“Hurt my feelings” Sworn bachelor Mike Mondo says of stingy men survey


Classic drive host Mike Mondo turns 40 this year in July and that is something he is not shying away from announcing.

Plus he is also hurt by one survey that ‘hurts his feelings’. On Monday morning Maina Kageni discussed a survey that suggested that Kenyan men were voted as the stingiest men in the world.

it began as a joke,a total joke and we all saw it on FB stingy men’s association of Kenyan men and guys are making their own IDs. Well it has been clarified internationally and certified.

The stingiest men in the world are Kenyans men according to a survey. In the 0th position is Antigua, Somalia, US, UK, Jamaican, SA, German, Ivory Coast, Kenyan tops the list.

Mike also tackled the same topic, giving his opinion at just how skewed the survey is. He noted that

“I really felt attacked, I totally disagree with those saying that Kenyan men are stingiest in the world. First of all number one, here is an interesting fact about my life, like did you know this?”

“One, did you know that in my entire dating life, there is not one woman that has bought me a birthday present and I’m turning forty this year, perhaps maybe its something that you should do. I have always taken care of people especially the women I date, the same is never really reciprocated, and in my book I look at it like nah Kenyan women are more stingy than Kenyan men”

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

“I believe Kenyan women are stingier than Kenyan men, In fact the only woman who bought me something was Terry Muikamba when she used to be here. infact when she found out about this, she is the one person who went ahead and said Mike take this”

Dear Classic 105 fam, who is stingier in relationships? Is it men or women, and who will buy our boychild a birthday gift this year? C’mon make him happy.

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I had to hama my mabati house because of my noisy “Twa Twa” neighbours – Kenyan tells Mike Mondo

Mike Mondo brought up a sensitive topic today morning about neighbours who are so noisy that it affects your life in a negative manner.

Kenyans shared their stories giving out different anecdotes with some of them saying that those neighbours who engage in loud physical intimacy without regard for their suffering neighbours, were some of the worst.

Kumbe, what Mike was talking about is a common problem among many Kenyans and they chimed in telling the host that it was par for the course in many neighbourhoods.

Some of those comments are below:

I’m experiencing the same off-late, my neighbour has been having stories and laughing so loud even in the middle of the night.

I have a neighbour who always complains about my two cats, nilimuuliza kama paka ni kuku niwanjengee nyumba. I told her we are all renting and if she feels uncomfortable she goes and build her house and leave rentals

Mimi nilimaliza shule nikahamia kwa nyumba ya mabati. I had the same neighbors ilibidi nihame.

People need to learn manners and courtesy when it comes to enjoying Conjugal Rights.

Just notify NEMA tell them you are getting unnecessary noise pollution yet most of you hamna washikaji 

Mike chenye mimi huniudhi is loud music, like your house should be where you find your peace after long day job and lots of noise during traffic and in town.

Imagine I also went and bought my own system, so wakiweka naweka.

Enyewe that couple has annoyed you mike… I can interpret your tone… Go and bang the door tell them to minimise their noise pollution they are not the first ones 

Mike that is “causing public disturbance” and is charged in a court of law

I’m having a plan for vengeance, I’m gonna hire a real screamer more talented than Mariah Carey.

Mike mind your business. After two months watachoka wewe wachana na wao.

But usijali mike.. one of my neighbors (a lady) a place i used to live alikuwa ata mbaya zaidi.he could invite a dude and they could start it a 6 jioni..funny part was seeing her akiwasha gass kupika saa tatu jamaa akiondoka 

Weka full volume kwa home theater na maisha isonge.

Watu huchoka by the way Mike… it’s only for the first few weeks utaskia hizoo stuff.

Se3 is a form of worship

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My mum beat me until I nose-bled! Kenyans tell Mike Mondo about discipline from their parents

The morning conversation that Mike Mondo brought up today got many Classic105 listeners in stitches. Mike asked his fans about their experiences being raised by African parents, especially the punishments they experienced.

