40 year old artiste voted the most romantic man on social media – Photos

Women have taken social media to thirst over a Kenyan artiste known as Murua Muziki with some even to offering to pay him just so that they can kiss him.

According to our source Murua was recently voted the most romantic man in Kenya by ladies on social media.

This comes as a  surprise given that he turned 40 last month but women could not get enough of him.


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Murua launched his latest song “MOMENTS” in 2019. It was a different feel from his usual reggae tone.

This was a country music themed romantic song which captured the ladies hearts. He urged the ladies to love themselves and accept to be loved.
After its release, Murua’s Social Media impressions shot up to a reach of 80,000 per day.

His proposal Video to his Best Friend- to become his best friend forever broke the internet once again with this story becoming a trending topic for a whole month.

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Fans all over Kenya supported this unusual proposal while other critics found it rather odd.


He got back into music last year after a 20 year hiatus.

Below are some of the screenshots of women desperately asking to pay him just to get a taste of his lips.





WhatsApp Image 2019-04-05 at 16.23.47(1)


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