating Jowie’s birthday.

Reason is, Jowie has been charged for the murder of his sister. And to top all that up, George was the one who discovered Monicah’s body dumped in the bathtub of her posh apartment in Kilimani.

‘Jacque Maribe and her househelp helped Jowie’s blood off the floor,’ Sources reveal

The late Monicah Kimani whose lifeless body was recovered in a bathtub
The late Monicah Kimani whose lifeless body was recovered in a bathtub

George had in an earlier interview talked about Monicah’s birthday,

“Her birthday was next month and she had arranged with my brother to host a party, because most of her birthdays are done in South Sudan because she works there.”

So she was supposed to do a birthday here with everyone. She has organised to call everyone from the grandma to everyone.”


Fast forward to yesterday, Joe Muchiri visited Jowie at Kamiti Prison and posted about it.

George was angry about this, he wrote:

“This nonsense people call friendship is bullsh*t! my sisters birthday was last month too but instead we cried rather than celebrating. And this f*cker was our friend too, infact we hosted him at my sisters house a few weeks before she was killed. So f*ck friendship.”

Witch doctor reveals to police why Monicah Kimani was brutally killed

One Instagramer replied to George”

Marisa _risa wrote: “My condolences. I feel your pain. But lets be realistic kiasi, no one is sure of who killed your sister. Only God knows, so my dear pardon us but we still stand with our brother Jowie cause we believe he is innocent.”

George responded to her saying:

“[It’s] cool you have a point but truth remains he was among the last person to see my sister alive, and we spoke that same day and he lied and told me he only spoke to my siz on phone. my point was simple friendship nowadays is overrated.”

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-21 at 09.28.47

Joe Monicah Brother



Joe Monicah Brother

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‘It was my first time to hear of such a personality’ South Sudan President Salva Kiir finally speaks on the gruesome murder of Monicah Kimani

It’s been weeks since the late Monicah Kimani was laid to rest after her gruesome murder at her Kilimani apartment, hours after returning from South Sudan .

Her lifeless body was discovered by her brother George Kimani at Luciane Apartments off Denis Pritt road on Thursday, September 20, 2018.

Speaking about the gruesome finding, he told reporters

“I came to check on her since my mother had called and she wasn’t picking. I sent her a text message but she never replied yet we were to meet since she was to travel to Dubai today.

We broke the door and found her lifeless body in the bathtub. Her hands were tied and the water was running,”

TV presenter Jacque Maribe andfiancé Jowie were arrested in connection to the murder, alongside Jacque Maribe’s neigbour Brian Kasainne who has now turned into a state witness.

Check out the last moments of Monicah Kimani alive before Jacque Maribe’s Fiance is suspected to have slit her throat


‘You are wasted mucus’ Akothee to female fan who advised her to ‘punguza pride kidogo’

They are still in remand awaiting their bail hearing.

Speculation was high on who Monicah was dating before her death with word doing round that she had been dating South Sudan’s deputy speaker Awet Okot.

The 70-year-old politician however denied knowing Monicah. In an interview with the Standard he was quoted as saying

“How would you have worked with somebody you don’t know?” Akot asked.

The war-lord turned politician divulged that there are hidden forces keen on using Monica’s death to push a certain agenda, adding that he would be proceeding to court to seek legal redress.

Through his executive manager of his office Deng Aoch, Akot distanced himself from the murder and insisted allegations linking him to the slain beauty are false.

“We are wondering what is the relevance of saying the governor had a relationship with Monica. Are they trying to imply that the general had a hand in the murder?

Image result for Awet Okot photos

Witch doctor reveals to police why Monicah Kimani was brutally killed

The only true thing about whatever is being peddled in the press in Kenya about this whole matter is that the General was a governor in Rumbek” Achoch stated.

His office also termed reports that he owns property worth millions in Nairobi under the supervision of Monica as false.

“The general does not own a single iron sheet in Nairobi. If he owns anything it is in South Sudan and this is well known,” Achoch said.

Well South Sudan President Salva Kiir has finally addressed the issue during an interview with local journalist Jeff Koinange. He expressed how sorry he was about Monicah’s death adding that he hopes the culprits will be charged as outlined in the law.

