‘I want to apologize to anyone who cared about me that I ghosted,’ whispers Classic 105 presenter Mike Mondo

Mike Mondo has done something most Kenyan men loathe to do, apologize.

The Classic 105 presenter took to his social media and admitted that he is heartbroken after a certain damsel ghosted him.

FYI: Ghosting is when someone you are dating or starting to date just goes mute on you. And you have no idea why.

This led to him penning a long post about the evils of ghosting.

Mike Mondo wrote, “This is the wholly unpleasant phenomenon when someone you are dating decides to simply fade away into the ether rather than have an upfront, honest, face to face, adult conversation about why he or she no longer wants to keep seeing you. I must admit, I am guilty of this in the past. And yes, Karma handed it straight back at me. And this is what I learnt from that experience.
I’m an emotional guy, I admit, but I am not big on emotions. What I mean is, when I give, I truly give – but i have extremes, when I don’t want to give, I will hold back no matter what. Thing is I am not lukewarm in any way, I am either with it or not. That’s why I want to apologize to anyone who cared about me that I ghosted. I realize now it’s a cop-out. My deepest heartfelt apologies, and fyi, I will contact you soon to say as much.
To all those who ghost (myself included): You’re making our generation look bad. Our generation is being made to look like a bunch of dating degenerates, largely due to a toxic dating culture that condones dishonesty and has normalized shameless acts such as ghosting. Calls, texts and Facebook messages will go unanswered until a person finally “get the hint” and accept the fact that it’s over. In short, it’s the self-centered and easy way out of a relationship (or ‘almost-relationship’, or ‘situationship’ – or whatever you want to call it.). If you’ve been on the receiving end, you know that it’s a confusing and frustrating experience that most likely left you wondering why people ghost in the first place. Despite the fact that there are many other, better ways to break up with someone, it seems that people can’t seem to retire the pesky habit of ghosting.

Mike Mondo
Though daters claim they do it to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, ghosting is actually just a selfish act and easy solution to avoid broaching a difficult, emotionally wrenching conversation. I did it because it made me feel less awkward and uncomfortable—i wasn’t really taking the other person’s feelings into account at all. I ask myself sometimes, why did I treat others in a way that I, myself, would not want to be treated?
Psychologically, we’re abandoning someone, betraying their trust, and leaving them completely in the dark as to what happened and why we left. I learnt this the hard way this year after being ghosted….before the anger sets in, we turn inwards and blame ourselves. Did I do something wrong? Am I too clingy? Am I bad in bed? Is my radar broken? Am I unlovable? There’s so much mental anguish that goes into over-analyzing what happened. It’s soul-crushingly painful. Ghosting impacts your self-esteem and self-worth. It can lead to depression, which affects your sleep, appetite, concentration at work, and desire to be around friends. It can also cause anxiety in which we obsess about what happened, feel on edge, and are filled with worry and insecurity. We spend hours, days, weeks, and sometimes months trying to piece together the mystery. Besides for the inner angst, in some cases, someone is totally frozen and unable to move forward. If you attempt a new relationship you often bring baggage in which there is a lack of trust, self-doubt and fear of vulnerability, making it difficult for the new romance to flourish.
That’s why I say this, rather than wasting someone’s precious time and emotional energy that could be better invested back into the dating market, you need to commit to letting someone down in a straightforward way. Yes, it could likely be an emotionally draining face to face conversation—a tear might even be shed. However, it’s important for that persons personal growth, the emotional healing process of the person we’ve taken the time to get to know, and for the greater dating community, which both parties will be re-entering. So, in the words of the Ghostbusters song “If there’s something weird and it don’t look good, who you gonna call…?” How about your partner so that you can break things off the right way!
Have you ever been ghosted? Share your story with me below

What has your experience with Ghosting been like. Share with us on the comments section.

Mike Mondo comes up with a bride price formula that will anger slay queens

Classic 105’s Mike Mondo has an unbeatable, uncrackable and an undisputed formula for paying bride price.

