‘She’s a debt ridden gambler’ Co workers tell husband about wifes dirty secret




In Sickness, Health…and Debt?

When you join in matrimony with your spouse, you make the vow to face life’s great moments and challenges together. One vague question arises though – does that include debt?

Say for instance one of you is a diligent saver while the other a spendthrift who is up to their life in debt. What’s worse is if they are a defaulter, what does one do?

What if he/she dreams of starting his/her own business but needs to take out a massive business loan? As his/her spouse, are you going to be on the line if he can’t pay?

Those were some of the points of discussion on Classic 105 where hosts Maina and Kingangi asked listeners to give their opinion.

One frustrated friend told of his co workers struggle with debt and the difficult decision her husband had to make.

Our workmate started getting into wash wash activities,and everybody tried to help her stop and each time she went back to it. I told the husband that let your wife go to jail for a bit to learn a lesson, and believe me as mean as it looks he did just that. I would let my wife go to jail for a bad debt if she did it secretly,

If I was not consulted and you become very arrogant about it run to that person who is a softie, who will side with him/her. If you don’t take a hard stance your children will pay for it, so the best thing is let them deal with it – go to jail

Dear Classic 105 fam, is this a good solution to deal with a spouse who is hardheaded and can’t get out of debt? Drop us your comments below.

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I gave my husband Sh240,000 for a college degree


In many marriages or living situations, spouses go the extra mile for their loved ones.

It is not uncommon to hear a man or woman say they paid for their spouse to get a better education. The motivation being that things will get better financially for the family.

A female breadwinner revealed on Classic 105 that she put her husband through University, but he is ‘ungrateful’.

She explains her predicament

When I met my husband we both had diplomas and were employed in the same place, so when an opportunity arose for him to go to school, I supported him to go to campus.

She worked hard to support her husbands through school

I was paying fr his campus, I gave him Sh240k lumpsum money, coz he was going for regular courses to cater for fees and accommodation, so when he finished campus and he came back home, he wanted a better paying job.

He wanted to move into another job, and once again the loving wife helped him out

There was a job, but he didn’t get through, so he asked me for a favor to get it. I helped him get the job. In his former job he was earning 30k but the new offer was 170k,

The strategy of supporting her man did not work in her favor, as he soon showed his true colors

and the thing is when it was my turn to go to school, he didn’t support me, he didn’t even attend my graduation, but we are still together, I still love him, and now we are even building a house.

Girls, do you expect a big pay off later when you help your man?

what has been your experience, share below.

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3 things you shouldn’t do if you want to save money

Courtesy Beryl Oywer

The holidays are approaching very fast and we are all bound to spend more than we have budgeted for. But if you don’t want to be on the red literally come Christmas, then some things have to get off your to do list.

  1. Do not invest or spend on emotions

Simply put, stop letting how you feel dictate what you buy. Emotional spending occurs when you buy something you don’t need as a result of feeling stressed, bored, unappreciated or in some cases happy. Well there’s nothing wrong to appreciate yourself from time to time, when you get a promotion or when you just want to treat yourself for meeting your targets, however don’t break the bank with a new Swarovski watch just because you went to the gym three days in a row.


  1. No need for unnecessary outings, if it’s not bringing you money sit your behind at home

How much time are you wasting on useless activities? If it doesn’t add value to your life, leave it. You don’t need to attend the latest pool party or go to the new brunch spot in Westlands. The Fear of Missing Out, is just that a fear.


  1. Reduce the amount you’re spending eating out

Eating out is easy but it’s not cheap. If you don’t know how to cook, you won’t like this. If you’re spending more eating out than on grocery shopping then its high time you stop. If you’re working and you’re tired when you reach home, try a meal prep. This will not only save your money but give you the chance to choose healthier options.


So what should you do?

-Think long term by tracking your expenses, create a budget and live by it.

-Get an accountability buddy. When you’re itching to spend, call a friend you trust who will talk to you straight.

– Meal prep. Don’t give yourself an excuse to buy a meal. 

-Try no-spend days a few times per month.

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‘Money buys me happiness’ shouts Maina Kageni on lifestyle


Maina Kageni began the taste of the good life early in life.

He recently revealed he and his siblings inherited their late fathers property when he turned 21. The wealth was left to the late Kageni’s three children to avoid a succession battle, according to the confessions of Maina.

