My wife is a tanker! We drink together and I see no issue

Mike Mondo’s morning conversation today was a follow-up of yesterday’s topic on modern women outdrinking their men.

Mike asked, “Are there gentlemen out here that would be able to stay with a wife that drinks when he does not?”

Most of the men saw it as anathema and declared they wouldn’t wife women who still drunk alcohol in their relationships. 

Some of the responses are below:

No man wishes to have such a woman as a wife. And in such a case, the man probably has another better option.

Kama bwana hataki kukunywa fombe nitakunywa tu.

Hapa ni vile tu mtaelewana, hata bwana kuna kitu hata yeye hufanya lakini bibi hajui.

What nonsense is that, how can you entertain a drinking wife…its a taboo..when you are absent, someone will take the cue…its a NOOO.

My wife is a tanker…. Anakunywa kukunywa … Tunakumywa sisi wote so sioni ubaya …

Woiiiiii! I am just trying to imagine the whole scenario in that boma.

Yes, there are. I know of some. They’ll take you out, you have your drink and they take some soda/delmonte..

Good morning, its sad but hawa wanaume wakioa madem wanatoa kwa club, what do you expect?

Maina over my dead body.

Hapa wamekaliwa chapati ama ni aunty wa Harrier but let them know tutawaacha tukishawanyonya hitwo tupesa wako nazo watajua hawajui.

Hao wamekaliwa chapo.

….. YES, if it’s milk, coffee, tea or soda.But pombe, Never!!

I can’t buy that, I refuse to board. Reke nemwo ma!!!

Ngumu hii…it doesn’t work at all…

Acha kusumbua wewe, ambia serikali ikutaftie kazi.

Yes, there are. But that’s a lack of being in control as a man.

What the hell!!! I can’t imagine myself cooking, alafu ety bibi anateremsha mzinga ya Gilbeys!!! Never.

This won’t happen in marriage, ati anatumia cigar na Mimi ni juice tu. Ooliskia wapi Mike?

Nooo. Kwa nyumba ya nani?

Mkikunywa breki who will check on the kids at night… Can’t entertain such nonsense.

The society tends to suppress women. I’ve been married for 7 years and we drink together. In case we are drinking separately and one is too high, you can call the other to come pick you up.

Each person marries some1 they are comfortable with, if you want a drinking partner that is up to you but personally, I don’t drink and I wl not be anywhere close to a drinking woman, how can a couple b drinking, who will even take care of the children? Or have them do their homework?

Ujinga iko kwa wanawake siku hizi..wacha tu!

Mkikunywa breki who will check on the kids at night… Can’t entertain such nonsense.

A Woman who drinks alcohol is a bad woman, what are you trying to show your children and community?!
Wangu akianza kukunywa, I’d rather divorce her.

How will you be respected… Imajin me waking up nikuhustle …. Alafu jioni simu..” beib niletee captain Morgan chaser na jamba ” 🤣🤣🤣

Maliza drums zako ukiwa msichana but tukioana that’s another serious chapter we’ve opened.

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“I am not a chicken to go home at 6pm” Man shouts about going home late

On the Friday July 23rd morning conversation, Mike Mondo wanted to know why wives demand husbands be home at a certain time.

“Ladies do not care what time their men get home, and I wondered how because time and time again that once you get marrieed ile maneneo ya kukuja nyumbani saa nne usahau”

Mwalimu King’ang’i told Mike that no husband should ever be commanded by his wife quoting a Bible verse.

“kuna mahali inafika unawacha maisha iteremke otherwise utaisha, you know you can’t tell your man to be home by 6pm, don’t tell an old man with 32 teeth to be home by five pm how? ukiulizwa umeotoka wapi, there come a time when you stop explaining kwani ni clinic unaenda? you get tired of explaining”

This prompted Mike to ask “Ladies by what time should your man be home? or you don’t care?”

