There is someone giving me butterflies, but I’m single – Brenda Jons

Comedian-vlogger Brenda Jons has stated boldly that she is single in a Qn A with fan.

She prompted discussion about her dating life in a QnA with fans ‘New years Questions, feel free darlings’

Besides her mental health status and work life, many were eager to know who she is dating.

The first fan asked ‘Are you in a relationship?’

Brenda answered ‘I am currently not in a relationship but kuna mtu mahali ananipea butterflies…’

In another closely followed question if that crush is Marini Naturals CEO, Brenda was asked ‘Do you have a crush on Michelle Ntalami?’

Brenda Jons On Instagram

Brenda tagged Michelle and responded ‘Michelle Ntalami is my babe, that’s all you need to know…do you hear saying she loves me, yeah i love her too…’adding love emojis.

A third person was not done with curiosity about her relationship status asking ‘Are you in a relationship?’

Using the LGBTQ flag, Michelle responded ‘No, I’m currently single. Honestly, I’m finding myself and learnign yo love myself even more and preparing for what the future holds for me’

Captioning ‘I am made for love’

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Back to the streets! Michele Ntalami announces she is ready to date again


Entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami has announced she is ready to date again after a tumultuous breakup. She encouraged interested persons to slide in and do that thing.

‘Si mlisema nioge faster faster nirudi market? Ubaya nayo bei ishapanda..’ she joked about the advise to get back out there quickly.

She shared a photo in a white dress after attending the opening of the new ook Mawinbi Restaurant over the weekend.

It was all class and pizzazz last week at the exclusive @mawimbiseafood all-white Awards Party! 🎉 Met and mingled with so many beautiful people who all undoubtedly understood the assignment.👌🏾

I’m always so grateful for such experiences that leave me feeling so glam, gorgeous and lifted! Thank you @mawimbiseafood for having us, and congratulations on your award‘

So please Classic 105 fam, place your bids.

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