Ommy Dimpoz releases a gospel song after surviving three surgeries (Video)

Ommy Dimpoz has released a gospel song to thank God for saving him even as he recovers from a recent surgery that left him fighting for his life.

In a past interview Ommy’s dad had stated that his son’s condition needed urgent attention hence his admission to hospital.

“They have taken him to Germany for treatment and a possible surgery again. I have been talking to them on phone to know how he is going on.”

Ommy Dimpoz

Another close friend to the family also said the singer is in Germany for treatment.

“After an earlier operation from the throat towards the tummy, he developed complications and started secreting puss thus he was rushed to a hospital.”

‘I felt like my time on earth had come’ Tanzanian artiste Ommy Dimpoz opens up on being admitted in ICU

Ommy Dimpoz

Speaking exclusive during an interview with Millard Ayo days ago, Ommy says its been a bumpy ride

“I was getting so many complications. I had difficulties breathing  and I also had a swelling, on my neck at a place where an operation had been carried out earlier.

After this last operation, I had no confidence so I asked the doctor to let me stay a few more days in the hospital. The good thing is that I was surrounded by positive people.

They encouraged me and made me feel how lucky I was to be healthy again. I am trying to resume my life slowly by slowly.”

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Addressing the issue of Steve Nyerere, a comedian, saying that Ommy Dimpoz would NEVER sing again. Ommy Dimpoz responded, that people should not rejoice over other people’s misery.

“I thank God my voice is back. I don’t know why he talked that way yet he has my number he would have called me or my immediate family and ask what happened.

I never even received a ‘Get well soon message ‘ from him yet I saw a video of him insisting that I will never sing again. How did he know yet we never talked?”

Ommy Dimpoz

Adding that

“The issue of Steve teaches us that we should not take advantage of peoples problems just so that you can have something to talk about.

I was just praying to God to grant me back my voice even if I would NEVER be able to sing I just wanted to be able to speak.

I was having trouble even calling my househelp to tell her that I am in pain. This is despite the fact that she was in the sitting room and I was in the bedroom.

I got very confused.”

Releasing his new song ‘Ni Wewe’  Ommy saysthe release is his way of thanking his fans, family and friends but most of all “Our almighty Lord” who has protected him throughout his sickness.

Below is his latest song


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