I would give my parents money to my girlfriend – Mike Mondo

‘Adhis knew she had me at the palm of her hand if she asked me to jump I would ask how high, do you know I would take my parents change to Adhis that was in Mombasa if my mum asked me I would tell her fare imepanda that’s why I don’t have any change. She is now married with two kids. We stay in touch once on in a while she knew I would do anything for her,’

A woman told Mike she has a tattoo on her chest of a jobless man ‘niko na haka kijana we even have our tattoo on our chest. I’m so serious the love I have for him, when we split, I started dating another guy who had alot of money, but I’m telling you I only wanted that other guy, he is also so crazy about me if one of us dies, I don’t know, hana job and if we leave each other, tunarudiana’

Do you have someone in your life who just simply drives you crazy? For men there is that one woman who when she wants something you will go to the ends of the earth for her, Ladies, do you have this someone?

s Kuna mwingine nakumbuka nilikua nae hadi nikauza kitanda nilale chini madam akae poaSmiling face with sunglasses lakini vile nili mature kidogo tukaachana nikajua kumbe ilikua tu utotoRolling on the floor laughing

its usually a crazy experience i have been there and weeh i could jump through hoops for that human…but glad iliisha cz walai ningejipeleka mathare for a mental evaluation. I was growing crazyCrying faceFace with tears of joy anyway its life.

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Most men are dating themselves, wives have left mentally – Mike Mondo

Alot of men think they are in a happy marriage

Ladies plan their exit strategy and stay with their husband ho is completely clueless what she intends to do.

This was discussed on the Wednesday February 9th conversation with Mike narrating ”aki jana si tulishangaa hapa about where ladies get the strength to move on after breakups and there is a certain caller who said she has broken up before she left, she broke u mentally. you know kingangi some men are dating themselves, you think you have a wife a marriage and that everything is good but that marriage is not there’

A buffled Kingangi asked Mike ‘Where has she gone, you are still there kwa nyumba na yeye but mentally she is out? Mwalimu asked

Mike onfirmed that ‘most men today are dating themselves their wives are gone mentally Mike added ‘ these are some of the things I asked and they told me sometimes they are in that situation to jipanga but mentally I am not with you that’s why when you leave they don’t care you can go’

aie Mwalimu responded ‘she checked out long time ago, aliendaga with no signs? never to be seen?

Mike said yes ‘she breaks up with you when you re still in the relationship that’s why when you try and beg her to stay and she doesn’t care’

There is something very interesting that mwalimu said earlier that you can come home and you find amefyeka, you take everything.

‘hujawahi fanywa hivyo?’ mwalimu asked mike, ‘yani hakuna kitu ni exhoes tuu unasikia ukiingi n ni nyumba yako, kila ktu imeeenda, aki ya ngai,’

‘you act normal to avoid suspicion,’ a listener told Mike, ‘and that morning you left when she spoke lovingly to you, aki,’

It hurt so bad Mwalimu joked that it like being let by Kiserian PSV’s ‘umachwa kama basi za kiserian’

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Men are so dramatic when they are dumped – Mwalimu King’ang’i

Mwalimu Kingangi says that men are weak

Ladies, men have a question for you. They want to know where you get the strength to move on after a man has left you for someone else.

On the Tuesday February 8th conversation, Mike Mondo and Mwalimu Kingangi cited the case of a Busia man who killed himself after finding out his wife was being eaten by their pastor.

Kingangi attributed this behavior in men to weakness.

3 days ago it was reported that a middle-aged man identified as Onyango set his house ablaze after learning the pastor was up to. NTV reported that his body was found beside Busia river.

Mike added ‘I really want to understand ladies where do you get that strength from when he leaves you, today if the woman leaves her man he will commit suicide because ameachwa tuu but when it comes to ladies they will pick up and move on.’

A lady called and contributed that women don’t get heartbroken so easily because of the stress men put wives throughout their marriage

‘the moment hat you leave its okay you go, you make us endure so much throughout marriage, you take us through alot until he moment you eave we feel zero, we have moved on emotionally, we feel zero chilsl youcan as well go you make us endure that when you leave you can as well go’

‘But men a whole CEO he cant move he cant function juu ameachwa lakini wanawake wanendelea na maisha’ Mwalimu noted about her comments.

He added ‘if today a man s left by his woman that man just loses his mind, but for ladies its different, she moves on. where do you get that strength from?’

