‘Malcolm X Mwitu’ Kenyans sarcastically roast Sonko’s lawyer’s accent


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko over the weekend amused Kenyans when he revealed he was given ‘throat sanitzer’ as part of his care package before he signed documents to hand over management of the county.

His lawyer, Harisson Kinyanjui also defended Sonko and in a new clip shared on NTV, many Kenyans have taken notice of the lawyers accent, and how he closely resembles the late American human rights activist Malcolm X.

The explosive comments are below:
Quickmart MLK..

Huyu ni Quickmart Malcolm X.

Mwitu X

Talking like Martin Luther King. And looking like Malcolm X. Smiling face with sunglasses

Hahahah Martin Luther King copycat… someone tell em we’re not in a civil war

This guy reminds me of my friend Martin Luther King Jnr.

That accent is annoying Unamused faceUnamused face

MLK? I’ll be damned

Umoinner sacco manager goes viral again matching his suits to face masks

sonko and lawyer
Mike Sonko and Lawyer Kinyanjui/The Star

In 2018, Mike Sonko was also roasted by Kenyans after his newly acquired accent during an address to guests for the Sustainable blue economy conference at the KICC. Sonko said he faked his accent to to impress the foreign guests.

The governor pronounced words like city as “cirry”, headquarters as “headquarrers, significant as “signifcant”, and Kenya as “Kinya”.

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Saumu Mbuvi reveals date set for wedding to baby daddy Senator Loitiptip

While Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s political career might not be in bloom at the moment, his personal life is one experiencing blessings at the moment.

Sonko with his daughter Saumu
Sonko with his daughter Saumu

That is seen in the life of his oldest daughter, Saumu Mbuvi who gave birth to a beautiful baby earlier this year. While that is already great news for the Sonko, the news that his daughter will be marrying the baby daddy, Lamu senator Anwar Loitiptip, will surely make him brim with glee.

Saumu Mbuvi portrait

This morning, Saumu revealed the great news that she had finally set a wedding date.

She revealed this in one of her Instagram videos where she was taking a ride with the politician.

Saumu Mbuvi reflects on why previous relationships failed

This news will come as great news for her family and friends as the socialite has been unlucky in love in the past, not being able to lock down a man.

Saumu Mbuvi with her new man
Saumu Mbuvi with Anwar

Her first public relationship was with Ben Gatu who is the baby daddy of her first child ended badly with the governor’s daughter claiming that he had been an abusive man.

Saumu with her first baby daddy, Gatu
Saumu with her first baby daddy, Gatu in the past

She said that after having enough drama, she chose to walk out for the sake of her sanity!

She then moved on to a tall club promoter with that relationship looking like the one that would finally take her off the market but that wasn’t to be.

Saumu Mbuvi with her ex
Saumu Mbuvi with her most recent ex

After that failed relationship, Saumu quickly moved on to the senator who seems to be the man who will make an honest woman of her.


The couple so far has a daughter together but rumour has it that Mr Anwar treats Saumu‘s firstborn daughter like his own flesh and blood!

Saumu Mbuvi with her daughter
Saumu Mbuvi with her daughter

Anyway, congratulations to the couple as they await on their special day to draw closer!

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Coolest Grandpa: Meet Mike Sonko’s two grandchildren


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu recently gave birth to her second child, and her popular dad was there to receive the latest addition to the Sonko clan.

Blessings reloaded! Saumu Mbuvi welcomes second daughter on her first daughters birthday

Saumu delivered her second child with Lamu Senator Anwar Tip who was also there to help soothe the new mum.

saumu deliver second dauhtet with sonko and anwar

Sonko happily shared pictures of his newest grandchild noting even quoting a philosopher.

Who knew this man could be this deep? Wow

As Lois Wyse once said, “Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.”

He wrote

May God grant them both a long life filled with His favour and grace. I’m very very proud to become Babu Sonko.
sonko new grand kid
In another caption he added that
I have just visited my daughter who bore me a second grandchild, I couldn’t help but thank God for this great and humbling blessing.
saumu daughter 1 with sonko

Sonko feeds Saumu’s baby daddy as he reveals gender of their baby!

