I would cry like a baby to my woman about being stressed – Mike Mondo

Dear men, would you open up to your woman, and even go as far as crying about your problems?

It’s a TBT and on the morning conversation January 27, Mike Mondo urged men to open up to their wives and even cry about their stress.

He told of a friend he met at his local who confessed that he has been unemployed for the last three months and the wife thinks he still has a job. He wakes up in the morning, dresses up in his suit and leaves. He can’t tell her that kazi imeisha, that he can’t confide in her.

‘Sisi ndio tunaumia, it’s because there is a way you start looking like a weakling’ Mwalimu explained why to Mike Mondo. He added that ‘Women will use it against you, that is the reason we don’t tell them, ataenda aseme unalianga kam mtoto’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree?

‘I would cry na nimwambie stress imenishika sioni mbele wala nyumma,’ Mike told Kingangi

‘But does she open up to you? Mwalimu retorted to Mike about his madam, adding ‘ sisi tunaishi ki kitaliban kaa ngumu kama gumo’

‘so you sit there your heart is in pain and there is someone you can talk to?’ Mike asked to which Mwalimu asked ‘who?’

The discussion was opened up to the audience. one man @Davidwaflowers told Mike ‘the responsibility men have, is to take care & provide for the familiy and his wife not crying like a baby a man should stand firm even if the issue pressing him too much #MainaAndKingangi’

Another @gmukavana told Mike that ‘Real men don’t cry out to their women! They provide solutions! Good morning from OTC #MainaAndKingangi’

Another man disagreed with Mike about being a cry baby. @gmukavana said ‘Mwanaume ni kusimama imara Ile upuzi ya diaper Boys ishindweeeeeee!’

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I get counselling once every 3 months over – Mike Mondo

On the Wednesday morning conversation January 26th, Mike Mondo asked men why they don’t seek therapy for stress.

He wondered why men keep their emotions bottled up rather than opening up tot heir wives or even friends.

‘Me i cant keep quiet. I usually go to therapy once every three months’

Mwalimu his co host said men don’t open up because they fear being gossiped about.

Mike responded that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved. Why cant you talk to a therapist, talk to your fellow man and get it sorted out?’

Mondo opened up the discussion to the Classic 105 audience who told of their challenges.

A man called in and told Mike and Mwalimu that ‘men stay taliban. I tell you I only see therapists when i was doing biology mimi in real life they don’t apply. I became a young father at a young age, I agreed, so I’ve been going through alot, niko bedsitter, and the moment you try to open up to anyone that is opening a problem to another problem. there is no need to go to a therapist hata nisaidia, mwanaume ni kuvumilia’

A woman urged men to take their mental health seriously.

@jennykanyiri said ‘No wonder most men are committing suicide nowadays due to depression after things piles up till the mind can’t hold the pressure anymore,so sad’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you encourage your men to open up and take care of their mental health?

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My girlfriend tried unlocking my phone when I was asleep – Mike Mondo

For the sake of your mental health, do not go through your spouses phone, was the message Mike Mondo told in the Tuesday morning January 25 discussion.

He told of how he woke up one day to find a girlfriend trying to open his phone.

‘I want to talk about partners obsessed with a partners phone. Nishawai siku moja, some years back, I was sleeping and my madam took my hand to get my fingerprint to access my phone. Nikaona mafdam amenishika simu anaunlock ndio aone. I woke up asking her what are you doing? Then she said ati she just wanted to make a phone call, and I didn’t want to wake you. Have you ever got a phone call ay night and been asked who is calling us?

Mwalimu laughed at his experience adding ‘lakini bwana anafaa kuangalia simu ya bibi simu ya bibi haifaii kua na password because ya nini you know what for? she should not have a password’

Mike was shocked but told him that if you go through a phone, then you will find what you are looking for.

Classic co host Mwalimu finalized the discussion that ‘If her phone does not have a password, then I don’t need to go through her phone because she has nothing to hide, iko hapo open book you know you go through something when there is a hidden thing, my phone is a police case na kitunguu,’

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A wife’s phone should not have a password – Mwalimu King’ang’i

On the Tuesday January 25 morning conversation, the topic of spouses accessing each others phones generated a heated discussion.

Mike Mondo was of the opinion that people should stay away from the others phone, while Mwalimu Kingangi told husbands that wives phones are public property, and should not have passwords.

