Daggy Fresh to Alice of Shoppers, here are photos of Classic 105 fans

Classic 105 fans are loyal and they keep the station running, but have you ever wondered who are the faces behind the voices that call every morning?

Well, worry no more as we have uncovered the faces and below are their photos.

  1. Daggy Fresh

Daggy is a loyal fan who has constantly kept tabs on Classic 105’s Salamz session, re-sharing the stories of the site and even tagging us on matters that interest us and for that we celebrate him.

Daggy Fresh- Classic 105

2. Mike Rua

Mike is a celebrated Kenyan Mugithi maestro, but he is also an ardent Classic 105 fan who constantly keeps fans updated especially on matters traffic.

Mike Rua
Mike Rua

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3. Fifi Njau

Fifi Njau is a big fan of Classic 105 and an ardent fan of Maina Kageni going by her message below the two have been friends for more than a decade.

‘And this is us celebrating the majorest birthday ….my radio ride or die

happy happy birthday mainareeeeee.@ItsMainaKageni

have a blast !!!!!you are the best thing that has happened in my life for 10years now!!!!!

Maina Kageni and Fifi
Maina Kageni and Fifi Njau
Fifi Njau-Classic
Fifi Njau

4. Alice of Shoppers.

If you listen to Classic 105 you must have heard the name Alice of Shoppers, well for her loyalty we celebrate her and what she does.


Alice of shoppers -mpasho

5. Pinchez Wa Gukaa

The list would be incomplete without Pinchez, Calm collected and daring is how to best describe him.

Pinchez Wa Guka- Classic 105


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6. Debrah Njogu

The next time you are wondering who Debrah Njogu is here she is.

Debrah Njogu (1)


7. Purity Ngethe

Purity’s name cannot miss in the Classic 105’s salamz list. She is our fan and she also has fans who always reach out to celebrate her.

Isn’t she pretty?

Purity Ngethe
Purity Ngethe

8. Wangui Wambeca

Sexy cannot define Wangui enough, she has looked to die for and mark you she is a working-class woman. So now you know what calibre Classic 105 fans are made of.


Wangui Wambeca- Classic 105

9. Jamoh Wa  Britam

The next time you wonder who Jamoh Wa Britam is, worry no more as you have now seen the photo of the face behind the voice.


Johny Britam- Classic 105


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Local Musicians Who Keep It Strictly African

With the growth and introduction of different genres of music, many local artists are aping what others are doing.

In a bid to stay “relevant” many local artists are either aping Nigerian or Dancehall music.

This means that most of the songs played sound similar to songs recorded elsewhere.

However there are some artists who have stayed true to their roots and still play and create music with a “homely” sound.

Unlike the new breed that is aping, these musicians have kept the ball rolling from way back.

1. Achieng Abura – Her first debut album was in 1990, yet she still remains relevant over two decades later. Her songs are mainly done in swahili or her native language dholuo.

2.Suzanne Owiyo– Singer and song writer famous for the song Kisumu 100 also happens to sing either in Kiswahili or her native dholuo. She is also known as the Tracy Chapman of Africa. She also happens to play the guitar.

3. Macadem – Also known as the Ohanglaman is a talented musician and vibrant performing artiste. He is a specialist in Benga music and happens to play the traditional luo instrument Nyatiti, Orutu among others, also happens to sing in his native language and has done tours in various places in the world.

4. Mike Rua – This singer is famous for his lewd lyrics but has remained a constant in the Kenyan Music scene over the years. He also plays the guitar and most of his songs are done in his native language kikuyu.

5 Emmy Kosgei – This gospel singer started with her track “Taunet lel” done in her native kalenjin language and it blew the minds of many people including those who did not understand it. In her musical journey she has still maintained her roots and continues to sing in Kalenjin