Mike Sonko might be having a tough time politically but that doesn’t mean the man can’t still celebrate his birthday with pomp. Yesterday, the Nairobi governor ushered in his 46th birthday with style, with his close friends and family in tow to commemorate it.

And come they did, from his loving wife to his popular daughter Saumu and from the pictures the governor shared, one could tell that they had a blast.

Sonko enjoying his birthday 2
Sonko feeding his daughter Saumu

While his birthday celebration was on everyone’s lips, his revelation concerning his daughter’s ongoing pregnancy was the icing on the cake for the celebration.

Saumu Mbuvi’s supportive message after father Sonko’s dramatic arrest

In a sweet Instagram post, the Nairobi leader revealed that his daughter Saumu Mbuvi and her politician lover, Anwar, are expecting a baby girl. Saumu first announced her second pregnancy through a cute social media post on February 15, 2020.

Sonko with his daughter Saumu
Sonko with his daughter Saumu

He wrote,

“The problem with us Kenyans is being afraid of small embarrassments. Be proud of yourself no matter how bad the situation is. As I thank God for another additional year on my life and as one of the youngest grandfathers, I am so glad that my granddaughter Sasha will soon have a kid sis. Haters talk during the day but sleep at night and life goes on as usual,” the grandpa said.

Sonko enjoying his birthday
Sonko enjoying his birthday

Saumu’s bae and future baby daddy and Lamu senator Anwar Loitiptip were also present. The two were all smiles as Saumu glowed during her last leg of the pregnancy journey. The Senator and Sonko have such a great relationship that the Governor even fed him a piece of cake!

Ever since Saumu started dating the Senator, she has been nothing but overjoyed with a smile plastered on her face. She even decided to adopt a little girl while serving underprivileged kids at a Coast orphanage.

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PICTURED: Victim in matatu that collided with Raphael Tuju’s car 

We wish all a quick recovery.

When Kenyans learnt of the accident involving Raphael Tuju, many later sought to know who the other victims were.

Tuju was involved in an accident on Wednesday February 12 on the way to Kabarak for Daniel Moi’ state funeral.

The accident happened on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway in Kijabe area after his car collided head-on with a matatu.

Well one of the victims in the Nissan matatu has been identified after a plea for help in paying the bills.

mike sonko with jane

The victim identified as Jane Muthoni, was a passenger in the Nissan matatu and had travelled to Nyahururu to attend a burial. Sadly on the way back to Nairobi, the vehicle she was in hit Tuju’s vehicle.

Jane sustained multiple injuries. Her friend explains

Hello everyone this is a friend of mine who was in the nissan that got involved in the accident with Cs Raphael Tuju’s car.Her name is Jane Muthoni from Nyahururu but lives in Nairobi.She had gone for a friends burial in Nyahururu and on their way back esrly previous day that’s when the fate took place.

ijabe victim legs

She broke her hand,leg and some neck fructure. Has been receiving treatment in Kijabe Hospital .She has been discharged to continue receiving treatment from home but cannot go home since she cannot raise the bill.Please assist where you can and share this post

Her friend called Mike Sonko who took action immediately

This is so unfair though I thought the government would assist them.
Share share share.

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‘I had HIV!’ Sonko dramatically revealed in 2001 affidavit

Court papers filed in 2001 reveal that Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko confessed that he ailed from HIV. The court papers filed by the office of Director of Public Prosecutions say Sonko claimed in an affidavit that he was ailing from at least four life-threatening conditions as he sought to secure his release from prison 18 years ago.

The documents which were obtained by The Star, reveal that the governor had in 2001 said in an affidavit that he was HIV positive and epileptic.

Mike Sonko being arrested
Mike Sonko being arrested

In the affidavit, Sonko claimed that he was suffering from chronic tuberculosis and peptic ulcers. The county chief also claimed that he was by 2001 the son of a single mother who had died while he was behind bars.

