Classic 105’s Mike Mondo celebrates his 37th birthday in style. Check out the photos

As you already know by now radio presenter Mike Mondo is not just the boy next door, he is a man with class and here is the main reason why.

Well, the presenter turned a year older over the weekend and he celebrated his big day in an intimate ceremony held at Cloud9 in Westlands.

Here guests were treated to some juicy meat and some delicious food with drinks to down it all, after all who would want ‘Mashakura’ on such an occasion?


Wedding bells! Mike Mondo off the market but won’t say who she is

Speaking about his big day, Mike opened up on how he planned for it and the things life has taught him. He said

“I organised something for my close friends and family this time round. I have learnt so much in life, like life is a b**ch and parenthood is not for everyone.”

Mike spent part of his special day with his two-year-old daughter, whom he says is one of the reasons he is working so hard.

“I want her to be everything she wants to be. I do not want her to go through what I did growing up. I have also come to know that sometimes life will be rough, but you have to press on and remain focused.”

‘I once slept on newspapers for lack of a mattress in Umoja’ Classic 105’s Mike Mondo opens up on childhood struggles

The presenter recently broke women’s heart after admitting to having someone in his life to the shock of many who were dying to win his heart.

Speaking to Word Is, Mike said that he is happy with how his life has turned out and that he hopes to one day earn a six figure salary.

“I have actually surpassed my target in life because I did not think I would be where I am today but I look forward to earning a seven-figure salary.”

Below are photos of how Mikes birthday went down as he turned 37












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Wedding bells! Mike Mondo off the market but won’t say who she is

Classic 105’s Mike Mondo has revealed that he is off the market. He however did not talk much about the lucky woman.

“There is someone in the picture, just that I am not in a position to talk about her or reveal who she is.”

Mike, who celebrated his birthday at Cloud9 in Westlands with close friends and family over the weekend, told Word Is he has come a long way and he is grateful for where he is in life.

‘I once slept on newspapers for lack of a mattress in Umoja’ Classic 105’s Mike Mondo opens up on childhood struggles

mike mondo

“I organised something for my close friends and family this time round. I have learnt so much in life, like life is a b**ch and parenthood is not for everyone.”

Mike spent part of his special day with his two-year-old daughter, whom he says is one of the reasons he is working so hard.

“I want her to be everything she wants to be. I do not want her to go through what I did growing up. I have also come to know that sometimes life will be rough, but you have to press on and remain focused.”

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

His aim in life is to get a seven-figure income, which he believes is possible.

“I have actually surpassed my target in life because I did not think I would be where I am today but I look forward to earning a seven-figure salary.”

Last month Mike bought himself his most expensive birthday gift ever—the latest BMW 3 Series (E91 ), much to the envy of those who still have numbers of Uber drivers on speed dial. The BMW is a revised version of the 2006 model. Mike said he does not regret buying the new car as, “at the end of the day, pesa ni ya kutumiwa (money is meant to be spent).


Happy Birthday! Classic 105’s Mike Mondo turns a year older

Classic 105 presenter Mike Mondo has turned a year older today.

Mondo is known for his laid back nature and his captivating voice and many of his fans have been confusing him with Maina Kageni.

The father of one daughter has taken it to his page to thank God and his friends for supporting him in his journey.

“What a day to be alive. Thankful to God, Family and Friends for 37 years of my life. I made it here, I will make it anywhere.”

Exclusive: Classic 105 Radio Presenter Mike Mondo Shares His Journey From Being A Nurse To Becoming A Radio Presenter (Video)

Maina Kageni also wished him well saying;

“This is just to wish you all the best in your new year. We celebrate you as one of our own. Happy Birthday 🎂🎁🎊😅

From us here, Happy Birthday Mike.

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My man lied he worked for Safaricom only to be arrested for illegal deals

Men have a tendency of lying even when it is not necessary to thus making most of them habitual liars hurting the people they love in the process .

The sad fact is that most often women do not walk out even when they find out that their spouses have lied to them from the onset due to their forgiving nature.

During the morning show Maina and King’ang’i in the morning which is being hosted by Mike Mondo(sitting in for Maina) callers were given a chance to open up about the lies they found out about their spouses.

