The Wa Jesus family announce second pregnancy

The Wa Jesus family have announced they are expecting their second child.

Milly and Kabi took to their youtube channel to reveal their surprise they have been keeping secret.

Through several pictures on their Instagram, Milly told fans how happy she is to be pregnant again.

‘I can’t stop thinking of how blessed I am! God is a good good father. He knew today I was going to bed a happy girl . I want to take this opportunity to thank God for my king @kabiwajesus. Today he went over and beyond my expectations. He is a brilliant, hardworking , loving and charming husband who always knows how to make me smile. Y My happy place and forever love🥰.

I am blessed to be carrying our second bundle of joy who is now part of our online community. I can’t wait to share more on how this journey has been for us, we are happy you are now part of it.

Thank you for the overwhelming love and congratulatory messages. We are truly blessed to have you all.’

In another photo, Milly addee ‘

We are super happy to finally share the exciting news with our online family. The WAJESUS FAMILY IS GROWING AND WE GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY. He has chosen us to be parents once more and knit together a little one to join our family. To @kabiwajesus I could have never thought of a better way to share our blessings with our online family.

Thank you soo much to @adenzo_comfiess for being part of our journey. Today was a beautiful day because you choose to celebrate one of #adenzobabies in a big way.

Thank you for the congratulatory messages fam. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude.

Full surprise n.o one and reveal video live now on YouTube (link on bio)’

In a third surprise announcement, Milly also said ‘
@kabiwajesus you always know how to make me feel special. I love you soo much 🥰🥰. I AM SPEECHLESS DEFINITELY DINT SEE THIS COMING!! GOD BLESD YOU

Team Milly we are happy see you at 3pm on YouTube. We are soo sorry for the delay.
Don’t miss on the premier’

Congratulations from the Classic 105 fam.

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Kabi and Milly wa Jesus finally introduce his daughter Abby


Early this year a woman claim that Kabi wa Jesus had sired a child with her.

The youtuber denied the claims but a DNA was initiated that proved he is the father of the child.

Kabi and Milly said they would take responsibility for the child, a girl.

And now months later, Kabi has unveiled the child to the world.

Milly and Kabi released a youtube video introducign her to the world. They also shared a picture of Kabi and Abby smiling in what seemed ot have been an outing. He wrote ‘So happy my daughter Abby gets to join our online family’



King of my heart! Milly Wa Jesus showers husband on his birthday

Content creator and YouTuber Milly wa Jesus is celebrating her husband’s birthday today.
The mother of one professed her love to her husband Kabi Wa Jesus and how he makes her feel.
She referred to Kabi as the king of her heart and thanked God for giving her such a caring husband.
“Happy birthday to the king of my heart. I am one lucky woman to be doing life with you. I speak nothing but more grace and favour as you accomplish your God-given purpose in this new year.

Kabi WaJesus with Milly
Kabi WaJesus with Milly

She added;
“Thank you for being a blessing to me and many. For never giving up on the faith and fixing your eyes on the price always. I love you so much, and words can never be enough to express how I feel about you.”
The couple also celebrated their son’s second birthday this week.

Milly wa Jesus turns 28 with glorious plans from hubby Kabi


Milly wa Jesus is turning 28 and ont he eve of her birthday, her husband Kabi appeared to be planning something important that left her anxious.

Kabi came home all dressed and shaved and dyed his hair for her big day.

But gave Milly no indication of what was up. She expressed her anxiety to her fans on Instagram stories on Monday night saying

“I’m just here wondering yani kabi is planning ni kama ni birthday yake, sasa wewe unawacha tutu nikae
this time round nikianagali Kabi, the night to my birthday the guy is getting ready so  I don’t know what he has planned, so let’s wait and see”

The Wa Jesus family attracted amusing comments from their fans who told Milly to wait and see. They also sent her cute birthday messages wishing her love and happiness.

Meanwhile she has wished herself a great year writing “happy birthday to me its another year  another chance to live life to the fullest and make a difference in my generation. one of my prayer for this new year is that I will leave my life with purpose and everything I do will be aligned to Gods will. 28 has never felt this good to God be the glory for another year”

May this year be filled with love, happiness for you Milly. Happy 28th.

