Whoa! This Cashier’s Signature Is On EVERY Bank Note

The Bank of England’s chief cashier has revealed she doesn’t use contactless cards because she doesn’t completely trust the technology.

Victoria Cleland, whose signature is on every Bank of England note, said she prefers to use cash for small transactions.

The 47-year-old also says predictions of the death of cash are premature, insisting that ‘cash is definitely here to stay.’

‘Bahati Anazalisha Na Wewe Ni Ujinga Na Kutafta Mchumba,’ Fans Roast Willy Paul After “Secular Song” Drops

‘I personally don’t really use contactless,’ she told the Guardian.

‘To be blunt, it wasn’t on my card for a long time and so I’ve just got into the habit of preferring not to.

‘And I do hear stories of friends – this is a personal anecdote, this isn’t the official Bank view – whose money has been taken off contactless when you walk past something.

‘And it’s only up to £30. So I use cash for lower transactions anyway and for big ones contactless wouldn’t work.’

Ms Cleland said cash was used for 44 per cent of all transactions in 2016, the last year for which there is data available.

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5 habits that Kenyan girls have picked up thanks to the sponsor culture

Sponsors seem to be the hottest thing in town, every one seems to want a piece of them. Gone are the days where having an old man for a boyfriend was frowned upon, young ladies are embracing this culture with wide open arms and are not ashamed of showing it to the world.

The sponsor culture has made  young ladies find a shortcut to success and don’t have to work hard to live a lavish lifestyle that includes wearing designer clothes,visiting exotic locations for holidays and driving expensive cars.

The other reason why demand for sponsors is high is because most of them have spent their lives working and investing their money and the wealth has multiplied through the years. The older men are looking for ways to enjoy it, and so what better way to spend it than on young ,sexy ladies? After all money talks.

On the other side the  sponsor culture has had a few negative impacts such as;

Get rich mentality

Laziness is one of the things that has contributed to the sponsor culture, they feel they cannot achieve on their own and need a helping hand  in the form of an older man.


We all know that nothing comes for free and the ‘sponsors’ expect something in return usually sexual favors that is said to encourage prostitution.

Fake Lavish Lifestyles.

They wear designer clothes, drive expensive cars and visit the most exotic holiday destinations while shopping in the best malls in the world.

Heavy spenders

This young girls hang out in groups in fancy places like spa’s and other establishments.They don’t care how much they spend on drinks and food neither do they think of investing or putting the money to great use.

Busy schedules

These type of ladies are always on the move doing nothing in particular, what’s worse is that they always have an excuse why they are late to meet up with you, to show how important they have become.















Living In The Fast Lane! Diamond Platnumz Shows Off Sexy New Ride (PHOTO)

Diamond Platnumz is a man on a mission -and his mission seems to be to let the rest of us in on the secret. What secret pray tell?! Well that his life is just awesome and he lacks for nothing!

Diamond, one of East Africa’s biggest and most successful stars is out here looking like a million bucks after he launched a BMW i8 similar to the one Kev Mullei of Mo Sound drives. The car is estimated to cost around a hefty 13M Kenya shillings. Hizo pesa zili toka wapi???!!!!

BMW i8

His, however, is blue -to match his shoes –  and he seems not to have been scathed at all by the recent drug busts in Tanzania that targeted top artists whom the government wanted to snitch on their dealers. The reason why I bring this up is because his own brother was among those arrested.

He even went ahead to spend millions in celebration of his new-born son’s 40th day on earth in an extravagant party.

 Diamond Platnumz’s Wife Oozes Elegance And Class During Their Son’s 40 Day Celebration (Photos)

Check out the big bad sexy machine he has launched:

diamond platnumz i8

EXCLUSIVE: This Is Why Controversial Gospel Singer Bahati Was Broke Even After Hit Track

Bahati has finally spoken out about his struggle before achieving the fame and fortune has achieved.

In an exclusive interview during the launch of a local show dubbed, Story Yangu, the Maria hitmaker revealed the reason why he was so broke, even though his hit song Mama was all over the airwaves back then.


The multi-award winning artist disclosed that piracy was one of the things that led to him being broke. He went on to confess that in 2013, he was the artist who was most affected by piracy in Kenya. Yes, you heard right, the most pirated artist in Kenya.