Nairobi bachelors will be happy to know that they will be getting bei ya jioni, if this formula is widely accepted in society.

On the other hand, slay queens, in-laws and brides to be, whose dowry hasn’t been paid yet, will not be happy.

Mike Mondo works from the premise that, if the bride had many sexual partners her value deteriorates exponentially.

Here is the formula…

Mike mondo bride price formula
Mike mondo bride price formula

Diamond is so shameless, see what he told his ex in public

Check out som eof the reactions

Kabutiei Kulei Phil: Hahaha crazy

Robby Sez: Waa, every man should embrace this formula,and that +1 should be +3

Bwari Bee: Lol multiply the answer by the number of women he has copulated with. Mathematics have to even out. Thank you very much.

Polin Milan Njeri: Looking forward to the day women will start paying “groom” price. Some of your parents will have a bigger debt than kenya😂😂.

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Mike Mondo reveals why four women hold a special place in his heart

Mike Mondo has revealed the women who have stood by him even before the media world knew of his existence. Among them is his mothers best friend.

Mondo attributes his radio career to Rahab Mwendwa, his mother’s  best friend.

He stated that Mwendwa was the first person who encouraged him to start doing radio after noting that he had the personality, voice, and charisma to succeed in the industry.

She was the first person to push me to do radio given that I had the character and the personality for it.

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

During a recent interview Mondo praised  his grandmother, Mary Mwamodo for instilling a sense togetherness and resilience in the family unit.

In my house there is no man or woman so everyone has to work,She taught me how to cook and bake.

There was a time I went through a crazy face and so my grand mother taught me all these things.

Mondo described his mother as a strong woman who managed to raise four boys on her own after his father passed away.

He narrated how when his father passed, his mother was not working and had to get back into the job market and find a way to put all her children to school up to university.

Poll: If Maina Kageni roasted maize in Muthurwa, would women date him?

Mike also mentioned his auntie Elizabeth Mwangi, who took them in during a difficult period in their family journey.

He stated that Mwangi took care of him during his entire university days and early on when he started working, where she would provide bus fare and food among other essentials

‘There is a time we had no roof over our head and she took us in. My mum was working in Botswana and we were left in Nairobi and she took us in.

For my entire campus life she was my mum. Bus fare, food to my first ever job she was always there.

My son and daughter are my friends up to date.

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Meet the woman Mike Mondo wants to carry his twins – photos

Classic 105 radio host Mike Mondo has already identified the woman who is set to carry his babies, which according to him will be twins.

Mike is already a father of one but is not married to the mother of his kid.

Well, you might not be aware but Mike Mondo has a crush on Nigerian female artiste Yemi Alade and according to Mike she will be the mother of her kids.

Introducing her song during his radio show Mike hinted

‘Coming next is a song by Yemi Alade, The woman who will have my twins.’

‘If God gives me another child I am OK with it, but I am contented with Xolani,’ – Wilbroda

In line with that, Mike asked Terry if she has plans of having kids any time soon.

She said,

‘I am not ready for kids but when I am I will get them. Kids are a forever attachment so its not something you just do (get kids) just because your biological clock is ticking.

Further more there are so many kids out there who don’t have parents so even adoption is an option.

To men out there you should stop asking women when they are getting kids, you might not know what people out there are going through.’

Below are photos of Mike Mondo’s crush.

Yemi Alade-classic 105


Yemi Alade


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‘I was dumped for being too nice,’ cries Classic 105 host Terry Muikamba

We have all been dumped at some point in life. What is more hurting though is the flimsy excuses that are given by our better halves as the reason for the break-up.

During the show

I was once dumped because I was too nice.

According to the guy our relationship had no drama and he wanted that in the relationship.

‘I have undergone 21 surgeries so far,’ Njambi Koikai tells Ellen Degeneres

Terry Muikamba
Terry Muikamba

Mike and Terry gave their fans a chance to narrate what was the silliest excuse that got them dumped and the responses were hilarious.

I got dumped because I was too nice.