A woman boldly told Mike that “I think my hubby should be home by eight pm or latest 9 pm”

But a man dismissed her saying  a man should be authoritative

“A man should go home anytime without explaining. If he leaves he can return whatever time, vile Kingangi amesema unaeza rudi kesho, kesho kutwa, even my father taught me, mwanaume ni simba lazima nitafute excuse ili bibi ajue sasa baba nani ameingia, ili nisiulize nimetoka wapi, usiwe maembe ama malenge, coz women can sit on you badly, she can tell you to come at 6pm kwani wewe ni kuku? one time she tried to stamp her authority I came back home banging things, she was so shocked, after I came back home on Monday after leaving on Friday”

Another man agreed adding “Kwani ni curfew tunaekewa kwa nyumba mwanaume ni mwanaume na atabaki hivyo mimi sijulikani hata kama ni kesho”

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“Get voice insurance like Maina Kageni” King’ang’i tells Mike Mondo


If you were hoping to catch Mike Mondo in studio on Wednesday but did not hear Mike, it was because he had lost his voice and stayed home.

The hunky presenter apologized for not making it to work on Wednesday as co host Mwalimu gave him a top about his voice.

Mwalimu let it slip that Maian Kageni has insured his voice for a staggering amount, and Mike should do the same

“I’m glad the voice is bad. Ulifanya nini? You know Maina Kageni has insured his voice, na alikataa kusema ni ngapi. I think it’s like 20 million you should too”maina&kingangi

Mike was astounded by the cost of voice insurance but would consider it because it’s his career.

“Nilichemsha ginger na ka garlic kidogo, unachemsha then I felt so much better. Ati 20 million, I will think about it”

Dear Classic 105 fam, can someone please tell Maina atarudi tuu. Yes we are salty that his vacay has been this long.

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Mike Mondo laughs off report ranking Kenyan men the most faithful


In the Thursday July 22nd morning conversation, it was all about a report that suggested Kenyan men are the most faithful in Africa.

Mike reacted asking how this is possible in Kanairo, that is notorious for it’s habits

“How true is that” Mike asked “Nairobi venye sisi sote tuna share? How true is that na Nairobi venye sisi sote tuna share? Mike wondered

The report indicated that for the third time running Kenyan men have been crowned most faithful in Africa.

Co host Mwalimu King’ang’i was very proud and said “Kayamba kwao, you need to repeat that” Mwalimu told Mike.

Adding “Numbers don’t lie, research ndio hiyo na mko hapa mnatudharau, how good we are, caring, we are number one Mwalimu gloated. “We are number one in faithfulness”

Do you think Kenyan men are the most faithful? Mike opened up the discussion insisting that “coz the way I see Nairobi, I am questioning this research”

Ladies do you agree?

A Woman caller “I think the people which did this research ni mzungu mwitu. Wanapendelea wanaume wa kenya I don’t believe this research”

A man also disagreed with the findings “it’s laughable, juzi our leader alienda kiuumu alisema kwa media nitafutiwee hapa ka mtu juzi our speaker alikubali akasema ndio amepatiana kakitu kwa msichana, juzi our own number two akaitwa baba nani, infact the only faithful people ni mimi wewe na kingangi”

Even one more man laughed at it “That research is fake fake fake mike. hio research ni fake wakenya ni mafisi sana”


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My wife has been lying about earning Sh16k instead of Sh32k

Ladies you are ninjas and men do you know you are married to billionaires hiding cash? was how Mike Mondo introduced the Tubonge Tuesday topic.

This he said after a conversation with a woman in hospital about lying about her salary.

“Yesterday I went to the hospital, and in the waiting room I started talking to a woman who said for the past ten years she has been hiding her real salary and using a fake pay slip to show her husband. She has made her husband believe she earns 100k a month when in reality she earns 300k”

Is it wise to tell your partner how much you make?

Would you tell your partner ho much money you earn? ama hio ni siri yako? Mike asked listeners who responded with different opinions. A female caller slammed spouses who hide their pay saying this will present difficulties in case of emergencies.

“utakosa kuambia your better half uambie nani what if something happens to you who will follow up on your cash? your children will suffer because of your silence”


A husband who found about his wife lying about her salary through her KRA tax returns narrated how sad he is.