“If you were raised by an African parent, I’m sure this is something you can relate to. What’s the craziest “weapon” your mother used to discipline you?” he asked.

The comments rolled in and were not only shocking but hilarious at the extent African parents went to discipline their kids.

Some of those comments are below:

I took 20bob ya my mum nikabuy mandazi ya 10bob and returned 10bob nikwambia kichapo nilipokea the whole village wakikuja kuniulizia since that time I learnt a lesson of not taking something that does not belong to me ata nikiweza pata pesa ngapi I don’t take.

That rope which she normally used it to tie firewood. Waah angekuchapa moja paah.. Unasalimu amri mara hiyo!! She was indeed the best mum anyway, Continue resting in peace mummy.

I remember I couldn’t spell the word hippopotamus, my friend nilichapwa na Ile kijiti ya kupikia chapo.

Mike nilichukua 5 bob nikaenda kununua mandazi nilipigwa mpaka nika faint. I learned not to take what is not mine.

Mama yangu alinipiga na kuni mpaka nika nosebleed juu nilikataa kwenda shule.

“Mimi nilienda kukula kwa jirani mama yangu alinipiga na kuni moto.”

But you love her more because she made you who you are today

Firewood na my mistake ni nilioshwa nikaenda kucheza tena nikajichafua hadi nguo and my elder sister reported me, I’ll never forget that day.

I remember she tied me with a fire wood rope to the kitchen ceiling.. she beat me while hanging and enjoyed me choke to smoke.. then she said ill be back in a few minutes kwanza akaenda kukula and left me there waiting for round two.

Mimi nilirushiwa moto kwa gumboot. It was very painful.

Nilichapwa na kuumwa na Mum juu kukosa kulisha mbuzi na ng’ombe.

My mom has used teeth, aliniuma kwa mapaja, ghai! I will never forget… Just because I bought braids without her knowledge, I was 9

I recall my mum using a chapati rolling pin to hit me on the elbows, it hurts to date

The funny thing is my mom hajawai nunua mwiko… Kuna kamoja tu ka ugali,,,, zote zilivunjika nikipigwa. And I don’t think I was that naughty.

Sema kurushiwa sitting stool but haikunifikia, another day kurushiwa torch kwa kichwa

I remember I couldn’t spell the word hippopotamus ,my friend nilichapwa na Ile kijiti ya kupikia chapo

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Why are women able to save better than men? Mike Mondo asks Kenyans

In this month of January, many Kenyans are inevitably complaining about finances and have even nicknamed the month Njaanuary.

Mike Mondo’s topic today morning reflected this vein of thought asking why most men can’t save money as long their female counterparts can?

The answers came in hard and fast with most men agreeing that the simple reason was that men had more responsibilities than women. In essence, “His money, her money, while her money is her money.”

The comments are below:

Men can’t save their money because they give a lot of women money.

Men have a lot of responsibilities. Mwanamke hawezi tumia pesa yake.

Mike ukiona mwanamke anaendesha gari jua ni sisi tumenunua. Hizi pesa ni zetu! Hawa wanawake niwakora.

You it’s nature coz even back then when we’re in school we’re all dependents of our parents but still, she’ll ask you to buy her snacks, sweets, etc… Men we were born to spend

Good morning MM, ladies totally believe in mine is ours and her’s is ONLY her’s alone and that’s where the deviation comes in because we’ve to settle all the bills, school fees, etc but for ladies yao ni chama tu.

Cos they choose to keep sidechicks…so lazima angawe doo on both side,(the wife and the side chick)

Kenyan woman can save even twenty shillings daily according to her income

Because we carry the biggest responsibility of financing our women plus the entire family both from our side & theirs.

Because women contribute to breaking us.

Coz they loot us

Hi, that is why they are the head of the family but nowadays things have changed both share the responsibility but not all women.

Generosity started way back with Adam aka donate one rib Abraham aka entangle na mboch see!!!!

The only reason to share in the house bills is if the man also helps with house work…

Both of you can’t be working, unafika home usiku kupika supper peke yako and then you split bills nooo.

