‘Milly Chebby dumped a pastor for me’ – Terence Creative

Terence Creative has revealed his wife Milly Chebby almost got married to a pastor but backed out at the last minute and settled for him.

Chebby and Terence have been married for 10 years.

Terence revealed this information during a segment on his wife’s YouTube channel.

‘My wife was to be married by a pastor. Everything had been done, but on the d-day, she never showed up, akarudi kwa chokora wake (Terence).”

The couple first met at Carnivore Grounds where the Churchill show was being shot.

Terence says when he first met Milly, he thought he would just hit and run only for him to end up falling in love.

‘We met in 2013 February at Carnivore where I was working as a creative at the Churchill show.

I saw Milly during a meeting for creatives. 

During the first shoot of Churchill’s show, I saw her again making a call. I couldn’t help but admire her derriere.

I was like ‘hii ukiipiga inaweza’.

At the time I was not thinking of a relationship, I was going through a hard time. 

I was confused and was about to exit from another relationship. It did not ring in my mind that I needed this lady to settle, I was on fisi mode.

Men let’s not lie most men are on fisi mode when they meet a woman, they only change to marriage mode later.”

On how she met the love of her life, Milly shared,

“J Blessing had announced that Churchill show was making a comeback after two years. I sent him a DM and told him I wanted a job as a backstage manager.

I was given the job and as I was walking to Carnivore for a meeting is when I saw Terence.”

We met again during the first shoot of the Churchill show.”

Their marriage has not been without it’s fair share of challenges.

In 2020 Terence admitted to having cheated on Milly Chebby with environmentalist Anita Soina.

Chebby says during that period, she almost gave up on her marriage.

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Milly Chebby reveals how suffering from a miscarriage delayed her getting baby no 2

Milly Chebby, wife to Terence Creative has revealed why she is yet to give birth to a second child despite her being financially stable.

The You Tuber cum influencer says she is still recovering from her previous pregnancy.

Sharing her opinion via her YouTube channel she said

“It took me time to recover from my first pregnancy after I got my miscarriage.

My second pregnancy was also not smooth, when I got my daughter she was sick.

So in the last three years, I have been recovering from so much.

I have been recovering from my baby getting sick and vomiting for 9 months.”

In a past interaction with Diana Marua on her YouTube channel, Milly revealed she conceived 2 months after her miscarriage.

Milly narrated, “I was so ready to get a baby, so when the test turned out positive I was very happy. At 2 months I started spotting.

I went to the hospital and the doctor confirmed the heartbeat was OK But at 13 weeks I spotted again and my spirit told me something was not right.

The baby had to be evacuated.”

Milly says two months later she got pregnant but when she gave birth her daughter developed some complications.

“I got pregnant two months after my first miscarriage. Milla was born with a tumour in her stomach, the stomach was very swollen but it was not painful even if you pressed it.

Milla went through a successful surgery and is today a bubbly baby.

Milly now says the experience made her wait before getting another child, but she now says she is ready.

“2019 Gave me its sweet side and sour sides, God gave me the best gift ever our daughter @millanetai at two weeks we discovered she had a tumour in her tummy, at 2 months she had two major Surgeries and both were successful thank you God for i almost lost it but you kept me God.”

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Terence and Milly Chebby on why they haven’t had a white wedding

YouTube couple Milly Chebby and her husband Terence Creative have opened up on why they haven’t had a white wedding despite being together for 10 years.

According to the couple they decided to focus on important things first such as settling their parents in good houses among other things.

Speaking on Milly Chebby’s YouTube channel Terence shared

“According to the African culture, once you do a traditional marriage, you are officially a couple.
We were planning on doing a wedding last year but one after our daughter but Corona hit.”

Milly says she wants a wedding but is OK with developing themselves first.

“We chose to focus on important things first. We decided to first get a shamba and then built our parents’ homes.
We started with my mum then Terence’s cucu and then now our home Imagine leaving my honeymoon…
I am not in a rush but I miss getting married.”

Terence added,
“If you are watching me and you have wedding grounds or you sell nice rings send me an inbox with the quotes.” The couple is celebrating 10 years since they got together.

Milly says she is happy because of the growth they have had in the marriage.
“I can’t compare my first five years with the latest five years, I thank God for my daughter.”

Speaking in a past YouTube session Milly had said when she got married to Terence jhe was very irresponsible.

Adding that he has had to learn responsibility along the way.

“What I have learned in my 10 years in marriage is that It is a myth to say you can change a man. Given a chance, I would change the first five years and start on the 6th one. When I met Terence he was a work in progress. God can use you to change someone. I am proud of the man he has become in the last 10 years we have been married,” she recalls

Milly says the environment one grows up in affects how they live life and how they interact with people.

“He never cared to bring anything in the house. I had to tell him that men do not come home empty-handed.
He grew up in a broken home hence he did not have any example to follow from.”

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Why Milly Chebby wanted to leave her marriage in the first 5 years

Milly Chebby says given a chance she would erase the first 5 years of her marriage to Terence Creative.

In the past, the mother of one had said Terence used to smoke, sleep outside the home, and was very irresponsible.
Milly says Terence told her he had kids from a previous marriage the first week they met.

“What I have learned in my 10 years in marriage is that It is a myth to say you can change a man. Given a chance, I would change the first five years and start on the 6th one.
When I met Terence he was a work in progress. God can use you to change someone. I am proud of the man he has become in the last 10 years we have been married,” she recalls

Milly says the enviroment one grows up in affects how they live life and how they interact with people.