He told Mike on the Tuesday morning conversation July 20th that

“Nasikia uchungu. Last night I found her KRA tax returns and to be sincere it is painful. She has always told me she is struggling financially earning only sh16,00 when her actual pay is h32,000. I feel pain but she has always lied for the last four years. You can see everything in the house I have struggled to buy and yet she can help hata gas I get home she can’t buy. I’m feeling bad because she never disclosed it. It’s not that I need her share but to know the capability she can do in the house, it will reduce my burden, mike  I don’t have any savings na I do everything and when y0u tell her to do something she says she doesn’t have any money ati she is paid kidogo.”


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Does the focus and attention of wives shift after childbirth? Mike asks

The Friday morning conversation elicited mixed reaction from listeners from men and women.

Men felt they are neglected immediately wives have a baby.

They accused many wives of intentionally diverting their attention from husbands to children. Even King’ang’i insisted so. “the love is transferred, Kwanza kama ni kaboy, baaa wewe jua umeisha” King’ang’i added.

Women disagreed insisting the process of childbirth is draining.

“We don’t neglect you guys we love you. Its just that taking care of a child is draining. As my husband you should help me and take care of me.”

Mike added his opinion noting that

“Maybe I’m an idealist coz normally a baby should bring them together, why do so many neglect their husbands”

Here are other thoughts expressed during the show”
Even us men we reduce that love to them and attention to a baby so

Some people get married not because they love each other but because of circumstances!
When a baby comes, then it cements the security! So life doesn’t exist
The man joins boy’s club and business club come on #MainaAndKingangi

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“Sharing your marital bed with babies is wrong” King’ang’i blasts wives 


In the Thursday morning conversation, Mwalimu King’ang’i was not happy with wives insisting parents sleep with babies.

He told his opinion in an argument about it’s drawbacks with a wife on air.

The two went at each other if a new-born should be kicked out. The woman told Mwalimu that

” ati mzee anafaa kufanya nini? ndio mzee apumzike alale? nilitengeneza mtoto huyo peke yangu? tunaenda na shift. Ati mzee alale?’

Mwalimu responded that it was only fair to let the man sleep because their baby s cry is irritating.

She told him off adding ” until the baby is old enough to hold a munyonyi himself, the first month ako kwa kitanda yetu na tuna amka na shift, ati unalala nini? kwani nililatengenza mtoto peke yangu”

6117-07999883 © Masterfile Royalty-Free Model Release: Yes Property Release: Yes Couple sleeping in bed in the morning
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Couple sleeping in bed in the morning

When is the right time Mike opened up the discussion leading to more confessions from parents split over the decision to kick out the baby.

A man described how bad it was for his friend because their child was 6 years and unfortunately walked in on them.

Another woman said her new-born isn’t going anywhere. She said “It’s not about the baby leaving the bedroom, my baby sleeps in our bedroom but on his cot, I will never let him go, the baby is  breastfeeding until he is one year, But King’ang’i repeated that a child belongs in their own room. ” do you know that you can wak4 up and go to the other room to feed? you have the whole day to bond with the baby we don’t need the child in our room, toa mtoto kwa hii bedroom wewe, that crying is too much”

Dear Classic 105 fam, what’s your opinion about co-sleeping?


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Why do you still have a phone password years into your marriage? Mike asks


Some peoples phones are more protected than the Central Bank of Kenya, according to Mike Mondo in an interesting conversation about married people and passwords on their phones.

Mike told Mwalimu that “Hizi masimu, I understand there is a certain sense of privacy but why?”

Mwalimu told Mike that his phone doesn’t have a password and his wife Mwongeli is free to check, and shauri yake.

“Kuna hiyo miaka unakaa kwa ndoa, but after a certain time unaacha password ni ya nini? Simuj ya mazee haishikwi, ni kama kurusha mawe kwa police station ama kutemeba wakati flag inaletwa chini. Miaka 17 surely ni nini hujaona? Mimi kama anataka kuangalia, shauri yake”

phone down

Which led Mike to insist “What are you hiding?”

Mwalimu added that “After 17 years password ni ya nini, ni nini hajaona? simu inafaa kuwa open kwa nyumba, naficha nini? na wewe ukuwe tayari kama hauna password.”

Mike opened up the discussion to listeners who had alot to say. Men insisted that women should keep off because they are not ready for premium tears.

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“I’m going to make it up to you” Maina tells Mike about birthday treat


Maina Kageni missed Mike Mondo’ birthday big time. And if anyone knows Maina, you know he spoils his people rotten on their birthdays.