‘I have undergone a lot of suffering. I lost my mother while in prison. she was a single parent and my only hope. my younger brother and sister are still in school and now depend on me. my wife was thrown out of the house and all the belongings seized,’ he said.

‘He loves drama’ Maina and Kingangi weigh in on Sonko’s arrest

He also claimed that his conditions required ‘expensive treatment and management.’

‘Currently, I am admitted at the prison hospital and my chances of survival are very minimal hence seek to be released on medical grounds or in compliance of the presidential amnesty exercise dated 12/12/2000,’ Sonko says.
The affidavit was filed at the High Court in Nairobi.

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko

Yesterday Sonko was taken from remand prison to hospital. Doctors attending to the governor at Kenyatta National Hospital did not say what he was being treated for but Sonko’s handlers said he suffered chest pains and high blood pressure.

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‘He loves drama’ Maina and Kingangi weigh in on Sonko’s arrest

It is not a secret that Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko loves doing the most. He is so extra, that he publicizes what he does frequently on his social media.

The latest has been snaps of his gold dining table, that was a few days later followed by the most dramatic arrest of a public official Kenya has ever seen.

Classic’s Maina and Kingangi discussed this on Monday morning asking listeners to give their take on the arrest.

Maina prompted this with his own verdict saying.

What you saw on Friday was the tip of the iceberg. Expect alot more drama without a doubt

Mwalimu appeared to be amused adding that

his support on the ground is huge, adding that he was the third most voted Kenyan in the last general election showing how popular he is on the ground.

sonko arrest

He can been seen refusing to get into the chopper in Voi, and made it an issue. Many Kenyans on Twitter wondered why he was resisting yet other Governors have been subjected to such treatment.

Starehe MP Jaguar wrote
Nothing is permanent…..All will be well Gov.

Meanwhile the Governor is urging followers to remain calm and not politicize the matter.

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Saumu Mbuvi’s supportive message after father Sonko’s dramatic arrest

Mike Sonko was the trending topic yesterday after the Nairobi Governor’s dramatic arrest in Voi. Mike who normally cuts a brazen figure while in his pomp was crying like a petulant child when the cops came to arrest him.

Mike Sonko being arrested
Mike Sonko being arrested

Sonko and other officials are alleged to have facilitated irregular payments of KSh 357 million. The scene of his arrest has seen numerous viral memes made showing the governor in tears as the cops try to arrest him. ENOUGH, about his crying!!! Let’s go to the meat of the story.

Saumu Mbuvi
Saumu Mbuvi

The popular governor still has people in his corner even in this bleak times when he is a guest of the state at the EACC jail cells. Who might that be, you might ask? Well, that person is his daughter and famous because her father is famous, Saumu Mbuvi.

Mike Sonko with Saumu Mbuvi
Mike Sonko with Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu who I can now call a ‘socialite’ has come out in support of her father. The medium? Instagram. The message? A photo she posted that showed her and her father in times past when none of them was sleeping in a jail cell.

Saumu Mbuvi hints at engagement in wake of cheating rumors 

The lass posted a picture of her and Sonko enjoying father-daughter time while taking a selfie.

Saumu Mbuvi with her father
Saumu Mbuvi with her father in the past

She then posted praying and crying emoji’s next to the photo which displayed a sense of sorrow. The image elicited a lot of reactions from her many followers with many encouraging her.

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I love pekejeng! Millie Odhiambo tells Sonko in ugly spat

Mike Sonko grabbed the headlines last week. Yes, that is the type of power (controversy) that the Nairobi governor has when he opens his mouth to speak.

What has he done now? He and Millie Odhiambo have been involved in a tiff this past week after Sonko’s revelation that Ken Okoth had a love-child.

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko at the memorial service

The two have attacked each other viciously on social media and Millie has now responded again on her Facebook page. She dressed down the governor in her message that was written in a scholarly fashion and demeaning fashion.

