App created to help alcoholics

A smartphone app has been launched by an Australia-based not-for-profit movement Hello Sunday Morning to help alcoholics fight their alcohol dependence.

The app is designed to evaluate your drinking habits to assess how healthy, harmful or dangerous they may be. The idea is to take a break from drinking and spend your Sunday morning doing something else. Users can then post about their hangover-free activity on the app.

The app also challenges you to complete alcohol-free activities, such as sober karaoke, drink-free dating and being the designated driver when you’re out with your friends.

Chris Raine of Hello Sunday Morning said the new app helped educate and give power to people. With the app, people can find straightforward and timely advice on their phones.

Experts believe that the app will flourish because it helps generate awareness about people’s own habits, and helps people conveniently check their health with their smartphones.


New battery set to charge in One minute

Scientists have created a new battery capable of fully charging in just ONE MINUTE.

The new aluminium battery, created by scientists at Stanford University, is cheaper to produce than the lithium batteries currently found in mobile phones and laptops, and offers ‘unprecedented charging times’.

Explaining the development in scientific journal Nature, the scientists also said that the new battery is less prone to catching fire than traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Professor Honjie Dai, who helped develop the battery, said the rechargeable aluminium battery does not catch fire even if you drill through it.

He added on to say that it may replace existing storage devices, such as alkaline batteries, which are bad for the environment and lithium-ion batteries, which occasionally burst into flames.

The new prototype reportedly lasts 7,500 charges before its performance is impaired while lithium batteries are known for withstanding 1,000 charges before they lose their capacity.



Mandela phone app for tourists in S.Africa

A phone app tracing the footsteps of Nelson Mandela was launched Wednesday in South Africa to encourage tourists to explore his life story, 25 years after his release from prison.

Users can use the tool to plan their travels around major sites associated with the liberation icon, including Robben Island, the prison off Cape Town where he spent 18 years of his 27-year jail term, and Qunu, his childhood home and burial place.

The GPS-enabled app, which is named ‘Madiba’s Journey’ after Madela’s clan name, was designed by South African Tourism and the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

“This app makes ‘walking in the footsteps of Madiba’ much easier than before and greatly enriches visitors’ experiences of the attractions associated with one of the greatest men of our time,” said Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom.

The revered anti-apartheid leader became South Africa’s first black president after the end of whites-only rule in 1994.

He died on December 5, 2013, at the age of 95.

Mandela was released from prison in 1990 and led negotiations that paved the way for the country’s first democratic elections. He was president between 1994 and 1999.

Photo Credits : AFP

Emoji’s increase the amount of your phone bill

In Scotland, a woman ran up bills totalling over £1,000 (equivalent to sh 89,000 )after adding emoticons to text messages.

The issue revolves around how different handset interprets the icons, known as emoticons or emojis.

In some cases, especially on older handsets, the emoticons are converted into MMS (multi-media service) messages, which happens to be an added can cost depending on the network.

According to the website,  MoneySavingExpert it has also  been found that, in some cases, users creating their own icons from full-stops, commas and brackets found they were converted into emoticons, running up the same charges.

So the next time you want to send a text with an emoji think again before you hit send.

HTC M9 release date rumors mount

Noteably one of the best smartphones in the world, it came as no surprise for HTC  One (M8) that it was widely regarded as the best Android smartphone of last year.

Its predecessor  HTC One M7 had been accorded similar praise before. Now many are eagerly awaiting the HTC  M9 to see what the Taiwanese company has come up with.

Unknown to many the “M” in each case stands for metal, and is a reference to the machined aluminium that each phone is made of.

As HTC is about to launch, there is bound to be alot of competition. Samsung will  be launching the Galaxy S6 in the next few months while Sony and LG will be lining up the Xperia Z4 and G4 respectively.

Many expect to see new phones at the  annual Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona but HTC ignores the show in favour of its own announcement.

Some of the specs rumored to be on the new M9 include, a screen size up to 5.2-inches, the same as the HTC Desire Eye but may stop short of the 5.96-inch monster that is the Google Nexus 6..

It will also likely increase the resolution to 2,560 x 1,440 pixels – a far cry from the 1,334 x 750 pixels in the current iPhone.

Other rumors have suggested the new phone will feature a 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM and a choice of 32GB or 64Gb of hard drive space.

Rumors point to a potential 20.7MP rear-facing camera with optical image stabilization (OIS) and a 13MP front-facing camera for selfies.

The price may be around $600 an equivalent of Sh.53,400.

The launch date is rumored to be around  March after the Mobile World Congress event held during the first week.

First Lady donates mobile clinic in Kitui

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has urged county governments to use devolved funds to purchase more mobile clinics to meet increased heathy needs of Kenyans.

The First Lady said introduction of free maternity services in public health facilities by the Government has increased the number of pregnant women attending both ante-natal and post-natal clinics.

“By using devolved funds or money from the Constituency Development Fund, county leaderships can, without delay, purchase more mobile clinics to ensure health services are brought closer to the people,” she said.

She spoke today at Ithookwe grounds, Kitui town when she donated the 10th fully equipped mobile clinic under Beyond Zero campaign to Kitui County.

She commended the Kitui county leadership for boosting the Beyond Zero initiative by purchasing two more mobile clinics to ensure health services are brought closer to the people.

The First Lady stressed the urgent need for more investment in health infrastructure to cope with increased demands.

Our journey will continue beyond the 47 mobile clinics as we seek to ensure a bright future for our mothers and children, the First Lady said as she presented to Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe, the mobile clinic donated by Kenya Commercial Bank through Beyond Zero initiative.

Provision of medical services and facilities, she said, will enable the country to achieve its goal of eliminating HIV transmission from mother to child and lower the prevalence below the national average.

Noting that the ‘Beyond Zero’ initiative is progressing well, the First Lady said through the goodwill of Kenyans, the goal of providing fully-kitted mobile clinics to all 47 counties is well on course.

She said, “I look forward to all Kenyans joining me for the second edition of the First Lady’s Half Marathon in Nairobi next year, in support of the ‘Beyond Zero’ campaign”.

She challenged Governors and County leaders to ensure full public participation in all development activities within their borders to ensure sustainability of projects.

The First Lady stressed the need for tightened security in all parts of the country to deter criminals from using urban centers as transit points to Nairobi and beyond.

She said Kitui County is endowed with natural resources whose exploitation could spur economic growth and improve living conditions of residents but stressed this can only take place in a safe environment.

“Kitui County is very strategic in its geographical location in the south eastern part of Kenya. It is endowed with natural resources such as coal, iron ore, diatomite and limestone,” she added.

The First Lady encouraged Kitui residents to plant trees especially during this rainy season and reduce indiscriminate felling of the same that can cause environmental degradation.

She said, “Charcoal burning and wanton destruction of forests if unchecked will have a negative impact on residents’ lives in the future”.

Elected leaders in Kitui commended the First Lady for driving the initiative based on the health need of Kenyans.

The leaders including the Governor and local MPs urged their own countrywide to keep the First Lady’s campaign out of politics.

“The mobile clinics so far delivered have gone to counties based on the maternal and child health needs and not political inclination,” the leaders said.

Dr Malombe said his government was working with the national government officials to accelerate development. We consult and support one another, he added.