So much so that Mike Mondo on his 40th birthday on Tuesday July 13th, noted there was no bottle or cheque awaiting him.

But all is not lost. A text from Mania to Mike says he will make up heavily.

Maina lands back in Kenya 19th July to take over the morning show. He told Mike that said”  Good morning, a very happy 40th birthday. I  land on Monday so I will be in on Tuesday and I am going to make it up to you birthday boy!”

Mwalimu who was listening in, assured Mike that Maina will make it up because he is that guy. He asked Mike what he did for his birthday and was told it was lit. “Heh I have not slept since I left the studio on Tuesday, it was fun. Do you know. I don’t even know how I am functioning this morning. Leo natembea na magoti”

Welcome to fourth floor Mike

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“It’s a beautiful age” King’ang’i advices Mike Mondo about being 40


It’s Mike Mondo’s 40th birthday and there was plenty of advice from Kenyans to him about joining the fourth floor.

One listener called in and told him to ‘never marry a single mum’ and instead ‘kuja nikupatie mkalenjin’.

From starting a family to getting children outside wedlock, the advise left him laughing.

This was after Mike asked Kenyans for advice. He said ‘I was sitting down and wondering mimi naeza kukuita senior saa hii.  Let me ask you what are the lessons to take away when you turn 40? what changes? Mike asked Mwalimu.

Mondo added that ‘Nasikia kauwoga fulani everyone is threatening me, my mother said she wants an introduction by December this year, the pressure I feel is real’.

Mike Mondo in studio
Mike Mondo in studio

Opening up the discussion to audiences, Mike asked ‘I wanna get some of your thoughts on this, yani maisha hubadilika after forty?’

Mwalimu even left the studio to look for a song to dedicate to Mike but unfortunately couldn’t find a 40 year old song ‘I was looking for a song that is forty years, because umefika na saa hii ukipata mtu you settle down no wasting time karibu sana. I’m so happy for you Mike you have no idea. You only turn 40 once it’s a big deal, you are in a very good age congratulations sasa mungu akuzidishie miaka ya mtu ni 70 hii ingine ni bonus, hii ingine imebaki be very calculative’.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what is your advise for a forty year old? Does life begin at this time?

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“Let me see how it pans out” Mike Mondo says on turning 40


Your favorite boy Mike Mondo is celebrating his 40th birthday today July 13th.

The Classic 105 hos who is sitting in for Maina Kageni, has said he is excited for this milestone.

He wrote “Today I am officially in my 40’s. They say life begins at 40, so let me see how this next chapter of my life pans out. Thank You for your support.”

Fans are also celebrating and sending him best wishes.

More life brother

Happy birthday Mike,,,

Happy birthday Mike. Live long brother.

Happy birthday Mike Balloon may you live to be a God fearing man

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‘You will drink porridge’ Wife vows after abusive husband loses job


Ladies, how long would you stay with a man who has now lost everything before you say I wash my hands I cannot do this with you anymore, mimi nimechoka nimeenda?’

Mike Mondo in a very interesting yet eye opening conversation was told that Kenyan wives are not loyal by upset men, but the Classic host told them it’s because of how they treat women when they have money.

Several women told Mike that their husbands have mistreated them in marriage and would return the favor before eventually deciding to leave.oliverfood

One woman told how a cousin has been frustrated for so long by her husband who was rich. The caller added that the emotional abuse was so much that the wife vowed to return a favor and be abusive to him when he lost his job and money.

She told an amused Mike Mondo that men need to learn a lesson.

‘I have my cousin and when her husband was working and doing well financially, he used to mistreat her so much. One day I went o visit them and found him at home, watching Tv on the sofa. I asked her why he wasn’t at work and she said ‘huyu alifitwa kazi, anashinda kwa sitting room’. Mike let me tell you, when he had money bwanake alikuwa anamsumbua sana. She told me now he’s fired and broke, it’s her turn to tesa him. She told me she will feed him porridge, ugali and sukuma wiki as payback. It depends on how he treated you when he had money. If he showed you madharau, then you return the favor, but if he was good, then we are good to them when he is broke. If he was bad, akae na mamake’.