Some of her memorable quotes in her story were;

My good friend and young brother Sonko, let me tell you something, I am a lawyer- an intellectual if you may, who is also happily a pig while in politics. I am NEVER intimidated by bullies like you who thrive on populism devoid of intellect that often sl*t-shames women. My response to you will be both intellectual and pigerly. You can hire a lawyer to translate for you the intellectual bit. The pigerly bit of course needs no translation coz it’s your expertise.

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko

She then went on to tell the governor that she had been doing a lot in parliament to help children, especially in areas of succession, writing,

Currently we are pushing for an overhaul of the Children Act to ensure protection of all children including children whose parents are not married to each other in conformity with Article 53 of the Constitution.

Millie Odhiambo
Millie Odhiambo

Millie finished off by telling the governor that she had done more for kids than many even knew. She also threw in a controversial bit telling Sonko,

You said history never forgets so let me remind you that I have said before publicly that I love se3 and I have se3.What I also know- men who are overly obsessed with demeaning women se3ually, have either a coma or a fullstop where it matters. Real men have BOLDED EXCLAMATION MARKS in support of women.

What I do know is that this affair will not end anytime soon as the two politicians are very petty!

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Isn’t Sonko mad! He is an African Trump – Maina tells King’ang’i!

Maina and King’ang’i spoke today about a plethora of trending events. One of those was about Lucy Natasha and Maina Kageni dating.

King’ang’i took some playful jibes at Maina with Mr. Kageni telling Mwalimu to lay off and relax. ‘Leave that Lucy Natasha story. You don’t know how she feels. If that is your plan, you will fail.’

Lucy Natasha in her study. Image credit/ Instagram/revlucynatasha

King’angi didn’t back down and insisted that he had to get saved, insinuating that dating Lucy was a way to accomplish that goal.

Mwalimu also spoke about Eliud Kipchoge’s recent historic run giving listeners a comparison of what he had achieved, saying, ‘Kipchoge can run from Thika to Nairobi in 2 hours. His problem is that he can’t pass Githurai with those shoes.’

The marathoner smiling as he crosses the line
Eliud smiling as he crosses the line

The last snippet was memorable as Maina played a clip of Sonko discussing Nairobi affairs with Simon Mbugua. The host was shocked at the Nairobi governor’s antics, enthusing;

‘Aki Sonko, really. This guy is just unreal. For entertainment purposes he delivers. If he ever becomes president, he shall settle his political scores using phonecalls. This guy felt nothing. He recorded this phone call while in the toilet of his hotel room. Yaani he even flushed the loo. Aki Sonkoree!’

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko in a file photo

Maina added incredulously;

‘Kamanda usikaribie City Hall. Isn’t Sonko mad! He is an African Trump. He will reveal the mushene everyday. He will be the most ridiculous president ever! I cannot believe that guy. You are on a toilet. he was talking to Simon Mbugua. One day you wake up and he is the president.’

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Breaking: DNA confirms the late Ken Okoth was father of Ann Thumbi’s son

The mystery of whether Ken Okoth and Ann Thumbi had a son has finally been solved. The DNA analysis has revealed that the boy is the late Ken Okoth’s son.

This news will come as a relief to Ann Thumbi Muthoni who went to court and sued on behalf of her son who she said was Okoth’s son.

Anita Thumbi
Anita Thumbi, Ken’s other woman

Through her lawyer Elkana  Mogaka Thumbi, Ann had sued Okoth’s mum Angeline Okoth and wife Monica Okoth along with Lee funeral home.

‘He did the right thing’ Maina Kageni on Sonko revealing Ken Okoths ‘secret’

“The mother and wife have deliberately and unfortunately excluded me from the funeral and burial arrangements of Okoth” the petition read.

She said that she learnt of the arrangements from the media. According to Muthoni, the family has unilaterally decided to have the body cremated among other reasons to primarily destroy any evidence of her son’s lineage to Okoth.

Ken Okoth and his wife
The late Ken Okoth with his wife

Earlier today, The Star had established that the woman, a Jubilee-nominated MCA, approached Okoth’s family and demanded that her son be acknowledge before his ‘father’ is interred.