What I did not know at the time was that she wanted someone who was a bit rough in bed.

According to her I wasn’t.

Mike Mondo also confessed to being dumped reason being,

I was dumped because I was not a member of the choir. She frankly told me that she felt that our ‘spiritual paths’ did not match.

Robert Burale and his Instagram Brother finally meet (photos)

Another fan adds,

That I was too clean and he felt uncomfortable cause he was not that clean.

Another fan adds that he was dumped after he ate avocados belonging to his then bae.

I ate her two avocados while she was at work, she came back and said am capable of murder and that’s how my sorry a*s was dumped.


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‘The woman I loved was in love with someone else’ Cries Mungala Mbuvi

Classic 105 radio presenter Mungala Mbuvi has opened up on how he loved a woman who could never love him back.

According to Mbuvi his crush loved another.

In the 1990’s I was in love with a woman named Samantha. I really loved her but she was in a love with a guy called Eric. I guess I was just unlucky in love.

She was lightskin, beautiful but sadly she never loved me.

I do not know why I have bad luck with chicks. Samantha had a friend named Maureen and she was beautiful .

‘I was earning 50k,’ Mike Mondo reveals woman rejected him over ‘little’ salary

Well Mbuvi has since moved on from the heartbreak.

Mike Mondo has also in the past talked about how he was dumped for earning too little.

According to Mike the woman felt the Ksh 50,000 he was making was peanuts.

I have been left because of how much I make. It was kidogo. When I started doing radio I used to make 50 g’s a month. This lady I was seeing told me that that was too little telling me that she couldn’t be with a man that was making that little.

And she refused me for that. She left. Now every once in a while she sends messages telling me that we should catch up.

Mike Mondo and his bae

Terry Muikamba had also confessed that she was once dumped for being too nice.

I was once dumped because I was too nice.

According to the guy our relationship had no drama and he wanted that in the relationship.


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Meet Mike Mondo’s ‘love of his life’ (photo)

Mike Mondo serves goals when it comes to fatherhood. He has a special bond with his daughter and his nieces and he is willing to harm anyone who hurts them.

Sharing a photo of himself and his niece Mondo revealed that who ever hurts her feelings will have to face his wrath .

Meet the #LoveOfMyLife #Taraji I will shoot a ni*ga who hurts this girl! #Unc #Uncle#Love #familyfirst❤️

Mike Mondo and his niece Taraji
Mike Mondo and his niece Taraji

Besides being an awesome uncle, Mondo is never shy to flaunt his daughter Nicole whom he fondly refers to as his ‘Little Bambina’.

Below are some of the hilarious reactions on his threats to future team mafisi.

Have you bought the gun yet? Begin practice too. You will need to shoot someone for sure cause that right there is purity of love as it gets!! Just not everyone has you as uncle to learn from..

Another adds,

🤣🤣🤣 why do you think I’m always in the gym. In 5 years I’m ready💪🏾

Every tattoo on your favorite Kenyan female celeb (photos)

Just when you think you have recovered from the comments another fan adds

U wont shoot my son over your girl😋🤣🤣🤣

Another fan goes on to advise Mike that he should’t worry too much as at some point there will be nothing much he can do about his baby niece getting hurt.

Hahahha just like all of us she will be hurt🤣🤣 and nothing ankoooo can do🤣

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We’re Smitten: Meet Mike Mondo’s hunky chef brother – Photos

Women love Mike Mondo for his husky and inviting voice, sadly he is off the market.

Many have always wondered if he has siblings and if they are single.

Well Mike has a brother, James Nzioka, who almost looks like his twin.

Going by his profile, Nzioka is a Chef at Royal International Caribbean.