The most shocking thing of all was that Baha revealed those who used to pirate his music were part of his own team. He, however, says he did not want to complain since he wanted to be seen on TV. Some friends those were!

Bien Of Sauti Sol Congratulates Bahati On His New Music After Attacking Him On Social Media


Well, the Machozi singer has since then graced our screens with his melodious voice, winning numerous awards, not forgetting the events he has headlined to date.

On the flip side, he’s also been in the spotlight for his controversial beef with fellow artists. Let’s hope this year will be drama free for Bahati.


This is what Bahati exclusively said;

“Nilikua naenda kwa watu wa piracy nasimama hapo..actually I think in 2013 I was one of the most pirated artists in Kenya…Na sikucompalin coz nilikua natamani bado nitokee kwa Tv…Nilikua naenda nasimama hapo wakiuza CD wananiambia ‘Kijana naona huu msanii ameku-inspire hadi unaeka nywele kama yeye.’

Would You Continue Dating A Woman If She Spent Sh 56,000 On The First Date?

Dating is no easy thing and can be pretty rough for a guy who’s on his first date, and so ladies it’s probably best if we observed some first date etiquette.

A Kenyan dude has taken to his Facebook page to describe in the most agonizing way how his date played him.

It turns out he had budgeted about Sh5,000 for the occasion, however, she had other plans.

Would You Accept A Valentine’s Day Present From A Married Man? Kenyans Respond (AUDIO)

Girls if we expect our dudes to take care of us while on a date it’s only fair we be considerate. So this guy took his date on a lunch date, confident that the cash he had would cater for the bill. He goes ahead and encourages her to order drinks, without taking the time to check the price list. I guess it’s because men figure a woman can’t positively order such high-end drinks on the first date right?

Wrong! Shock and behold when the bill came and it was a whooping Sh 56,000. Honestly, what would you do?

See a screenshot of the agonizing dating experience he went through;




Kenyan Woman Reveals Why She Would Rather Leave Her Investments Behind Than Stay In A Bad Marriage

There was an interesting discussion during Maina Kageni and King’ang’i’s morning conversation, where a woman revealed that she is leaving her husband because he does not respect or value her, insults her and does not treat her like his wife.

According to the mother of two, she stayed with him despite his being broke, and now years down the line, after the money trickled in from their joint matatu business , he now treats her like a nobody!

What Maina Kageni could not fathom is, why she would give up their business venture and walk out of the marriage penniless after she put all her sweat and blood to see the business succeed, just because he has now changed for the worse!

He could not also understand why men become so cold when they become rich or become financially stable after a while! Well, a lot was said and it looks like she is not the only one who’s going through this hard situation!

Listen to the audio below, to find out what other callers had to say;


Is Borrowing Money From Your Wife The Worst Thing You Can Do As A Man?

According to today’s conversation men say that the most dangerous thing you can ever do is borrow money from your woman.

Mwalimu agreed with them and  said “that is the worst mistake ever, because she will always bug you for the repayment. The fact that she is your wife and probably even steals your money, you will never know peace until you pay back whatever you owe her.”

The question of borrowing money was posed to the listeners and here is what they had to say:

Simple Tips On How To Save Money

The holidays are over and you probably have a huge dent on your pocket especially if you had not saved up. January is here with bills to pay, not that you didn’t see it coming. You will probably feel the pinch but here are some simple ways to save up the little amount of money you have.
1. Carry food to work – Forget buying that sh.150 lunch everyday (4,500 a month). Carry the left over food in your fridge and save that cash. You can use it to pay electricity, water and other things.
2. Shop in bulk – It’s much cheaper than shopping every other day. Besides it saves you the hustle of going to the shop everytime. Lookout for offers.
3. Stick to what’s important – Impulse buying will make you spend more and in most cases you will buy things you don’t need. Write down a shopping list and stick to it.
4. Drink water – You are probably on team “living healthy 2016” .. how about you start by drinking more water and less alcohol. In fact no alcohol, you will not only lose weight but also save money.
5. Budget – Have a monthly plan for what you need to buy and cut back on unnecessary expenses. That shoe might be tempting but do you need it? No really do you?
Those tips can help you save more and live comfortably in the long run if you make it a habit.