The bombshell about Okoth’s alleged lovechild became hot news when Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Mbuvi spoke at Ken Okoth’s memorial service at Moi Girls telling those present that his son should be recognised.

Ken Okoth and Anita together with their son
Ken Okoth and Anita together with their son

Sonko not only went on the record during the service but also revealed images of the late Ken with Anne Thumbi holding their love-child!

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The beginning of Saumu Mbuvi and Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip’s love story

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu has opened up about being in love and getting married pretty soon to Lamu Senator Anwar.

The relationship between the two was made public after a fight at a club where he was injured. The two were watching the UEFA Champions League finals at Memphis Lounge within the neighbourhood of USIU in Kasarani.

Saumu Mbuvi attacked by trolls as she shares loving message for Lamu Senator

On Tuesday September 3rd in a radio interview, Saumu spoke about the special connection between the two, after suffering heartbreak from her baby daddy

He was my best friend for a while, he was someone who encouraged me to tell me what work I can do he has always been pushing me

I met Anwar in Mombasa. I had gone on holiday and he was there for a security meeting. We started talking often. He was more of a best friend and encouraged me to take up projects.

My love has been there for me through my ups and downs. I appreciate him very much. He even tells me to leave trolls alone, and to put aside my phone.

Saumu gushed over her boyfriend saying he plays an important role in her daughters life.

my lover right now he is a very amazing father to my daughter


As a single mum bringing up a child without a man actively in her life, she needs a father figure for her child

I would advice if you have left your man find a father figure, coz there is something a father will teach a child that is different, this generation there is something the kids are missing because there we are so confident being single mothers

Saumu Mbuvi with her new man
Saumu Mbuvi with her new man

Wedding bells?

Very soon

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‘He used to beat me’ Saumu Mbuvi opens up about baby daddy

Saumu Mbuvi has for the first time revealed that her baby daddy Ben Gitu used to beat her.

The daughter to Mike Sonko in a radio interview disclosed that there was violence while she dated him, but never told anyone about it.

It starts with a small thing, the violence was there. I shared with my friends until I went to my dad and told him I made the worst decision in my life

The baby daddy has not been in her life, as he dumped her for another politicians daughter.

Saumu said she survived domestic violence and how she told her famous dad about it

he sat me down asked me what I am planning for life, and told me I am going to be a parent, and wants to see the best in me.

He didn’t get violent with Ben Gitu as many would have assumed.

Saumu Mbuvi
Saumu Mbuvi

She goes on to describe her personal experience

It was not easy. I can say I was young and naive. I rushed into a relationship in University. I was 21, rebellious and I didn’t think, you know when there is rebellious stage you don’t know what you want, you rush into relationships

She admits she was warned about her baby daddy, but didn’t listen

I was told I shouldn’t rush into relation , but I didn’t listen.

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Kenyans titillated with clip of Mike Sonko dancing in new music video

Mike Sonko is one politician who speaks his mind and dances to his own beat, regardless of what detractors might think. The man has been in the news this week after releasing an embarrassing audio clip featuring former Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo.

And he isn’t done yet. The popular governor has decided to feature in an up and coming musician’s music video. The music video is written by Lucky boy and it praises Sonko’s achievements.

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko in a file photo

The song, dubbed The Score Card Nairobi County 047, starts with the governor waving from City Hall and later dancing at his office.

In the video, achievements that the Nairobi County boss has accomplished highlighted, for example; the construction of the Matopeni Road, Kangundo Fire Station, Dandora Vocational Training among others.

I love pekejeng! Millie Odhiambo tells Sonko in ugly spat

Sonko told his followers that he would be having a low key party to celebrate his accomplishments.

“Instead of spending millions of taxpayers money doing big parties and publicity, I have decided to celebrate my two years achievements in office in style,” he divulged.

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko

Governor Sonko added that he would be celebrating his performance at a private club with his Cabinet and chief officers.