You want to be treated like a king? Provide 100%

Pesa yetu ni ya yao, pesa yao ni yao

This gender haitaki kutumia pesa mbona Sana?

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Kenya is a scam, It’s a failed state! Mike Mondo told after schools re-opened

The morning conversation today dealt with the divisive issue of schools re-opening this week. Mike Mondo who is standing in for Maina Kageni asked whether the government was ready for the schools to re-open?

“Schools reopened on Monday after nine months’ closure as parents and learners grappled with challenges of returning to school safely during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many schools are congested and safe social distancing is difficult to achieve in many places. Was the government ready?” Mike asked.

Most Kenyans were unanimous in saying that the re-opening had been bungled from the beginning. Some of the comments from disgruntled Kenyans are below:

From the beginning, we knew the government was not ready. Let the kids go back to school and observe how things will go.

Don’t be disappointed with the government coz their kids don’t attend public school… Just bear with the situation n pray to God to protect our children at school.

And that’s why some subjects might not be taught well because of the tiresomeness of the overworked teachers.

This is a scam by the government …they want fees to be paid to keep schools running and then they lock everything down again and children sent back home.

I’m really disappointed with this government. How can two teachers teach a whole classroom? As a parent, I’m really disappointed.”

It’s really annoying and frustrating to see how our leaders take us for granted, our development in all sectors is 0% but they are making noise with unnecessary things.

Kenya has been a scam since time immemorial n it keeps getting worse.

And anyone who thinks BBI is the root of our problems is also a scam.

Uhuru government priorities are upside down…and why do u think so?

Watoto wao wanasomea Group of Schools…they only need us during the elections…

Our kids were struggling yesterday Mike under the trees.

Hapa Kenya all they care about is BBI, nothing else….maskini Hana mtetezi

It’s only in Kenya where there’s money for signature verification but not for education and health.

Kenya is a scam! It’s a failed state. The government cannot provide basic things like a classroom. Why are students still studying under a tree?”

Well urban and private schools were, but too bad that consideration wasn’t to their counterparts ‘public’ and those out of towns, which bytha hold the highest capacity of students.

Coz Kenya will still be a scam even after it’s passed or not.

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Make sure guest room is ready – Kenyan tells Mike Mondo over tough Njaanuary

This morning, Mike Mondo stood in for Maina Kageni and his morning conversation was something I am sure is on the top of many Kenyans minds.

Mike asked how Kenyans were planning to cope in this tough month of January especially after the shenanigans that often ensue with wallets in the month of Decemeber. “How are you planning to survive this Njaanuary?” Mike asked?

The answers were hilarious with most Kenyans noting that they would just have to bite the bullet and deal with whatever come may, while others asked why people don’t plan themselves for this month?

Some of those comments are below:

Sina form wacheni tuu hii January ikuwe venye Itakua, we gat nothing to lose.

Hii ni january lazima ujipange u knew kids were to go back to school,rent shoppin evrythng so wenye walikula scool fees wajisort 🤣🤣

Will survive through perseverance despite tough time ahead . 

Mimi nahamia kwako till end of Feb , So make sure guest room is ready

Mike hii January ni MUNGU tuu 

Just working extra 

Nilikuja kujua usiseme watu hawana pesa ni wewe hauna. Kuna watu wamejipanga. Anytime kunakuwa na sherehe make sure umejipanga.

Hii mambo ya January lazima mtu ajipange. Don’t spend all your money in December.

It’s tru in December ppl forget about January.. but now its DIFFERENT, Covid-19 is HERE kila kitu ni ngumu!.kaa yeye ako na pesa maybe hajaa kua affected na Covid plus the job he’s doing pay’s him a big Sum of money. Ppl are different Face with rolling eyes

True the problem is ata mwenye ako nayo ukisema umesota anakuuliza kuniliko? 

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Confirmed Bachelors? Maina Kageni and Mike Mondo’s reasons for being single


Classic 105’s Maina Kageni and Mike Mondo are single and not ready to mingle.