‘Ladies we move on even when we are still in the relationship,’ another woman told Mike, ‘unajichuja tuu hivyo and then when you talk to your friends you find out others are going through worse, so when the man is doing all these things she is tired, by the time you leave, ah it feels zero’

A man told that ‘ men are not weak it just shows you how faithful they are, ukishawekwa kwa shimo unakaa tumeweka myai moja kwa kikikapu moja zikiunjika hauna option ingine, men are fithful thats why it takes a toll on them when they are left, when we are left we cant function’

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‘They will broadcast your failures’ Men tell Mike Mondo on confiding in wife

Why is it that men can’t seek advise from their women. Mike Mondo on Monday February 7th asked men why they don’t seek their wives advice when things are thick.

He said ‘When business is bad and need advise on how to turn it around, do you do that? Do you talk to your partner?’

Here are some responses to Mikes question:


Men were created to stand on our own base…I can’t borrow advice to a ready… she will broadcast whole world to hear your downfall

If you go to her for advice,she will see you as a failure, better just keep quiet and roast the problem inside….


Mike ladies go for the so called ‘bff’ to seek their advices meaning they don’t trust their men. This trust thing should be mutual, you come for advice from us and we also do so.

Caller: “The problem with these men is that they will ask for your advice na hatasikiza. Niwajuaji sana!” #MainaAndKingangi

A woman described mens behavior of not consulting wives as ‘kiburi’. She told Mike it’s no wonder many of them don’t succeed.

‘men have a problem kiburi, inafanyanga wasiongeleshe bibi yako and if if you look at most men who have succeeded in life and have wives, if they open up they will tell you they talk to their wife.

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree?

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‘Kenyans are born journalists’ King’ang’i says of love for gossip

On the Friday morning February 4th conversation it was all about the love Kenyans have for moshene.

Mqalimu told Kingangi that Kenyans are born journalistswho investigate your life to get the moshene they need.

Mike agreed noting that even Maina Kageni has been linked to a new girlfriend just because he posed with someone while on holiday in Miami.

‘unakumbuka shiru? Walisema ati Maina ana girlfriend. Even me I recently put a picture on Instagram and they said that’s my girlfriend’

Mwalimu told him that it’s normal because of our love for gossip.

#MainaAndKingangi life itakuwa so boring without udaku dingehota nie lazma tuchambue

Being idle since there are no jobs in most cases .secondly also you to kuweka chuku kidogo ikue tamu ..and also in a way of finding the truth

Replying to @jennykanyiri @MikeMondo1 and @Classic105Kenya
Kenya Ni ya wale wazee ,udakulife keeps us going Rolling on the floor laughing @MikeMondo1 umeskia? #MainaAndKingangi

Some people gossip to seek revenge. It gives them a sense that they possess secret information about another person,which gives them a sense of power.People want to be seen as being in the know when it comes to the latest gossip about others #MainaAndKingangi

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I share my partner with wababa’s to make money – Man tells Mike Mondo

In a discussion about partners giving their spouses permission to cheat, a man called Mike Mondo and confessed that he has an agreement with his wife to let her have a mubaba to finance their life.

The husband argued that it’ ok to allow your spouse to have an affair if it benefits the family financially.

He told Mike Mondo in a phone conversation February 1 that ‘I tell my wife, Ukipata mubaba endatuu upate pesa na usifanye nini’

He also added

‘It’s something real if my wife was here I would have asked her to tell you about it, but she has gone kibarua. I suffered as a street kid even upto campus where I was a watchman and you want to tell me to continue sufferign in life? Hapana. Right now I am taking anything. If a man told my wife right now to sleep with him, I would allow her and I work alot with politicians and if I notice one wants her, I will give him our number. I was a student leader niko na connections with these politicians so niko na wale nikienda event I go ith my wife and if the politician furahis and i see that i give them her number, nawaambia wachukuwe number. I can show you which politician pays our rent, bibi yangu ni mali safi, we can go to instagram right now I show you which politician sleeps with my wife and pays rent,
namwabianga enda tu ulete pesa tukule’

Other men also confessed to doing the same thing, all for the love of money.

Mike my partner akipata mbaba ako na pesa ni sawa nitazikula sana.

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Wababa give us peace of mind unlike young men – Mike Mondo told

On the Tubonge Tuesday conversation February 1, Mike Mondo spoke about older men and younger girls in relationships. He told ‘There is a youtube clip and basically it’s an interview of a gentleman asking ladies why they like dating mubaba.’