Maina’s father died when he was only two years. Read the story below.

Even my Dad was guilty’ Maina Kageni shares rare details 


While you spend days fulizaing, Maina has no such problems.

He told a seething Mwalimu Kingangi who was recounting how tough life is that

money buys me so much happiness it’s ridiculous

The highest paid radio presenter lives a good life, and the little snippets he shows us proves so.

He added about his wealth, leaving Mwalimu Kingangi envious and feeling sorry about his poverty

if your money doesn’t make you happy give it to me, I need to lean to appreciate it, you stay there saying money doesn’t make you happy


Maina Kageni responds to those curious about his dad (exclusive)

Besides cars, Maina has interests in real estate in Kenya and the US. He talks alot about the importance of buying property. .

He has worked with many brands raking in loads of cash, as he jets in and out of Kenya for work.

Dear Classic 105 fam, how are you making it in these harsh economic times?

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Women can’t become successful without a man’s financial help


Is a man in any way involved financially in the eventual success of women?

The issue of whether a woman can’t be successful without a mans financial help caused quite a buzz on the morning conversation with Maina and Mwalimu.

Men called in saying women can’t make it on their own and that a mans wallet is the key to a woman making any wealth.

Mwalimu Kingangi said

Behind every successful woman there is a man crying somewhere. 

There is a man ameisha amekonda kabisa because of this, we are talking about suffering men, kuna mwanaume amenyonywa ameisha

Back in 2013, a study published online in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.suggested that a womans success hurts her male partners ego. The study involved 896 people in five experiments conducted in the United States and the Netherlands.

It all was ignited by a classic fan’s comments hitting out at women that

You know we are the capital, kwa pesa za mwanamke lazima pesa ilianzia kwa mwanaume, where do they get their money from 

If you traced the source of a woman’s wealth, is it possible that a man contributed by financing her along the way?


Maina dismissed these thoughts as coming from men with fragile egos, sentiments supported by his female fans who responded harshly

This is pure stereotyping……today’s woman is educated. That’s what this bitter men speaking are scared of. Let it choke them hard that today’s woman doesn’t need them to rise. They can do it. It’s not even debatable!
Women are hard working and many we have made it even without a mans help!This mentality of there must be a man behind a woman’s success is total nonsense!😡

Why should men underestimate our strength, we nowadays don’t allow you to think on our behalf ,please apply logic when you gotta disagree with this.We are independent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is not the era where women r sat on she has ideas to make money and a future for her family…..so e need to make herown money an its not contributed by any man she uses her hands and mind….men stop undermining women…..#MainaAndKingangi
The reason why most single moms are good financially is not because they are getting through men,its because of their hardwork since they can do several jobs to make ends meet because hakuna mwanaume atamkazia kufanya kazi flani bora n descent na inaleta chakula kwa meza.
Jennifer Kanyiri
kwani men think they’re the only ones entitled to have money and wealth? Today’s woman is educated and get her own money #MainaAndKingangi
The men saying that women can’t make it on their own are not only insulting hardworking women but men too who are a product of single mothers who singlehandedly raised their kids from scratch and never gave up. May God forgive them for their ignorance. #MainaAndKingangi
You mean if I wake up 2day&decide am doin this,I’ll get my first capital frm aman?thea soft loans I can easily get for heaven sake!
In this case men r tryin to say they’re the only source of money Stupidity of the highest order



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Dear Wives: How to cope with an unemployed husband


Classic 105 co- host Mwalimu had one major accusation against Kenyan wives on Tuesday. That they don’t hold their man when he is down.

He reasoned that is one of the reasons why when a man finally re emerges from the trenches and becomes rich once again, he will ignore the wife.

‘Men take financial risks for their family that sometimes goes wrong.  This is when you know your wifes true colors.’ he opined

Ladies, should a man go out there make some terrible financial decisions and then make you live with the consequences? Maina asked.

How long should you hold his hand? Was another question Maina Kgeni posed to listeners after Mwalimu accused women of not being supportive when a man is down and out.