“I am very sorry for the loss of life of that young lady it was my first time to hear of such a personality in South Sudan. I never knew about her nor had I heard about her presence.

She lost her life in her own country and its not up to me to investigate. The people who were accused of having laundered money with her might be in Juba but the problem is that they might not be South Sudanese.”


About Monicah being involved with a South Sudanese General, Salva says

“That General can be put into question I cannot stop him from being investigated or being questioned.”

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Exposed! Here is why Jacque Maribe’s fiancé Jowie stole ‘mtu wa mjengo’s ID

New details have emerged on where Jacque Maribe’s fiancé Joseph Irungu alias Jowie might have ‘stolen’ an ID to go commit the murder of Monicah Kimani.

When he was arrested on the 25th September 2018, police discovered that he had registered himself as Dominic with the security personnel at the gate of where Monicah Kimani lived in Kilimani.

Here are all the plans slain Kilimani woman Monicah Nyawira had for her birthday before her gruesome murder

The national Identity Card murder suspect Jowie Irungu used to gain access to Monica Kimani’s apartment had been reported missing two days earlier.

The ID card belongs to Dominic Bisela, a casual worker at a construction site within Royal Park apartments where Jowie and his television journalist girlfriend, Jacque Maribe, live in Lang’ata estate, Nairobi.

The ID card went missing on September 17, two days before Monica was found with her throat slit at her Lamuria Gardens pad off Dennis Pritt Road, Nairobi.

Police are still holding Jowie as the prime suspect in the murder and Maribe as an “accessory to the murder” of Monica Kimani.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti told The Nairobian that Bisela’s ID card was reported missing from the sentry box where other identification cards were left by construction workers.

Kinoti explained that Bisela,

“did not find his ID in the evening after completing duty at the construction site. He informed the guard to be on the lookout for the card just in case it had been misplaced from the rest of the IDs.”

Here are reasons why Jowie opted to ‘steal’ the mans identity card

1. The stolen ID would be easy to dispose and it would be hard to track him down.

2. Revenge Motive

In some cases, the motivation for identity theft is more personal than financial. Jilted lovers, former friends, bickering business partners and even family members can use identity theft to shatter the lives of those they feel have wronged them

3. Concealment of Other Crimes

Some identity thieves use their stolen information as a tool to commit even bigger crimes. They may cover their tracks by implicating the true owner of the stolen identity in their crimes.

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Witch doctor reveals to police why Monicah Kimani was brutally killed

The murder of Monicah Kimani has taken a new twist after it emerged that a witch doctor is at the centre of the murder investigation.

Monicah’s body was discovered with her mouth taped shut to stop her from raising the alarm, her hands tied at the back, legs tied too, rendering her helpless. Her throat was slit open. Basically, her neck was nearly severed.

Monica’s body was found in her apartment at Lamuria Gardens off Denis Pritt road in Nairobi on September 20.

Mungu mpe nguvu!Jacque Maribe arrested in connection with Monicah Kimani’s gruesome murder detained at Gigiri police station

The late Monicah Kimani whose lifeless body was recovered in a bathtub
The late Monicah Kimani whose lifeless body was recovered in a bathtub

The homicide detectives on the case have fingered Jacque Maribe and her fiance, Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu for the crime.

Now, a  missing suspect in the murder of Monicah is reported to have travelled to Mombasa to seek “cleansing” by a witch-doctor, police have said.

A team of detectives has been in Mombasa since Sunday checking out known witch doctor venues because they had a tip that the suspect could have gone to a witch doctor or two for “blessings”.

Jacque Maribe and fiancé Jowie meet for the first time in court to face murder charges (Viral Photo)


Sources in the team said they were pursuing good leads on the possible whereabouts of the mystery suspect in Mombasa.

According to the detectives, the suspect was believed to be holding vital evidence taken from Monicah’s house, including some cash, the killer weapon, house and car keys, and clothes.

‘Jacque Maribe and her househelp helped Jowie’s blood off the floor,’ Sources reveal

“Preliminary investigations have established that Irungu was seen in the company of another person near the crime scene,” said the police in an affidavit.

“The identity of the person seen with Irungu has yet to be established but the investigating team is following leads,” they said.

According to a timeline pieced together by the police, Jowie drove Jacque’s car in and out of the crime scene.

