Betty Kyallo’s mum reveals why she thought Betty would be a teacher

Julia Ngii mother to media personality Betty Kyallo is not shy when it comes to the media.

In the past she has come out to blast those who love riding on her daughters fame to say mean and untrue things about Betty.

She recently opened up about the dreams she had for her daughter.

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Speaking to Jalang’o, Betty’s mum, Julia Ngii, revealed that she would have loved if she became a doctor.

“I thought she would be a teacher. We used to have a staircase in Kilimani. She would go up there with a mwiko and start teaching, ‘one, two, three…’ making a lot of noise.

I knew, this one would be a teacher.”

image-2019-03-19 (1)
Betty Kyallo and her mum

Unlike what her mother hoped for Betty went on to become one of the most followed media personalities in Kenya.

The mother of one recently celebrated her 30th birthday receiving wishes from her fans and friends all over.

She was also given a birthday surprise by her colleague’s at K24 and going by the photos its obvious she had a blast.

Below are photos of the Kyallo’s that prove that they are a close knit family.




betty sister1

Betty Kyallo sisters
Betty Kyallo and her sisters

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Sister goals! Betty Kyallo and her sisters are a whole mood

The Kyallo sisters are giving us some positive vibes and we are loving them harder each day. Betty Kyallo is the eldest of them all. They have one brother but we want to focus on the positive energy these girls radiate.

Betty and sisters

They love each other immensely and we wonder do they even fight? Mercy Kyallo in an interview answered this and said that they definitely fight. Just like any other sister – sister relationship, she said , they fight about clothes. She added that fights in every relationship is healthy and that she doesn’t have a problem with it. Their bright smiles always have us wishing we had siblings for those of us that don’t have them.

Betty Kyallo sisters

Betty and her sister Gloria and Mercy

The Kyallos also support each other a lot. After Betty grew her brand she has supported her sister as she was starting out in her business. From advertising it to even modelling for her sister’s leather bags line called Yallo leather. Support is a two way thing and Betty has also said that her daughter and family were there for her when she was going through her divorce and separation process. Mercy Kyallo is also very supportive when it comes to Betty’s salon business.

betty sister1

Betty and her youngest sister Gloria

It doesn’t end there. These girls are also responsible and accountable for each other. Especially for their youngest sister. Gloria Kyallo cleared her high school education last year and she seems to be living with her eldest sister Betty. These sisters are just goals.

Exclusive: ‘I am not looking to get married any time soon’ – Mercy Kyallo

Bett Kyallo’s sister Mercy has confessed that she has no intentions of getting married,  as she’s still enjoying her single status.

In an exclusive interview with Classic 105, Mercy says she has also not been active when it comes to dating due to the nature of her work.

“Please don’t be like those relatives that keep asking ‘Utaoleka lini’ I am not looking to get married any time soon.

I am currently  having a lot of fun and I want to explore that more and being a young CEO is not easy furthermore dating is time consuming.

And I have not gotten the opportunity to date but as they say you never know anything can happen”

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Right:Betty Kyallo with her sister Mercy Kyallo
Right: Betty Kyallo with her sister Mercy Kyallo

Mercy also opened up on one of her lowest moment being her brothers admission into a rehabilitation center for alcohol addiction.

Exclusive: Having a famous sister has really helped me – Mercy Kyallo

Adding that it’s high time people talked about such issues rather than hide them.

“The lowest moment was when my brother had to be admitted to rehab. Alcohol addiction is something not many people talk about.

Mental health is something that is very close to me. He is now perfect but that process of taking a loved one to rehab and the whole process was very humbling.

Mercy Kyallo with her brother

It taught me not to judge people who are going through the same (addiction). It’s an experience I will never forget.

I really respect every one working with anything mental health because people in Africa are not ready to accept that mental health is a problem.”

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Exclusive: Having a famous sister has really helped me – Mercy Kyallo

Mercy Kyallo is setting the trend when it comes to digital marketing with her ‘Yallo’ Brand which mainly focuses on men’s clothing and accessories.