Many of his followers were impressed with the video and remarked about it. Some of the comments are below;

rachel.annie.33 God bless,you have done a lot though haters don’t see that,for the remaining yrs may God give u good health,wisdom and strength to complete your work well
ayman_sheik_nico How I wish my governor was hardworking and. Cool like you…..😂😂😂

dama677 Iko juu sana…governor have been looking for a job…am joblesd

Flamboyant and exciting politicians like Sonko are rare but they often fo well with the electorate because they are easily relatable. American president Donald Trump is an example.

Trump has famously been done things on T.V that could be seen as unpresidential but that didn’t stop the American people from voting for him.

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Kabogo explains how politicians are able to nominate their girlfriends

William Kabogo is one politician who knows how the system works. The former Kiambu governor has been in the game for a long time and has a very interesting take on the way politicians manipulate the voting system.

‘You need to visit your grave you may meet her spirit’ Kabogo to troll

Speaking during the morning breakfast show at Citizen TV, Kabogo noted that some governors nominate their girlfriends, people they know or those that have helped them in one way or another.

William Kabogo
William Kabogo

He explained;

Year in year out, we try to streamline the issue of nomination of parties by making sure that these lists are sent before time. We have derived ways of circumventing those conditions that we put so that we can have fair nominations, if you ask me, I would scrap this nomination business. Nominations in Kenya, that is the story, I have been in this thing for the last 20 years, I know.

Kabogo and wife
Kabogo and wife. photo credit: file

He said that nominations were rarely based on merit. This discussion was probably elicited by Mike Sonko Mbuvi’s assertion that he nominated Anna Thumbi – who was the late Ken Okoth’s side-chick because Ken asked him to. He said

I remember, in the 2017 elections, Ken asked me as a friend to nominate his other wife as Nairobi MCA. I did so out of respect out for him. Ken is being buried while his son is suffering. I pray recognition on behalf of Ken Okoth’s wife.

Ken Okoth and Anita together with their son
Ken Okoth and Anita together with their son

Cronyism is the practice of partiality in awarding jobs and other advantages to friends or trusted colleagues, especially in politics and between politicians and supportive organizations. For instance, this includes appointing “cronies” to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications.

‘He did the right thing’ Maina Kageni on Sonko revealing Ken Okoths ‘secret’

Nepotism is the granting of jobs to one’s relatives in various fields including business. politics, entertainment, sports, religion, and other activities. The term originated with the assignment of nephews to important positions by Catholic popes and bishops.

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Mike Sonko reveals pictures of Ken Okoth with his son and Ann Thumbi

Mike Sonko is the man of the moment – something that shouldn’t be happening considering that he has become so after he revealed details about Ken Okoth’s love-child at his memorial service!

Ken Okoth and Anita together with their son
Ken Okoth and Anita together with their son

He did not stop there, he went ahead and posted a message on his Instagram page explaining the whole situation and also posting images of Ken Okoth, Ann Thumbi and their son together.

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko at the memorial service

See images of the pretty Ann Thumbi – Ken Okoth’s other woman

His very long message is below;


We all want to mourn our late Bro Hon. Ken Okoth and respect his family especially the mother. Ken was a diligent leader who did everything to uplift the lives of Kibra constituents and Nairobi in general. However, even as we mourn, we are cognizant of the fact that Ken had a son with one of the nominated Nairobi County Assembly (MCA) members by the name Ann Thumbi alias Anita. The two love birds did not hide the fact that they shared a son. Unfortunately today, Anita was stopped at the Lee funeral home as she took their son to pay last respect to his father. Who does that ?!.
In spite of denials from some members of the family, it’s clear that Ken recognised and was there for his son as demonstrated by pictures and various documented correspondences. On 5th of July 2019, as the Governor of Nairobi, I received a text from one of Anita’s colleagues who said Anita was emotionally down and worried about the health of her son’s father, Hon. Ken Okoth.The MP out of paternal love of his son had reportedly called her to ask her to take care of their son. She then appealed to me to help them fly to Paris to visit the ailing Ken after ambassador Judy Wakhungu posted a picture of the late MP in a Paris hospital. On the 6th I obliged to her appeal and asked them to send me copies of their passports. I proceeded to pay two tickets for the two to travel and also booked a hotel in Paris. Fortunately, a few days later, as we waited for their Visa processing, MCA Doris, a colleague of Anita, sent me a text saying Hon. Okoth had returned to Kenya but appeared very weak. Thus the Paris trip was aborted. 
My humble appeal is that even as we prepare to bury Ken, let’s not forget his son. He too needs and has a RIGHT to participate in the send-off of his beloved dad. As such, it’s our duty to protect the right of the child. As a leader, I offer my support to the family of the late Ken as they undergo a difficult moment of mourning a husband, a father, a son, a brother. The family should accept 
Hon. Okoth’s son enjoys legal protection and recognition #ripkenokoth