Jacque Maribe's fiancee Jowie
Jacque Maribe’s fiancee Jowie

Images of the car captured by surveillance cameras on the roads he used from off Denis Pritt Road to his residence in Lang’ata show the driver was in the company of another man whose identity police are searching for.

Police said the suspect was believed to have been in the company of another suspect, Joseph Irungu, on the day Monica was killed.

TV journalist Jacque Maribe and her fiancé, Irungu, are set to be charged in court on Monday over the murder.

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Here are photo’s of Monicah Kimani’s beautiful house in Kilimani

Its been weeks since the late Monicah Kimani was laid to rest after her gruesome murder at her Kilimani apartment where she lived alone.

Although it is not a secret that she lived in Kilimani,not many know how her apartment looked like,but worry not as we have the photos for you.

Monicah has spoken from the grave by showing us a sneak peak into how her life was before it was snuffed off.

‘We pray that no person undergoes such pain and agony ‘Friends mourn Monicah Kimani as her parents say they have forgiven her killers

The late Monicah Kimani whose lifeless body was recovered in a bathtub
The late Monicah Kimani whose lifeless body was recovered in a bathtub

Jacque Maribe and her fiancee were arrested in connection to the murder and they are still in remand.

Is this the man who Monicah Kimani was dating before meeting Yasir Mohammed ?

In one of her Instagram posts she coyly writes, “happy new month.”

While in another she add, “Atleast the sun is out today”.

And one of her posts showing off her posh apartment, she pens the message:

“Lord knows I needed some sun in this house it’s been freezing.”

Check out the most talked about house in the ongoing murder case, as documented by Monicah herself.






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‘Stop pretending you care’Fans trol Avril after she posted this photo of Jacque Maribe’s son

Secular artiste Avril faced the wrath of angry Kenyans first first hand after being trolled for posting a photo of Jacque Maribe’s son.

Jacque Maribe is currently in remand at Langata Womens prison after being charged with the murder of Monicah Kimani alongside her fiancee Joseph Irungu alias Jowie.

Well Avril was majorly trolled for one reason,she hides her sons face from the public,the public felt it was disrespectful of her to post Maribe’s son and yet hide her own son’s face and identity.

Jacque Maribe’s neighbor implicates her in the murder of Monicah Kimani: Evidence attached

Jacque Maribe's son
Jacque Maribe’s son

emmy_brandy: This one is quick to post another woman’s child na wake ako busy protecting from Social media, pull this pic down woman with all due respect

lydiakosh: Why would you post someone’s child on social media like that, Just pretending like you care. Even Jackie’s close friends didn’t post her son, it’s very wrong

lydiakosh: Women are supposed to protect children no matter what whether it’s your child or not, this is wrong and does not depict a picture of someone who knows what motherhood is all about

‘I almost lost my son but the devil has been defeated,’ Nigerian actress Tontoh Dikeh reveals

_faithamor: @theavieway as a mother, I would hate it if my childs pic was circulated at a moment like this, it almost seems like using a child to gain sympathy from people. It is in appropriate and you being a mother one would think you would understand better, please pull it down. No child deserves this kind of publicity!

peggyshamyl: This woman is wicked,u are publicizing someone else’s child and urs you hide from the media,shame on you!women should support each other not troll .
otienowinnielucy: @theavieway kwa nini wako hutaki aonekane social media but wa mwenzio ndio huyo wewe mbiombio ama Maribe aliwasiliana nawe ukamposti mnawa huko ala… Ukiona mwenzako kanyolewa tia lako maji,,,, Dunia ni mviringo hata huyo wako kuna mtu atamposti tu

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Royal Media finally addresses Jacque Maribe’s issue weeks after she was charged with murder,Read their statement below

Royal Media service has finally cleared the air surrounding their employee Jacque Maribe who is in remand after being charged for the murder.

During her bail hearing case Prosecution counsel Catherine Mwaniki told Justice James Wakiaga that it will be unfair if Maribe continues to appear on TV screens, especially when witnesses have to testify against her.

She urged the court to consider her profession when ruling on whether to grant her bail.

“I urge you to consider that the second accused person is a news anchor and if released on bail, the court should give alternative conditions to ensure she does not intimidate the witnesses.”