Maina and Mike have a nice car, a home and an income and are reluctant to consider marriage.

They are sworn bachelors who have refused to bow to the demands of their Classic 105 fans to settle down and marry.

Sharing is Caring: Prominent Politicians who have two wives

I kid you not. A woman called in confessing how she is ready to wait until Mike Mondo is ready to marry.

She told him

establish yourself a a man, take your time. I will wait for you, get money, a car, and then come for me. I’m here, take your time, I will wait for you, don’t rush,

Wauuu, who can refuse such an offer? Mike responded’ sawa’.

‘I would marry Maina Kageni even if he was my domestic worker’ Nicole

Mike Mondo spoke on this defending himself and Maina on why they want to sow their wild oats.

I am 38 and in no hurry. They are jealous of us Maina, don’t listen to them about marrying.

Mike added

The pressure I get from Mwalimu Kinga’ng’i every year, it’s too much. You know I look up to  people like Charles Njonjo, why can’t you let me marry at any age? You keep disturbing Maina also. What is the hurry?

Research suggests that once men reach 33 or 34, the chances they’ll commit start to diminish, but only slightly. Until men reach 37, they remain very good prospects.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what is better: To first establish yourself or get married early when you are still young and grow with your wife?

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Woman gives Mike Mondo perfect solution to make men more romantic

Mike Mondo stood in for Maina Kageni on the morning show today morning. The charismatic Mike had an interesting topic to discuss this morning.

Mike brought up the topic of why men stop being romantic once they have gotten married/gotten into a long-term relationship.

“We (men) stop being romantic after we met or get married. There is a lack of consistency that happens. No more been taken to other places.

Mike even referred to a personal anecdote that he had heard himself, talking about a female friend who hadn’t received a birthday gift from her husband for more than 5 years.

“Where did the love go? No more flowers. She has been married for 10 years and hasn’t received a birthday gift the past 5 years.”

Ladies don’t want to get married, just want a sperm donor – Mike Mondo

He then asked men and women to chime in on the topic. The general consensus was again split into gender lines with the men insisting that they were being pragmatic while the women bemoaned that men would go slow on the romance after marriage.

One particular lady had a funny method of how she was able to get her man to spend his money on her, saying;

Things have really changed. Guys don’t like spending money. The first time he will take you to a fancy date. The next date is in his house. When you get married they don’t feel the need to keep on treating you. I am the one who takes him out now and that has made him feel ashamed. That has made him make plans and vacations now that I take him out.

Other comments from Kenyans are below;

Mambo ya date inasahauliwa after mumepata watoto-A man said.

There is no time for outings. Tulia kwa hao-A man said.

How you live in the house will depend on how you dated in the first place. That’s how it’s supposed to be-A man said.

Men are hunters. After you have caught the prey, do you still keep chasing? Once you have gotten her, there is a responsibility to make the house. You get new priorities-A man said.

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For richer or poorer doesn’t mean anything to Kenyan women


In Kenya there is this popular saying that ‘filisika ujue tabia ya mwanamke’ .

Countless cases of men being left by their wives after losing their jobs due to covid formed the basis of the morning conversation with Mike Mondo on Wednesday morning.

A man recounted how his business shut down due to covid and because he was no longer earning an income, his wife of six years packed her bags and left with the children.

That’s Magical! 6 surprising signs the person you’re dating is right for you


So Mike Mondo wanted to find out if omen take the wedding vows ‘for richer or poorer’ seriously anymore.