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…I make you mad just to have your attention – Kabi WaJesus tells wife Milly

Kabi WaJesus had probably the most embarrassing period in his life, earlier in the year when it was disclosed that he was the father of his cousin’s daughter after a DNA test was done.

Despite lying about the scandal initially, his wife Milly was a rock who stood by him during the crazy trolling that Kabi went through after the announcement.

Was it incest? What Kenyan law says about Kabi WaJesus sleeping with his cousin

And Milly following her marriage vows to the latter isn’t something that her husband hasn’t noticed. The man has now decided to reward the mother of his one child, with a heartfelt post praising her.

He wrote,

”Every glance at you is enough reason for me to smile; that’s why sometimes I make you mad just to have your attention 🙈🙈🙈.

”Nakupenda sana @millywajesus 😍. Pia napenda kumatch nguo na wewe so that everywhere we go people can know we are together ❤ ”

Milly also wrote to Kabi saying;

”Thank you @kabiwajesus for keeping me warm at night and for making the conscious decision to love me daily. Sijui ningefanya nini ningekua single na hii baridi ya Kanairo 😂.”

Milly stated that she met Kabi through her then-boyfriend, who was also Kabi’s close friend.

“I met Kabi when I was in form two in high school. My then-boyfriend introduced us and we ended up going for two double dates with him and his then-girlfriend. I had a picture of the four of us that I took to school just to show off my gang,” said Milly.

Kabi WaJesus with Milly
Kabi WaJesus with Milly

The two parted ways but later reunited on FaceBook after Kabi gave his life to Christ. According to Kabi, the first time he lay his eyes on Milly, he knew his future wife would be like her as she was down to earth.

But Milly never saw herself settling down with Kabi.

“Let me tell you guys, I never thought the father of my children would be Kabi. He keeps saying I wanted him from the word go, but it’s a lie. Because I saw you and I was like uuhhh, huyu kijana he looks very rugged, and then you had that hair….you had put chemical, I was like this is high maintenance maneno’s. Alikuwa ameweka mpaka edges.”

Kabi WaJesus holding his wife
Kabi WaJesus holding his wife

Milly continued to explain that she felt Kabi was really slow. Kabi interjected to clarify that it was due to the drugs he was before.

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Kabi WaJesus isn’t an anomaly – He is how most Kenyans view Christian celebs

Popular YouTuber Peter Kabi popularly known as Kabi WaJesus was exposed last week for allegedly having a daughter. The accusation went as far as to say that he had neglected a child he allegedly sired with another woman.

This is after photos he posted of him with a young girl went viral, with some alleging that the baby was his due to their striking resemblance.

But Kabi and his wife, Milly quickly responded in a video to the allegations, expressing displeasure at the way Kenyans had believed the accusations, clarifying that the child was his niece.

Kabi also revealed that he had received a letter from an unnamed individual purporting to be a lawyer demanding he pays child support.

“There has been a rumour doing rounds that I have a kid, a baby called Abby… Around date five, I got a letter, purportedly from a lawyer, that I need to pay child support amounting to Sh181, 895. I immediately thought it was a joke, so I called my lawyer and shared the letter with him. He checked the lawyer’s name and firm on the LSK database, and they do not exist. He told me someone was just trying to blackmail me. So, I ignored and moved on,” he explained.
Setting the record straight, the father of one went to say that the woman alleged to be his ex-wife is actually his cousin. “The lady you see in this picture is my cousin, and the baby we took this picture with is called Abby – she is my niece. How can someone say you are the father of your cousin’s child?” He posed.

Come clean first – A lesson Kabi WaJesus should learn from his wife Milly WaJesus


In Kabi’s response, the YouTuber noted how quickly Kenyans had adjudged him to be in the wrong, something I am also guilty of doing.

And why is that? I think that as Kenyans we have become accustomed to expecting the worst in our leaders/celebs-Seeing the fault in our stars as it were.

And we tend to come down harder on the leaders/celebs who look too good to be true and those happen to be the ones who profess Christianity as their shield and buckler. And there is also a joy in seeing them fail/fall, the psychological explanation for that is Schadenfreude.