‘She was dating her gym instructor’ Diamond on why he dumped Zari

Here are photos of Mike and his brother Nzioka

Mike Mondo and his brother James
Mike Mondo and his brother James
James Maluki,Mike Mondo's brother
James Maluki,Mike Mondo’s brother

‘I suspected it too’ Tanasha Donna clears the air on pregnancy rumors

Maluki James Nzioka
Classic 105’s Mike Mondo alongside his brother James Maluki
Chef James Maluki,Mike Mondo’s brother
Mike Mondo’s brother

‘He educated me since I was 16, I want to dump him now’ Brags woman

Below are some comments from Mike’s fans which suggest that the boys do look alike and that women are crazy about Mike Mondo’s voice.

simecore_016:twins ..right ?

nayomi_kui:Your twin?

wambuikariuki:Wow! Same same…

dimples_ke:Since you got waithera si unisambaze huyu 😜😜😜😜😜 looking good..

‘Happy 27th birthday my work wife’ Mike Mondo pens to Terry Muikamba

Classic 105’s host Terry Muikamba turns a year old today.
She took to her social media to share on the things that she is grateful for.
Among them being her friends and people who support her hustle

Good Morning!!! It’s my 27th birthday today and apart from feeling “shoot I am old now “ I am more greatful to God for good health. I am more Thankful for my small circle.

I am super Thankful for everyone who supports my hustle ❤️.And I am finally able to protect my Peace and discard any thing that disrupts it. #27

Below are messages from her friends and fans wishing her a blast on her big day.

mike_mondo: Happy Birthday to my work wife @terrymuikamba it’s been such a great year working with you, looking forward to many more. Nakupenda Kama chapati na mbaazi ya Nazi… #Birthdaygirl #Mikeandterry

nappyisbellaa: Happy birthday beautiful, keep on shinning!!!

maryaprude: Happy Birthday Sweetheart Si you me I really like you 😂😂😂

jojo_kuria: Happy birthday my love 😍😍😍😍.Have a great day.You’re awesome

muriuki_rose: Hehe! Happy Birthday to her and many more! It’s mine too today💕

From Classic 105 and the entire team we say Happy Birthday Terry.

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An open letter from Mike Mondo to men disgraced and abused

Mike Mondo has taken to social media to share an open letter to men .This comes after Kenyans were ranked the 6th most depressed people by WHO.

World Health Organizations based their findings on the increased suicides In Kenya.

Below is the letter whose aim to to celebrate men and their effort that mostly go unnoticed.

Dear Men.. (allow me to steal this post).. Sometimes I wonder where you draw your strength from.

You stay for months without buying clothes for yourself all because you want to put food on the table… You stay hungry just so your family can eat and survive.

Mwalimu King’ang’i reveals why Mike Mondo should marry a Mukorino


You get dressed and leave the house without direction, but you come back home with money after toiling day and night.

Some of you have been embarrassed, disgraced and abused because you can’t afford to get a decent job and when you bring home peanuts, they throw it right back in your face.

I know how you have deprived yourself of basic education just so your children can eat.

‘I used my daughter-in-law to bewitch my son, it backfired’ Cries city man

He ads

Most times you are insulted, abused by people you are older than, but you take the insults all because of your wife and kids.

Your parents look up to you for survival and they don’t even care if you have a job or not, you just have to provide for the family.

You pay huge bride prices just to marry the woman you love and you end up taking care of her family, take care of her siblings and even train some of them.

ruracio cancelled

How you do all these amazes me and I pray the good lord to bless your hustle.. Stay alive for your mother, your wife and your kids!! , your loved ones in general

If you have a man that tries, a brother that tries,take one day and appreciate him, he might be starving just for you to survive!!

Dear men, we are blessed!!

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Perfect Match: Photos of Mike Mondo and his bae on vacation

Mike Mondo has always left many guessing about who the lucky woman in his life is and whether he is romantic given that a majority of Kenyan men are not.

A wise man once said that

“The real power of a man is in the size of the smile of the woman sitting next to me.”

Mike Mondo

Makueni student kills self after being sent home for smoking

Mike Mondo and his bae went for a mini vacay at the magnificent Mbweha  Camp and going by these photo of the two, it is obvious he is cupid struck.

According to Truth Follower

“Every woman’s heart has different instructions.

