Moi Girls Nairobi has been reopened amid protests

Moi Girls Nairobi has been reopened after being closed when a student claimed to have been sexually assaulted by unkown people.

The incident elicited angry reactions by students who boycotted classes and went on a ‘strike’ till the issue was resolved by the school management .

Mother shares heartbreaking news after DNA tests confirm her daughter died in Moi Girls School arson attack

According to The Star Students of Moi Girls’ School in Nairobi have started reporting back amid protests on insecurity.

Moi Girls students leaving the premise after CS Amina Mohammed ordered its closure

The institution was reopened at 8am on Sunday and all the learners are supposed to have checked in by 4pm.

Education CS Amina Mohamed ordered the one week closure of the school following claims that a student was sexually assaulted.

Moi Girls Students Released In The Wake Of Alleged Rape Case In The School

Amid all this tension some parents have threatened not to take their children back without a detailed report on what happened.

Parents demonstrate outside Moi Girls Nairobi due to increased rate of rape in schools

This is not the first time the school is going through insecurity related incidences after a fire burned its dorms leaving 10 students dead.

Students of Moi Forces Nairobi during a memorial service of their fellow students who died during a fire incident at the school

‘When we tried to raise our voice on the issues, the school said the victims were pretending,’ disturbing details about Moi Girls rape case

They have accused the school’s management of covering up the matter and asked for copies of the report on the fire that left 10 students dead in September last year.

“It is unfair that parents and stakeholders get reports from the media. If you try to inquire your child gets victimised. We are yet to come to terms with the fire incident. The rape allegations will be swept under the carpet,” one said.



Woman Who Wanted To Kill Herself Now Defends Student Who Allegedly Burned Alive Her Fellow Moi Girls Comrades

The entire nation is still mourning the passing on of the nine young ambitious souls from Moi Girls high school. Their lives were cut short on Saturday morning after their dormitory was set ablaze by one of the students.

According to police investigations, the suspect is said to have attempted to commit suicide severally but no one took note, so she resorted to setting their dormitory on fire on Saturday morning.

“She tried to commit suicide twice. The first time was drinking a detergent and second by suffocating herself with a pillow.”

The girl has previously had issues in school, suspension over indiscipline being the latest offense and she kept on threatening to cause harm after her parents refused to transfer her from the school.

The suspect was arraigned in court yesterday and she is currently in police custody.  She is set to be arraigned in the Childrens Court to face murder charges after police are done with investigations.

Well, many have criticized the minor for the heinous act but Catherine Njeri, who attempted committing suicide five times, has come out to defend the young girl

“Did we have to lose nine innocent students for the country to realize that depression is real, and its unchecked effect on suicide victims?

I pity the young girl, I feel her pain, the world may be judging her for being selfish enough to burn an entire dormitory yet she just wanted to take away her life. She had attempted suicide severally, she didn’t get proper help that’s why she tried it again, this time round taking nine lives instead of hers, plus causing an entire school’s activity come to a standstill, as well as the thousands of shillings loss to the school due to the inferno.

Now because of lack of support and stigma that is associated with mental health (the school had expelled her, instead of showing support after her previous suicide attempt, only to recall her later), a young girl, barely sixteen years of age is now labelled an arsonist or murderEr, the trauma itself is so immense for such a young soul, she will never forgive herself. In fact its greater than what pushed her to lose the will to live. Before we condemn her, can we try to understand her? She doesn’t need the harsh ridicule or being locked up, she needs therapy and love.

Young girl, have peace knowing that even though an entire nation may condemn you, God has forgiven you and you are so valuable to Him. Your purpose in life regardless of your mistakes is great. I wish I could meet you and reassure you that it is well. I do not know you but would be honoured to make you my project and small sister, our stories could help show the world effects of stigma and lack of support for mental health victims do.
To parents and care givers, hope we have learnt the bitter lesson.
To the government, just as you began focusing on HIV/AIDS should you focus on mental health!”

Njeri’s sentiments were echoed by two of her followers and here is what they had to say

Juliet: Something similar happened to me. In form one and I got suspended… I feel for her too. 10th September is world suicide day and I hope I can tell my story.

