Mike Mondo unleashes new bae and she is a beauty (photo)

Mike Mondo has one of the best voices on radio, with his show afternoon show from 3 PM to 7 PM dominating the airwaves. The host recently showed off the great taste he has when posted the woman who made his heart glow this past Valentine’s.

Mondo shared this information on his Instagram page with his caption reading, “Si we can now wrap up the weekend. Ama namna gani my fren…!!! Have a great week ahead.”

Mike Mondo with new bae
Mike Mondo with new bae

Many of his followers were excited for Mike telling him how good the pair looked together. Some of those comments are below:

vanessaveeke You look great together tag her 😂😂💯🤗

tabbythamwendwa Kabisaaaa😉👌👌👌

stanleymatama Mike ni2mie huyo🤣

obilajasca You look amazing👌

djspinzz254_ @mike_mondo kabisa mzito💪👊

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

Mike has in the past spoken about the type of woman that he looks for in a wife. In a previous interview, the jolly presenter had revealed what he finds attractive in a potential wife, saying,

A woman who is a man’s peace is the best wife ever.

And what should a husband provide in return for a wife? He said;

Provider, protector and a good lover. (You must satisfy your wife in bed…ALWAYS)

Mike Mondo in black and white
Mike Mondo in black and white

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Do you support your child putting tattoos on their bod – Mike Mondo asks

Mike Mondo, who has been filling in for Maina Kageni, had a captivating topic today on Classic 105. He and Mwalimu spoke about the recent suspension of 10 students from St. Mary’s school, Nyeri for spotting tattoos.

Mike and King’ang’i were shocked that a section of parents agreed with school administration not to admit their children. They both felt that the teachers had a point in suspending the students.

Ladies don’t want to get married, just want a sperm donor – Mike Mondo

The question that Mike had was how the parents could support their sons putting tattoos on their bodies and whether the teachers had done the right thing in suspending the students.

The comments from listeners are below;

I understand what is going on. Some of the parents of these kids have tattoos, so the government should be preparing themselves for that trend in the future – A man said.

There are no parents anymore. Even going to the barber, one was accompanied. The parents are the bad ones in this case. How can a child correct a child? A man said.

Confirmed Bachelors? Maina Kageni and Mike Mondo’s reasons for being single

How do the tattoos prevent a student from learning? As a parent, I support that. As long as the kid is learning, shule iwache ushamba! – A mother spoke.

If I was near the holy Bible, I would show you where it is written that it is forbidden -A man said.

I am with Mwalimu on this and I think we need to have universal values. When you allow your kid to go out there and have tattoos, will they be accepted? I am a mother of boys and I don’t think their future wives families will accept them with the tattoos. The reason we have uniformity in the school is those differences(tattoos, dreads) can create disruption – A woman said.

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Mtu lazima awe ng’ombe-Mondo told by woman for a ‘happy” marriage

Mike Mondo and Mwalimu King’ang’i had an interesting conversation today that concerned submission. Mike referenced an interesting comment a female caller had made where she advocated for submission in order to save many marriages.

“Women don’t respect their men anymore. Ladies also want to have their say in many marriages. Respect your man even if he is a fool.”

King’ang’i agreed with the woman’s statement saying, “There are some decisions that men make that are shocking. If women tell you some of the nonsense they go through, you would advise them to leave. The secret to a happy marriage is to submit even if your man is a fool.”

Ladies don’t want to get married, just want a sperm donor – Mike Mondo

One particular female caller gave her own anecdote about submission saying, “When I was getting married, my mom told me that for a marriage to succeed, moja lazima akuwe ng’ombe. I had been married for 14 years and before we separated. Tulikuwa fahali wawili! How can you be a ng’ombe forever? It does work if one becomes a ng’ombe.”

Some of the other comments are below;

I broke up with my boyfriend one and a half years ago. He was book smart but not street smart-A woman said.

You cannot demand submission it comes naturally. If you provide and respect that woman she will submit. Respect that union-Man.

Women were always meant to submit no matter how Rich or sophisticated they’re, there can’t be two heads leading at homes-Man.

Confirmed Bachelors? Maina Kageni and Mike Mondo’s reasons for being single

What is the definition of a fool? Did you marry him knowing he is a “fool”, then one got no option but to submit…let men be men-woman?