Study : Wean Babies At Four Months To Prevent Allergies

A new study has found that babies should be given solid foods from as young as four months old in order to prevent allergies.

Introducing children to foods that typically cause allergic reactions – such as peanuts and eggs – at four to six months old gives them a higher chance of avoiding a food allergy later in life, researchers discovered. The advice is contrary to the current advice that children should not be given such foods until they are at least six months old.

In the US, the American Academy of Pediatrics also says solids should be introduced at this age.  In the UK, the national health services gives the same advice, and says introducing solid foods before this time may cause food allergies.

Earlier this year, a British study called LEAP (Learning Early About Peanut), came to the same conclusion. It found those who eat food containing peanuts three or more times a week from under the age of one rarely have reactions in later life.

Less than one per cent develop an allergy, compared with 17 per cent of children whose diet was peanut-free. Food allergies cause breathing problems, and can even be fatal, as the most severely afflicted can have a life-threatening anaphylactic shock when exposed to just a trace of the allergen in food.

The researchers said food allergies have soared 18 per cent between 1997 and 2007 in the US. A recent survey of Canadian households found eight per cent reported at least one such allergy. In the UK, up to eight per cent of children have a proven food allergy, according to charity Allergy UK. 

The most common allergens are cow’s milk, soy, peanut, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, fish, shellfish and sesame. Babies with parents or siblings who have allergies – especially to peanut – are at higher risk. 

LEAP found introducing these children to peanuts earlier – rather than later – reduced the risk of an allergy by up to 80 per cent. However, parents are advised  to seek a doctor’s opinion before introducing peanuts to their children.

Since the LEAP study was published, groups such as the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, now say there is ‘strong evidence’ to support the introduction of peanut between four and 11 months in infants at risk. In the US, previous guidelines recommended avoiding potentially allergenic foods until children were one to three years old.


Here Are The Tests All Serious Couples Go Through

Trials are normal in everyday life for people, whether single or as a couple. However it is different for single people because the decisions will only affect you.

For couples it is a bit intense as the trials couples go through will either strengthen the relationship or break it. Some of these tests include living apart due to work , infidelity, coping with in-laws, or when a partner loses their job etc.

Before you commit to a marriage or a longterm commitment there are tests that you should subject yourself through:

1. Finances test: This is one of the top reasons why many couple fight and even end up in divorce. You have to be able to agree on expenses, budgets ,savings etc. If you are to be together then you need to build trust in this are. If you cannot trust your partner with your money then why would you trust anyone else? And why would you spend your life with them?

2. Shopping test: Are you able to walk into Gikomba or Nakumatt together and just shop without getting frustrated or without arguing about what product is better than the other? Going shopping is great but if you can’t seem to get over the walking around in a filled up mall or overcrowded areas without getting agitated and screaming at each other then you might want to consider how serious you are. Its something basic and if you can’t agree on small things then you won’t agree on bigger things.

3. Living together : This is the best way to test each others patience. It doesn’t mean you should live together, you could go on a week long trip or vacation to a place that will require you to do your own laundry, cook etc. Do so regularly and see how things will work. It will also enable you to see what habits you can put up with and those that you can’t. 

Mediation fails between Maradona and ex on ‘missing’ $6 mn

An attempt at mediation has failed between former Argentina football captain Diego Maradona and his ex-wife Claudia Villafane, whom he blames for the disappearance of $6 million from his fortune.

The case is now expected to go to court.

“The mediation session is over,” Villafane’s lawyer Fernando Burlando told reporters.

“We will see what Maradona and his counsel want to do. The case may go to court, here or in the United States.”

The public row has split the family.

Maradona, 54, says the funds were taken from several of his Argentinian and foreign bank accounts.

Villafane is the mother of his two daughters Dalma and Gianinna.

Villafane, 53, launched the divorce proceedings. She manages her ex-husband’s assets so that she can keep the estate that goes to her daughters, who have backed their mother.

Maradona receives funds tied to his activities as honorary sports ambassador of Dubai and has invested some of the money in the United States.

Photo Credits : AFP

10 tips for managing your money as a couple

Research has shown that more than 50% of people don’t know how much money they have in their bank account. As someone who is newly married, I know how hard it can be to consolidate your joint finances, so I have come up with a few tips to help you if you are just moved in. These are by no means set in stone but they have worked for us so might just work for you too.