Ever since she was arrested Citizen TV has not addressed the issue, but they have finally broken their silence.

‘You’re trying too hard..’ Fans bash Dennis Itumbi after penning this sweet message ahead of Jacque Maribe’s bail hearing

Read the statement below;

Royal Media Services, the employer of Jacque Maribe, has urged the court to release her on bail.In a Press statement on Thursday morning, Group Managing Director Wachira Waruru expressed confidence that the Citizen TV journalist would adhere to bail conditions if released.

After Moses Kuria, this is the politician who appeared in court to support Jacque Maribe during her bail hearing (Photos)

In part the statement says

“Having engaged her for the last six years and assessing her performance, we hereby vouch for her character and recommend for her admission to bail,”

It comes a day after Maribe and her co-accused Joseph Irungu alias Jowie pleaded not guilty after their charges were read afresh to include other suspects not present before the court.
According to Mr. Waruru, Maribe has a clean record of employment,He cited her work experience as a reporter and her recent promotion to the position of Friday Prime Time news anchor on Citizen TV.
On Wednesday, Maribe’s lawyers sought bail despite objection from the State Prosecutor.
The Prosecution claimed that her presence on the screen would intimidate witnesses lined up to testify against her in the Monica Kimani murder case.


Jacque Maribe in the docks at the Kiambu Law Court
Jacque Maribe in the docks at the Kiambu Law Court

Jowie all smiles as he appears in court for his bail hearing in connection to the murder of Monicah Kimani(Photos)

Ms. Catherine Mwaniki in part said that

“We are not saying that the accused should be sacked or leave employment. We are talking about her role in the media vis-a-vis the likelihood of intimidation,”

The judge seemingly tickled by Mwaniki’s sentiments wondered how Maribe would influence witnesses against testifying by reading news.

Justice James Wakiaga asked the Prosecutor to explain further saying that he is not aware of how the accused’s profession is linked to the objection to her bail application.

“Just elaborate so that I understand. I don’t know what she does because like I told you last time, I don’t clearly watch news. But I have been told she reads news and interviews people,”

The Prosecution however maintained that Maribe is viewed as a “high person in society” and may intimidate witnesses.”

The ruling on the bail application is to be delivered on Tuesday, October 30.
Royal Media Services has in it’s statement confirmed that Maribe is still an employee of the firm but has taken leave to attend to personal matters.

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Access denied!Meet the Ebru TV presenter who was barred from seeing and accessing Jacque Maribe in court yesterday

Dana de Grazia a reporter with Ebru TV was left licking her wounds after being barred from seeing Jacque Maribe at Milimani Law courts where her case was .

She  was barred and blocked from not just accessing but seeing Jacque Maribe at the Milimani Law Courts. The Citizen TV anchor was under tight security at the court.


WhatsApp Image 2018-10-24 at 17.54.41

Meet the young and voluptuous lawyer who commanded the court ‘s attention during Jacque Maribe’s bail hearing case(Photos

Grazia took to social media to complain about how Jacque was being handled by the security. She was locked out of the court after she tried to get to Maribe.

“Woke up at 530 to try and support a fellow media person @jacquemaribe but she had so much support and security was too tight by the time I saw see the courtroom door I was surrounded and locked out. But endless support to her and I hope for her immediate release,” wrote Dana de Grazia on Instagram.



Grazia is one of the fastest-rising media darlings in Kenya, with her show on Ebru TV attracting some of the biggest names in the Kenyan showbiz landscape.

It  is not yet clear why she was barred given that Maribe’s other friends including Shix Kapienga,Johnson Sakaja ,Dennis Itumbi were present in the court room .

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Exposed! Here is the Recce squad officer arrested over Monicah Kimani’s murder

A recce squad officer has been arrested over the murder of business lady Monica Kimani whose lifeless body was found in her apartment.

Jennings Odhiambo was arrested by homicide detectives on Thursday evening and detained at the Muthaiga Police Station for questioning.

The suspect was arraigned at the Kiambu Law courts and police given 14 days to detain him as investigations continue.

Detectives have also searched his house at Recce Headquarters in Ruiru.

Other suspects in custody of the murder are Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe and her fiance Joseph Irungu alias ‘Jowie’.

The two pleaded not guilty to the charge and their bail hearing set for Wednesday October 24, 2018.