‘It should not have a password in case watoto wanataka kucheza nayo, you shoudl be open especially if you are a married woman, I don’t think there is need to have a password on her phone hiyo nayo inafaa kuwa ya nyumba, simu yake ni ya kila mtu nyumba,simu ya jamii’

@fredric71756099 ‘No it’s coz we don’t want to die early na stress’

@NteereB ‘Ikuwe na password ya Nini? Ni simu ya watoto’

@Vetmurage ‘Women will do or try everything just to cry.. they don’t care about their happiness Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy leave your partner’s phone get peace Victory handDove of peace’

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Mike Mondo tells Kingang’i of his fear of an ‘oops I’m pregnant’ announcement

With all the birth control options availvble today, can a Kenyan woman tell a man that ‘oops I’m pregnant?’

That is the Monday January 23rd conversation with Mike Mondo and Malimu Kingangi.

How do you still have an ooops? Mik Mondo asked women to respond to the allegations.

A female caller told him it’s possible citing her three month old son as proof ‘wacheni ujinga hizi mambo hufanyika, my oops so turns three months and i took precaution but it happened to me and I’m raising my son, it happens, it can happen.’

Mike was still wrapped aroudn the fact that surprise pregnancies happen to which Kingangi told him ‘si wewe ni babaa mtoto si lazima you step up’

Mike added ‘Ladies why do you tell us that babe there’s something we need to talk about? that oops situation and in this day and age can it still happen when in this day and age you have options.?’

A man said ‘the moment unenda kufanya kitu hiyo ya uoops inakuja kwasabaabu inafaa ukuwe mwangalifu, if you start a relationship you should know anythingcan happen’

A man told Mike that it happens ‘my friend ukiruka ruka what do you expect, ukirukrauka ovyo what do you expect as you enjoy the game enjoy the oops, the oops can happen that’s normal.’

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21 women have proposed to me – Eligible bachelor Mike Mondo says

Eligible bachelor Mike Mondo recently told that this is the year he is manifesting getting married. And that confession has landed him several marriage proposals.

Mike admitted that 21 women have proposed to him in his DM’s, saying he is shocked at just how bold Kenyan women have become.

‘What happened to men being the ones chasing? My God I have 16 women on Instagram and the others on Facebook and Twitter proposing to me. They have even described where they work and they are ready and willing to be my wife’

“Two weeks ago I said that I am finally going to get a wife this year and I want to cut out partying and minimize on sherehe. Right now there’s a total of 21 women who have proposed to me and some telling me they are ready to have kids with me”

Men called in and warned him the girls are only interested because he work ls for Classic 105 and has a heavy pocket. They told him that should anything happen and he doesn’t have a job, he would be dropped like a hot potato.

Cos you’re working on classic 105 fm uko na pesa
Kuwa musoto you won’t get a woman
They’re looking for money

another one said “Unajua wewe Mike unafanya kazi Classic na ukona pesa. So hao wanawake wanatafuta pesa tu.”

Mike Mondo returned that allegation, asking women to respond to the caution being expressed by men.

Mike though insisted that this year he is taking ‘someones daughter to his mother, and can’t wait.

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Women hiding loads of cash secretly in their homes – Maina and King’ang’i

On the Wednesday morning conversation, Mike Mondo’s topic was about wives hiding money in their homes.

Mike’s comments elicited reaction from two men who confessed they have stumbled on money stashed in their homes.

One told he found over sh300,000 as another found sh20,000. They were shocked because the wives had old them they were broke.

Mike, who is currently single told that this is not his struggle because he lives alone, laughing at men’s dilemma.

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Mike Mondo disagrees with petition seeking to extend men’s paternity leave

 A petition has been filed before the labor court seeking to grant men a 90 day paternity leave.

On the Wednesday Janaury 5th conversation, Mike Mondo asked Kenyans to weigh inon the plan.

Mike laughed saying it is absolutely insane to give men those many days.

‘I want to find out whether or not you agree with dakatari. I’m sitting here wondering what am I going to do in the house for 90 days? hmmm’

Many Classic 105 audiences said it is too long, and men need to be out there getting paid not sitting at home. One man wondered whether he will be also breastfeeding.

Mike that’s a loophole for men to avoid work.

Sure, this happens in most countries around the world. Its also a way for fathers and newborns to bond.

Absolutely insane and not a thing for kenyans where majority are hustlers.Again it would be to much nagging to be with her at home for 90 days,mtazoeana na sio mimi nanyonya.

Noooo that’s unacceptableGrinning face they can extend a hand in the evening, after work.

90 days paternity leave look good until by the time it ends your wife tells you she’s pregnant again.

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‘Kwani ni mkate’ Mike Mondo tells spouses about not loving each other 100%

On the Tuesday morning conversation January 4th, Mike Mondo weighed in on the topic of debate on Twitter about percentages and love’

That apparently, spouses allocate the percentage they love their wife or husband.