Pay everything out of joint account- You might have this already set up for your mortgage- but make sure you put all your joint and single bills into it and use your personal account for just that- personal stuff like clothes and petrol- as these vary. If you can pay your bills from one place it makes it a whole lot easier to manage, rather than potentially negotiating three accounts at once.

Pay in more than you need- Work out a 50/50 split if you earn the same or a split that’s propitiate to your wages, add this amount to your own bills and then put in that plus a little extra. Just in case you get an unexpected expense. And if not- you can use it as a buffer- all accounts should have a float in them so you don’t accidentally go over your limit.

Get a joint savings account- It can be tempting to dip into your own savings when you have overspent- however you may feel guilty in doing the same with a joint savings account- so it might prevent you from indulging so much when you don’t have that as a backup.

Keep receipts- And check them off against your statement- that way you are not left wondering what the cash you got out was for and can clearly see what you spend most of your money on.

Have a separate account for shopping/food- Shopping varies a little so make sure there is a bit of a buffer in here too but try to stick to the same amount every month on groceries and food or this can spiral out of control. Budgeting will stop you from loading up the trolley with excess food.

Keep a file- For all your financial documents and divide it up for each outgoing. Put a sheet at the front that lists everything you pay for in a month. If you are struggling, it makes it clear what you can cut back on with once glance.

Separate your money up- On pay day make a list of things you are going to spend your disposable income on after you have transferred your money to your joint account. Petrol is a big one because it might look like you have lots left over- until you deduct it from your monthly spend. This way you know exactly what you have to play with for treats.

Think twice- About getting a take away or something for your house- do you really need it right now? If not then cook something from your fridge or freezer or don’t buy that item on impulse- ask yourself if it’s a want or a need.

Get regular updates- Many banks offer a mini statement in a text message each week so you can keep tabs on what you have in your joint account. If you don’t have this potion- log in regularly so you know where you are financially.

Look for the best deals-If you have been with one of your suppliers for a while- you can search around for a different one if they are offering a cheaper tariff and make the switch.


#GoldDiggerAlert: 7 Signs She Is Dating You For The Money

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can sure buy you a girlfriend. Even though she doesn’t make it very obvious she is dating you for the money there are some traits that she wouldn’t date you a day extra if you went bankrupt. What are the signs?

1. She is always fishing about your finances
A golddigger will always fish about your money status. She wants to know about your investments, salary and the more you have the more interest she has. You may confuse it for having interest in you but she is just fishing to see if you can pay her way in the relationship

2. She is constantly asking you for money
No, she is not behind on rent or school fees, she just constantly asks for cash with no perfect reason. If you are dating such a woman, then you need to draw the line. Sometimes she may not ask directly but she keeps dropping hints about how broke she is and how much she needs money then you need to pick up on the signs

3. If you decline her money requests, she breaks up with you
The breakup is on the extreme end but if you are dating a woman who goes on a temper tantrum when you decline her requests for cash then you need to examine your relationship.

4. She just wants to spend and spend
A lady after your money doesn’t have feelings about how you spend your money and how she helps you spend it. She loves when you are excessively luxurious, buying her expensive gifts and taking her on trips. A lady who is there for the long term guards your money and sees to it that it is spent in other meaningful ways.

5. Who are her friends?
I guess the statement, show me your friends and i will tell you who you are applies in this case. If your girlfriend always hangs out with women who are just chasing men aftermoney, then you can bet it she is also chasing after you because of the money. She may not be as obvious as her friends but she is not innocent either.

6. She is obsessed with status
Having class and status is not wrong but a gold digger is often obsessed with being of high status. She will crave driving an Audi R8 and will go for a man who can offer her exactly that. She will often disregard people whom she doesn’t think are of her status.

7. Her dating history
She seems to be moving from one rich man to another richer man, then you need to watch out for her kind. For her she is just climbing the relationship ladder as you work hard to climb the job ladder.

8. You must pay first before she dates you
She is not a prostitute, but she will never engage in any physical activity until you have spent a fortune on her. Whether it is on expensive jewellery, designer clothes or shoes that is the only incentive she needs from you for some action in the bedroom.