In the video the girls were advocating dating wababa and that vijana hawajui mapenzi’ described one interviewee who added ‘wanatupea pesa’

Kingangi bragged that the ‘wababa are good at loving ‘it’s the love’ he told Mike taking shots at young men who think they are loved because of havign six packs. He teased them ‘hizo si pack hulipa rent, inakusaidia aje ama zinalipa token?’

‘ladies mbona mnapenda wababa? is it the love or is it the money? Mike opened up the discussion to the audience.

A girl called and said ‘wabab give us peace of mind, it is not about money, they know what we need, peace of mind ndio tunatakanga,’

Another girl called in and said ‘these people (mubaba) are very caring, I have one and I love him for real nampenda this guy he provides everything amenipea peace of mind, he doesn’t go through my phone na is not after twa twa, He doesn’t give me sress if I don’t pick up my phone when he calls unlike young men hawa watu wako tuu poa wanakuchunga tuu kama wanajua hujalipa rent, lazima ukule, we are not with them for money, w e need peace of mind vijana wanatusumbua’

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‘Everything is getting more expensive’ Kingangi to cut off some relatives

How are you surviving and what are some other adjustments you are making to live?

This was the conversation that Mike Mondo discussed on the Monday morning conversation where he asked what you will be dropping this year considering the cost of living.

A man told Mike that he saw an avocado being sold in the supermarket for sh135 and will send a photo to prove it. He added that ‘LANES!! Wenye tunastrain wacha tu survive’

Mwalimu told Mike that he has some things he is dropping including financially helping out relatives in ushago ‘nimeacha chapati, nyama kuna vitu unadjust kama kununua nguo, you start managing things, hata mashambani they need to be managed to stop thinking we collect money from the roundabout, na utoke hizo groups za kuchanga pesa za zote, ni muhimu sana focus na maisha yako sana, weuh, lazima ujipange otherwise utaoanga na maisha, with alot of love, those relative you used oto help, the nice things you ate, you need to reconsider and ask yourself’

Mwalimu told relatives he will ‘per case’ na ‘sio wote’ adding ‘jiulize maswali because not everything is necessary’

‘It’s important to drop things, you have no choice’ Mike added ‘considering how expensive life has become’.

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I would cry like a baby to my woman about being stressed – Mike Mondo

Dear men, would you open up to your woman, and even go as far as crying about your problems?

It’s a TBT and on the morning conversation January 27, Mike Mondo urged men to open up to their wives and even cry about their stress.

He told of a friend he met at his local who confessed that he has been unemployed for the last three months and the wife thinks he still has a job. He wakes up in the morning, dresses up in his suit and leaves. He can’t tell her that kazi imeisha, that he can’t confide in her.

‘Sisi ndio tunaumia, it’s because there is a way you start looking like a weakling’ Mwalimu explained why to Mike Mondo. He added that ‘Women will use it against you, that is the reason we don’t tell them, ataenda aseme unalianga kam mtoto’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree?

‘I would cry na nimwambie stress imenishika sioni mbele wala nyumma,’ Mike told Kingangi

‘But does she open up to you? Mwalimu retorted to Mike about his madam, adding ‘ sisi tunaishi ki kitaliban kaa ngumu kama gumo’

‘so you sit there your heart is in pain and there is someone you can talk to?’ Mike asked to which Mwalimu asked ‘who?’

The discussion was opened up to the audience. one man @Davidwaflowers told Mike ‘the responsibility men have, is to take care & provide for the familiy and his wife not crying like a baby a man should stand firm even if the issue pressing him too much #MainaAndKingangi’

Another @gmukavana told Mike that ‘Real men don’t cry out to their women! They provide solutions! Good morning from OTC #MainaAndKingangi’

Another man disagreed with Mike about being a cry baby. @gmukavana said ‘Mwanaume ni kusimama imara Ile upuzi ya diaper Boys ishindweeeeeee!’

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I get counselling once every 3 months over – Mike Mondo

On the Wednesday morning conversation January 26th, Mike Mondo asked men why they don’t seek therapy for stress.

He wondered why men keep their emotions bottled up rather than opening up tot heir wives or even friends.

‘Me i cant keep quiet. I usually go to therapy once every three months’

Mwalimu his co host said men don’t open up because they fear being gossiped about.

