Twilight Girls In Mombasa React After A Sex Worker Is Brutally Killed Outside Club Casablanca

Sex workers are holding peaceful protests in Mombasa over increased cases of murder and sexual assaults of their colleagues by male clients.

Just recently, the police arrested a suspect over the brutal murder of a woman at the famous Casablanca club in Mombasa a few weekends back.

According to The Star, police say the body of the lady was found in a pool of blood in bed after she was stabbed several times. Detectives say that the woman believed to be a sex worker was picked by a male client who ended up killing her in cold blood. The man is yet to be arrested.

According to Esther Nelima, a social worker dealing with sex workers  this month alone three ladies were killed with recent being at the club.

Nelima said cases have become rampant and it is no longer safe for the women to conduct their business.

They have petitioned  police to investigate the cases as they plan to stage demonstration next  to protest the senseless killing and assaults by male clients.

Today, they are holding demonstrations from Uhuru Garden along Moi Avenue to the office of the County commissioner where they will petition the government to intervene.

The protest comes a week after sex worker was brutally murdered at famous Casablanca club in Mombasa by male client who is yet to be arrested .

Atleast three sex workers have been murdered in the cold blood in the last one month in Mombasa.

Mombasa has atleast 11500 sex workers.