Here is the reason Huddah Monroe feels ready for marriage and kids

The debate was prompted by Mondo’s relative who lied to his spouse that he was still working despite the fact that he had been fired earlier on,he diligently woke up each day and dressed up ready for work.

On being questioned why he was lying he opened up and said that he feared that if his wife found out that he was jobless she would leave him.One caller opened up about how her spouse lied of being formally employed yet he wasn’t

She said

“I met this guy in June 2017 we dated for two months and we moved in together.He used to dress up like any other man and go to ‘work’ he told me that he was working at Safaricom headquarters where he only worked had to work for 4 hours earning a staggering figure of Ksh400,000 per month.

The neighbours knew that my man was not what he portrayed to me and that he does not even work and on a few occasions they had tried to talk to me but i ignored them and told them i don’t have time for that.

When the lady eventually decided to listen to the neighbour and her friends she learnt that her man used to go hang around his friends shop and come back home in the pretence of being from the office.


‘Thank you all for your support,’ Janet Jackson to fans after dad’s funeral

She continues

“When he came home i told him that the neigbours had shown interest in wanting to talk to me and he warned me against talking to them terming them as ‘bad neigbours’

I eventually decided to seek the help of my friend to confirm if he really works at Safaricom,but to my shock he was not an employee even after sending his photos to a contact at the communications offices ,no one recognized him.”

Faced with the dilemma of how to ask her man why he had lied to her ,especially after he  played victim and threatened to beat her up if she said anything that might provoke him.She concludes

“After realizing that he had lied i texted him asking him to come home early since we had something important to talk about,on sensing that he had been found out he warned me that he would beat me black and blue if i said something that might upset him.

‘How do i break up with my nagging girlfriend?’ asks grief stricken man


On realizing how serious he was i decided not to ask him,i waited till he went to ‘work ‘ i packed my things and left .Sadly he was arrested two months later for being involved ion illegal business.

But despite him not working at Safaricom that man was LOADED.”

listen more on the audio below

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‘My husband’s loan of 2 million got us auctioned,’ shouts bitter wife

Good debt is a powerful tool but bad debt can kill you. A city woman learnt her lesson on debt the hard way after she was auctioned due to her husbands debt.

According to the woman, the debts had accumulated to Ksh 2 million and auctioneers came and carried each and everything in the woman’s house leaving her broken wondering how she would pick up the pieces.

After her bitter experience she took to her social media she advised women saying:

“Do not  pay attention to a man’s money but pay attention to his debts.”

This brought about the morning discussion on the Classic 105 breakfast with Mike Mondo who is sitting in for Maina. Mike asking his listeners if they would pay their husband’s debt.

The first caller said:

“Mwanaume ni wallet, a woman only loves you when you have money, when you have money she fondly refers to you as my husband, and calls you ‘kile kimtu ‘when you are broke. When you don’t have money she will be your number one enemy, women will always be women.”

A female caller had this to say:

“If this man took the money and involved the woman she couldn’t be as bitter as she is but it seems the man took the money and spent it elsewhere. As  women we can help pay debts but only when we have agreed on how to use the money together. If we had not agreed I would go away with my kids after all as you were out drinking with your friends I was not involved. You were busy saying ‘leta tulivyo’ so sort out the debts yourself.”

Controversail caller, Captain Kale had this to say:

“Waiting for a woman to help you pay our debt is like waiting for Harambee Stars to go play in the World Cup. If you have debts, just look for money and sort out your debts otherwise no woman will help you.”

Regardless of what Captain said Mike Mondo could not grasp how women can’t help pay their men’s debt yet they claim a man’s money is their money, here is Captain’s response to that…

“Ivo ndo wameumbwa there is no woman who will love you without anything. A woman can even tell an ‘ugly’ man how handsome his shadow is just to be on his good books but cannot help pay even a single penny.”

Listen to how the entire show went…


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Mike Mondo opens up about losing his dad at a very tender age

Classic 105’s Mike Mondo is standing in for Maina Kageni who is away for a bit.

This week, the conversation has been about how long the women can stay without the presence of their husbands.