And this was not the only confession as another female responded to Classic Twitter saying she would subject her man to abuse, that ‘malipo ni hapa duniani’.

The Twitter user @Lucypau43921191 admitted saying ‘@MikeMondo1 Mike Mike hapa it will depend on how you treated me wen u were healthy and had money….Kama u treated me like garbage utajua ujui #MainaAndKingangi @Classic105Kenya’.

Ladies, is it true that it all depends on how your husband treated you during his rich days?

Drop your comments below we share.

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Women are not loyal especially when you lose your job’  Mike Mondo told

Fellas, if you unfortunately lost your job and source of income, would your woman stay with you inspite of it? That tricky conversation was posed to male listeners on Monday morning Classic 105 conversation with Mike Mondo and Mwalimu Kingangi.

Mwalimu told Mike that women take off the moment their husband is broke and jobless, and told him ‘jaribu uone’.

Replying and agreeing with Kingangi one man @truthpresidente..tagged Classic 105 saying

Hawa wa siku hizi hakuna for richer for poorer,in sickness and health. Ni for richer for richer. For wealth & wealthiness. Untill poverty & msoto comes in

Ladies, you have been accused. Mike wanted to know if this holds any truth saying ‘Ladies, if your partner was diagnosed with terminal illness how long would you stay with that man?


Another man dug in insisting to Mike Mondo that women are not loyal ‘”Mike ata umeenda mbali poteza tu kazi utawachwa.”

Another @Lucypau43921191 blasted women saying ‘@MikeMondo1 Mike Mike hapa it will depend on how you treated me wen u were healthy and had money….Kama u treated me like garbage utajua ujui #MainaAndKingangi @Classic105Kenya’.

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At 40 you should be married and your kids should be in school – Mike Mondo told

Mike Mondo’s topic today morning was based on a rather personal anecdote. He said, “Every day I am constantly reminded by people that I am turning 40. My mum told me that this year I should bring someone home.”

Guys, is it true that life begins at 40?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i himself had this to say, “Life begins at 40 hapo ndio unarealize maisha imeenda. Unafaa kuwa umetulia.”

Kenyans had disparate points of view on the topic. Some of the comments are below:

Mike you are very lucky you didn’t get married early. Hii maisha ya ndoa unapata stress from Monday to Sunday so my brother kaa hivyo. Stay away!

Good morning, I beg to partially disagree because this is just something that people have perceived to be true. It is somewhat stereotypical.

Mike 40 na huna Bibi huna watoi ,,,, Kwani ulirogwa ama uko low battery.

Mike they say kids born in early 25 to 33yrs are clever but hawa wa 40 years be ready kuitwa shule ety mtoto wako na maths hawaingiani yani yeye na maths nikama kizungu na mwalimu.

Mike usikuwe na haraka wanaume hawazeekangi. So at 60 you can still have that family you want.

Maina marry @ 55 ndio msumbuane tu kidogo mkufe.

Pesa muhimu.

True Mike you’re lucky sana.

Life starts at 40 bro unanunua Subaru unapigia watu kelele watoto wakiwa shule do you want to reach menopause so that you can start snatching away our children girlfriends? Shienzi shienzi!!! 

Mwanaume unajisumbua ATI 40. Heri wewe, sisi we’re approaching menopause na hatujali, no kids, no partner. Na hatujali.

You make marriage feel like a war zone.

True mike you’re lucky sana.

A man when is 40 that where life starts from mambo mengine ni pressure tu

Aaaiiii, 40 you are old. You are just about to retire and relax your bones at home.

Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

Mike hiyo ndio time mzuri sana ya kupata mtoto. At 40 ushamaliza kukula raha.

Wenye tuko 3rd floor.

Tufanye nini, Build our riches au.

Mike you should have gotten married at 19 juu wanaume siku hizi wanazeeka haraka.

This sounds so manipulative.

Sema wewe ndio unazeeka bro me niko 29 but nauliswa kama nilimaliza 4th last year.

At 40 you should be married and your kids should be in school.


Mambo ya ndoa hua haitaki mbio,take ua time and make a wise decision ov marrying the right person than marrying the wrong person and end up living with regrets!

