Check out Senator MIllicent Omanga’s lavish mansion – Photos

Senator Millicent Omanga in a recent interview with Betty Kyallo let Kenyans into her mansion and we must admit it is magnificent.

Speaking to Betty Kyallo, Omanga says she has been hustling for as long as she can remember.

Adding that the need to hustle was motivated by her mothers struggles to pay their school fees.

I am an interior designer.

I learnt the trade through passion and friends because I have studied B-Com at the University of Nairobi.

When in Campus I would use my upkeep cash to go to Dubai and buy stock and resell and make some profit enough to repay back the cash and sit for my exams.

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She adds

By the time I finished university I was a fully fledged business woman.

I would get orders from the hospitality industry.

My dad had passed away while we were in school yet we were eight kids and my mum was struggling to pay for the fees.

That is why I chose to be independent.

My hubby loves me the way I am, If I lose weight I might lose him – Senator Omanga

Millicent goes on to add that despite having a busy schedule she always creates time for her kids.

I was in the Uk and came in the morning of mothers day and found balloons all over and I was so happy.

I am strict when need be and easy when they behave.

She adds that at some point she used to get bothered by trolls.

Initially I used to get hurt. I would cry till I could not cry anymore but I have now developed a tough skin.

My conscience is clear. so I have nothing to be worried about.

My worry at the time was only that my kids would see such stuff. It would really affect but personally I feel nothing about negative critics.

Here are photos of Omanga’s house as seen during an interview with Betty Kyallo on ‘Up close with Betty’.

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Millicent Omanga
Millicent Omanga

My hubby loves me the way I am, If I lose weight I might lose him – Senator Omanga

One thing Kenya can boast about is a whole lot of fearless and outspoken women leaders, one of them being Millicent Omanga.

The nominated Senator never shies away from diving into topics that many seem controversial or too hot to tackle.

Omanga, who unsuccessfully vied for Nairobi county’s woman representative seat, is married to one Dr. Francis Nyamiobo and together they have two children.

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millicent omanga children

At one time, she viciously attacked people who poked fun at her shape after she claimed her behind was too big for economy class seats. She also went ahead to state that she is happy and proud of her physique.

She spoke during a recent interview where she covered topics including her upbringing, political career and marriage life.

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She was asked about the same topic and she categorically stated that she is proud of what she inherited from her mother and that she was not looking forward to shedding any weight.

Why? Her loving husband loves her just the way she is and if she dares lose weight, she might end up losing the love of her life.

millicent omanga

“Oh yes! I love what my mama gave me and I am unapologetic about it. You know they say I need to lose weight or do that, I don’t!,” she said.

“I want to add more because my husband loves it and if I lose then he will leave me and where will I get another one?”

Omanga met her husband back in university and the two have been married for more than 10 years. But how does she balance politics and family life?

“I thank God that I am lucky enough to have an understanding husband,” she said.

“He is not in politics but I am his reflection, since all I do out there he is the one who does the panel beating. I am what I am because of him and I have managed to succeed because of him.” 

Listen to the interview HERE