Myths About Money That Will Leave You Poor

There are myths about money that we should not listen to because they will ensure you stay broke for long. The moment we stopped believing these six myths about money will be the time when the road to financial freedom will start shaping up.

Debt can build wealth – Doesn’t it seem dumb that to build credit you first have to go into debt? Debt can be a tool if you’re a millionaire or a large billion-dollar corporation because the interest on the debt is tax-deductible. The wealthy are always looking for deductions. For the average person, however, debt can crush us. We start off with the intention paying off our balances and paying on loans, but life happens. Unplanned life situations affect your ability to pay the debt back, and the interest makes that debt continue to grow. Look at what’s happening with student loans. It’s estimated that it will take the average student 25 years to pay off their loans. Debt is not the path to wealth. Billionaire investor Warren Buffet said, “Those who understand interest earn it, those who don’t, pay it.”

I have time on my side – When you’re young, you think you can make mistakes and have plenty of time to make them up–especially financially. You think you can make more money or overcome poor choices. The problem is that none of us knows how long we’ll live. Time-related to money works in reverse. The sooner you start saving and investing; the better compound interest can work and grow what you have. The time to start handling your finances properly is right now.

Investing is for rich people – This is one of the most commonly spouted myths and one of the most destructive. If you wait until you’re “rich” to invest, you could be waiting forever. The reality is that with today’s access to information and technology, anyone can figure out how to invest. You can research anything related to investing and feel confident you know at least the basics.

I can’t afford to save – If you looked carefully at what you spend money on, you would find a few dollars that you can save. If you cut out things such as cable or fast food, you can save a little. A little bit over time adds up, and I’m not saying you have to give that stuff up forever. You’re making a short term sacrifice for a long term gain.

Money isn’t important – Money isn’t the only thing in life and not the most important, but it IS important to almost everything you want to do. You will need money to chase dreams, you will need money to survive, and you will need enough money to not let it stress you out. Money is one of the main reasons for life stress. Don’t chase it, but make enough to give you some breathing room and freedom.

It’s too late for me – It’s never too late to get control of your money. Take some time and think about your goals. Figure out the right investments and set yourself up towards making your money grow.


Businessman loses $14billion in 30minutes

How would you feel if you lost Sh 20,000 in  a day? I would probably cry and go into a depression because it is alot of money and my day would be totally ruined.

Well how would you feel if you lost $14 Billion? The Chairman of Hong Kong-listed Hanergy Thin Film Power, a maker of equipment for the solar power industry, lost $14 billion in 30 minutes.

Li had become one of China’s richest men on paper after shares in his company nearly tripled in the first four months of the year, with a market capitalization of $40 billion at one stage.

But the company’s shares fell over 42% in the last half-hour of trading in Hong Kong Wednesday, before being suspended by the local market regulator.

The boom in Hanergy’s shares has raised eyebrows. Transparency about the company’s business practices is limited by the fact that most of its sales go to a single company–its parent, the privately-held Hanergy Group.

That has fostered suspicions–denied by the company–that it may be overstating its financial strength.

The collapse appeared to be triggered by Li’s failure to attend the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

In one of the more memorable corporate quotes of recent times, The Financial Times reported a company spokesman as saying that Li “had something to do” instead.


Maina Kageni Spends Almost a Million Shillings Over Lunch

Classic 105 popular breakfast show host Maina Kageni has finally revealed the owner of the Massive house he posted on his Facebook page on Thursday. The house with a helicopter at the back yard belongs to one of Maina’s friends. Check out the house below.


Maina and his friend hooked up yesterday and hopped to Naivasha for lunch with 2 other friends. He says that the entire lunch trip cost them 8,000 dollars equivalent to sh744,000. Yes, they actually spent almost a million shillings in a period of less than three hours.

If you don’t believe me, listen to the confession below

Factors to consider before combining finances with your partner

Depending on how long you have known your partner it’s always important to talk about finances so long as your relationship has a future and is longterm, and most especially if you are intending to get married.

Finances destroy marriages and relationships mostly because of lack of communication and also due to the difference in personalities (spender vs budgeter ). Hence it is important to discuss this very touchy subject, but before you do (assuming you have dated for atleast 8 months) there are things you should consider.

