Four Favourite Pastimes of Kenyan Men

Being a Kenyan man comes with many responsibilities, but amidst our busy schedules, we still find plenty of time to unwind and relax.

We are lucky to live in a country that offers numerous recreational options. We look at four popular ways in which Kenyan men unwind.

Outings and Tourism

When it comes to tourism, Kenya is one of the top nations in the world. Our beautiful country is blessed with amazing natural attractions, from the Great Wildebeest Migration to the white sandy beaches of the Kenyan coastline.

For many Kenyan men, the most dominant weekend activity is watching football, especially the English Premier League, but going on outings with friends and family is also right up there with our favorite hobbies.

A bunch of friends may team up to embark on a road trip to Nakuru or Machakos, while a family man gives the wife and kids a nice treat at the Masai Mara National Reserve.

The average Kenyan man is a proper family man, and any opportunity to spend quality time with the family is usually grabbed with both hands!

Parties and Nightlife

Kenyans love a good time, and the next party is never too far away.

A lot of bars and clubs are open all through the week, with nightly attendance being very impressive.

While most of the big parties and clubbing are reserved for weekends, Kenyan men are never shy of exploring the Nairobi or Mombasa night during the week.

Whether it is popping into a bar and having a beer with friends or attending a house party after work, there is often something to do at night.

It’s a nice way to cool off and unwind after a long day’s work.


Kenya may not have had too much recent success in football, but we are extremely passionate about the local and international games.

In many Kenyan homes, weekends are almost exclusively reserved for watching football, with the most popular competition being the English Premier League.

Kenya’s engagement with football is not restricted to watching games on TV. Some of us play football with friends, and we also love going out to the stadiums to watch local favorites like Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards in action.

Watching our local football league also provides a nice opportunity to take the family out on weekends, or hang out with friends on matchdays.

While football is the most popular sport in Kenya, it is not the only sport that attracts our interest. Athletics, especially long-and-middle-distance running is very popular here. That is hardly a surprise given the amount of global success and recognition we have enjoyed over the years. Rugby Sevens and cricket are also well followed in Kenya.

Sports Betting

Sports betting has arguably become the most popular pastime for Kenyan men in recent years. Actually, for many, betting is more than a hobby. It is some sort of secondary source of income.

The lure of making money from sports is a natural pull for Kenyan men.

Aided by improving technology, betting has become very widespread in Kenya. In fact, the country is rated among the top three sports betting nations in Africa, along with South Africa and Nigeria.

There is an abundance of options for Kenyan bettors. The Kenyan market comprises numerous great betting companies, all offering a diverse range of betting services to Kenyan players.

There are many other ways to unwind in Kenya, but these four are right up there with the most popular!

Men, Here Are A Few Tips On How To Impress Your Bae


Kenyan men argue that women are materialistic while on the other hand women argue that Kenyan men are stingy.

Could all this be due to conflict of interests? Or is it that our men don’t take time to understand what women want.

Today we give men a few hints on what really impresses women as you all know, mwanaume ni effort.

Designer Shoes

Just like the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, the way to a woman’s heart is a nice designer shoe. Women love to look good and a nice pair of stilettos gives them that confidence and makes them feel beautiful. So in case you are wondering what to get her, just get that shoe.

For those who walk like ducks in heels, these are not meant for you


 Designer Handbag

A handbag is more like a woman’s baby, wherever she goes it goes too. Handbags are like a woman’s office and thus they strive to get the best brand in the market. It’s every woman’s dream  to own a designer handbag so go ahead and gift her that Gucci bag, or LOUIS VUITTON bag she has been eyeing.



Italian playboy who slept with thousands of women dies of a heart attack while having s## with a tourist

Designer Perfume

We all want to start the day smelling good. Men, forget about buying your woman those cheap perfumes and deodorants sold by the roadside and get her some nice designer item.

She will not only be in a good mood but she will try and impress you too and you never know what she might settle for.


A Vacation

Going out on a vacation is every woman’s dream, with all the hustle and bustle around, an all paid vacation is the way to win  your woman’s heart .

This is a nice time for women to flaunt their curves and their bikini bodies. After all, that’s why women work so hard at the gym.

This can  only happen after the coronavirus pandemic.


Designer Make Up Kit

No one wants to walk with smudged lipstick or sweaty make up. Every woman wants to own a designer make up kit to achieve that flawless face. Go ahead and get her that and she will love you forever. After all mwanamke ni sura.


‘Raped as a three year old and as a teenager I knew i would inspire someone somewhere someday’Confesses Jamatah,Mrs Kenya Tourism Queen International 2018

 A Man Who Cooks

We all want to be spoiled. A man who cooks for his woman is heaven sent. There is nothing more s3xy like a man in the kitchen.

It’s very romantic to come home to a warm meal and this act would warm even the hardest of hearts.


Spontaneous Surprises

Women love surprises. In this day and age, things are moving very fast that means that important events in our lives are slowly being overtaken, but no matter how petty it may sound women still expect you to remember all big days in their lives. To win a woman’s heart just keep tabs on when her birthday is, graduation and drop spontaneous gifts and notes and she will be yours forever.


So men, the next time you want to impress your woman, make sure these things are on your list.

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‘Here is why your wife looks older than your mother,’ Akothee reveals

In an era where filters are the in thing, Akothee has advised Kenya men to learn to appreciate their women with all their flaws.