Heartbreaking words from Sharon Otieno before her murder

Jacque Maribe,Jowie,Brian Kassaine
Jacque Maribe,Jowie,Brian Kassaine
Elsewhere Police in Migori are probing two suspected suicide cases in Kehancha on Wednesday.

‘All the flights details have been taken’ Did did someone try to cover up Monicah’s movement to allow room for her murder?

The late Monica Kimani was briefly detained at the airport upon arrival from Juba because she was in possession of undeclared cash.

She was, however, let go after a high flying individual called senior KAA officials to secure her release according to The Star.

The incident has been handled with the strictest confidentiality, with no official records showing Monica was at the airport on the material day.

Undercover police officers at JKIA, who requested anonymity, told the Star how Monica was briefly detained by customs and immigration officers but the incident didn’t bear much significance until later when they identified her as the same woman who was brutally murdered.

Jacque Maribe’s neighbor implicates her in the murder of Monicah Kimani: Evidence attached


The police officers have curiously been following the news of the murder and subsequent investigation in the media.

But Kenya Airport Authority Communication Manager Angela Tilitei distanced the institution from the incident.

She told the Star that

“KAA does not have the mandate to detain any passengers. It is either immigration, port health or Kenya Airports Police Unit,”

Monica Kimani who was found dead in her Kilimani apartment on September 21. /COURTESY

Monica Kimani who was found dead in her Kilimani apartment on September 21. /COURTESY

Immigration Principal Secretary Gordon Kihalangwa also said the matter never came to his attention adding that his officers only deal with passport matters.

Talking to the Star he says

“One thing I am sure of is that Monica never had a diplomatic passport as had been claimed. She bore the ordinary one.

Secondly, with regard to whether she was detained for failing to declare the money she had, am not aware because that is the docket of the customs department,”

He however noted that if one is detained for more than an hour at the airport, an official report is supposed to be recorded.

There is no official record of her detention despite sources telling the Star that she was indeed held for about four hours at the airport.

It is claimed that a red flag was raised after it emerged that she was carrying more money, in foreign currency, than she had declared.

Exposed! Here is why Jacque Maribe’s fiancé Jowie stole ‘mtu wa mjengo’s ID to murder Monicah Kimani

Investigators have told the court, where they have arraigned two suspects, that they are still investigating the possibility of money having been stolen from Monica in her killing.

Monicah Kimani who was murdered in Kilimani
Monicah Kimani who was murdered in Kilimani

“The investigations are ongoing to establish any money that could have been taken from the deceased’s house. The deceased was to travel out of the country,” an affidavit by investigating officer Maxwell Otieno reads.

He said they are tracing the money movement, persons involved, and how and who is currently in possession of the money.

The prosecution hinted that its investigations will go beyond Kenyan territory but did not elaborate.

Monica lived flamboyantly going by her social media accounts where she more than once this year posted photos of big amounts of money.

Efforts to reach her family to confirm whether Monica was transporting any money or if they had received the money she allegedly had proved futile.

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Monica’s body was found inside a bathtub on September 21 by her brother who told police they had to break into the house after knocking several times. She was scheduled to fly to Dubai the same evening.

Both her feet and hands tied behind her back, an indication that she was tortured, according to the police.

Her throat had been slit, ear to ear and her mouth was taped shut, which police say are hallmarks of a professional killer.

According to the relatives, Monica had just returned to the country on September 19 from South Sudan where she worked.

Speaking about the flights a KAA officer said that

“There are several airlines that fly the Nairobi –Juba route. These are Juba Airways, African Express Airways, Kenya Airways and United Nations Planes,” Details of the September 19 flights are however being guarded tightly,If you ask any KAA staff about Monica Kimani’s flight details, definitely you will hit a dead end. All the flights details have been taken,” said the officer.

The officer added that investigators should look at the CCTV footage to see how the KAA, immigration and customs officers detained Monica briefly without the knowledge of the police.

He said if Monica had legally declared the cash she was carrying, she could have been issued with a receipt from the immigration.

“There are no such records here. Information on Monica is scanty,The KAA officers are the ones mandated to screen baggage. In case of somebody carrying large amounts of cash, he or she is supposed to declare it with the customs department which issues a receipt. Immigration simply checks on the passports and visa,”

Monicah Kimani's burial
Monicah Kimani’s burial

When screening baggage and they notice banned substances or illegal goods, KAA officers are supposed to alert airport police.