Two male callers gave their opinion

The first stated that

‘Once you get married you become one, and you need to accommodate that, I don’t need to consult my wife about finances, you don’t anticipate that when I take a loan it will go down, look at it this way if I take a loan and success si she will celebrate? The same way if I get broke she should support me, it doesn’t matter,

Another said ‘She should support me until I recover, I work hard I’m a man, the head of the house, so she if she has some money she should fund my business, because most of these ladies we sort them out if they over borrow, so she should do the same thing for me if I’m’ in financial trouble’

Here are some tips for a woman on how to cope with such a situation.

  1. Lower your expectations: Easier said than done, but if you expect the same lifestyle, it will be upon you to fund it.
  2. Be his biggest cheerleader if he is trying to get back on his feet.
  3. Don’t dig into your savings too much. Remember the reason you are saving money, while paying expenses at the same time.

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I struggle with all the bills, yet I am married to a wealthy man

Money is threatening to ruin the marriage of one city mum who ranted to Maina Kageni how stingy, yet generous her husband is.

She began her story saying

My husband does not even give me a single coin

I don’t expect a man below my standards to approach me

The husband routinely spends big bucks on his friends in the club, but not a coin to foot bills at home.

and even at home when we have problems he doesn’t give me a coin, even when I’m broke, but he has all the time to chew miraa and buy people drinks, and has never told me take this money and go buy our kids food, etc


He out earns her yet she carries the financial burden at home

‘he can’t even give me one bob yet he is earning four times my salary, for instance in the supermarket he will make me return things from the trolley,


My husband eloped with a cucu slay queen because I don’t wear makeup

Dear Classic 105 fam, how d you split expenses with your man? Share some tips, you could save someones marriage from crumbling.

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10 Ways in which you can be financially independent

There are small financial rules that are basic for you to get financially independent. Understanding yourself is the number one basic strategy for you to use.

Tokeo la picha la financial independence

The basic rules include;


Make a routine of working with your budget. This can guide you in knowing how you spend your cash and when not to. If you have a problem of money management you can hire a financial manager to guide you through.

‘Your daughter needs your attention more than your money’ – Wahu tells fathers


Invest in money generating activities. You can build rental apartments or start any kind of hustle. Never depend on one income as at times things never go as expected and you can run out of cash. Always have a backup financial to help at your broke times.

Avoid debts

You must learn to differentiate between needs and wants. Accept when you don’t have cash to avoid having much debts. At times you might desire something which is not a need and you end up borrowing money to have it. This can be avoided when you give the needs a number one priority before anything else.

‘I wish money could buy life’ cries sick girl on her death bed

Save a lot

Learn to save money in whichever way that you wish to. Make savings on a daily basis. You can set a target like each day or monthly. At the end of the day you will learn how to spend less and save more.


Have a plan on how you spend each and every cent you have.

Girls, do you expect men to refund money after a breakup Mike Mondo asks

Understand your expenditure

Understand your pocket value and live with it. Never compete or compare yourself with someone who is financially stable than you. This might make you run out of cash easily hence borrowing to fit a lifestyle you can’t afford.

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Financial confession: My wife’s Sh1million loan is ruining our lives

It is no secret that money and the lack of it ruins marriages.

Money issues arise in relationships, that people who say they’re experiencing stress in their relationship cite finances as the number one reason — easily beating out the second place contender: annoying habits, according to a study by SunTrust. Money issues are also responsible for 22% of all divorces, making it the third leading cause, according to the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysis.

A man on Classic 105 got emotional speaking about his baby mama

Now I have a story to share today. Now I have this lady we have three baby together, I work in the disciplined forces so we are basically earning almost the same amount Now I’ve worked my way all through, I have a masters degree She has nothing. Now I assessed her payslip recently she took a loan of one million I never saw that money I do not know where it went.

Accessing her gmail you know these apps have they usually send reminders and notifications I found the statement there I don’t know what to do coz she is so much into debt she wants all my salary. I’ve built a home for her. I don’t know where she takes her money.

‘We face pressure from friends wearing Sh80,000 wigs’, confesses woman

Don’t they ever have this conversation as a couple?


‘she does things behind my back. I have given up, when I ask her, she says it’s her business and I have seen nothing that she has bought. I don’t know where the money goes,

The question for spouses is

Is your relationship suffering because your partner is a heavy borrower? 

Ho do you deal with a financially irresponsible partner?

When your spouse is deep in debt, what do you do?

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