Well, today’s conversation is about how long a woman should take before she can re-marry if her husband dies.

Mike narrated how life without a dad was and being raised by his mother.

Exclusive: Classic 105 Radio Presenter Mike Mondo Shares His Journey From Being A Nurse To Becoming A Radio Presenter (Video)

mike mondo

“My dad died when I was 13 years and today I am 36 years. However my mum did not get another man to call a husband. I had a converstion with her and asked her why she decided to live alone for all those years since my dad passed on.”

According to Mike, he says that he wished she would have looked for a husband after that.

His mother however told Mike she is very okay.

Mike Mondo

Well, King’ang’i thinks otherwise saying that life has to move on even without a husband.

“Mike these things of quickly moving on especially when you are a woman is wrong, ati baba anaenda alaf mam anakuletea baba mwingine, yani baba wa mkate.”

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‘I can’t wait 28 years for my jailed hubby. Hii kitu ni basic need’ woman confesses to Mike Mondo

Marriage is meant to be for better or for worse; the question is would you wait for your husband if he is sent to jail?

During the morning conversation with Mike Mondo (sitting in for Maina) and Kainga’ngi, listeners were given a chance to give their view on the story of a woman who confessed that she has been faithful to her husband  for the last 28 years after he was jailed in 1990.

Shock and grief in Mitunguu Meru as pastors wife is raped and killed

The question being how long would you wait for your husband if he went to jail?

The responses by female listeners left presenter Mike Mondo and Mwalimu Kingangi sweating.

The first callers says she has a life to live and wouldn’t wait

“I would give him 30 minutes and swiftly move on .I would never wait for him apambane na hali yake.Ikishafika hapo watoto nitalea ukikuja be ready to start life afresh.28 years is a long time enough for me to get other kid take them to school and even through college.”

The second caller said for her it’s out of sight out of mind given the fact that she might decide to wait for him only for him to end up marrying someone else.

“How do you wait for a man for 28 years ,why would I waste all my youthful years waiting for you?”posed a shocked listener

‘Look at this beautiful soul’ shouts Alicia Keys after watching video of Githurai girl

Just as Mike Mondo thought that things couldn’t get any worse,  a female caller said that for her she would move on after two weeks since for her sexual needs  cannot be overlooked. She said

“For me i would only maybe for two weeks by the time he is being arrested i already have a plan b,that woman deserves a standing ovation,I cant wait,hii kitu ni kama basic need my friend.”

The confessions left Mike Mondo wondering if marriage was still a worthy institution, but Mwalimu Kingangi advised him, telling him that

“Listening to these women we want you to understand what you are getting yourself into. Don’t put all your heart in it.”

Listen to more confessions on the audio below

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‘I once slept on newspapers for lack of a mattress in Umoja’ Classic 105’s Mike Mondo opens up on childhood struggles

Classic FM presenter Mike Mondo is known for his laid back nature and his captivating voice but what most do not know is that he once slept on newspapers.

Unlike some Kenyans who were born with a silver spoon, Mondo does not fall in that category and his life at some point was a real struggle.

During an interview with the host of The Trend Amina Abdi, Mike opened up how his life was before he made it.

Mike Mondo during his interview with Amina Abdi

He says

“I grew up in a typical family. But when my dad died things changed for my family. We hit rock bottom. We did not have much growing up. I remember we used to live a lot with uncles or with friends of my mum and luckily though my mum was blessed with bright kids,”

He goes on to explain how he had to drop out of school due to lack of fees:

“I remember one conversation I had with my mum, one time, she told me she could not be able to take me to school anymore. We were four boys, I had a big brother in high school already and two smaller brothers in private school. I have always being that inquisitive kid so I walked up to the principal’s office – I was in high school at the time – and told him, I don’t have fees but I want to complete my education. Good thing is, they told me if I maintain a certain grade then ‘you can go to school here’. My principal went ahead and got the alumni from the school and they paid my whole fees for 4 years. when I went to nursing school the same thing happened.” 

What is money? Mike Mondo acquires the latest classy BMW

Mike Mondo then reminisced about how life was hard before he finally got the radio job.