Yes at 40 you should have already closed the chapter of Giving birth, your kids should be in school.

Don’t push someone to get married if he or her not interested.

Who said so marriage is not supposed to have an age limit or any other rules one decide the right time with the right person.

Only the lucky ones.

True, at 40 you should be called daddy.

Correct. Who said so marriage is not supposed to have age limit or any other rules one decide the right time with the right person.

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I finish a whole bottle by myself, funny thing is that my hubby doesn’t even drink! Lady says

Mike Mondo’s morning conversation was about the trending video of two drunk ladies, after the recently concluded Safari Rally.

Mike then asked a pertinent question, “Do you think ladies outdrink men nowadays?”

A majority of the comments section was filled with Kenyans disagreeing with Mike’s notion, saying that it was a free country were people are allowed to do as they please.

Some of those comments are below;

Drinking nowadays is a casual thing and no one cares about morals. And no one wants to admit addiction to alcohol. Wanasema wanakunywa kidogo tu.

Nyinyi Mnasema Nini!!!

What man can do women can do, so ladies today may take full mzinga Traditionally Known men Field Bonanza.

You are making it sound like alcohol is really bad but as long it’s taken responsibly I don’t see any problem at all! Myself I don’t drink though.

Broooo….wuuuuueeeeehh….ladies here have majority shares in the Drinkers society. The Devil hutetemeka ikifika ni combination ya Wasichana na pombe. Si Kwa ubaya, but they guzzle more than Helicopters.

Women nowadays outdo men in drinking, mungu atusaidie na vile hio pombe huwa kali na ka harufu.

True there’s a kabackstreet apa odeon the ratio of ladies to men will shock wanaichapa ata ikiwa dry.

A week ago, I ask the same to a friend of mine and she told me she always do so because she like dancing on the sky when she is high.

Ladies they’re Wamunyota infact I invited one lady for a drink she take 3 times I took.

Weeeuh….ladies have a certain sherehe mood that when they get into…..its over for men. I have seen a lady angusha gin mzinga mzima on her own and still manage to get up the following morning with zero hangover.

The moral standards of our women in the society have gone down coz of overdrinking and the institution of the families is in limbo.

Ladies have surpassed men in the drinking world and there is no doubt about that. I saw one using the brand I was taking to dilute her whiskey of 47 percent alcohol.

Nowadays ladies wanakunywa kumaliza, si kunywa kulewa.

Mike don’t forget… What a man can do, a woman can do better.

To be specific a friend of mine does a Mzinga and half (Gilbeys) on daily basis.

Yeah of course, they have become notorious in drinking.

Wanawake wamekua wakunywi sana this Beijing thing ilileta shida.

Nowadays ladies drink more than their fathers.

They’re drunkenness even with words.

It was a big shame.

When you drink to forget, you drink silly. That’s what our ladies are going through nowadays. They drink because they’re broken and they need a lot of fixing. Most come from broken homes and are so much pressure in life.

Wacha wakunywe atawakitaka breweries ziwawekee taps kwa bedroom wakunywe kama wamelala wawekewe..!!! Nkt

Kwani pombe ilitengenezewa kuku?

Ladies have managed to siphon enough money from men. They’re full of pride and they drink like silly!

I’m a lady. I’m in the office and I’m already drinking. I must drink everyday. To me, it’s luxury. As long as everything else in my life is in check, I can drink.

Hata ukiwa rich aje, The only desire everybody has is being happy. Alcohol finds you that. I concur with her.

There are two ladies who visit a club I know of twice a week. On Saturdays, each take a bottle on their own and they don’t get drunk.

Hawa ni wale wakipelekwa western watakua tester wa kuonja chang’aa

Surveys 99% of this ladies are single.

I’m a lady and it all comes from peer pressure. I was introduced to it and now I smoke and I can finish a bottle by myself. The following morning I have to take a little more to kill the hangover. Funny thing, my husband doesn’t drink.

Na isikuwe wanategemea wanaume pia kupata pesa ya mzinga.

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We are going with our other better half – Men say about Naivasha road-trip

Mike Mondo’s topic this morning concerned the trending topic of Naivasha. For those living under a rock, the Safari Rally has been taking place and Naivasha will be one of the places most spectators are going to be at.