Mike was worried about this trend asking ‘a lot of people today and I even asked a married woman how much do you love your husband, she said I love him 60 per cent and 40 is mine. and the argument is you are doing it it for sanity. what are you talking about, kama uko na mtu mbona usimlove 100 per cent? like why why must there be percentages?

ile percentage unbaki nayo what is it for? Can you imagine if Christ loved the church 60/40? Kwani ni mkate umepende 60/40?

A man called in the rest of the per centage ni ya kupiga damu. ‘I tried with my partner I almost died, I give her 60/ 65 ni yake the rest ni ya kupiga damu.

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Not everyone is meant for you – Mike Mondo says of heartbreak in 2022

A woman set herself and her two children on fire following a disagreement with her husband on New Year’s day in Lugari sub-county, Kakamega.

This formed Mike Mondo’s New year conversation, with the presenter weighing in that ‘kama hataki hataki move on you could be saving yourself alot in future’

The horrific story saddened Mike who told on the Monday morning conversation that we must learn to accept rejection, no matter how hard it may be.

He sympathized with those being dumped or going through heartbreak but advised that ‘not everyone is meant for you.’

‘this is very wrong I want to condemn this act, why can’t people move on after their hearts are broken? why kill children? why cant you handle that you have been left, you have never heard of the statement ukiachwa akichika, you start doing something nasty because you were left, why should you react, why can’t people jut move on after that ka heartbreak? imagine you will move on and find somebody else’

A woman told Mike that many people are having mental issues over relationships gone wrong ‘diff people have diff capacity of dealing with rejection, and I can relate you see you have labored with him, given him children and then you think yani he can do this to me?’

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Men can’t make sh50,000 last a month like a woman – Mike Mondo

On the Monday morning conversation November 29, the topic was about women being better money managers than men.

Mike Mondo, sitting in for Maina Kageni, said most Kenyan men cannot make a coin last the month. ‘It is known very well that women are better financial managers than men s how many of you are willing when you get your salary this month to give it to your woman to manager. Why don’t yo do that?’

He even challenged a man to tell him how long he would last with 50,000 shillings, and the man said not a week, infact he told Mike it will last three days, and he couldn’t explain how he spent it.

Mike then told it it makes sense that his woman should manage his salary ‘Alot of men by the fifth of the month mshahara imeisha, so give it to your wife she manages it for you’


Dear men, are you convinced to let your wife manage your finances?

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My wife is a tanker! We drink together and I see no issue

Mike Mondo’s morning conversation today was a follow-up of yesterday’s topic on modern women outdrinking their men.

Mike asked, “Are there gentlemen out here that would be able to stay with a wife that drinks when he does not?”

Most of the men saw it as anathema and declared they wouldn’t wife women who still drunk alcohol in their relationships. 

Some of the responses are below:

No man wishes to have such a woman as a wife. And in such a case, the man probably has another better option.

Kama bwana hataki kukunywa fombe nitakunywa tu.

Hapa ni vile tu mtaelewana, hata bwana kuna kitu hata yeye hufanya lakini bibi hajui.

What nonsense is that, how can you entertain a drinking wife…its a taboo..when you are absent, someone will take the cue…its a NOOO.

My wife is a tanker…. Anakunywa kukunywa … Tunakumywa sisi wote so sioni ubaya …

Woiiiiii! I am just trying to imagine the whole scenario in that boma.

Yes, there are. I know of some. They’ll take you out, you have your drink and they take some soda/delmonte..

Good morning, its sad but hawa wanaume wakioa madem wanatoa kwa club, what do you expect?

Maina over my dead body.

Hapa wamekaliwa chapati ama ni aunty wa Harrier but let them know tutawaacha tukishawanyonya hitwo tupesa wako nazo watajua hawajui.

Hao wamekaliwa chapo.

….. YES, if it’s milk, coffee, tea or soda.But pombe, Never!!

I can’t buy that, I refuse to board. Reke nemwo ma!!!

Ngumu hii…it doesn’t work at all…

Acha kusumbua wewe, ambia serikali ikutaftie kazi.

Yes, there are. But that’s a lack of being in control as a man.

What the hell!!! I can’t imagine myself cooking, alafu ety bibi anateremsha mzinga ya Gilbeys!!! Never.

This won’t happen in marriage, ati anatumia cigar na Mimi ni juice tu. Ooliskia wapi Mike?

Nooo. Kwa nyumba ya nani?

Mkikunywa breki who will check on the kids at night… Can’t entertain such nonsense.