“To do this now, wow! There was a time I did not even have a mattress, I used to sleep on newspapers on the floor and wake up in the morning and hope that the day is going to be better. But you know, you hang in there and you keep doing what you are doing. And eventually things do work out.”


Many of his fans were touched by his story and they reached out to him via social media.

Mike responded saying, “All the inboxes I got today after being interviewed on the Trend made me realize how much pain, struggle and strife a lot of people are going through. Remember this my brothers and sisters, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.”

“My life has been full of lack. Not having school fees, not having food, not having a house, not having a father. My brothers can tell you of how we used to sleep on newspapers in Umoja. Yet now we can drive our own cars and sleep on a comfortable bed. All that doesn’t matter. What matters is how you use your circumstance to encourage you to be better.”

The different times Classic 105’s Maina Kageni has slayed in suits

Yes, life is tough. And sometimes it puts you in places you have no idea how to get out of. But trust me when i say this, If I could do it, you can too. Set a destination in your mind, picture it, and don’t let it go. Then work towards it. You will fail, A LOT. But that doesn’t matter either. Keep doing what you do, re-organize, pick yourself up and do better.

People tell me, “you are the next Maina Kageni”.. I tell them always, “NO”.. There can only be one Maina Kageni (hate him or love him he is without a doubt the best radio host in Kenya right now). I will be Mike Mondo, the best radio host you ever listened to. And that’s my picture! Now set yours, and work towards excuses, no doubt. Just Do It!!!”

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What is money? Mike Mondo acquires the latest classy BMW

Mike Mondo has acquired the latest BMW 3 Series (E91) much to the envy of many who still have numbers of Uber drivers in our speed dial, incase of an emergency.

The 2009 BMW 3 Series Touring is a revised version of the 2006 model which incorporates exactly the same upgrades as the sedan variant, concerning both the look and the performance of the car.

The classy car boasts of a very powerful and optimum 5 liter V10 engine with a natural aspiration and a 542 horsepower or hp capability unlike any other car model.

The BMW also  a four door saloon that can literally be used for any kind or form of driving, this E91 model from BMW can truly satisfy all forms of driving tastes and preferences by cars fanatics all across the world as of today.

Classy hair styles you should copy from Uganda’s Juliana Kanyomozi

Radio presenter Jalango slams gospel artistes for songs without content

Interior photo of latest BMW 3 (E 91)Series

The car is going for $46,648 which is roughly 4,411,317.86 KES,this new car comes after Mike Mondo was teased by Maina and Kingangi during their morning show on Classic 105.

Mwalimu argued that its time Mike bought a new car  given that he loves dating classy ladies  so a new car would do his ‘image ‘ good ,so who’s laughing now

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NI WANGU! Woman flaunts old mzungu bae enough to be her grandfather

Social media is on fire after a young woman going by the name Ashlorm posted photos of her and her old mzungu bae enough to be her great grand father.

Social media cant keep calm after the lady describing her self as a zionist  and an ambassador posted a photo of her love followed with this caption

My Angel And I Having Fun On A Sunny Day. 😍😘😘😘💏💏💏💏💏💏 The Choices I Made As A Young Lady In The World 13years Ago And Sticking With It As Born Again Christian In The Presence.
Look But Don’t Leap Cos We Are Minding Our Business In Christ So Mind Yours. 😋😋😋😘😘😘😘


Kamene Goro denies rumours on dating musician Calvo Mistari

The lady who seems to be using the old man for her selfish gains has this message for those criticizing he

“The Lord Shall Fight For Us, We Shall Hold Our Peace. 😘😘😘😘😘🙌🙌🙌🙌😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.Observers Are Worried And Gnashing Their Teeth’s In Anguish.
I Cherish My Own 😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

This are end times indeed or are this the kind of Christians we say “Amevalia ngozi ya kondoo?”Here are more photos of the couple


Rest in peace!!! Wendy Kimani in mourning after losing her dad



According to one of her posts Ashlorm lost her mother to cancer at a tender age of 8, leaving her at the mercy of the cruel hands of this world.Ashlorm admits that she had to do odd jobs such as crushing stones and farming to take care of  her siblings.She says