Very true….. I always see my mum doing the same n she doesn’t get mad…she allows him to fall into pits n still stands by his side..so frustrating for me-Woman.

Then am seeing myself single for life. Submission haiko kwa dictionary yangu as far as marriage is concerned. Equal. Btw, Fool fool or an educated fool-Woman.

As long as your doing your duties as a man submission comes automatic-Man.

What a waste of life. Submit? You are encouraging the spouse to waste her energy? This isn’t a kindergarten-A woman.

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Ladies don’t want to get married, just want a sperm donor – Mike Mondo

Mike Mondo had an interesting discussion today concerning the reason he and Maina Kageni were still senior bachelors. The sultry-voiced presenter added another reason for his bachelorhood. He said many Kenyan women don’t want to get married and are only looking for sperm donors.

“Yesterday I and Maina were abused because we weren’t married. We became serious bachelors because many ladies don’t want to get married. Ladies just don’t want to get married.”

This anecdote from Mike led to his topic of the day. Why don’t Kenyan women want to get married anymore? The consensus answer among women was the easy line, “Men ain’t sh!t!”.

Mike Mondo in studio
Mike Mondo in studio

Some of those comments are below;

Ladies have more money than men. That’s why they just want donors-A man said.

I have been married for the past 12 years. I just recently got out of marriage. My husband was abusive, he is an alcoholic and he was a poor father. Now that I am by myself, I have found immense peace. I don’t consider getting married ever again-A woman said.

Many women are seeing their friends suffering in marriage and they avoid it-A woman said.

Marriage is a sacrifice. If you aren’t ready for the commitment, then don’t do it-A woman said.

Confirmed Bachelors? Maina Kageni and Mike Mondo’s reasons for being single

I am married. If I knew marriage would be like this, I would never have gotten married. My husband can’t even leave a shilling for the family. He can’t even pay for fees and he has 3 kids. I would advise my daughter not to get married-A woman said.

When I was growing up I saw the way my dad mistreated my mom, I decided to leave on my own. I don’t see the point of getting married anymore-A woman said.

Mike Mondo smiling
Mike Mondo smiling

We meet, have a good time and call it a day. Men have refused responsibilities. Everything they do is about “me, myself and I”. I have been married for 11 years. I left 5 years ago. My experience while I was married wasn’t the best-A woman said.

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Confirmed Bachelors? Maina Kageni and Mike Mondo’s reasons for being single


Classic 105’s Maina Kageni and Mike Mondo are single and not ready to mingle.

Maina and Mike have a nice car, a home and an income and are reluctant to consider marriage.

They are sworn bachelors who have refused to bow to the demands of their Classic 105 fans to settle down and marry.

Sharing is Caring: Prominent Politicians who have two wives

I kid you not. A woman called in January 21st, confessing how she is ready to wait until Mike Mondo is ready to marry.

She told him

establish yourself a a man, take your time. I will wait for you, get money, a car, and then come for me. I’m here, take your time, I will wait for you, don’t rush,

Wauuu, who can refuse such an offer? Mike responded’ sawa’.

‘I would marry Maina Kageni even if he was my domestic worker’ Nicole

Mike Mondo spoke on this defending himself and Maina on why they want to sow their wild oats.

I am 38 and in no hurry. They are jealous of us Maina, don’t listen to them about marrying.

Mike added

The pressure I get from Mwalimu Kinga’ng’i every year, it’s too much. You know I look up to  people like Charles Njonjo, why can’t you let me marry at any age? You keep disturbing Maina also. What is the hurry?

Research suggests that once men reach 33 or 34, the chances they’ll commit start to diminish, but only slightly. Until men reach 37, they remain very good prospects.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what is better: To first establish yourself or get married early when you are still young and grow with your wife?

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Mike Mondo told how bad Kenyan men gossip

Mike Mondo who has been standing in for Maina Kageni this past week has had some fascinating topics the whole week.

Today the affable presenter followed up on the topic of gossiping among women in chamas.