Schadenfreude is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another. Schadenfreude is a complex emotion where, rather than feeling sympathy, one takes pleasure from watching someone’s misfortune.

Could this be the reason? Maybe…

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Inafanya ukae mmama mnono! Kabi Wa Jesus tells wife in ugly squabble(video)

Popular YouTuber Kabi WaJesus and his wife, Milly WaJesus rarely if ever hide anything about their marriage. The couple reveals almost everything about their lives to an adoring public.

Their honesty and realness(if I can call it that) are what really enthralls their hordes of fans. In essence, they don’t hide anything in their lives.

A recent video the couple posted shows the unvarnished way the couple deal with each other. It all started after Kabi was left unimpressed with the manner in which his wife, Milly had put her make-up on.

He was unhappy with the over the top way that she had done her make-up as they were preparing to go to church.

Nilikuwa mlevi sana – Kabi WaJesus confesses drug past before getting saved

The problem is not even her new style but how she does it. She gets on some blush on her cheeks with a conspicuous color and lets her lipstick is screaming red. When Kabi walks in and sees her he asks, “Umejipaka nini unakaa funny? Mablushes ni za nini?” he questions.

Milly on the other hand who is confident about how she looks dismisses her husband and asks him to instead fix something on her top.

“Umejiangalia? Na hizo eyebrows…Toa tu hizo vitu umejipaka, why are you doing that? ” Kabi does not understand what mood his wife has woken up with that day.

But Milly is having none of it and insists that she finds the make-up to be o.k but that doesn’t stop her hubby from going all in, saying that his wife looks like a fat woman.

“Unakaa funny. Inafanya ukae mmama mnono,” leaving Milly feeling disrespected and abused. “Sasa umeanza kunitusi nakaa mnono?” Milly fires back. Watch below:

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Nilikuwa mlevi sana – Kabi WaJesus confesses drug past before getting saved

Peter Kabi popularly known as Kabi WaJesus and his wife Milly wa Jesus were recently interviewed on Jalang’o’s Youtube show.

The couple who have become the biggest thing on YouTube the past one year revealed a few interesting tidbits during their conversation, one of which was the jobs that Kabi himself thought he would be able to satisfactorily do when he became an adult.

Kabi wa Jesus with Milly and Jalang'o
Kabi WaJesus with Milly and Jalang’o

He said that he once believed that the best jobs in this life was to either be a bus conductor (Makanga) or a thief, as he grew up in Kayole where he did not have role models and this contributed a lot to his decision.

The WaJesus family hint that they might conceive second-born in Dubai

Kabi said that he feared becoming a thief because he was afraid he’d steal and getting beaten so he chose the safer option of becoming a bus conductor, a job he said afforded him easy access to women and alcohol.

Kabi WaJesus with Milly WaJesus

But he says that the life wasn’t what he wanted for himself and he decided to get saved.

“I did all those things because I didn’t have role models. Nilikuwa najua hii ndio life. Nilikuwa najua the best career in this life was either kuwa makanga ama kuwa mwizi lakini sikuwa nataka kuwa mwizi juu nilikuwa najipenda. Nilikuona naona nikikuwa mwizi nipigwe mawe mimi. So naona makanga at least hapo nitapata pombe virahisi because doo ni ya daily na madem wanapenda makanga. Huko mtaa makanga amepiga silver zake safi amepiga mangoto… nilikuwa naangalia nasema this is the life I want to live but once nilistep out nikakuja kujua Jesus na nikapatana na watu wanafikiria bigger nlianza kufikiria big,” said Kabi WaJesus.

Kabi Wajesus and Milly posing together
Kabi Wajesus and Milly posing together

Kabi explained that before he got saved, he was an alcoholic and used to smoke cigarettes and even marijuana and it took him getting tuberclosis to quit.

“I don’t drink because nasikia sitaki kunywa pombe but niko na story. Before 2013 I was not born again nilikuwa mlevi sana and wacha nikuambie kitu in 2011 nilipata TB (Tuberculosis) nikaambiwa niwache pombe na sigara na hizo vitu na bangi,” said Kabi WaJesus.