Wait a year – Wait a minimum of 12 months before you combine any type of finances. For the first 12 months of a relationship, we’re usually on our best behavior. After that, we tend to let our guard down a little. If there are worrisome aspects of your partner’s financial habits, they will probably start to show up after a year.

Budget together – Make a budget with your partner that includes everything — utilities, food, insurances (car, home, health, etc.), the expenses that go with raising a family if you plan to have children, pets, a rainy-day fund for emergencies, leisure time, luxuries, etc. Think of everything possible — you really can’t be too prepared or detailed when it comes to budgeting.

Discuss financial goals – Talk about your financial goals, both short term and long term. Short-term goals would be things like paying off your car and student loans, or saving for something you need. Long-term goals would include items such as mortgages and retirement savings. Come to as much agreement as possible now. You can always revise as needed as your relationship continues and your finances change over time.

Figure out spending behaviors – One of the best and most basic decisions to discuss is how the two of you will pay for things. Will you only buy things that you pay for in cash, or will you use loans and/or credit? Is there a certain amount you can each spend without first consulting the other? Once you cosign on any debt or credit together, you are responsible for the repayment of it regardless of what happens to your relationship. Your relationship or marriage may not be forever, but your debt will be — until you pay it off.

Decide if marriage is the right option – In addition to being about love and commitment, marriage is a financial agreement. Marriage may protect your financial interests in the event that your relationship doesn’t work out — a court will help divide your assets. If you’re not married, your partner could theoretically decide to drain your joint accounts.

Compare financial “philosophies” – If you have significant differences in your financial philosophies (e.g., if one of you is a spender, and one of you is a saver), don’t think that your differences will “just work themselves out.” While they may, they most likely won’t unless you can come up with some type of mutually acceptable plan. Don’t be afraid to have the difficult conversations where finances are concerned. It doesn’t mean you love your partner any less; it just means you’re a responsible adult.

Think twice about cosigning- Just because you’re sharing your money doesn’t mean you both have to cosign everything. Think carefully about cosigning on any type of loans, including mortgages and student loans, or getting joint credit cards. Once you sign on for debt together, it doesn’t matter if you are no longer together — you will be held equally responsible to pay that debt back. If you split up and your partner gets angry with you and decides to stick it to you by missing a few payments or skipping out on the debt all together, your credit could take a pretty big hit, and you’ll still have to pay off that debt.

Find your comfort zone – Use good judgment and don’t agree to anything that makes you uncomfortable. We have gut feelings for a reason — listen to them. For example, if your partner says he wants to be able to have some investments or bank accounts that are confidential, ask him why. If you get a queasy feeling that he’s trying to hide something from you, that’s a red flag. Likewise, if your partner makes a demand that feels unfair, speak up. Financial discussions aren’t easy, but getting everything out in the open will make your relationship stronger and more trusting.

Don’t be afraid to have frank conversations about finances. Even though it may be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, it’s a necessary one and it can also help both of you avoid arguments about money in the future.

Credits: Christina Steinorth – a psychotherapist and relationship expert.


Is a financially stable woman the new “ideal” woman?

Going by the segment “Classic 105 mapenzi” aired on Classic 105 with Larry Asego which aims to hook up people looking for love, most of the men who have called in want a woman who is financially stable.

Listening to the men talk, one thing is certain, they are already comfortable financially.

However due to circumstances like death, divorce, separation or abandonment they are looking for love and a chance to share their lives with someone.

Going by this trend it means that men are tired of having to take care of women. Despite being expected to be the providers they would like someone who can also chip in or step up every once in a while.

They say that they do not want a woman who will solely depend on them for everything or worse still a leech who wants to fleece them.

Their arguement is, a woman who doesn’t have a sound financial base does not add value to a man’s life as she will just seat around and do nothing but wait for the man to bring food and pay bills.

On the other hand a woman who is financially stable is able to not only ease the burden of the household but also be better at budgeting as she knows the pain of having your hard earned cash wasted.

Bottom line is that despite the fact that a man will and can support a woman, it doesn’t mean that you come empty handed and live like  a beggar expecting handouts from him.

They said there’s nothing attractive about a woman who isn’t industrious.