The business is purely an online shop. Mercy, who is sister to TV queen Betty Kyallo recently opened up about the reality of coming to terms with the fact that she has become a celebrity.

“I did not want to be a celebrity. I did not sigh up for it, and not so many people get famous because of their siblings but I am just one of those people who did.

I am very authentic and I do not pretend to be anything I am not  that is why when I feel like dressing casually I do when I want to wear official I do.

Having a famous sister has helped me so much.”

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Betty Kyallo and Mercy Kyallo

‘My wife dumped our 6 month old baby in my office’ Cries city man

She further advice’s the youth to explore the opportunities before them

“You need to look at all the opportunities around you and explore every things especially if you do not have capital to start up.

Determine where you can showcase your work who can give you the capital, where can get the best explore all the opportunities before you.

For one to experience growth you need a good team you are not super man. You are who you are.

Mercy Kyallo

Back in high school I was not good in mathematics but I have ensured I have people who are good in maths and they crack the numbers for me.

When you are staring your business you can do somethings on your own but also get people who are dedicated to help you realize your goal.”

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Looking for a wife?Betty Kyallo’s sister is up for grabs,see details below

Team mafisi has every reason to celebrate as the year comes to an end after TV presenter and her sister Mercy Kyallo announced vacancies for a tender.

Don’t get it twisted this tenders are not similar to the one of NYS where one is payed to supply hewa this one is extra special because one is tendering to walk away with a girlfriend/wife.

Betty Kyallo took to social media to post the caption below

“TENDER NOTICE!!! The Kyallo govt. is inviting potential bidders for @mercykyallo Registration ongoing. All short listed candidates will be contacted 😂😂😂. @mercykyallo

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Betty Kyallo and Mercy Kyallo

Well expect team mafisi to react and here are some of the reactions

allantuwei:Wacha niendee loan china🔥

jd_nzisa:My brother won’t have to pay anything he is such a great deal,cute ,loyal , good hearted such a great deal that you and your family will have to pay us instead.For offering such a deal to you.Beautiful gals

josphatmuteti:Tender ni ya holiday pekee?

illahkevin:@bettymuteikyallo as members of team mafisi we would like to knw whether its a short term contract or permanent…also provide us with the link where we can download the application forms…looking forward to hear from you soon.thnks…cc @mercykyallo

bayusuf.ahmed:Niweke kwenye hiyo kinyanganyiro….anti corruption kando..🖐

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richie_yulemmoja:This is unfair all this beauty in one package. You can acknowledge my application even if its regrets

mr._big.stuff:Mercy is giving Betty a run for her money these days. Impossible to love one without loving the other. ❤😍😚

cowambo:I thought this tender i already won.. @bettymuteikyallo hii ni conspiracy gani sasa…sitakubali *forms commission of inquiry*

digitalinvestment:Just placed by bid and was told, “While your qualifications were impressive, we regret to inform you that we couldn’t accept you since we we targeting bidders with specific qualifications” 😭😭😢

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Betty Kyallo’s sisters’ beauty will leave many drooling – Photos


Many might not know this but Betty has two sisters whom she adores. Mercy Kyallo is one of the sisters and she looks like Betty’s twin, something that still leaves many confused.

Mercy Kyallo is the founder of Yallo Leather, a company that deals with production of leather merchandise, on the other hand Betty is also the owner of Flair By Betty, whereas Gloria is still in school.

Going by the photos below it is obvious that beauty runs in the family

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Gloria Kyallo(in purple) with her big sister Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo with her sister Gloria

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The Kyallo’s :Mercy and Betty Kyallo


Gloria,Mercy and Betty Kyallo

Going by the fans comments below it is undeniable that the three sisters are almost like triplets

faustinmsHiyo ni kufanana??
wagallaisabellHaaaaaaiiii kwani mum alikuanga sister akawacha??? Watoto hawafai kufanana hivi,,,,,isa big Noo,,,send me your mummy’s number
viominadoniaThe resemblance is mind blowing 😍
beemwagoFor a second there I wasn’t sure which one is you. But I finally do👌 or do I? 😏😍
katungwas11Looking sooo alike gosh. Lovely

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