The town which is known as the road-trip spot for many Nairobians has been trending with many memes and jokes going around online about the cheating that will go on there.

This was the subject of Mike’s conversation today. He asked many men why they weren’t going with their partners to Naivasha this weekend?

The answers were hilarious (and sad if you believe in the sanctity of marriage). Some of the comments are below;

Mimi nataka saa tano nitoke niende Naivasha but I am going with my girlfriend.

Sasa ngonjeni vituko after hii naivasha thing…..tumimba kurukwa na tule tumagonjwa huwezi mention

Alafu mkosanie huko.

Mike hii ni ile weekend tunaenda na ule better half mwingine. Huyu mwingine tunawacha Nairobi.

Absolutely..infact hata huyo mwingine anaachwa better half wake atakam hiyo Nairobi. Utamkuta hiyo vasha…amefika mbele Yako.

This is the time if for the next 2weeks if a girl say to her hubby aki am pregnant ndo watajua wanaume hujua mathematics.

Wanaume wanasema wanachange gear that’s why wife wanabaki nyumbani but akuwe ready akirudi anaanza kujipikia kufua nguo watajua hawajui.

My wife told me that they are going to Naivasha as a company. She will be there with her colleagues.

Check the bags, she has carried funny stuff know ikifika githaaa…atajiwachilia freeeeeee…

Huyo atapelekwa kwa TENT na kazi itakuwa ku-HEMA tu.

Hahaa, hii basi ni team building definitely.

Io n uongo huyo Bibi AKO Kwa hema.

After safari rally naona watu wakibaki singles.

I tell yah 😂😂😂😂 hii WRC ati wanaenda maboys na pia gals wanaenda kivyao 🤣🤣🤣

Eeehh tupatanie huko, na ukiona bae jipe shughuli hamkukuja nayeye. What goes down there remains there tukirudi Sunday maisha iendelee.

🤣🤣aki mike life is a scam unadhani umeacha better half home mnapatana na yeye wakiwa na Morio wake entrance….

Wamesema bibi achunge watoto huko hakutaki makasiriko ni parte after parte.

Yenyewe those bila attached watakula wapi.

I tell yah hii WRC ati wanaenda maboys na pia gals wanaenda kivyao.

Exactly wamechoka kula skuma kila time wameendea nyama wetfry.

Most people aren’t going to watch the rally cars but other businesses,,,Naivasha is well known.

Awatoki kwa tents.

Ukweli watu wengi hawaendi kuwatch safari rally.

Mike I was told they are going for family gathering, I decided to be smarter than her and told I want to take you to vasha and have a great weekend there. I know if don’t take her she will be taken.

Mike I am going to Naivasha with my wife for the rally si sherehe.

Mike I learnt this thing via Machakos sevens it was hell and vasha will break another record.

Ladies, why are you not going with your partner to Naivasha?

Hehe… walienda na ma side chick na ma sugar mamiies,na wakifika huko wanatupata,na masponsor wetu Alaaah.

Wengi hawataenda pamoja bt wote watakua huko…si ni life.

For a change kwani pia ladies hawana haki ya gúcenjía maguta.

Wamekua boring , new catch lazima.

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We’re never safe anywhere in this republic! Mike Mondo told after Shiksha Arora robbery

Mike Mondo’s topic this morning concerned the scary mugging that happened to news anchor Shiksha Arora. The beautiful Indian host narrated how robbers strangled her ahead of her debut at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. The incident happened at around 5:20 pm at the globe roundabout flyover.

Mike wondered how often these incidents occur in Kenya, also asking ladies, how safe they felt when in the CBD? He also inquired why people don’t report these incidents?

Most Kenyans were cynical about the state of crime in city saying that it was a part of life in Kanairo. Read some of those comments below;

Hakuna street ii Nairobi haina polisi and they know what happens you will be shocked kupata ata ni marafiki tembea kona jioni you will be shocked.

Never. I hate the Nairobi CBD. If I never have to go to the CBD I would be happy. I’ve had my arm applied that irritating substance good thing is I had read about it & washed it off immediately. It’s somewhere in my tweets.