Never Have I Denied The Fact That, I Made Many Bad Choices As Young Girl.Losing Mum to Breast Cancer at 8 And As The Elders Of My Siblings, I Went Through Child Labour In The Hands Of People I call Family.
Cracking Stone’s, Selling Anything I Could Lay Hold On And Farming Just To Take Care of My Siblings, Bitterness Set In At Point Which Forced Me To Take Life Into My Own Hands In Secondary school And After.
I Left Home And As A Street Girl, I Made Many Bad Choices Without The Knowledge Of My Families In The Quest For Quick Money Or Wealth(Greener Pastures).. All These Led Me Into Many Other Things (Drugs, Alcohol, Sex) Which I Did In My Past And Not Proud Of.Thank God after Years Of My Rollercoaster Adventures In The World, I Met Jesus Christ And He Saved Me And Cleaned Me Inside Out For His Glory To Be Shown. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 My Advice To The Youth, Don’t Rush And Make Any Bad Choices To Destroy Your Life Or Future.
Matthew 6:33 Seek God First In All You Do And He Will Give You All You Want.
Yours Truly The Zionist crazy for Christ everywhere.

Depression is REAL! Kambua opens up on personal journey fighting depression




Baby mama’s narrate their shocking experiences with shameless baby daddies

Bringing up a child is the responsibility of both parents but more and more men are being elusive when it comes to taking care of their children.

The sole responsibility is being left to the women which is in turn leaving them bitter thus then denying their baby daddies permission to be a part of their kids lives.

More men are using gifts to fill the gaps of their absence something that is causing a negative attitude between the parents and their kids.

Jesse Jackson once said, “Your children need your presence more, more than your presents.”

The rate at which single mothers is increasing is alarming, Classic 105 presenter Mike Mondo gave listeners a chance to tell their experiences in the hands of their baby daddies.

Zari goes ham on Diamond Platnumz publicly revealing he is team mafisi

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

According to him he could not understand why women would go to an extent of denying their baby daddies access to the kids yet they expect him to pay for child support.

One caller, a lady left many wondering after she gave her heartbreaking story with a Nigerian baby daddy.

“It is four years since I gave birth to my baby girl. My baby daddy took three days to respond to my messages after I informed him that I had delivered a baby girl.”

She continues, “Even after three days he only responded with a ‘kudos’ text when contacted by the mother in law on why he was not taking responsibility, the Nigerian went ahead to clarify to the mother in law that he only wanted to have a good time with her daughter and nothing else.”

When asked whether she tried to contact him she adds:

“I met him once on the streets as I was rushing to the hospital after being told my daughter is sick, I told him our daughter is sick but he even had the guts to ask me to pay for his fare to and from the hospital.”

She concludes by saying, “Women are only bitter because of what they go through at the hands of their baby daddies.”

‘Nothing but love for you always’ Awinja celebrates brothers birthday

The last caller a Nigerian man himself explain how he almost his marriage to an irresponsible Kenyan Baby Daddy.

“I met my wife with a kid and when I married her, I took her son as my own, catering for all his expenses  including his school fees. This I did for 18 years and the baby daddy was nowhere to be seen.”

Adding, “In between I lost my job and my wife suggested talking to the baby daddy to help him pay for our son’s school fees but he told her he would only help  if only she went to bed with him to which my wife rejected.”

Things eventually picked up for this Nigerian man and he was back to business and he managed to educate his stepson all his degree and masters and just when the stepson was about to get married, the Kenyan baby daddy reappeared.

“He reappeared and said that he would be the one to give the kid away, the family of my wife nearly lynched him. My wife went through a lot, there is a very big difference between a father and a dad, a dad bears the responsibilities something most men are not willing to do.”

He concludes by saying

“If you don’t want to impregnate your woman the next time wear a condom.”

For more of this interesting topic listen in on how it went down on the breakfast show with Maina and Kingangi

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Exclusive: 5 things you didn’t know about Classic 105’s Terry Muikamba

Terry Muikamba is not new to radio lovers. She is the gorgeous lass on Classic 105, who hosts the Overdrive show alongside Mike Mondo every Monday to Friday.