Mike responded that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved. Why cant you talk to a therapist, talk to your fellow man and get it sorted out?’

Mondo opened up the discussion to the Classic 105 audience who told of their challenges.

A man called in and told Mike and Mwalimu that ‘men stay taliban. I tell you I only see therapists when i was doing biology mimi in real life they don’t apply. I became a young father at a young age, I agreed, so I’ve been going through alot, niko bedsitter, and the moment you try to open up to anyone that is opening a problem to another problem. there is no need to go to a therapist hata nisaidia, mwanaume ni kuvumilia’

A woman urged men to take their mental health seriously.

@jennykanyiri said ‘No wonder most men are committing suicide nowadays due to depression after things piles up till the mind can’t hold the pressure anymore,so sad’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you encourage your men to open up and take care of their mental health?

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My girlfriend tried unlocking my phone when I was asleep – Mike Mondo

For the sake of your mental health, do not go through your spouses phone, was the message Mike Mondo told in the Tuesday morning January 25 discussion.

He told of how he woke up one day to find a girlfriend trying to open his phone.

‘I want to talk about partners obsessed with a partners phone. Nishawai siku moja, some years back, I was sleeping and my madam took my hand to get my fingerprint to access my phone. Nikaona mafdam amenishika simu anaunlock ndio aone. I woke up asking her what are you doing? Then she said ati she just wanted to make a phone call, and I didn’t want to wake you. Have you ever got a phone call ay night and been asked who is calling us?

Mwalimu laughed at his experience adding ‘lakini bwana anafaa kuangalia simu ya bibi simu ya bibi haifaii kua na password because ya nini you know what for? she should not have a password’

Mike was shocked but told him that if you go through a phone, then you will find what you are looking for.

Classic co host Mwalimu finalized the discussion that ‘If her phone does not have a password, then I don’t need to go through her phone because she has nothing to hide, iko hapo open book you know you go through something when there is a hidden thing, my phone is a police case na kitunguu,’

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A wife’s phone should not have a password – Mwalimu King’ang’i

On the Tuesday January 25 morning conversation, the topic of spouses accessing each others phones generated a heated discussion.

Mike Mondo was of the opinion that people should stay away from the others phone, while Mwalimu Kingangi told husbands that wives phones are public property, and should not have passwords.

‘It should not have a password in case watoto wanataka kucheza nayo, you shoudl be open especially if you are a married woman, I don’t think there is need to have a password on her phone hiyo nayo inafaa kuwa ya nyumba, simu yake ni ya kila mtu nyumba,simu ya jamii’

@fredric71756099 ‘No it’s coz we don’t want to die early na stress’

@NteereB ‘Ikuwe na password ya Nini? Ni simu ya watoto’

@Vetmurage ‘Women will do or try everything just to cry.. they don’t care about their happiness Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy leave your partner’s phone get peace Victory handDove of peace’

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Mike Mondo tells Kingang’i of his fear of an ‘oops I’m pregnant’ announcement

With all the birth control options availvble today, can a Kenyan woman tell a man that ‘oops I’m pregnant?’

That is the Monday January 23rd conversation with Mike Mondo and Malimu Kingangi.

How do you still have an ooops? Mik Mondo asked women to respond to the allegations.

A female caller told him it’s possible citing her three month old son as proof ‘wacheni ujinga hizi mambo hufanyika, my oops so turns three months and i took precaution but it happened to me and I’m raising my son, it happens, it can happen.’

Mike was still wrapped aroudn the fact that surprise pregnancies happen to which Kingangi told him ‘si wewe ni babaa mtoto si lazima you step up’

Mike added ‘Ladies why do you tell us that babe there’s something we need to talk about? that oops situation and in this day and age can it still happen when in this day and age you have options.?’

A man said ‘the moment unenda kufanya kitu hiyo ya uoops inakuja kwasabaabu inafaa ukuwe mwangalifu, if you start a relationship you should know anythingcan happen’

A man told Mike that it happens ‘my friend ukiruka ruka what do you expect, ukirukrauka ovyo what do you expect as you enjoy the game enjoy the oops, the oops can happen that’s normal.’

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21 women have proposed to me – Eligible bachelor Mike Mondo says

Eligible bachelor Mike Mondo recently told that this is the year he is manifesting getting married. And that confession has landed him several marriage proposals.

Mike admitted that 21 women have proposed to him in his DM’s, saying he is shocked at just how bold Kenyan women have become.