They are written through her eyes, in her smile, through her actions and in her tears. She just has to find someone who cares enough to read them.”

During the Christmas season, Mondo had introduced his bae leaving many ladies heartbroken given that many have been hoping he might be single and available.

He wittily captioned a photo of him and his  bae with the following caption

“If your parents have never taken this picture… You weren’t born in the 80’s.. 😂😂😂.. merry Christmas! And cheers to the freaking week!!!”

Very soon we might see him walk down the aisle just keep it Classic 105 for all the juicy details.

Jaguars’s baby mama excites Kenyans as she shows off her valentines gift

Below are the photos that prove that love lives here


WhatsApp Image 2019-02-17 at 18.30.10(1) WhatsApp Image 2019-02-17 at 18.30.10 WhatsApp Image 2019-02-17 at 18.30.11

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‘Stop blaming the devil for everything’ City woman blasts men who cheat

Today on Classic 105, the conversation was about how men allow other women to ruin their marriages. This discussion rose up after a man named Joseph Kori and his side chic were accused of killing Kori’s wife, Mary Wambui Kimangara.

Mike Mondo asked listeners to please call and give their take on why men let other women ruin what they’ve worked for years to build.

He said;

Let’s talk about men and our marriages. You meet your wife get married, spend years building an empire through thick and thin and then someone comes to the picture and as men we are so ready to let that ruin what we have worked so hard to accomplish. What makes me wonder is why are we so weak, what are we lacking?

Mwalimu King’ang’i says that the devil himself is working because it doesn’t make sense how you’d ditch your wife for another woman who has come to destroy what you and your wife have built.

“It’s very short Mike. Ni shetani, because what do you call that? You know this is the wife you have hustled together kutoka huko chini mkiishi pamoja Mukuru kwa Njenga, mmeuza scrap metal. What do you call that? Si huyo ni shetani? Because as men we cannot explain.

One of Classic 105 listeners called and said that men should not blame the devil for everything and take responsibility for their actions.

Stop blaming the devil for everything because you guys are greedy, selfish na tamaa itawamaliza. You see this you want it. Hamtosheki. Even when you have a beautiful woman, you will still want another woman. Please stop being so selfish, greedy and self centered. After you mess up you start blaming the devil. Just blame yourself for messing everything around you. Nimeamua I’m not getting married to a poor man. Because we start with you when you have nothing and when you make it, you leave me hanging.

Another one narrated how she met her man living in a mud house and everyone in her family thought she’s been bewitched because she wanted to be with him. But she held on to him. He later on got a job with Sarova, then went abroad and came back with money. But he started entertaining slay queens and when she says something he gets mad.

What do you think is the problem with men and entertaining other women yet they have wives?

Listen to the full conversation below;

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Bae Alert? Mike Mondo shares heart-warming photos of bae (Evidence)

Mike Mondo seems to have set the agenda for 2019 by introducing us to the woman we think has won his heart.

Many have often wondered who is the mysterious woman behind Mike Mondo’s life after all don’t they say

“Behind every successful man there must be a woman “

We might have the answer to that. In a recent post, he wittily captioned a photo of him and some beautiful lady and it got us wondering might she be the one?

“If your parents have never taken this picture… You weren’t born in the 80’s.. 😂😂😂.. merry Christmas! And cheers to the freakin week!!!”

He does not hide the fact that he enjoys being a dad to his daughter but he is more keen on keeping his relationships private.

The raw emotions on this photo, the simple way she lays her head on his shoulder makes us feel she is at ‘home’ literally.

‘Three years on but today is always painful’ The Odinga’s mourn late son Fidel

Mike Mondo

In a separate post he had also shared a photo of him and the damsel below

“Merry Christmas! We all get moments this year we appreciate. This is one of mine. Love each other, embrace your family, forgive your enemies. Remember, God has a plan, a purpose, for you to perform. Happy 2019.”