Classic fans responded with an outright ‘NO’ and here are comments below:


Mike Mondo: Do people take the vow “for richer or poorer” seriously? #MainaAndKingangi

@Classic105Kenya this Generation of ours theres no real love , a lady will be with you coz of what you have , it’s all about situationship….
This “For richer for Poorer” is a big lie these days,,many stay with a person when He/She has money but when its over they leave..anawachwa akipambana na life yake
Glory Gatwiri..
There are some women who can stick with the man, it all depends on how this men behave

Photo of distraught Njoro mourning at Papa Shirandula’s grave moves Kenyans

kalvo sni..
Not people, wedding nowadays has become a publicity stunt for women, to show the world they got a man with cash! You go broke for a day, they feel ashamed and walk away…..men don’t cherish weddings anymore #MainaAndKingangi
some got married while at a lowest. I think is trickles down to character, maybe we should take some time and learn their characters before saying I do….wengine have beautiful hearts.#MainaAndkingangi @classic105kenya
For richer for poor siku hizi inadepend na vile your man treats you when he has that money and when its gone,huwezi vumilia mtu hukutreat vibaya akisota #MainaAndKingangi
Women are good wakiwa kwa hizo manguo zao wanavaa,and again siwezi sema wrote ni wabaya kuna wale mutakaa hata kama huna and we men we know kabila inaweza kaa na wewe hata kama munakula one meal a day.

‘She is clingy and nagging,’ DJ Mo accuses Size 8 of making marriage boring

Broken Heart
Good morning Mike, nowadays it’s not about love but it’s about the material things i.e. how wealthy are you, do you drive, etc? Love has totally lost its meaning and if it exists its only for a few

These vows are just a fairly tale. Ukiwa na pesa life is good and women will love you but wewe sota, hata panya na mende zitatoroka kwako. #MainaAndKingangi
That one is a phrase usually just mentioned for formality,kosa pesa ujionee.
No especially women they don’t ukiishiwa anasonga mbele
Nowadays vows don’t have any meaning

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‘I was so hurt’ Mike Mondo speaks on Dj Evolve’s life after being shot

An exclusive interview on NTV with Dj Evolve on how life is for him after being shot by Babu Owino upset many Kenyans among them Classic’s Mike Mondo.

Dj Evolve left Nairobi Hospital after six months of treatment, to continue his recovery at home after the B Club shooting incident.

In the interview, Dj Evolve told Dan Mwangi that he has left it to God about forgiving Babu Owino.

‘I am just here. There’s nothing I can do for myself. I was really traumatised in the beginning, but I have learnt to live with it,” he said. I left that to God and I’m waiting for the justice system to see what I will go through’

‘He wants to annoy us’ Kenyans notice about Babu Owino’s bragging habit

This formed the basis of the conversation on Tuesday morning where Mike asked Kenyans to give their opinion on what they think would be justice for Dj Evolve.

Mike weighed in saying it broke his heart to hear the Disc Jockeys mother recalling the moment she received news that her son had been shot.

His mum revealed she left her job to take care of him, and was very emotional when asked if she has ever seen Babu Owino saying ‘atasitaki kunongea kwa sasa’.

“Due to the pain (in my heart), I cannot talk. I just talk to my God. My son’s life has been destroyed. (I hope to get) justice for my kid. Only that,” she told NTV.

Mike Mondo shared his distress on Tuesday morning saying

‘I was so hurt to hear the mothers agony. That is a very hurt mother’ He said

dj evolve speaks
Dj Evolve interview on NTV

Ben Kitili’s wife announces split from celebrity husband as she reveals ‘tough time’

‘What I saw on NTV broke my heart. I thought oh my God his life has been completely turned upside down. He can’t play music anymore and he is now bedridden’ Mike added

The topic trended online with KOT demanding for justice, even as the legislator walks free.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what would you consider justice? Drop your comments below.

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‘I was treated and discharged,’ Maina Kageni refutes he is admitted in hospital

Classic 105 FM radio presenter Maina Kageni is not in the hospital as reported by some blogs.

Speaking to Classic 105, the radio king said;

“I have just come from seeing a doctor. I was not feeling well yesterday I was vomiting and running a fever. I went in, tests were run, I was treated and dischargedIMG-20200419-WA0037

“Adding, “I’m fine.