The officer said that in the case of Monica, JKIA security has discovered that she had cash but the KAA officer who screened her did not inform the police.

“The fellow informed the customs guys and the immigration fellows. There may have been collusion and Monica may have parted with some cash. She is also said to have called somebody who ordered the KAA officer to let her go,” the officer told the Star.

Talk is rife at JKIA about Monica carrying lots of cash in a bag but there are no answers to the unending questions about how she passed without a trace.

“We have a machine to screen people and another for goods. Those machines are accurate. The money must have been seen. CCTV cameras should be reviewed and the KAA officer who allowed her to pass arrested and prosecuted,” said one police officer.

On Monday, Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu and Citizen TV reporter Jacque Maribe were charged with the murder.

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Friends for life! Here is the man who has been visiting Maribe EVERYDAY while in remand

Jacque Maribe has been in remand for almost three weeks after being arrested in connection to the gruesome murder of Monicah Kimani at her posh apartment in Kilimani.

She has been remanded at Langata Womens Prison, and many are wondering who has been visiting her.

One special visitor is Francis Gachuri.

Rafiki wa dhati! Kambua in court to support Jacque Maribe (photo)

Kirigo Ngarua in an earlier photo with Jacque Maribe ,Terry Anne Chebet and a friend
Kirigo Ngarua in an earlier photo with Jacque Maribe ,Terry Anne Chebet and a friend

Gachuri, a senior political affairs reporter, was recently promoted to the position of political editor as Maribe’s boss at Citizen TV.

According to close sources, Francis has been visiting Maribe at the police cells everyday and has attended all her court hearings.

But regardless of whichever reason he is visiting her among the few who have stood by her while others opted to shy away from the drama surrounding her case.

‘Before you judge make sure you know the truth’ Citizen TV director Monicah Kiragu defends Jacque Maribe

Jacque has been charged alongside her fiancé Jospeh Irungu alias Jowie who is the main suspect in the murder.

Maribe on the other hand was charged for majorly being an alibi and trying to cover up for her man.

Francis Gachuri and Jacque Maribe

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Rafiki wa dhati! Kambua in court to support Jacque Maribe (photo)

Jacque Maribe appeared before judge Jessie Lesiit to plead not guilty in connection to murder charges over the death of Monicah Kimani alongside her fiancé Jowie.

Her friends amongst them Shix Kapienga, Terry Anne Chebet, Monicah Kiragu and Kirigo Ngarua were in court to support her.

Most of them have opted to show their solidarity online with catchy emotional posts but not much is known on whether they visit Jacque or not.

Kirigo Ngarua in an earlier photo with Jacque Maribe ,Terry Anne Chebet and a friend
Kirigo Ngarua in an earlier photo with Jacque Maribe, Terry Anne Chebet and a friend

‘Before you judge make sure you know the truth’ Citizen TV director Monicah Kiragu defends Jacque Maribe

Well one person whom you would not expect to see in court supporting Jacque Maribe is gospel artiste and Citizen TV host Kambua Manundu.

She was pictured keenly following the court proceedings and that is where we say ‘akufaae kwa dhiki ndie rafiki’.

Below is the photo


Well, we have received reports that Terryanne Chebet, Shix Kapyenga, Monica Kiragu and Kirigo Ngarua were spotted outside the court embracing and chatting with her.

Kambua is among public figures who have shown their support for Maribe in public, and others include Dennis Itumbi.

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‘Before you judge make sure you know the truth’ Citizen TV director Monicah Kiragu defends Jacque Maribe

One of Jacque Maribe’s closest pals Monicah Kiragu, has come out to defend the media girl as she faces murder charges.

The News Director at Citizen TV has been quiet even as all this drama unfolds, but  has decided to open up, writing;



Kirigo Ngarua in an earlier photo with Jacque Maribe ,Terry Anne Chebet and a friend
Kirigo Ngarua in an earlier photo with Jacque Maribe, Terry Anne Chebet and Monicah Kiragu

Jowie left emotional as his mum appears in court to support him over Monicah Kimani’s murder case (photo)

Maribe andfiancé were arrested as persons of interest in the murder, before the DPP ordered that they be charged with murder.