Are chamas for women just for mushene? Mike Mondo asks

The reports from some callers yesterday was that men were actually bigger gossips than most women, something that shocked and astounded Mike.
Mike Mondo in studio reading
Mike Mondo in studio reading

Mike put the thesis to the test and asked callers whether men were actually worse gossips than men.  Some of the anwers are below;

Si ututetee. Mimi nimekubali. Kwa lugha yetu inaitwa mehe mehe! Mushene tukonayo mingi-A man told Mike.

Men do gossip. They’ll gossip to your friends and colleagues about yourself. We have women in trousers-A woman told the presenter.

Gossip is good. When I kosana with my boyfriend, I give him a bit of gossip and we get back together-A woman narrated.

I am so disappointed that men are actually such gossipers-A man complained.

Mike Mondo in studio
Mike Mondo in studio

Wanaume wamezidi. Especially those ones who work at night. They spend their time during the day gossipping. Me I don’t like that behaviour and I try and avoid it-man

These ladies have started the new year with more problems. Tell them we will keep on gossiping. These women don’t want to get married and so their children see the way their single mothers gossip all day, then they become like that-Man said.

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Are chamas for women just for mushene? Mike Mondo asks

Mike Mondo, who has been standing in for Maina Kageni in the morning, had an interesting topic this morning. The sultry-voiced host spoke about what women normally do at the chamas they attend.

Mike referenced a conversation he had yesterday with a woman who said that the chamas are normally more about the mushene (gossip) than for business interests that they were created for. Mike on his part said that he and his boys chama meetings are normally business-focused and then when they are done, they can go for a drink later on.

Why are men leaving wives for their mistresses? Mike Mondo asks

The presenter then opened up the topic to the listening audience. Some of those comments are below;

One time I missed and I was the topic of discussion. I was a single mother and I had failed to pay on time. The other women who were married asked how I could afford to drive and I couldn’t pay on time. Us ladies we are our own worst enemies – A lady said.

Chamas are for mushene – A lady said.

You men are worse at gossip. My husband and his friends when they do their chamas they gossip more than women – A lady told Mike.

When you talk about mushene even men are doing the same thing, not only women – A man said.

Chamas are just for gossip. The break-up in those meetings is 50/50 for mushene and business – A woman told Mike.

Long time ago when women had not been empowered they could meet and do mushene. Now it is a different ball-game. I am a treasurer at a chama for women and they do their business very professionally. The only caveat is when they are not sexually satisfied, that is what they talk about – A man told Mike.

Men are just as bad as women in the gossip section. They are also meeting to talk about others – A lady said.

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Why are men leaving wives for their mistresses? Mike Mondo asks

Today morning Mike Mondo, who stood in for Maina Kageni, spoke about a story on Mpasho.co.ke that referenced husbands leaving their wives for their side-pieces.

Mondo was shocked that these men were leaving their wives for the ‘other woman’ and not coming back. He wondered why a man who had a family would leave his first wife and family without ever going back?

Mike Mondo smiling
Mike Mondo smiling

The answers came in hard and first from the audience members. Some of their comments are below;

A sidepiece will cook and do everything for you-A man said.

Leaving is the best choice. I also had to leave my wife. The pressure was the major reason I left-A man told Mike.

I have been with my wife for 30 years through thick and thin. Even through the toughest of times, I love her. She is still in bed right now sleeping but I still love her.

Governor Mike Sonko advises men to love their wives more than mistresses [VIDEO]

For a man to leave his wife like that she must have done something really bad-A man told Mike.

When a man leaves it is a woman’s fault-A man categorically stated.

A man having one woman is poison. Two are still not great. 3 is the optimum because you can go from one to the other-A man suggested.

Marriage is an institution, it means when we come together we have different expectations hence needs alot of patience and tolerance. When you expect 100% transition, it’s a nightmare you can’t get it. Don’t push us away-Douglas Kiplagat.

Mike Mondo smiling
Mike Mondo smiling

Men do walk out and I will never judge any gender that walks out of pressure that depresses them and can lead to death because you won’t even be alive to tell the story. One of the most painful things in life is being hurt by the person you love-Sheila Bahati

It’s ironical that the same men who leave blaming their wives come back later after the world lands on them so hard! They come back crawling yet they left on their two feet!-Monique Kimmss

Women are more likely to initiate divorce because the married women reported lower levels of relationship quality than married men. In contrast, women and men in non-marital relationships reported equal levels of relationship quality-Chris Ray🗽

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‘They left me with boxers and a vest’ – Mike Mondo says about thugs

Mike Mondo has a wonderful infectious voice that can be described as sultry. A voice that in the famous Swahili saying could get a snake from it’s hiding hole.