Binguni utaionea Viu Sasa: Bahati trolled after his proposal to Diana Marua

Mike Mondo

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Kenyan woman threatens to expose a media personality for using her and dumping her

Today during the morning on Classic 105 with Maina and King’ang’i, the discussion was about people who don’t want to move on after the relationship has ended. Mike Mondo, who is sitting in for Maina shared with King’ang’i how a lady caused fracas when he told her that he can’t do long distance relationship.

Mike’s ex was living in Mombasa and he was in Nairobi and when he broke up with her, she caused fracas and till date he has a scar on his hand after the lady bit him. He asked the listeners to join in the conversation and share their experience.

One lady shocked everyone with her story after she revealed that a media personality used her and left her high and dry. She vowed that soon and very soon she will make sure she exposes the personality because he really hurt her.

King’ang’i, who always defends men, was shocked by the lady’s confession on radio.

Listen to the full conversation below;


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Check out Mike Mondo’s beautiful daughter as she turned two (photos)

Radio presenter Mike Mondo is a happy man after his daughter turned two.

He could not hide his excitement as he reminisced on how far the girl has come.

He took to his social media to pen the message below

“You are my everything. You may not realize it but everyday I break my back for you so you can have the future I have always dreamed of for you. Daddy loves you so much, more than I can begin to describe. And I know we don’t get to be together everyday, but in my heart, we are together from the time the sun rises, to the time it sets. I LOVE YOU #BirthdayGirl #DaddysQueen#LoveOfMyLife #HapNICOLE!! #BirthdayGirl #DaddysQueen#LoveOfMyLife #Happy2ndBirthday#MyDaughterRocks

image-2018-11-19 (1) (1)

image-2018-11-19 (2) (1)

image-2018-11-19 (5) (1)

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‘Kitambi ni bidii yangu,’ Absurd excuses men give to avoid losing weight (Audio)

Women have been accused of kujiachilia, while men also have pot bellies, it is women who are ridiculed and bashed while the later go.

Truth be told, women add weight for various reasons ranging from family planning, hormonal imbalance and child delivery thus many are still battling with baby fat years later.

During the Classic 105 breakfast show hosted by Mike Mondo who was sitting in for Maina Kageni fans men were given a chance to speak candidly on If they would  dump their woman after she gains weight and the responses are heartbreaking.

‘He threatened to leave me if I kept the baby,’ Married women confess the reasons they seek abortion

Here is what they had to say:

“You cant leave a woman because they have grown a potbelly, especially if you are married, just encourage her to work out till she gets where she is comfortable. Leaving her is like you admitting that you only want to be with slay queens.”



Jacque Maribe confesses that Jowie shot himself! Here is why

Another Classic 105 caller adds:

“Women let go especially after they deliver, as a man, my potbelly ni bidii yangu, but for a woman to have a pot belly it means that she is eating too much fatty food and doing no exercises at all.”

Just when you think the men are done justifying themselves, another male caller says:

“When I married my wife she was slim, and I love slim women as the years went on she has added weight and I am ok with how she is now, I cannot leave her what I wouldn’t want is for her to add to an extent of becoming over weight.

Personally I have added 10 kgs and I am now at 92 from my previous weight and its not like I’m just seating, eating and doing nothing. I just don’t know where the weight is coming from. But men should also lose weight, its not only women who should do this.”

gym 7


Listen below for more on this gripping conversation…


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‘Whenever you laugh I am left breathless’ Female caller confesses her undying love for Maina Kageni (Audio)

Mike Mondo is a fantasy for many women not only for the fact that he is organized but also because he has a voice to die for, leaving women lustful.

During the Morning show on Classic 105, women confessed to having Mike and Maina Kageni as their secret crush, with many wishing they could just meet the two. Well Mwalimu Kingangi is not impressed terming them as ‘pretenders’.

According to Mwalimu, these women are only after money but they won’t be getting any from Mike Mondo reason being

“Hao wanakudanganya wanapenda Uhuru not because of his fame and Maina Kageni because of his voice jaribu kuishiwa na pesa uone. Waambie Mike Mondo hana pesa,Kijana ndio ameajiriwa kazi sahi na bado wanataka kunyonya hio pesa kidogo ako nayo.

