Terrorize me with love: Miguna Miguna fearlessly gushes over wife 


Miguna Miguna is regarded as that fearless Kenyan who takes on anyone including politicians.

Generali as he is referred to online, also seems to have a softer side when it comes to the love of his life.

He sheds that fearless persona many of us have come to love or hate and and unearths that romantic side that men from Nyanza are known to have.

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What am I talking about. It’s Miguna’s wife’s birthday and Generali is quite happy to publicly celebrate his wife on Twitter.

His Queen is called Jane and stunning.

His message got followers all excited and wondering how he seduced her to agree and marry him. Aki yao Kenyans!!

Happy Birthday Nyar Gem, Min Oda kod Nythind Kano. We are getting younger, more energetic and fiercely revolutionary against all the despots, conmen and renegades. Viva!

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Miguna Miguna with his wife
Miguna Miguna with his wife

Here are some reactions from amused Kenyans wondering how he scored such a beautiful minji minji woman inspite of his fearless persona.

Joel Oyieko..
Happy birthday chi Miguna…..tell us how he seduced u beautiful gal….was it despot,, terrorize me with love…focus,Viva stop trembling…
bill kips..
honestly you shud give this queen her own line. You do it once in a year… Reserve good lines for beautiful ladies like her. Despot will take the other many days..happy birthday beautiful keep this bull healthy

Miguna Miguna with his family
Felix Otieno..
Viva General. Behind every successful revolutionary there is a thoughtful, caring, loving and woman. I take this belated opportunity to also wish her a happy birthday.
Betty Sigei..
Happy birth day beautiful! For real, you are growing younger. May you have many more happy years ahead.Take good care of our general.
Hon.Omondi Kevin..
Happy birthday to her,she must be a strong woman. She is able to manage your madness,I salute herFolded handsFolded handsFolded hands

Happy birthday Nyar Gem

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Miguna Miguna shares cute photo of wife and daughters on 20th anniversary

Miguna Miguna has in the spirit of Valentine’s decided to celebrate his family. The controversial lawyer shared a photo of himself with his wife Jane Miguna and their three daughters, noting that he was celebrating their 20th marriage anniversary.

“My lovely wife, the girls and I celebrated our 20th anniversary of marriage, revolutionary love, affection and focus. No matter what the despots and conmen do, we are focused like laser beams! Viva” he wrote.

Miguna Miguna with his wife
The lawyer with his wife

Miguna is famously private about his family and keeps them out of the limelight. The images were received with much verve and energy by many of his 850k followers on Twitter with many impressed by the lawyer showing off his much softer side.

Miguna Miguna with his family

Known for his vocal criticism of Kenya’s leadership and the no-nonsense image he portrays, netizen Mercy Kilel noted, “I know these are the only people (Miguna’s family) who can neutralize the general! Even a lion drinks milk.”

Miguna Miguna and his wife Jane Miguna.
Miguna Miguna and his wife Jane Miguna.

Miguna countered the statement, explaining that he wasn’t neutralised by his family but rather empowered. Media reports indicate that Miguna and Jane met after the lawyer made a trip to Kenya and a courtship commencing in1998 and ended up in a traditional wedding ceremony on August 6, 2000.

Meet Miguna Miguna’s beautiful wife

Miguna and Jane have three children with two of them being twins.

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