Well, despite having worked for several media houses, she says there are things her fans do not know about her. Read through:

1.Terry Muikamba bites her nails so much

“People do not know that I bite my nails a lot, Hence I always wear fake nails, which I do not care about because I bought them.”

Exclusive: Classic 105 Radio Presenter Mike Mondo Shares His Journey From Being A Nurse To Becoming A Radio Presenter (Video)


2. She has never had Maziwa mala in her entire life. Isn’t that so odd? Most of us have had it with Ugali or some other combination, many times.

3. She love sweet things, “I am a sweet tooth, my goodness I love sweet things”,

4. She is the first-born in her family and also an aunt, something she is very proud about.

5. She always treats people the way she wants to be treated. This was a piece of advice she was given by her parent.

And finally good news team mafisi. Terry is not yet married. Asked about her ideal man she said; “I do not have a specific thing that I look for in a man, so long as we can connect, however, I have a thing for guys who have an exotic accent.”


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Mama Rachael’s heroic story shocks Mike Mondo and King’angi (AUDIO)

Mama Rachael’s story has gone viral on social media due to her ‘heroic’ story and women were applauding her for what they term as a brave and smart move after discovering her husband was cheating.

She found out her husband was cheating on her with a lady by the name Nancy Wambui and she decided to play cool but in the long run she was planning her traditional wedding ‘chini ya maji’.

One of the best part about this story is that before she left her cheating husband, she made sure she re-furnished the house.

I mean, how smart is that to be honest.

Todays morning conversation on Classic 105 FM with Mike and King’ang’i, they discussed Mama Rachael’s story and were shocked how she had out-smarted her husband.

What would you do if you found out your husband was cheating?

To them, they thought that what she did wasn’t fair and it was a harsh move.

Mike and King’ang’i did not expect that men would side with Mama Rachael.

A man called and said that men are the one’s that bring these problems on themselves because they rarely spend time with their wives. He argued that women start seeing other men who give them attention and care since they don’t get it from their husbands who don’t spend time with them.

Her story seemed to have brought such situations in the limelight as another man called and said his wife had done a similar thing only that she did not get married to another man.

He said he had a ‘mpango wa kando’ and his wife found out about it and she started dating a rich man without his knowledge. She cooked nice meals, bought him  gifts which were clothes, shoes. He wondered how his wife afforded the gifts but he later came to find out she was seeing a richer man and she used his money to buy things for him.

King’ang’i was left wondering who was advising women to do this.

Here is the Mama Rachael full story as told by the husband.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-04 at 11.53.42 (1)

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-04 at 11.53.42

Listen to the full conversation.

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What would you do if you found out your husband was cheating?

Cheating has been a thread these days. Men and women find it easy to cheat and they are not apologetic about it.

Today’s morning conversation on Classic 105FM with Mike Mondo and King’ang’i, the discussion was about women overacting when they found out their men have done something wrong.

Mike shared a story of a lady who destroyed her husbands vehicle (Prado) and her reason was because her man cheated and reacted by destroying the car. He went on to ask ladies why they go to such extremes when they find their husband cheated? Do you heal?

King’ang’i gave other scenarios he knew, he said a woman destroyed her husbands best suits using cigarettes (alichoma) and another that she actually burnt down the house.

A lady called and gave her story on how she dealt with her cheating man. She said she found him with a lady and confronted him on why he wasn’t answering her calls and  that the man had lied to her parents that their daughter had said she was tired with the relationship. She got mad and hurt because she loved him dearly and due to the anger she broke all the windows of his house and doors.

A man who was a victim said that he got home and his girl had tore all his trousers and his underpants.

Mike wondered why women react instead of just walking away peacefully without destroying properties.

Listen to the full conversation below

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Kenyan men confess how ‘cucu’s’ are sliding in their DMs (AUDIO)

25 year old Benson Wazir Chacha story shocked many after he revealed how he managed to con 13 female MPs into giving him money and having an intimate relationship.

He was arrested and appeared before a Nairobi court on Tuesday and Senior Principal Magistrate Christine Njagi ordered that the accused be taken to Mathari Mental Hospital for psychiatric assessment after his lawyer claimed that he has mental problems.

Chacha even went on to share photos in bed with former Bomet County woman rep Cecilia Ngetich.