But was that wonderful voice enough to deal with some robbers on Uhuru Highway? Read on… The man who hails from Mombasa explained that he had just come from travelling to his home town when the incident occurred.

‘Along Uhuru Highway, there is a bridge and down the bridge is a train station, so the matatu I was in developed a mechanical problem. The driver advised us to wait for another car. I was like, ‘We are almost at Nairobi West, how about you give me back my Sh20 so I can walk?’

Mike Mondo in black and white
Mike Mondo in black and white

What would happen afterwards would make him wish he had waited for another vehicle to take him to Nairobi West. ‘Once the conductor refunded me, I started walking towards home. I had not gone far before I heard someone pulling me by my pants,” he recounted.

Mike Mondo reveals what he looks for in a wife (exclusive)

Apparently some men had followed him and taken the opportunity to rob the solitary Mondo.  ‘I was ambushed by three people and taken to the cemeteries. I felt myself fly into the air.’

The presenter wearing a leather jacket
Mike Mondo wearing a leather jacket

Robbing wasn’t the only thing they did to him. They also took his clothes leaving him with just a vest and boxers. ‘I told them that I had no job and that I was going home after a tiring day of job searching. One of the men was holding a knife.

Mike concluded his sad but hilarious (hindsight is 20-20) tale by saying,  ‘I walked from Makaburini to Nairobi West.’

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It cost me 93k! Mike Mondo reveals expensive phone he uses (Exclusive)

Mike Mondo has a silky smooth voice and an attractive face to boot!

Something that is not common in radio. I know that sounds like a diss but there is a reason they say, ‘a face for radio’.

I did not come up with the phrase.

Mike Mondo wearing a white Tee
Mike Mondo wearing a white Tee

Mike has become a bigger and bigger presence on the radio as he made the switch from X F.M to Classic F.M a couple of years back.

There he has grown a much wider audience and even deputises/sits in for Maina Kageni when Maina is away.

Mike Mondo in studio
Mike Mondo in studio

This has caused his star to shine and more financial abundance for Mike. We recently caught up with him and asked what phone the ever-smiling and amiable presenter uses.

He currently has two but his favourite at the moment is new Huawei P30!

A phone that he was very proud of. He even sounded like the brand ambassador when speaking about it.


He said that he bought it for Ksh 93,000.

This is the point I should say something like, ‘the phone can pay rent for someone for 6 months!’ Have I stretched that?

Nah! That is about 15k a month. Very possible.

Mike Mondo reveals the person he most admires (Exclusive)

Some say that the phone is possibly the best in the market today. One reviewer from AndroidCentral said that the phone was probably the best phone he had used this year.

Mike Mondo out and about
Mike Mondo out and about

The reviewer for AndroidCentral summarised;

Three months after I started using the P30 Pro, I’m still blown away by how good this device is. I switched between a few phones in that time, but I keep coming back to the P30 Pro just because of that camera at the back. It just does a great job in any lighting condition, and while it may not be quite as consistent as the Pixel 3 XL, it does a better job in low-light conditions, and there are more sensors at the back.


Mike attests that the phone has the best camera he has ever used. Ha, now I see why.

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Should it matter how many men a woman has had before you asks Mike Mondo


Judging from online conversations and with friends, the question of lover statistics is as compelling as ever.

It is understandable to be curious what number you are but what will you do if you love this person?

Posh and class at Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru’s traditional wedding -Photos

Too many men are still raised to see bedroom matters as crude competition, in which bedding a woman who has already had a lot of lovers counts less than scoring with a woman who is “hard to get.”


But I think the average guy’s worry is simpler than that. The more men his girlfriend has slept with, the greater number of lovers to which she can compare his skills. It’s easier to win a contest against two than against 20, he figures. And even easier to rank first when he’s the only one to have ever played the game. No wonder so many men are obsessed with finding a virgin.

A woman called in and told her story.

I have been in 20 relationships

I haven’t found him yet and I can go through another 20 declared a defiant woman.
that’s how I can learn them I have gone through 20 of them and I haven’t found mine.