Wasichana watatumaliza,wanafaa wajue sauti haendanishi na mfuko. Dont’t think they love your voice its your money they are after your money. Wachaneni na huyo Kkjana hana pesa na hata hajaoa.”

Abducted Mombasa woman rescued in Nairobi’s Majengo slum

According to one of the women, her love towards Mike Mondo is driven by the fact that he is organized, has a nice voice and the way he dresses. Love or not, Mwalimu Kingangi thinks that Mike should be given some breathing space after all ndo anatafuta na hata hajaoa.

Another fan confesses her undying love for Maina Kageni and here is what she says

“Crush wangu ni wewe,na hio kucheka yako I am done, it’s better to just speak the truth, don’t blush I am only saying the truth.”

Listen to the audio below

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Successful African celebrities brought up by single mothers

No one sets out to be a single mother, but along the way life throws us into this path either by divorce or the death of one spouse.

The question on whether women can bring up successful and responsible sons has been on the table with many arguing that it is not possible.

While some people opt to remarry after such circumstances some make a personal choice of bringing up their kids single handedly.

But here are men who have been brought up by single mothers and they are doing well for themselves.

1. Maina Kageni

Maina is among the most sought after and the best paid radio presenter in Kenya,

Apart from being talented  and commandeering on radio he is  a trend setter and his love for the fine things in life is undeniable.


But what would be life without a little fun? So the next time you want to say how men brought up by single mothers are lazy and mama’s boys just look at how successful Maina is and just zip it.

2. Otile Brown

His good looks aside Otile has come so far in terms of his music and we hope he will not drown in all the female attention and forget where he has come from.

During his early days before the money and the fame, Otile had to sell changaa to make ends meet but he is now smiling all the way to the bank.


‘I didn’t like doing it but I had to survive’ Otile Brown on selling chang’aa

In an earlier interview with Daily Nation  he opened up on how hard it was

“Appreciate and love your mama…feeling kinda emotional tonight. Wish she could be here so I can spoil her, My mom died when I was about to turn 13. I don’t like talking about it but I don’t shy away from speaking about it because I know it could motivate someone. Sometimes when I would get caught, the officers would frog march me past the school compound where other children would see me. It was embarrassing didn’t like doing it but I had to survive,” 

Even though his mum passed away, she would be proud of how her son has turned out.

3. Mike Mondo

His captivating voice on radio attracts women’s attention  and it is undeniable that he is God’s gift to women.

Mike Mondo who runs a radio show on Classic 105 was brought up by a single mum after his dad passed away when he was only 13.

“My dad died when I was 13 years and today I am 36 years. However my mum did not get another man to call a husband. I had a conversation with her and asked her why she decided to live alone for all those years since my dad passed on.”


‘I once slept on newspapers for lack of a mattress in Umoja’ Classic 105’s Mike Mondo opens up on childhood struggles

4. Diamond Platnumz

He is Tanzania’s finest. His music is not only celebrated in Tanzania but in Africa as a whole.

Born to Sandra Dangote, Diamond has made a name for himself as an artiste and as a business person despite being brought up by a single mother.

He  has collaborated with international artiste such as Neyo, Morgan Heritage and Omarion, he is a true definition of hard work.

mama diamond

‘I forgot my wife was in church with me and I drove this girl to a hotel and got intimate with her, nimerogwa? Immoral ‘Christian’ man asks

5. Boniface Mwangi

He is an activist-cum-politician brought up by a single mother.

Mwangi had earlier narrated how he got his then girlfriend pregnant, leading to him being thrown out of the church.

The main issue was that he was being brought about by a single mother who didn’t deem it fit to talk about s#x.

 “I was brought up by a single mum and my eldest brother didn’t bother telling me what sex was and its context. The church told me you will discover what it is when it happens. Unfortunately, the church didn’t see it fit to tell us that in case you found yourself tempted, you could use a condom.”


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