Hii Ni Makasiriko Ya Aina Gani? Maina Kageni reacts to woman killing husband over ugali

Maina Kageni in the studio
Maina Kageni in the studio

According to a colleague, Mike Mondo, he says that his statement was misquoted when he went live on Instagram yesterday with media personality Kamene Goro.

Speaking to Classic 105 on Phone Mike said,

“What I said is that I will be doing breakfast tomorrow because Maina is unwell.

There is nowhere I said that he is admitted,” he said.

He added;

“Maina is doing well it’s just ile kukua unwell ya Kawaid, otherwise he is at his home.”

Maina is also enjoying his annual leave days and Mondo has been covering his breakfast show on the Classic 105 for a while now.


‘Your kids watched you being flogged like dogs’ Mike Mondo blasts partygoers

Kenyans arrested partying past curfew hours this past Easter weekend, have been the subject of discussion on social media.

From a Magistrate to an Mp being arrested drinking outside curfew hours, Kenyans are defying a dusk to dawn curfew put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Classic 105’s Mike Mondo on the Tuesday morning conversation, asked Kenyans to say why they love breaking directives in these trying times.

‘I wonder what happens in the mind of Kenyan men to break curfew to go to a bar and drink. If you watched clips of news, majority of those arrested are men. I’m wondering where are your families, why can’t you stay home you bond with family?’

Alcohol. photo credit: CBC.ca

So I’m asking why don’t Kenyans men like staying at home?

Ni kama tumerogwa, a man admitted after calling in to the show. It’s such a bad thing that even kids are seeing their fathers being whipped by police on Tv for violating curfew. It’s so bad.

Mike Mondo added that

I am not trying to sound holier than thou, we all enjoy a good drink, but when you are not maintaining social distancing, wewe unajipeleka kwa bar, tunakuona kwa Tv ukitandikwa viboko kwa bar, and bundled in police vehicles, must you drink?
‘If you watched the video being played the majority of those being arrested were men, you know I sat back and thought what is it with us Kenyan men and the weekend where the need to stay at home just disappears. There is a curfew in place and you break the social distancing, is it a must we go out on public holidays, ngai si these men have families’

Group of young people making toast at party
Group of young people making toast at party

Fellas, why can’t you stay home? These are special times that call for you to be responsible.

Another man defended his action saying ‘aiii it’s boring being at home, my wife is nagging me, so we end up going out to the bar’.

Another man blasted Mike Mondo asking him ‘Have you ever drunk alcohol at home? Because sometime drinking at home with children is weird, we don’t have a no go zone for kids at home, it’s not possible. It’s a lifestyle we are used to.’

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Mike Mondo unleashes new bae and she is a beauty (photo)

Mike Mondo has one of the best voices on radio, with his show afternoon show from 3 PM to 7 PM dominating the airwaves. The host recently showed off the great taste he has when posted the woman who made his heart glow this past Valentine’s.

Mondo shared this information on his Instagram page with his caption reading, “Si we can now wrap up the weekend. Ama namna gani my fren…!!! Have a great week ahead.”

Mike Mondo with new bae
Mike Mondo with new bae

Many of his followers were excited for Mike telling him how good the pair looked together. Some of those comments are below:

vanessaveeke You look great together tag her 😂😂💯🤗

tabbythamwendwa Kabisaaaa😉👌👌👌

stanleymatama Mike ni2mie huyo🤣

obilajasca You look amazing👌

djspinzz254_ @mike_mondo kabisa mzito💪👊

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

Mike has in the past spoken about the type of woman that he looks for in a wife. In a previous interview, the jolly presenter had revealed what he finds attractive in a potential wife, saying,

A woman who is a man’s peace is the best wife ever.

And what should a husband provide in return for a wife? He said;

Provider, protector and a good lover. (You must satisfy your wife in bed…ALWAYS)

Mike Mondo in black and white
Mike Mondo in black and white

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Do you support your child putting tattoos on their bod – Mike Mondo asks

Mike Mondo, who has been filling in for Maina Kageni, had a captivating topic today on Classic 105. He and Mwalimu spoke about the recent suspension of 10 students from St. Mary’s school, Nyeri for spotting tattoos.