Shoud it matter asked Mike Mondo to which Mwalimu responded sharply saying

‘My husband’s side chick just gave birth to his child’ Cries betrayed city woman

You know you can have a masterkey but if you are a padlock it’s a problem.
Sasa what is she looking for Kingangi posed to Mike Mondo shocked she has gone through 20.

Congratulations Kingangi said

It’s good for a lady to maintain her values, you now when you go with a man they go with part of you spiritually so minimize that especially when you are a lady. The reason you see most marriages back in the day succeed is because the woman didn’t have many men.

But again, why is it so important to know an exact number? What difference does it make? Knowing whether a potential girlfriend has ever been in love before is important; discovering (slowly and patiently) how her past experiences have impacted her view of men (for better or worse) is important.

See the day Anne Waiguru’s hubby saved a Kenyan man’s shaky marriage

A male caller differed with men by siding with women on this issue. He said

Don’t be preoccupied with how many men she’s had. My cousin is those ladies who don’t like nonsense. She has been with more than 40 men in the past 15 years, so that should not matter whether she has had many men, just accept that she is with you. Why do we expect women not to have a past like men do?

Another female caller told off men shaming women

Stop being obsessed with my past that’s not your business, leave us alone and keep walking forward. I have 16 men actually probably more and they are all a problem. If I have to get to 100 men so be it. Kwanza Giriama men are terrible, it’s actually all Kenyan men you must sample. Hii kitu sio sabuni, haikwishi.

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‘It will pay off one day’ Kenyan women defend dating many men



It’s more tricky for a woman to find Mr Right as opposed to a man finding Miss Right.

Those are the sentiments many female Classic 105 callers gave in response to questions about dating multiple men in their lifetime.

A lady called in yesterday talking about people being dumped over petty issues. She explained she would ideally want to explore a lot of men.

She defends her idea of kissing 100 frogs before finding her prince.

This life is all about moving on. You stick to one person you will never enjoy this life, sawa? This world is all about explore, not sticking with one, never, ..I have to explore many men, this world is about exploring, nijue this man is like this, so that if am in my 30’s I know better otherwise I can’t advise my daughter what to do.

Another woman called in saying

You can get married as many times as you wish and find happiness, and that only be done when you correct yourself, even a hundred times. It’s all about happiness, it’s all abut you.

This prompted Mike Mondo to ask

I want to know this morning is that the best way to find happiness, do you have to kiss 100 frogs before you find the one? Is that what you need to do as a woman nowadays?

Here are more comments over the topic

We learn by experience, on average a woman should go through a 100 men that’s when I can learn them, I have gone through 20 of them and I have not found him yet

Do you know why? It’s because it’s not easy to get a good man, okay since I was 26 I have gotten only one good guy and after that I find bad ones and since I have been with ten. I am not done seeing more men.


Mike Mondo reveals the person he most admires (Exclusive)

Mike Mondo spoke about himself in a wide-ranging interview that I had with him. He was very forthright and divulged a lot the public might not be aware of.

One of the things he spoke about was the person who had most inspired him. He replied by saying that his late father was that person, describing him as ‘mtu wa watu’.

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

He added that the person who he currently admired was one of the seniors that he worked with saying that he would like to be like him at his age. He refused to say the name of that senior but I have my suspicions.

In the quickfire interview, I asked the presenter many more questions. His answers were as fascinating as they were illuminating. The rest of the interview with Mike is below;

What can’t you leave the house without?

I can never leave without my wallet. Feel naked without it.

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo


Why have you stopped updating your car collection?

I don’t have a car collection. I just have a car. BMW 320i.. but I want to import a Range Rover Evoque this year. Hopefully before Sept.

Your favourite restaurant in Kenya?

Oh I loooove the food at About Thyme in Westlands. It’s a bit pricey but the ambience is worth it. Always go there at least once a month.

Your favourite holiday destination to visit?

I’d like to travel to the Maldives. But so far I looove Zanzibar…

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo on holiday

How would you rate your cooking skills?

8/10…I am a very good cook.

Your favourite meal to prepare?

Spaghetti cheese and chicken

Your favourite meal?

Chapati and dondo

Which song do you prefer to sing during karaoke?