“He never cared to bring anything in the house. I had to tell him that men do not come home empty handed.
He grew up in a broken home hence he did not have any example to follow from.”

Milly Chebby and Terence Creative together
Milly Chebby and Terence Creative together . Photo/Instagram

Terence advised men who are dating different women to decide early on who they want as it helps to avoid wasting time.

The first time we met I gave her my ‘file’ so that she would know where I was coming from.
I did not want to surprise her once we were already in the relationship.
It is good to be true to yourself because with time your true colours will show.”


“I am where I am because she gives me the peace and space to be creative.
The kind of person you become depends on who you date or marry.”

Terence was in the past married to his childhood sweetheart Eunice Waneta with who he has two kids.

After the relationship ended Terence lamented that his ex-wife had denied him access to the kids.

He said that he did not even know where the kids lived adding that he could only see them in school.

The couple have since agreed to co-parent.

‘It’s a great union in heaven,’ Comedian Terence’ grandma passes on

Comedian Terence Creative is in mourning after his favorite grandmother passed on.

In many occasions, Terence has mentioned that he was raised by his grandmum.

Together with his wife, Milly Chebby, they were putting up a house for their grandmum which she has unfortunately not had a chance to live it.

Terence paid tribute in a long post to celebrate his late grandmother.

Terence wrote;

Some texts are hard to type, but let me do this.

I thank God for the time He gave us with my grandma, today I took the last selfie with her and hugged her for the last time, I can’t believe we won’t be seeing each other again, I had so much plans for her but God had better and best plans for her. We used to gossip together and have fun, she was funnier than I am.”

He added;

“She had a nickname ‘secret’ because people trusted her with their secrets and she would tell them “sitasema, ni sekereti” but woooiii alikuwa ananiambia zote na tunacheka pamoja.

My brothers and I used to call her “grandee” a nickname derived from the word grandma.

She was great and played a big role in our life, there is much I can say about her, but let me keep some as a secret as she would say.”

He continued;

I just want to thank God she did meet her great grandchildren and blessed them and always spoke blessings upon all of us. Long live grandee. It is a great union in heaven I guess.

It is sad you didn’t make to see the house I am building for you it hurts so much ,the plans I had were great but God had better plans for you, I’ll miss you mum, my grandma say hi to mum and uncle John

I love you.”

Milly Chebby also paid her tribute.

She wrote;

‘Every time I see this clip, I freeze…’, Milly Chebby shares a moving post

Terence Creative and Milly Chebby’s daughter Milla Netai is a miracle baby.

In various posts, the couple always celebrates the baby by sharing past milestones and challenges their baby faced and overcame.

Her journey since the time she conceived has been tough but the baby is stable and all grown.
Earlier on, during Milla’s first birthday, Milly disclosed that while she three months pregnant, she spotted (light bleeding).

She added that she was rushed to the hospital by her colleagues, and her boss gave her a month to rest.

She also revealed another scary fact that for seven months of the pregnancy, the baby’s heartbeat could not be heard and it got her worried that she could have lost another pregnancy.

“At 3 months pregnant while at work, I spotted and thought I would lose you but thank God for good employer @mwalimchurchill my colleagues rushed me to hospital and by the guidance of my gyna the spotting was managed and my good boss gave me one month paid leave for bed rest, my pregnancy was tough I vomited to the moment I was entering the theater for CS, at 7months clinic we could not hear her heartbeat, my heart sunk but who is God after like 10 trials we got the heartbeat, at exactly 39 weeks 1st February 2019 at 9:30 am @millanetai landed safely to planet earth at 2 weeks checkup , we discovered she has tumor in her tummy attached to her liver my heart sunk again, by the help of my gyna we got a good Surgeon who operated on @millanetai successfully. Today I write this with a heart full of gratitude, God has been there for us, he has come through for us at our darkest and i know he gat us for life, as our gift baby milla as she turns one may she be blessed forever, may she receive unmerited favour may grace be sufficient in her life, we have never lacked since we met her. Thank you God for all you’ve given us we don’t take it for granted. Happy 1st Birthday @millanetai fruit of my womb” wrote Chebby.

‘The baby died at 7 weeks,’ comedian’s wife on losing their first born

milla 2
This time, she shared a video from a hospital room after the couple found out their baby had a stomach tumour a few weeks after birth.

Baby Milla underwent two successful surgeries.

Recounting the day her baby was wheeled to the theatre, Milly shared a touching post thanking God for saving her miracle child.

“05/04/2019 At this time I was numb waiting for @millanetai to be wheeled to the theatre, my baby had not eaten all day, she had been crying coz of njaa her last feed was at 7 am and this was 2 pm she had been booked for 2:30 pm but she was wheeled to the theatre at 7 pm as in the only thing that was keeping me was hope, every time i see this clips I freeze and thank God for he is a miracle-working God that’s why I call Milla Mwihaki Netai A Miracle… After the surgery she was moved to ICU, Milla ate after 24hours, also notice the black neck post-baby @terencecreative Kept it together God bless you at some point I was wondering what was going through his mind, he was still making jokes as in who does that? THANK YOU GOD FOR PRESERVING MY BABY I WILL BRING HER UP IN YOUR WAYS…. GLORY TO GOD,’ the YouTuber wrote in part.
She also revealed that since then, her little Princess has never been hospitalized again.

mila 3