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Husband swap? Fans ask if Diana Marua and Milly wa Jesus are swingers


Rules of engagement here people! You can thirst on anyone as long as your spouse (or the person being lusted over) is cool with it.

Something that doesn’t happen very often is married women jointly thirsting for one anothers husbands.

It’s very easy to find one celebrity or person thirsting for another. But to see two thirsty equally? That’s a potential relationship or hookup on our hands, folks. And with two people as stunning as Dian Marua and Milly wa Jesus, what’s not to love?

Over the last couple of days, Diana and Milly have outdone each other sharing pictures of the others husbands, and we gossipers are here for it.


Moshene is our business and we will give it to you.

Diana shared Kabi’s pictures on Instagram saying ‘How I crush on this man everyday 💕💕💕 @kabiwajesus, and he liked it commenting ‘haiya’, and then Milly uploaded a very cute selfie of Bahati and then said a few salacious words ‘You are a whole shhnnnaaack baaaabbbyyyy 😋MINE 😍 @BahatiKenya’.

It’s the usual strategic Instagram moves that the Bahati’s are famous for. What project do they have in store?


Their famous pals jumped in liking and commenting on the pictures. WHAT IS HAPPENING!?

Keep it going please.

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Kabi and Milly wa Jesus reveal the secret to their happy marriage

Celebrity gospel couple Kabi and Milly wa Jesus are admired by many Kenyans for the beautiful relationship that they have. The couple who share alot of the details of their intimate life rarely if ever have any scandal. Take notes Bahati and Diana Marua…

The couple has now revealed how they do it. Again, take notes Bahati and Diana Marua. The pair explained that they choose to focus on the positives in order to make it work.

Kabi wa Jesus with Milly wa Jesus
Kabi wa Jesus with Milly wa Jesus

This is after one of their fans observed that the vlogging couple don’t show their sad moments on their YouTube channel. Kabu said,

“So today I saw a comment about us not showing times when we are sad on social media and it got me thinking. We need to say that our goal is to show the positive side of marriage as the negative is highlighted on so many other media platforms. Not that we don’t have our down moments but those don’t define our relationship. We choose to focus on the ups so that even when we are down that doesn’t overshadow our highs,” said Kabi wa Jesus.

Kabi wa Jesus with Milly wa Jesus

He added: “We all need role models who intern give us hope of a better future, a happier marriage and world of love. We choose to be that we refuse to conform to the need for negativity to bring some sort of balance.”

“Let’s love and accepted to be loved without an expectation of a “failed marriage” as is expected. #marriageworks and of course with God at the centre that’s where you find your joy.#NiJesus. @millywajesus again I will love you in public and in private my #wcw 💕💕💕”

Kabi wa Jesus with Milly wa Jesus
Kabi wa Jesus with Milly wa Jesus

On her part, Milly encouraged her fans to always have hope no matter the circumstances.

“Every time I look back at where am from I see a brighter future, am assured that God has the best plan for me. I pray that each day we will find something that gives us hope, hope to live, hope to love and hope that one-day things will be better. So, in whatever circumstances you are in be encouraged by this word from Romans 5:3-5,” she posted.


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The WaJesus Family Here: Kabi and wife all boo’d up on True Love Magazine


Gospel couple Kabi wa Jesus and wife Milly cover February’s issue of True Love magazine.

The two love birds share their family moments.

Get a job sis! Diamond Platnumz’ Kenyan baby mama told after ditching her

unnamed (2)

Milly recently disclosed that Kabi was not the kind of guy she would marry, while he marvel that he got married in church.

“Growing up in Kayole, I never thought I would get married in a church,” he said in an interview with Word Is.

Here’s what we do know about part of their story.


Kabi and Milly met in 2011 when she was still in high school. He proposed to Milly on live TV.

Kabi married her in December 2017 and the two run a Youtube Vlog, that has over 100k subscribers.

They are hugely popular and it will be interesting to continue learning about their love story.

All the best Wa Jesus Family.

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Such a beautiful name! Kabi and Milly wa Jesus reveal son’s name

Kabi wa Jesus and his wife Milly Kabi were blessed with a baby boy earlier last month. The couple who have been sharing a lot of their stories on YouTube or their respective social media pages have now revealed the name of their son.