Mike and King’ang’i were shocked that a section of parents agreed with school administration not to admit their children. They both felt that the teachers had a point in suspending the students.

Ladies don’t want to get married, just want a sperm donor – Mike Mondo

The question that Mike had was how the parents could support their sons putting tattoos on their bodies and whether the teachers had done the right thing in suspending the students.

The comments from listeners are below;

I understand what is going on. Some of the parents of these kids have tattoos, so the government should be preparing themselves for that trend in the future – A man said.

There are no parents anymore. Even going to the barber, one was accompanied. The parents are the bad ones in this case. How can a child correct a child? A man said.

Confirmed Bachelors? Maina Kageni and Mike Mondo’s reasons for being single

How do the tattoos prevent a student from learning? As a parent, I support that. As long as the kid is learning, shule iwache ushamba! – A mother spoke.

If I was near the holy Bible, I would show you where it is written that it is forbidden -A man said.

I am with Mwalimu on this and I think we need to have universal values. When you allow your kid to go out there and have tattoos, will they be accepted? I am a mother of boys and I don’t think their future wives families will accept them with the tattoos. The reason we have uniformity in the school is those differences(tattoos, dreads) can create disruption – A woman said.

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Mtu lazima awe ng’ombe-Mondo told by woman for a ‘happy” marriage

Mike Mondo and Mwalimu King’ang’i had an interesting conversation today that concerned submission. Mike referenced an interesting comment a female caller had made where she advocated for submission in order to save many marriages.

“Women don’t respect their men anymore. Ladies also want to have their say in many marriages. Respect your man even if he is a fool.”

King’ang’i agreed with the woman’s statement saying, “There are some decisions that men make that are shocking. If women tell you some of the nonsense they go through, you would advise them to leave. The secret to a happy marriage is to submit even if your man is a fool.”

Ladies don’t want to get married, just want a sperm donor – Mike Mondo

One particular female caller gave her own anecdote about submission saying, “When I was getting married, my mom told me that for a marriage to succeed, moja lazima akuwe ng’ombe. I had been married for 14 years and before we separated. Tulikuwa fahali wawili! How can you be a ng’ombe forever? It does work if one becomes a ng’ombe.”

Some of the other comments are below;

I broke up with my boyfriend one and a half years ago. He was book smart but not street smart-A woman said.

You cannot demand submission it comes naturally. If you provide and respect that woman she will submit. Respect that union-Man.

Women were always meant to submit no matter how Rich or sophisticated they’re, there can’t be two heads leading at homes-Man.

Confirmed Bachelors? Maina Kageni and Mike Mondo’s reasons for being single

What is the definition of a fool? Did you marry him knowing he is a “fool”, then one got no option but to submit…let men be men-woman?

Very true….. I always see my mum doing the same n she doesn’t get mad…she allows him to fall into pits n still stands by his side..so frustrating for me-Woman.

Then am seeing myself single for life. Submission haiko kwa dictionary yangu as far as marriage is concerned. Equal. Btw, Fool fool or an educated fool-Woman.

As long as your doing your duties as a man submission comes automatic-Man.

What a waste of life. Submit? You are encouraging the spouse to waste her energy? This isn’t a kindergarten-A woman.

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Ladies don’t want to get married, just want a sperm donor – Mike Mondo

Mike Mondo had an interesting discussion today concerning the reason he and Maina Kageni were still senior bachelors. The sultry-voiced presenter added another reason for his bachelorhood. He said many Kenyan women don’t want to get married and are only looking for sperm donors.

“Yesterday I and Maina were abused because we weren’t married. We became serious bachelors because many ladies don’t want to get married. Ladies just don’t want to get married.”

This anecdote from Mike led to his topic of the day. Why don’t Kenyan women want to get married anymore? The consensus answer among women was the easy line, “Men ain’t sh!t!”.