‘What happened to men being the ones chasing? My God I have 16 women on Instagram and the others on Facebook and Twitter proposing to me. They have even described where they work and they are ready and willing to be my wife’

“Two weeks ago I said that I am finally going to get a wife this year and I want to cut out partying and minimize on sherehe. Right now there’s a total of 21 women who have proposed to me and some telling me they are ready to have kids with me”

Men called in and warned him the girls are only interested because he work ls for Classic 105 and has a heavy pocket. They told him that should anything happen and he doesn’t have a job, he would be dropped like a hot potato.

Cos you’re working on classic 105 fm uko na pesa
Kuwa musoto you won’t get a woman
They’re looking for money

another one said “Unajua wewe Mike unafanya kazi Classic na ukona pesa. So hao wanawake wanatafuta pesa tu.”

Mike Mondo returned that allegation, asking women to respond to the caution being expressed by men.

Mike though insisted that this year he is taking ‘someones daughter to his mother, and can’t wait.

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Women hiding loads of cash secretly in their homes – Maina and King’ang’i

On the Wednesday morning conversation, Mike Mondo’s topic was about wives hiding money in their homes.

Mike’s comments elicited reaction from two men who confessed they have stumbled on money stashed in their homes.

One told he found over sh300,000 as another found sh20,000. They were shocked because the wives had old them they were broke.

Mike, who is currently single told that this is not his struggle because he lives alone, laughing at men’s dilemma.

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Mike Mondo disagrees with petition seeking to extend men’s paternity leave

 A petition has been filed before the labor court seeking to grant men a 90 day paternity leave.

On the Wednesday Janaury 5th conversation, Mike Mondo asked Kenyans to weigh inon the plan.

Mike laughed saying it is absolutely insane to give men those many days.

‘I want to find out whether or not you agree with dakatari. I’m sitting here wondering what am I going to do in the house for 90 days? hmmm’

Many Classic 105 audiences said it is too long, and men need to be out there getting paid not sitting at home. One man wondered whether he will be also breastfeeding.

Mike that’s a loophole for men to avoid work.

Sure, this happens in most countries around the world. Its also a way for fathers and newborns to bond.

Absolutely insane and not a thing for kenyans where majority are hustlers.Again it would be to much nagging to be with her at home for 90 days,mtazoeana na sio mimi nanyonya.

Noooo that’s unacceptableGrinning face they can extend a hand in the evening, after work.

90 days paternity leave look good until by the time it ends your wife tells you she’s pregnant again.

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‘Kwani ni mkate’ Mike Mondo tells spouses about not loving each other 100%

On the Tuesday morning conversation January 4th, Mike Mondo weighed in on the topic of debate on Twitter about percentages and love’

That apparently, spouses allocate the percentage they love their wife or husband.

Mike was worried about this trend asking ‘a lot of people today and I even asked a married woman how much do you love your husband, she said I love him 60 per cent and 40 is mine. and the argument is you are doing it it for sanity. what are you talking about, kama uko na mtu mbona usimlove 100 per cent? like why why must there be percentages?

ile percentage unbaki nayo what is it for? Can you imagine if Christ loved the church 60/40? Kwani ni mkate umepende 60/40?

A man called in the rest of the per centage ni ya kupiga damu. ‘I tried with my partner I almost died, I give her 60/ 65 ni yake the rest ni ya kupiga damu.

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Not everyone is meant for you – Mike Mondo says of heartbreak in 2022

A woman set herself and her two children on fire following a disagreement with her husband on New Year’s day in Lugari sub-county, Kakamega.

This formed Mike Mondo’s New year conversation, with the presenter weighing in that ‘kama hataki hataki move on you could be saving yourself alot in future’

The horrific story saddened Mike who told on the Monday morning conversation that we must learn to accept rejection, no matter how hard it may be.

He sympathized with those being dumped or going through heartbreak but advised that ‘not everyone is meant for you.’

‘this is very wrong I want to condemn this act, why can’t people move on after their hearts are broken? why kill children? why cant you handle that you have been left, you have never heard of the statement ukiachwa akichika, you start doing something nasty because you were left, why should you react, why can’t people jut move on after that ka heartbreak? imagine you will move on and find somebody else’

A woman told Mike that many people are having mental issues over relationships gone wrong ‘diff people have diff capacity of dealing with rejection, and I can relate you see you have labored with him, given him children and then you think yani he can do this to me?’

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