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My man has nine ‘secret’ children, woman confesses to Maina

The debate on why Kenyan men never reveal the kids they have had outside their marriage is trending in Kenya and for the wrong reasons.

This is after Governor Sonko revealed to the entire world that it’s indeed true that Ken Okoth had sired a son outside marriage.

Kenyans contributed on the topic and here is what one man had to say

I have a kid out of wedlock and my wife does not know.

Telling her would be a problem.

You just find yourself in this situations,the son is 7years.

I can never tell my wife,even if the other woman decides to pop up after I die well and good.

I won’t  be there to witness the drama.

A Kenyan woman goes in to confess that she is a victim of a man who is a womanizer.

I met him after high school and we got babies,my kids are 16-19.

We however did not get married.

woman crying.

He went ahead and got kids with 5 other women and the family knows.

If he was to die today atleast I will be recognized as the first wife.

She adds

I know all the kids and he takes care of them.

Even now I know the woman he is living with,out of all the six women I am the only one who has given him a girl.

That is why he can’t bear to leave me.

Another adds

I was dating this man and only found out he was married while I was pregnant.

The shocking thing is despite that he made me feel like I was the only woman I’m his life.

Shock on me,I came to find out he had 9 other kids.

when I was called and told he had died I just decided to keep off next I knew there would be drama.

In conclusion she advises

As a woman it’s up to you to decide how to react once you find out you are not the only one one.

See images of the pretty Ann Thumbi – Ken Okoth’s other woman

The death of Ken Okoth has come with its share of drama and complications.

The revered and much admired MP has had his image tarnished after it emerged this week that he might have had a love-child with nominated Jubilee MCA, Anita Thumbi.

Anita has even gone to court seeking orders to stop his burial or cremation on grounds she has been excluded.

Anita Thumbi
Anita Thumbi

The court on Thursday issued orders stopping the cremation until the case filed by Ann Muthoni in court is heard and determined.

Ann Thumbi sued on behalf of her son, whom she says is Okoth’s. Through lawyer Elkana Mogaka Thumbi, Muthoni sued Okoth’s mum Angeline Okoth and wife Monica Okoth along with Lee funeral home.

“The mother and wife have deliberately and unfortunately excluded me from the funeral and burial arrangements of Okoth,” the petition reads.

Muthoni said she only learnt of the arrangements from the media. According to Muthoni, the family has unilaterally decided to have the body cremated “among other reasons to primarily destroy any evidence of her son’s lineage to Okoth”.

The order stopping the burial and cremation was issued by Senior Principal Magistrate GA Mmasi. The case will be heard on August 9.

Even Nairobi governor Mike Sonko Mbuvi has come out as a witness attesting to the fact that Anita and Ken had a child together. At the memorial yesterday the governor said that he had been a witness to Ken and Anita’s relationship. Who is Anita?

She is a Nairobi County Assembly (MCA) and goes by the name Ann Thumbi alias Anita. Her photos are below;

Anita Thumbi
Anita Thumbi
Anita Thumbi
Anita Thumbi
Anita Thumbi
Anita Thumbi
Anita Thumbi
Anita Thumbi

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