Is Kiambu Woman Rep Gathoni Muchomba right to advocate for polygamy?

On the morning conversation on Classic 105,  Mike and his co-host King’angi’i asked how Wazir Chacha was able to convince the female MPs to have a relationship with him.

Mike went ahead to share a conversation Benson Chacha had with nominated jubilee MP senator Joy Adhiambo Gwendo.

Wazir Chacha: Hello Muheshimiwa

Joy Adhiambio: Who is this?

Wazir Chacha: Wazir Chacha the former executive assistant  to honorable Waiguru we met in a conference

Joy Adhiambo: Oh! I don’t remember, but never the less, sema

Wazir Chacha: How is life? I’m checking on ‘my crush’ you ‘Joy Othiambo’

The discussion however took a turn as it turned out that most of these older women are the ones that make the first move and inbox young men on social media.

A young man of 25 years called and said that older women like young men. He said that old women approach him and give him their number so that he can call them.

Another man who was also approached by an older woman said that these women make the first move and also give out their number so they can continue with their chat on a better platform which is whatsapp.

Well despite us wondering the tactics Ben 10 Chacha used to lure our women in parliament, it turns out that these women actually want young and energetic men in their lives to satisfy their needs.

Calls came in and out and most Kenyan men involved with older women had the same story that they were approached by them.

Listen to the full conversation below.


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Classic 105’s Mike Mondo’s sister is stunning (PHOTO)

Classic 105 drive presenter Mike Mondo is known for his s**y voice on radio. He is such a social guy who posts a lot of pictures as the life of the party with his fellow celebrities.

Despite his many Instagram posts, we have never seen him post much of his family. He surprised us with a photo of his sister and damn isn’t she lovely! Very gorgeous and that rangi ya thao kind of girl!

When your sister looking so fine she makes you feel like you ain’t trying hard enough.

They had attended a wedding together and they looked lovely posing in white looking all gorgeous with makeup well done looking like a queen.

A look inside Diamond Platnumz’ album launch event (Photos)

The much-anticipated Diamond Platnumz’ album launch went down at the Kenya National Theatre last night.

Diamond Platnumz and Omarion
Diamond Platnumz and Omarion on stage

The invites only party was attended by local artistes, media personalities, Wasafi crew, Diamond Platnumz’ mother, sister Esma and American rapper Omarion.

In case you were not invited, here are the photos of those who attended, go through and vote for the best dressed


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Diamond Platnumz’ mother during his album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Harmonize at Diamond Platnumz’ album launch


Maina Kageni on stage during Diamond Platnumz’ album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Starehe MP Jaguar


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Classic 105’s Mike Mondo with a friend at Diamond Platnumz’ album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Local artistes


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Diamond Platnumz on stage during his album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
L-R: Kriss Darlin, Timmy Tdat and hair stylist Eric


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Elani Kenya


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
DJ Sadiq


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Wasafi crew with Diamond Platnumz’ family


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Diamond Platnumz and his mother


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Bahati with Eric

‘I was conned by slay queens’,Mike Mondo narrates how his car keys were stolen

Classic 105 overdrive show presenter Mike Mondo had a bad experience with the so called slay queens over the weekend.

He has come out to share his two cents about ladies who sit in clubs pretending to be friends with the guys around.

Well, read it carefully so next time you do not fall in the same trap.


Let me begin by saying, there are thieves I can tolerate. Like say; a woman who steals my heart, Robin hood, and Peter Pan. The rest of ya’ll thieving ass low life’s need to be rounded up, and have the entire Nairobi cane you 5 strokes per item you stole and then locked up next to the most vile sodomist in kamiti maximum.

YES, I AM PISSED!! Why, because car thieves are now using beautiful girls in clubs to steal your car. Let me explain:

Over the weekend my friends and I passed by 40/40 club in Westlands. All we wanted was a polite beer and then we head home. Kama kawaida, one beer became two and so on. At some point during the evening I went to the smoking section of the club to enjoy a nice drag of my favorite tobacco, which i must admit, hits the spot really nice after some alcohol. While there, there was a group of ladies sitting on a table, who asked for a light, which I provided (and FYI smokers, a matchbox is less then 10bob..just buy one).