The society tends to suppress women. I’ve been married for 7 years and we drink together. In case we are drinking separately and one is too high, you can call the other to come pick you up.

Each person marries some1 they are comfortable with, if you want a drinking partner that is up to you but personally, I don’t drink and I wl not be anywhere close to a drinking woman, how can a couple b drinking, who will even take care of the children? Or have them do their homework?

Ujinga iko kwa wanawake siku hizi..wacha tu!

Mkikunywa breki who will check on the kids at night… Can’t entertain such nonsense.

A Woman who drinks alcohol is a bad woman, what are you trying to show your children and community?!
Wangu akianza kukunywa, I’d rather divorce her.

How will you be respected… Imajin me waking up nikuhustle …. Alafu jioni simu..” beib niletee captain Morgan chaser na jamba ” 🤣🤣🤣

Maliza drums zako ukiwa msichana but tukioana that’s another serious chapter we’ve opened.

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“I am not a chicken to go home at 6pm” Man shouts about going home late

On the Friday July 23rd morning conversation, Mike Mondo wanted to know why wives demand husbands be home at a certain time.

“Ladies do not care what time their men get home, and I wondered how because time and time again that once you get marrieed ile maneneo ya kukuja nyumbani saa nne usahau”

Mwalimu King’ang’i told Mike that no husband should ever be commanded by his wife quoting a Bible verse.

“kuna mahali inafika unawacha maisha iteremke otherwise utaisha, you know you can’t tell your man to be home by 6pm, don’t tell an old man with 32 teeth to be home by five pm how? ukiulizwa umeotoka wapi, there come a time when you stop explaining kwani ni clinic unaenda? you get tired of explaining”

This prompted Mike to ask “Ladies by what time should your man be home? or you don’t care?”

A woman boldly told Mike that “I think my hubby should be home by eight pm or latest 9 pm”

But a man dismissed her saying  a man should be authoritative

“A man should go home anytime without explaining. If he leaves he can return whatever time, vile Kingangi amesema unaeza rudi kesho, kesho kutwa, even my father taught me, mwanaume ni simba lazima nitafute excuse ili bibi ajue sasa baba nani ameingia, ili nisiulize nimetoka wapi, usiwe maembe ama malenge, coz women can sit on you badly, she can tell you to come at 6pm kwani wewe ni kuku? one time she tried to stamp her authority I came back home banging things, she was so shocked, after I came back home on Monday after leaving on Friday”

Another man agreed adding “Kwani ni curfew tunaekewa kwa nyumba mwanaume ni mwanaume na atabaki hivyo mimi sijulikani hata kama ni kesho”

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“Get voice insurance like Maina Kageni” King’ang’i tells Mike Mondo


If you were hoping to catch Mike Mondo in studio on Wednesday but did not hear Mike, it was because he had lost his voice and stayed home.

The hunky presenter apologized for not making it to work on Wednesday as co host Mwalimu gave him a top about his voice.

Mwalimu let it slip that Maian Kageni has insured his voice for a staggering amount, and Mike should do the same

“I’m glad the voice is bad. Ulifanya nini? You know Maina Kageni has insured his voice, na alikataa kusema ni ngapi. I think it’s like 20 million you should too”maina&kingangi

Mike was astounded by the cost of voice insurance but would consider it because it’s his career.

“Nilichemsha ginger na ka garlic kidogo, unachemsha then I felt so much better. Ati 20 million, I will think about it”

Dear Classic 105 fam, can someone please tell Maina atarudi tuu. Yes we are salty that his vacay has been this long.

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Mike Mondo laughs off report ranking Kenyan men the most faithful


In the Thursday July 22nd morning conversation, it was all about a report that suggested Kenyan men are the most faithful in Africa.

Mike reacted asking how this is possible in Kanairo, that is notorious for it’s habits

“How true is that” Mike asked “Nairobi venye sisi sote tuna share? How true is that na Nairobi venye sisi sote tuna share? Mike wondered

The report indicated that for the third time running Kenyan men have been crowned most faithful in Africa.

Co host Mwalimu King’ang’i was very proud and said “Kayamba kwao, you need to repeat that” Mwalimu told Mike.

Adding “Numbers don’t lie, research ndio hiyo na mko hapa mnatudharau, how good we are, caring, we are number one Mwalimu gloated. “We are number one in faithfulness”

Do you think Kenyan men are the most faithful? Mike opened up the discussion insisting that “coz the way I see Nairobi, I am questioning this research”

Ladies do you agree?