As with many practicing Christians the couple has given their baby boy a name that they believe will make him succeed in life; The name they gave their son is Reign Taji Kabi.

Kabi and Milly wa Jesus
Kabi and Milly wa Jesus

This is the first time the couple is making their son’s name public since being welcomed into their family, barely 7 weeks ago. The news was featured in their 32 Minute YouTube video, where they also showed off their baby’s room to the fans.

Reign Taji Kabi
Reign Taji Kabi

‘We are so excited that you get to know our baby @tajiwajesus and see the beautiful baby room head over to YouTube and check it out,’ Shared Kabi wa Jesus.

Kabi and Milly wa Jesus
Kabi and Milly wa Jesus

The couple who have a well-followed and award-winning YouTube page have the pressures most content creators face; that is having fresh and new content every week.

Congrats! Kabi wa Jesus and Milly wa Jesus welcome new-born son

This is something that Milly had even asked her husband about, ‘I remember asking my love @kabiwajesus “tutatoa wapi videos za kuupload every week?” And he told me “tukue tu sisi na God atatulead”and that is what we kept doing and we found ourselves here.

She added,

‘There is great power in being yourself and creating content that resonates with who you are. Our desire is to tell a different story about marriage. A story of hope and joy. We desire to inspire and impact our generation to believe that #marriageworks. Thank you for being part of our story.’

The couple
Kabi and Milly wa Jesus

The announcement received a lot of love from their over 143K YouTube subscribers, as the video was able to gain over 65K views within 6 minutes.

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Congrats! Kabi wa Jesus and Milly wa Jesus welcome new-born son

Celebrity couple Kabi wa Jesus and Milly wa Jesus have welcomed a new-born son into their family. The couple revealed this good news in a 10-minute Vlog, that shows their pregnancy journey.

Milly said,

‘Glory to God we held our baby for the first time. Hi Baby. The best moment was the cry. Yes, Guys the baby is already here and we are very excited that you guys have been part of us. It’s been a very wonderful journey, thank you for walking with us, thank you to everyone who showed concern because we have been quite for about one week, because we really wanted to get hold of our baby and understand him, as we start this new journey that we are in. Thank you for praying for Us. Being part of the pregnancy journey, it’s a new chapter and we can’t wait to share with you, the labour and delivery story and even just to introduce our boy to guys. Thank You.’

Kabi wa Jesus with Milly wa Jesus
Kabi wa Jesus with Milly wa Jesus

The announcement received overwhelming love from their over 111K YouTube subscribers, as the video has now gained over 160K views since its release.

She’s Loved: Milly Wa Jesus’ second baby shower 

“Thank you for the warm welcome back 10K views in 2 minutes, we love you right back” wrote Kabi.

“Wow we have been waiting for you literally every minute! So relieved to see you back, ni Jesus!” Matial

Kabi wa Jesus with Milly wa Jesus
Kabi wa Jesus with Milly wa Jesus

The Wa Jesus family had attended the baby shower of another celebrity couple in Bahati and Diana Marua. The latter were blessed with a son called Majesty in August 2018.

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She’s Loved: Milly Wa Jesus’ second baby shower 


Gospel singer and comedian Kabi wa Jesus (Peter Kabi) s and his wife Milly Wa Jesus held a second baby shower this past weekend.

Milly gathered with her friends, weeks after they held another event in August with an elaborate baby gender reveal ceremony.

This time round it was a low key affair, she wrote about it saying

The new month started on a high note as this amazing ladies who I call my friends surprised me with an amazing baby shower Yesterday. Thank you so much ladies this was so beautiful and I loved every detail and I dont take it for granted that you took your time to plan all this just for me and my fam. We can never thank you enough but just pray that in your time of need God will send people that will stand by your side in Jesus name.


Kabi married the love of his life Milly in December 2017 and the two are expecting their first child.

The two, who run a Youtube Vlog, announced they are pregnant in a nine-minute video that documents their love story.

The mum to be wore a yellow dress this time round praising the fashion house that dressed her for the ocassion

you went over and beyond my expectations on this dress wow.