Smokers, i hope that has sunk in your brains..

These ladies got all worked up about the fact that Mike Mondo was right there, one of them claiming she is a “Huge Fan”, I politely said thank you and continued to enjoy my tobacco. Little did i know, I WAS A MARK!! One of the ladies kept chatting me up, saying how she lives in Buru Buru, how i should give her a shout out on Monday and also mentioned how much she liked my jacket, which at the time was hanging on one of their chairs. I paid no mind to it, but at that time i also realized it was getting chilly so I proceeded to put it on. The lady said she was also feeling cold, and said if she could put on my jacket for a few at least until we finish talking because she was freezing (another FYI, Ladies, if you are going to freeze and shine, don’t ask men for their jackets, news flash, we also feel cold! And in matters survival, there is nothing like being a gentleman, it’s each one for themselves).

Ladies, carry your own jackets please.

Anyway, I gave in to my gentleman side and gave her the jacket to wear. My boys came over to the smoking section and we started talking, at which point i decided its too cold outside, we go back to our table. I politely asked the lady if i could have my jacket back and she initially refused. In fact, she clung to it, telling me I should let her keep it. I told her that’s impossible, I mean, that was an expensive jacket, I wasn’t going to just leave it with her. No matter how hot she looked! She complied and gave me back the jacket..and that’s when I noticed something is wrong. My pockets were lighter..

I checked! My charger was there, the money I had In my inside pocket was there..but I could not find my car keys. So I asked her politely if she had seen them, she says she doesn’t know anything about car keys. I asked her friends to look under the table or around where they are sitting if the keys were there, and suddenly their demeanor changed. They got all defensive, telling me to stop accusing them of stealing my car keys. I found that odd, because I did not accuse anyone, I simply asked if they had seen car keys anywhere around their table. They got so agitated that the decided to leave the club (please note, they had not finished their drinks yet). I got more suspicious of them so I tried to call the clubs manager on his phone. Unfortunately he did not answer. I also informed the bouncer about it, but he was tied up sorting out another mess.

It was then I told my boys we should leave, which we did. And we followed these ladies to the elevator. Please note, 40/40 is on the 9th floor. When these ladies saw we were there waiting for the elevator with them, they opted to take the stairs. Four ladies, half drunk, in skimpy clothes and high heels walking down 9 floors? Now that fueled my suspicion further. They were bailing! I had no proof of what i was suspecting so I could not confront them. And after all, my car was safely parked in Riverside at my boys house and not at the club. So I kept quiet. We left, and the ladies disappeared.

The next morning I woke up and went to 40/40 to ask the cleaning staff if they had found any keys, they said they hadn’t. And trust me they didn’t because we ransacked the whole club, but found no keys (thank you 40/40 staff for being helpful). I went to the security staff for the building and asked if there were any keys that had been left with them by the night staff, they said there was none. So walked out upset, knowing now more than ever, those ladies must have taken my car keys.

As I stood outside the building, I lit a cigarette, started smoking. A cab guy nearby came and asked for one too. He asked me “you look stressed out, nini mbaya”. So i explained what had happened, to which he responded by laughing. He told me, “Shukuru gari haijaenda”. So I asked him, what do you mean? That’s when he explained how I was a MARK. They ladies are sent by car thieves who wait outside the club milling about aimlessly or waiting in another car. The ladies must have assumed that because I am a media personality, I must have an expensive car. So they steal the keys from me, and give it to the car thieves, who go around pressing the alarm key until they identify my car. Which they get in and proceed to go like they own it. I stood there for a short while, and the cab guy advised me to get a new ignition for my car.

This is my warning – leave your car at home and use an uber/taxify/mondoride/littlecab .. Thieves are now getting smarter and have upgraded from stealing phones to stealing cars. To these thieves though, if it were up to me, lets just say mob justice would be a walk in the park. I would honestly ensure your are damaged goods physically, psychologically and spiritually. You would not be able to pee without assistance. I would take away your will to live, I would ensure the thought of stealing gives you nightmares. Why? You do not steal or attempt to steal a man’s car…that’s like taking away or attempting to take away his left NUT.”

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