A Woman caller “I think the people which did this research ni mzungu mwitu. Wanapendelea wanaume wa kenya I don’t believe this research”

A man also disagreed with the findings “it’s laughable, juzi our leader alienda kiuumu alisema kwa media nitafutiwee hapa ka mtu juzi our speaker alikubali akasema ndio amepatiana kakitu kwa msichana, juzi our own number two akaitwa baba nani, infact the only faithful people ni mimi wewe na kingangi”

Even one more man laughed at it “That research is fake fake fake mike. hio research ni fake wakenya ni mafisi sana”


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My wife has been lying about earning Sh16k instead of Sh32k

Ladies you are ninjas and men do you know you are married to billionaires hiding cash? was how Mike Mondo introduced the Tubonge Tuesday topic.

This he said after a conversation with a woman in hospital about lying about her salary.

“Yesterday I went to the hospital, and in the waiting room I started talking to a woman who said for the past ten years she has been hiding her real salary and using a fake pay slip to show her husband. She has made her husband believe she earns 100k a month when in reality she earns 300k”

Is it wise to tell your partner how much you make?

Would you tell your partner ho much money you earn? ama hio ni siri yako? Mike asked listeners who responded with different opinions. A female caller slammed spouses who hide their pay saying this will present difficulties in case of emergencies.

“utakosa kuambia your better half uambie nani what if something happens to you who will follow up on your cash? your children will suffer because of your silence”


A husband who found about his wife lying about her salary through her KRA tax returns narrated how sad he is.

He told Mike on the Tuesday morning conversation July 20th that

“Nasikia uchungu. Last night I found her KRA tax returns and to be sincere it is painful. She has always told me she is struggling financially earning only sh16,00 when her actual pay is h32,000. I feel pain but she has always lied for the last four years. You can see everything in the house I have struggled to buy and yet she can help hata gas I get home she can’t buy. I’m feeling bad because she never disclosed it. It’s not that I need her share but to know the capability she can do in the house, it will reduce my burden, mike  I don’t have any savings na I do everything and when y0u tell her to do something she says she doesn’t have any money ati she is paid kidogo.”


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Does the focus and attention of wives shift after childbirth? Mike asks

The Friday morning conversation elicited mixed reaction from listeners from men and women.

Men felt they are neglected immediately wives have a baby.

They accused many wives of intentionally diverting their attention from husbands to children. Even King’ang’i insisted so. “the love is transferred, Kwanza kama ni kaboy, baaa wewe jua umeisha” King’ang’i added.

Women disagreed insisting the process of childbirth is draining.

“We don’t neglect you guys we love you. Its just that taking care of a child is draining. As my husband you should help me and take care of me.”

Mike added his opinion noting that

“Maybe I’m an idealist coz normally a baby should bring them together, why do so many neglect their husbands”

Here are other thoughts expressed during the show”
Even us men we reduce that love to them and attention to a baby so

Some people get married not because they love each other but because of circumstances!
When a baby comes, then it cements the security! So life doesn’t exist
The man joins boy’s club and business club come on #MainaAndKingangi

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“Sharing your marital bed with babies is wrong” King’ang’i blasts wives 


In the Thursday morning conversation, Mwalimu King’ang’i was not happy with wives insisting parents sleep with babies.

He told his opinion in an argument about it’s drawbacks with a wife on air.

The two went at each other if a new-born should be kicked out. The woman told Mwalimu that

” ati mzee anafaa kufanya nini? ndio mzee apumzike alale? nilitengeneza mtoto huyo peke yangu? tunaenda na shift. Ati mzee alale?’

Mwalimu responded that it was only fair to let the man sleep because their baby s cry is irritating.

She told him off adding ” until the baby is old enough to hold a munyonyi himself, the first month ako kwa kitanda yetu na tuna amka na shift, ati unalala nini? kwani nililatengenza mtoto peke yangu”

6117-07999883 © Masterfile Royalty-Free Model Release: Yes Property Release: Yes Couple sleeping in bed in the morning
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Couple sleeping in bed in the morning

When is the right time Mike opened up the discussion leading to more confessions from parents split over the decision to kick out the baby.

A man described how bad it was for his friend because their child was 6 years and unfortunately walked in on them.

Another woman said her new-born isn’t going anywhere. She said “It’s not about the baby leaving the bedroom, my baby sleeps in our bedroom but on his cot, I will never let him go, the baby is  breastfeeding until he is one year, But King’ang’i repeated that a child belongs in their own room. ” do you know that you can wak4 up and go to the other room to feed? you have the whole day to bond with the baby we don’t need the child in our room, toa mtoto kwa hii bedroom wewe, that crying is too much”

Dear Classic 105 fam, what’s your opinion about co-sleeping?


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