Confused? Well here is a breakdown of what transpired

1. 20th September 2018, Monicah arrives from South Sudan where she was running a family business.

2. On 21st her body is found with a slit throat and hands tied and her body dumped in a bathtub with running water

3. On 25th September Jowie was arrested in connection with the murder after being identified by neigbhors as the last person to have been seen at her apartment before she was found murdered.

4. Jacque Maribe is questioned for the first time over the murder

Jacque Maribe’s neighbor implicates her in the murder of Monicah Kimani: Evidence attached

Jacque Maribe and her fiancee Jowie at Milimani Law courts
Jacque Maribe and her fiancee Jowie at Milimani Law courts

5. 28th Maribe is questioned a second time after police discovered that her car had been used by her fiance Jowie to visit Monicah’s apartment before being found dead.

6. 29th Maribe is arrested

7. 1st October, Maribe is arraigned in a Kiambu court, where the judge ordered she be remanded at Langata women’s prison.

8. 10th October, Jacque and her fiance appear in court before judge Lessit. The judge orders that Maribe undergoes a mental assessment.

9. 15th October Maribe and her fiancé take a plea on murder charges filed against them.


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Jowie left emotional as his mum appears in court to support him over Monicah Kimani’s murder case (photo)

Jacque Maribe and her fiancé Joseph Irungu alias Jowie pleaded not guilty before a Milimani court in connection to the murder of Monicah Kimani, whose lifeless body was found in a bathtub.

The two denied the charge before Justice Jessie Lessit on Monday.

The duo said they were aware of the charges leveled against them and were innocent.

The plea taking followed a psychiatric evaluation which found Maribe and Jowie fit to stand trial.



Jacque Maribe’s neighbor implicates her in the murder of Monicah Kimani: Evidence attached

Maribe and Jowie are accused of murdering Monica at an apartment along Dennis Pritt Road.

The slain businesswoman’s body was found deposited in a bathtub, throat slashed and hands tied to the back.

Jowie was arrested on September 25, being four days after the woman’s body was found.

Maribe and her fiance will remain in custody until Wednesday when the case will be mentioned.

They had applied for bail but Lessit said the application will be heard by a different court.

The defence lawyers argued that the two have been in police custody for 15 days, hence, it would be improper to detain them further.

Katwa Kigen, appearing for Maribe, had asked the court to compel the prosecution to serve them with investigation file exhibits and statements from witnesses.

But the prosecution lawyers, saying they are not opposed to the bid for bail, sought two weeks to conclude their investigations.

For the first time, Jowies mum has appeared in public to support her son  after much criticism that his family members did not show him support.

The two were seen embracing in a tight hug leaving Jowie in tears.

image-2018-10-15 (3)

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Jacque Maribe’s neighbor Brian Kassaine freed after being arrested over Monicah Kimani’s murder

Brian Kassaine, a suspect who was arrested over Monica Kimani murder, has been ordered to report to the DCI every Thursday.

This comes even as Jowie and his fiancee Jacque Maribe continue to be

Principal magistrate Justus Kituku ordered him to appear before the detectives without delays for further probe into the killing.

The case will be mentioned on December 14 at the Kiambu law court.

Witch doctor reveals to police why Monicah Kimani was brutally killed

Brian Kassaine in court
Brian Kassaine in court

Kassaine is TV Journalist Jacque Maribe’s neighbour. The latter and her fiance Joseph Irungu are the prime suspects in the case.

The businessman, 35, was also directed to deposit his passport within the next 48 hours.

“…failure to comply with the orders, the police will be at liberty to seek warrant of arrest on the same,” the magistrate said.

On his arrest, Kassaine told the police that Irungu, popularly known as Jowie, shot himself in a botched suicide attempt.

Brian Kassaine during his arrest
Brian Kassaine during his arrest

He said that Irungu had on September 11 borrowed his Ceska pistol for “training”, but the gun had no bullets.

Kassaine said he was at his Royal Park estate house in Langata on September 21 when he was woken up at around midnight by someone knocking his gate.

Jacque Maribe and her fiancee Jowie are still in remand awaiting their appearance in court on Monday .

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