Mike Mondo in studio
Mike Mondo in studio

Some of those comments are below;

Ladies have more money than men. That’s why they just want donors-A man said.

I have been married for the past 12 years. I just recently got out of marriage. My husband was abusive, he is an alcoholic and he was a poor father. Now that I am by myself, I have found immense peace. I don’t consider getting married ever again-A woman said.

Many women are seeing their friends suffering in marriage and they avoid it-A woman said.

Marriage is a sacrifice. If you aren’t ready for the commitment, then don’t do it-A woman said.

Confirmed Bachelors? Maina Kageni and Mike Mondo’s reasons for being single

I am married. If I knew marriage would be like this, I would never have gotten married. My husband can’t even leave a shilling for the family. He can’t even pay for fees and he has 3 kids. I would advise my daughter not to get married-A woman said.

When I was growing up I saw the way my dad mistreated my mom, I decided to leave on my own. I don’t see the point of getting married anymore-A woman said.

Mike Mondo smiling
Mike Mondo smiling

We meet, have a good time and call it a day. Men have refused responsibilities. Everything they do is about “me, myself and I”. I have been married for 11 years. I left 5 years ago. My experience while I was married wasn’t the best-A woman said.

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Mike Mondo told how bad Kenyan men gossip

Mike Mondo who has been standing in for Maina Kageni this past week has had some fascinating topics the whole week.

Today the affable presenter followed up on the topic of gossiping among women in chamas.

Are chamas for women just for mushene? Mike Mondo asks

The reports from some callers yesterday was that men were actually bigger gossips than most women, something that shocked and astounded Mike.
Mike Mondo in studio reading
Mike Mondo in studio reading

Mike put the thesis to the test and asked callers whether men were actually worse gossips than men.  Some of the anwers are below;

Si ututetee. Mimi nimekubali. Kwa lugha yetu inaitwa mehe mehe! Mushene tukonayo mingi-A man told Mike.

Men do gossip. They’ll gossip to your friends and colleagues about yourself. We have women in trousers-A woman told the presenter.

Gossip is good. When I kosana with my boyfriend, I give him a bit of gossip and we get back together-A woman narrated.

I am so disappointed that men are actually such gossipers-A man complained.

Mike Mondo in studio
Mike Mondo in studio

Wanaume wamezidi. Especially those ones who work at night. They spend their time during the day gossipping. Me I don’t like that behaviour and I try and avoid it-man

These ladies have started the new year with more problems. Tell them we will keep on gossiping. These women don’t want to get married and so their children see the way their single mothers gossip all day, then they become like that-Man said.

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Are chamas for women just for mushene? Mike Mondo asks

Mike Mondo, who has been standing in for Maina Kageni in the morning, had an interesting topic this morning. The sultry-voiced host spoke about what women normally do at the chamas they attend.

Mike referenced a conversation he had yesterday with a woman who said that the chamas are normally more about the mushene (gossip) than for business interests that they were created for. Mike on his part said that he and his boys chama meetings are normally business-focused and then when they are done, they can go for a drink later on.

Why are men leaving wives for their mistresses? Mike Mondo asks

The presenter then opened up the topic to the listening audience. Some of those comments are below;

One time I missed and I was the topic of discussion. I was a single mother and I had failed to pay on time. The other women who were married asked how I could afford to drive and I couldn’t pay on time. Us ladies we are our own worst enemies – A lady said.

Chamas are for mushene – A lady said.

You men are worse at gossip. My husband and his friends when they do their chamas they gossip more than women – A lady told Mike.

When you talk about mushene even men are doing the same thing, not only women – A man said.

Chamas are just for gossip. The break-up in those meetings is 50/50 for mushene and business – A woman told Mike.

Long time ago when women had not been empowered they could meet and do mushene. Now it is a different ball-game. I am a treasurer at a chama for women and they do their business very professionally. The only caveat is when they are not sexually satisfied, that is what they talk about – A man told Mike.

Men are just as bad as women in the gossip section. They are also meeting to talk about others – A lady said.

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