Turn your lights down low – Lauryn hill

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‘I was earning 50k,’ Mike Mondo reveals woman rejected him over ‘little’ salary

Mike Mondo and Kingangi spoke about petty reasons people are leaving each other today. Mike felt that people are leaving each other for very flimsy reasons, saying that in the days of old marriages used to last.

He delivered an anecdote about how one lady that he knewdivulged an had left him because of his kidogo salary. He told Kingangi;

I have been left because of how much I make. It was kidogo. When I started doing radio I used to make 50 g’s a month. This lady I was seeing told me that that was too little telling me that she couldn’t be with a man that was making that little. And she refused me for that. She left. Now every once in a while she sends messages telling me that we should catch up.

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

Kingangi agreed with him saying that many are leaving each other over petty issues. He said that he believed issues that can be resolved should not be the reason that people leave each other. ‘Before you think of bolting first give dialog a chance.’ he said.

Most of the audience agreed with the hosts. Some of their comments are below;

I myself I am a divorcee. If I knew what I knew know I would not have left. Marriage ni kuvumiliana. Maybe your man is cheating or his in-laws are hard to deal with, those are the same issues you will deal with other men. We need to have patience with our spouses-one woman told Mike.

Girls, do you expect men to refund money after a breakup Mike Mondo asks

It is about happiness. It is about you-one woman told Mike.

We are being left for such silly lessons like, ‘we have an old T.V while our neighbours have a new one’. Even when these women leave they always end up coming back-A comment from a man.

Women think that money solves all their problems while they don’t know that at the end of the day, a woman needs a man-another woman told Mike.

I think you will explore until you die. There is no good man. If you think there is a perfect marriage, then never get married-woman

What do you think?

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Girls, do you expect men to refund money after a breakup Mike Mondo asks


Whats happens to property after a divorce or breakup?

This is the challenge facing one Kenyan woman who is demanding that her Masai husband refund everything she bought while they were in a relationship.

The woman called in to Classic 105, listing to Mike Mondo and Mwalimu the items she bought and her demands.

She angrily recounted

Their home they didn’t even have a toilet. He is a Masai guy so I had to build a toilet for the family. I built a mansion for the family but it is only remaining the finishing. I built two more houses that we were living.

Marriage does not keep a man…Tanasha tells off critics

I built a gate of 35k. I bought a probox to be doing transport then we had to sell it coz the driver had some issues. I found a condom in his clothes. I asked him about it and he said maybe it came with the jacket. So I walked away,

I want everything back.

This did not sit well with Mwalimu Kingangi who blasted the woman.

Why do they have to revisit these things ? Why mpaka urudishiwe pesa ya gate, si imeisha why is it so hard to walk away umetenda meme nenda zako.

‘I swept my wife off her feet with 50 bob’ Man proclaims

Those are petty issues. Si imeisha? Pata potea. Wewe ndio ulienda.the funny thing is women dont forget even the little thing you bought for them?

Mike opened up the debate asking : Do you expect men to reimburse you for the things you did for them when you leave?

A male listener differed with her recounting his experience in the hands of a woman who used him

Saumu Mbuvi attacked by trolls as she shares loving message for Lamu Senator

Ati refund? Never it can’t happen. On this earth tenda mema nenda zako. I have also done for someone something. I bought for her a bag, and she told me I give her money for her hair and after she said ahsante and walked away. I was satisfied and went to my home. The world is like that tenda meme nenda zako.

A female caller said

I have been used by a man. If you live with a man my advice is don’t even give him a shilling. For what? So that you can find him with another woman? Men are mafisi. Kenyan men should not be helped out financially. My fellow ladies, please, please don’t give nay man nay money. Instead open an account and his the money there.

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‘If you help a man grow he will eventually leave you,’ women declare



A list of the qualities women want in men has upset many.

Among the list is a man should earn a six figure salary and live in certain neighborhoods to date and eventually marry some Kenyan girls.

One woman who had a bad experience in her marriage defended girls rights to demand men be financially stable, rather than waste their time with deadbeats.

She told Classic 105’s Mike Mondo that

I’m talking from a point of experience. You support your husband because your putting in 50 per cent on the table of the family budget. You help him with everything, to build an empire.