The baby is expected this month, and we can’t wait to meet their little boy.

Here are other pregnancy photos that you must see

millywajesusfirstbabyshower1 millyfirstbabyshower

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‘Pregnancy can make you tired and sore,’ moans Milly wa Jesus

After their big announcement that they were expectant, Milly Wa Jesus took to her social media to share her experience with pregnancy so far.

What stood out in her post was that pregnancy takes a lot of your energy and that it could be a tiring process.

Her post read;

Pregnancy can make you tired and sore, and it takes a lot of your energy.  A little bit of pampering is nice! I am blessed to walk with you in this journey.

Cause you make me feel soo good when I am dealing with soo many changes. @kabiwajesus you are such a vibe, I count myself blessed cause of you. #marriageworks #husbandandwife #loved


“He is more emotional than I am” – whispers Millie wa Jesus



Milly wa Jesus has a message for slay queens (Exclusive)

Well, her hubby jumped in on the comments just as always and continued to express love.

What did I do to deserve you? 😭😭😭 every word that comes from you is of wisdom, kindness and love. Nakupenda sana Love ❤️❤️❤️ My heart melts at such words. #unashamedtolove

As they unveiled their pregnancy news through their YouTube channel, their popularity not only increased, they also had a huge following of fans who confirmed that marriage works.

Well, all we can do is wait for the gender reveal, as she glows in all that pregnancy glory.

Two other couples are expecting a new bundle of joy is Kambua Manundu and the Bahati’s.

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“He is more emotional than I am” – whispers Millie wa Jesus

The Wa Jesus family have been trending on our social timelines for all the good reasons, including the recent announcement that they are expectant.

Two other couples are expecting anew bundle of joy: namely Kambua and the Bahati’s.

However what the fans do not know is that not only is Milly wa Jesus emotional, she was quick to add that the husband was more emotional than her.

She disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Classic 105  saying,

He is basically emotional.

He is more emotional than I am.

Milly wa Jesus has a message for slay queens (Exclusive)


‘If it wasn’t for my wife, things wouldn’t be like this right now’ – Jimmy Gathu reveals

Well Kabi had something to add on to that saying that his perspective about marriage was different and that having married the love of his life was the best thing that could have happened to him.

He added that when getting into a relationship with someone should be so important that that person knows your past well enough to help you make a better future and that is what Milly did for him.

In his words he said;

Growing up in Kayole I never thought I would get married in a church.

I knew I would get married but my perspective was getting married but if it would fail one could always opt out but she changed that narrative.

Even during the proposal I was very emotional but I thought I had to be strong because it was live on television.

I had to keep my composure but I was so happy I couldn’t even keep calm.



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‘Take your time’ advises the Wa-Jesus family on marriage

The Wa Jesus family are definitely serving us marriage goals and we can’t help but envy them in their marriage life.

In an exclusive interview with Classic 105, we were able to ask what it took to have a successful marriage.

Some of the relationship advice and lessons that they gave when it came to relationship was;

One put God at the center he is the author and finisher of marriages so if you want to understand marriage, look for the meaning of marriage  from the source who is God.

Also be friends , be good friends even before you get into that relationship.

We dated for 4 years and it has made our relationship easier.

A Thankful Heart: Kibra MP Ken Okoth’s message to KOT


‘Love deeply’ – Terryanne Chebet reveals biggest lessons she has learnt this year

Kabi wa Jesus who is also known as Pastor Kanyosto was quick to add that

We were friends for 4 years before we dated, 3 years after we dated and now we are in to marriage so in relationships, you have to build them over time.

For the person who is looking to get into marriage, take your time,  there is no rushing getting married.

Just get to know this person and then you can go ahead to get to getting into a relationship with that person.

They also added that when you get into marriage, you do not have to always be the one expecting things.

That apart from compromise, one had to also be the one to give, that giving without expecting was one of the ultimate things one had to know.

This is what they had to add;

The other thing is when you are getting into a relationship, is that you have to be ready to give and not to receive.

In every relationship you are getting into go in there to give

If it is love-give,

if it is time- give.

When you do not do that , the only thing that will be on your mind is what I’m receiving instead, while it should be what can I give.


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