Junior: It’s always good to look the other side of the coin. Well put.

Have You Seen This Missing Girl? Her Mother Is Going Through Anguish And Painful Sleepless Nights (PHOTOS)

Clara Otieno is a worried mother. Her 15-year-old daughter, Natalie Nanga Asiko a student at Moi Girls High School, Nairobi where nine students died in an arson attack, is missing.

Natalie’s mother said she learnt about the fire incident at Moi Girls on a Whatsapp group. She rushed to the school but she couldn’t find her daughter.

“The Form One parents were asked to go to one room to account for their daughters. I met one teacher and asked her if she had seen my daughter. She just walked away. I waited in my daughter’s class — Form 1R — and asked the class teacher if she had seen Natalie but was told that after the roll call, my daughter was not seen,” she told the Daily Nation.

Clara has tried to search for her daughter but in vain. She hopes that she is alive.

Clara Otieno

The stressed mother took to social media to ask Kenyans to help her find her child and she wrote.

“This is my little daughter 15years old. A student at Moi Girls Nairobi. We are looking for her, anyone with any information .Kindly pass it on. I am her mother only a mother can understand the pain and anguish am going through. I am appealing to anyone out there. Also, say a prayer. God you are sitting on the Throne and you reign.”

Clara believes that wherever her daughter is, she is fine and that God will protect her.

Her post was shared  2168 times and has touched many especially parents.  Check out the reactions

Lucy: Oh God please keep her safe and locate are God of miracles the only one we put our hopes and trust in..please trace her and unite her with her mom..Amen

Kobe: Dear Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, May she assigned angels to locate her where she is and reunite her back to her family safe in the name of Jesus

Purity: Am sorry my dear, I understand what h Ar going through, may God give u strength, All is well f those who trust God.

Rena: Clara, the Lord is not slack! #Praying!

Brenda: my heart broke when I saw this because I remember your daughter. God is on His throne and we are praying for you. Friends kindly share widely and let’s pray with Clara.

Waksi: Take heart. We pray with you for your daughter’s safety!

Fridah: I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through. I pray for the safe return of your daughter.

Benta: Take heart dear God is always faithful, He will make a way, May our living God give you strength and peace in your soul.

Mary: As a mother I know what you’re going through, may our almighty living God protect her and bring her home safely ,

Esther: You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Praying that Natalie is found. I feel you as a mother, as a friend ….. I’m praying for you for a good report.

Aura: May the Lord gve you sterngth during this trying moments cz He’s always our comforter and caretaker.

Dorine: Hope the girl is safe… I feel for u Clara.We r praying for u,her n hoping for the best

Fatima: Praying for her safe return and for her tonne protected by the almighty. I feel your pain. God please intervene.

Helen: Father in Jesus name, we need your divine intervention in this situation, grant this mother your wisdom and strength; make a way Lord in a seemingly difficult situation.Amen.

Fiona: May our good Lord work a miracle… Jesus Name

Here is the photo of Natalie

Natalie Nanga Asiko

Student, 14, to appear in court over Moi Girls arson

A girl believed to have started a fire that killed her nine colleagues at Moi Girls in Nairobi will be arraigned this morning.

Police are likely to seek more time to detain the 14-year-old form one student in order to complete investigations into the matter.

Preliminary probe has shown that the fire started from her bed.

More than a dozen students grilled over the incident have mentioned her as the key suspect.

“The teenage student in question was earlier suspended from school over indiscipline, she was even walking with a matchbox in the school,” one of the officers investigating the case said.

Preliminary police findings also show the young girl had threatened to “cause something horrific” after her parents declined to move her from the institution.

She allegedly tried to commit suicide after being suspended but she was later readmitted by the school management.

Arson is to blame for the Moi Girls’ fire that claimed nine lives, Education CS Fred Matiang’i said on Monday.

Matiang’i, who doubles as the acting Interior CS, said this was the conclusion after thorough investigations by police.

“It was not an accident, it was arson,” he said following the incident during which seven pupils were killed.

He said two out of 10 injured students later succumbed to their injuries.

Courtesy Star