I feel violated & we need pepper spray legalized in Kenya. Crossing from Odeon to Moi Avenue a well dressed man has slapped my butt & said, “unakaa vizuri unafanya nitamani. Naweza pata” & quickly walked away. It happened too fast I was immobilized.

Maina sahi all ladies minds are in Naivasha…focusing on subaru and wallets.

We’re never safe anywhere in this republic.

Hiyo time ya kwenda kureport inatoka wapi? Nairobi ni shamba la mawe.

Mike why would we report the CID you talk about are always walking around have you ever seen or heard any arrest to me this happening is just another curtails in our CBD.

Utauliwa pesa ya mafuta pia.

One must be mentally ready to encounter pickpocketing, violent robbery, carjacking even to extent of kidnapping. It is not safe to travel at all in our capital city, not only during the night but even during broad daylight you are a prey if you are not vigilant.

I was walking around bus station around 8.00am last month and there are hustlers in there 30s,who play trick card or disk games along the paths who tell you that you have won a jackpot. Little did I know it was a scam to trap me & threaten me. They stole cash. Still traumatised.

Mimi nilishuhudia someone being robbed a phone and there was traffic cops minding there own business, they only come to ask umeibiwa nini as they watch the robbers walks away.

But even if you report nothing will happen… Ni wewe na shida zako… You must have that you know someone who knows someone for your matter to be attended to immediately…. Kenya ni ile ile.

My phone was stolen in a matatu, reported it to a police post, gave even the car plate number, was give an ob and told to go to DCI if i want my phone tracked…then i was knew in Nairobi didn’t even know the where dci office is. And many more. No point reporting.

The police are in it as well there is no point. Was robbed in bus station.

Why west time report report when the police will tell you how much the stolen item cost give you an OB number and that’s it?

True, karao are the problem, a traffic cop at globe for 1 month will know all the thugs there, but pray, tell me why would go on and no order is maintained?

Mike why would we report the CID you talk about are always walking around have you ever seen or heard any arrest to me this happening is just another curtails in our CBD.

The safe place to report this cases of robbery, carjacking, pickpocketing around our capital city is on social media, where other victims will share their encounters and you all relate.

Police are only interested in masks they are nowhere to be seen when we are robbed.

You might be told your were careless, kuwa mwangalifu Kanairo kijana.

In Nairobi its normal. You live one day so that you fight another. That’s Nairobi for us.

So sad, Nrb CBD is very insecure nowadays.

Last week a mzee was mugged outside Re-insurance plaza at 7:30pm. They took everything from him.Those vijanas have daggers. I have also been mugged on my way to community while crossing Uhuru Park.

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“Ladies have turned child support into biashara” Man tells Mike Mondo

Ken Lusaka has been sued for sh25million in a paternity case that has caused ripples online.

A woman who claims to be pregnant for Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka wants him to take responsibility for his unborn baby.

The woman has moved to court in order to compel Lusaka to accept responsibility for their alleged unborn child.

The woman has also asked the court to order the speaker to pay Sh25 million for child support.

This formed the basis for the morning conversation on Tuesday morning with Mike Mondo who asked men why they don’t pay upkeep for their alleged childrenhappy-Black-family-smiling-450x300

He posed

“gentlemen why do you refuse to pay child support? I get it that you and the baby mama may have issues,  you may argue you may fight maybe it ended badly. I gert it but why don’t men like paying child support lazima muende kortini to be told to pay child support?, some men are driving around here with very big cars and they don’t pay child support sitting in a pub buying bottles and bottles yet their kids are languishing?”

Ladies have you ever received financial support from the man who got you pregnant? Mike Mondo askedhappy-black-family1

A male caller told of his agony

“imekua kama biahara yes bana. Mtu antaka a baby because you have a big job and money and they want to benefit. My friend hapa inje,  you know here the problem comes in when doubt comes in before the baby comes. People question huyu hakua wangu, pia ladies are making it into a business, they see you have a big job the next thing you are in court, my friend huku inje, people are out here are making it a business, ladies have turned child support into a business, ni biashara”

Mike defended women saying regardless men should pay up

“How true are these allegations? Mike asked ladies unakubali vile anasema? ati you have made child support a business? how is it a business?

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