You are woman carrying his children and then along the way when he feels comfortable because you have been supporting him, he feels he wants another woman to enjoy my sweat.

Look at the people who have been supported by their wives, other than having a mpango wa kando what else do they have? What does the man give despite insults at the end of the day? So let our daughters not contribute to the family.

Is this true that when you help a man grow financially, that eventually he is going to leave you asked mike Mondo.

Mwalimu wasn’t convinced that all men are bad, defending them by saying

It’s a few rotten apples, right now ladies need to help their men said Mwalimu.


Leave the few rotten apples a majority who have been helped by their woman are appreciative and if you do something good for men they never forget added mwalimu. The problem is bad news travels father than good news he reiterated.

Mike opene dup the conversation to listeners and online users.


I’ve been listening and my issue was I’ve been dating this guy. I delivered a baby in 2017. At their home we didn’t even have a toilet so I had to build a toilet. I built a three bedroom mansion, I built a gate of 35 thousand shillings. I bought a probox to do business, I have bought him a car and in April I found condom and I asked him what he was doing. He said he was given by those PSI guys.

Another female caller disclosed her story about being dumped for a younger girl

I’m paying a very big loan and he is enjoying himself with other women.

The situation is however not so bad for all woman. A female caller urging for restraint.

Relationships are about building each other and I understand why they can be bitter with a man after building him. My advice to women in relationships is give and take. If you reach a situation where you are the only giver and don’t get anything in return there is something wrong. When it is one sided you become bitter. You have to be careful to grow together ans that it’s not one sided.

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Why Kenyan women want men who earn six figure salaries


Do you watch the dating show Perfect Match on Ebru TV? Some episodes are so cringeworthy, and it’s all because of what the girls say.

The demands by the young girls to the fellas makes many upset. From wanting a man who drives a Range Rover, to wanting a tall, light skinned man.

Young women are not shying away from declaring that they won’t date a man without a car, or one who doesn’t earn six figure salary.

They have no time for a man who can’t provide for their needs.

Mike Mondo and Mwalimu Kinga’ngi discussed this on the morning conversation.

Mike described why he wanted to open up discussion about slay queen dating demands.

I want to share with you Kingangi, yesterday I went to my child’s school today and I meet these young ladies who were having this conversation that was so interesting it got heated.

They were saying they want a man to have a job, to make six figures, I want him to be driving, to be paying a mortgage.

I was listening and I asked them what about you. So you want all these from the men, what are you bring on the table. We got into this conversation. Isn’t it time men start making lists about women?

Yes you are pretty but aside from your physical attributes what are you bringing?

Those expectation that you put on men, what is it that you are putting on the table?

He opened up discussion to listeners and most who commented were women.

A woman said:

ehh tunaleta watoto so we are like the shamba you cultivate it uweke manure ukiweza fertilizer we carry your babies so that its the main thing in a marriage, we brign children. the key thing in a marriage children are very important, so he has to have everything a woman wants and she brings children, that’s why we are looking for men with six figures, and those who drive big cars na waende shule poa in fact I should go in that house with a leso only.

Another said:

‘I you see its been made for women to get tot that im talking froma point of experiecne you come in you support your husband you help him in everythign you build an empire you have property at the same tike you are a woman you are carryign children and then along the way ehen the an feels comfortable because you hae been supporting thim he goes for another women than he goes for a younger woman. what have men given back aothe than mpango wa kando 


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‘ I don’t mind having tons of kids’ Jamaican singer Jah Cure 


Reagge singer Jah Cure is in town for the Umoja festival which goes down on Saturday 6th July at the Uhuru Garden.

Jah Cure joined Classic 105’s Mike Mondo in studio Friday, where he admitted the reason may fans love his lovers rock music.

He opened up about his family revealing he has a new-born.

I have one daughter and one son born in June


Does he want more kids

I mean yeah, its a black people thing .black people like to multiply the earth coz we’ve responsibility but even white people but they have a system

Does he have a target for how many kids he wants?

I don’t have any plans if I end up with ten kids in the future I will take care of them because I don’t plan to kill any I won’t take nay woman to abortion.

So if it happens that you know that kid will have to survive coz I’m not a life taker. my mother didn’t do that to me so here I am serving the world with good tides

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