This is because most of the things we see on Instagram are not real. Most people are living by the mantra ‘fake it till you make it’.

Akothee advises,

  1. Never compare your wife with ladies you see on social media, she is the mother of your child! treat her stretchmarks as a beautiful natural tattoo💪, this is a special sacrifice she made, for you to be called a daddy.
  2.  Your wife’s priority is not to glam up on social media, but to make sure every member of the family is secure.
  3. Your wife looks older than the ladies on social media simply because she is living reality and growing grey hair from thinking of what next with your family including the lubbish you 🤔.

‘Women should wear a weave for 1 week, mine is worth 76k’ Akothee brags

4. The money you spend on ladies you meet out there, would have been good money for a family retreat and see your children jump on a bouncing castle 🤔
5. Having excuses of not being home every weekend hurts and cuts deep into a woman’s heart. If wishes were horses, weekends should be cut off your routine🤔

‘I blundered big time’ MCA Tricky on wanting to date Akothee’s daughter

Is Akothee suffering from burn out

6. You never have money for your family, but you got money to spoil your friends 🤔 your wife looks older than your mother, simply because she is carrying pain 🤔
7. Don’t complain that she gained weight, she is broken from inside and has no time to take care of herself💔 she is busy taking care of you and the family 🤝
8. You wonder why she is unhappy 🤔 you never appreciate her or her beauty never surprised her even with a flower 🤔
Women are strong, but they incubate a lot
Take care of your wife and children
All these people you are entertaining will come to your burial on the burial date, and take photos with your coffin🤔

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Cupid Struck! 5 Types of men that drive women crazy

Women love bad boys and this is something that has been a mystery to many. It is not clear on what attracts them to these types of men but it is obvious that’s what works for them.

Bad boys attract unwanted attention regardless of whether they are handsome or not, whether loaded or not women don’t seem to consider this with many wanting to experience some adventure with the said men.

Mary J Blige sang a song dedicated to the bad boys and here she says”Me and Mr wrong get along so good even though he breaks my heart so bad, we’ve got something special going on.”

Could this be the case for our Kenyan men?

Forget ‘MAKALI’ this is latest wine you should be buying to sip as you relax

Here are the types of men that women are attracted to.

1. Nduthi Guys

These kind of men mostly attract young girls who are either still in school or new in campus. They are liked and loathed in equal measures for their promiscuous nature .

Boda boda


They have mainly contributed to increased early pregnancies among teens something that has left a bitter mouth in the society.

The above behaviour has not deterred married women who are now having sexual escapes and illicit affairs with these forbidden lot.

2. Gym instructors

Every woman wants a fit man. No one likes an over sized guy who cant even pick up after himself thus gym instructors attract women. Women are mainly attracted to gym instructors for their physique which is mainly attractive but in most scenarios end up disappointed when it reaches between the sheets.

So the next time you hear your woman is are hiring a male gym instructor, be very worried as you might end up single and depressed in this cold weather.

3. Dread locked guys

There is something about guys with dreadlocks that women cant resist. Most of the men are eye candies with well toned bodies good for our instagram pages and showing off to our friends.

Unlike some men who are unkempt most dread locked guys are well kept, with the well maintained body comes a good performance between the sheets something that a woman can’t resist.

7 type of neighbors you are likely to meet in Nairobi’s flats and estates

4. Bouncers

Most girls are attracted to bouncers not because they have much to offer but because of the chances they create. Who wouldn’t want free tickets, free performance entrances and a free sexual escapade.

5. Butchery guys

Ladies love butcher guys for the free meat packages extended to them and for the servicing that is not extended to them by their husbands or boyfriends .

When you see a woman laughing heartedly with the butcher guy. just know sio wote huendea nyama.

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REVEALED: Here is why women make better doctors than men

A leading former brain surgeon has claimed women make better doctors than men because they’re better at communicating.

Dr Henry Marsh, a neurosurgeon before he retired, made the comments at Stratford-upon-Avon Literary Festival.

He said: ‘Although it’s a reverse sexist comment, in my experience and opinion, the average woman makes a better doctor than the average man.’

Dr Marsh admitted he hasn’t always felt this way and, when he began teaching trainees 20 years ago, he was guilty of ‘chauvinism’ himself.

But decades in the field have corrected the error of his thinking, he said.

The medical community has been beset by claims of sexism and the British Medical Association last month announced an investigation into its members.

‘There’s lots of bad woman doctors and lots of good men doctors,’ the 69-year-old said.

‘But given that such an important part of medicine is communication and teamwork, on the whole, it’s a sexist generalisation but women tend to do it a bit better than men.

‘We (male doctors) are all competitive and driven by testosterone.’

Dr Marsh, who now teaches at the Tooting hospital where he once worked, said women in medicine still face sexism but the situation is improving.


‘I can’t stand my husband’s touch in bed’ he turns me off’ Women confess why they fell out of love with their men (Audio)

The reason behind lack of intimacy in marriage seems to be the question on most people’s minds, especially after men claimed that women lose interest after getting babies.

During the morning show on Classic 105, a woman confessed how she no longer finds her husband attractive, saying

“I feel like I have gone off my husband completely, I don’t love him anymore and I do not know why despite the fact that we sleep in the same bed.

I keep asking myself what I saw in him,we are a young couple because I am just 28.We have two kids the youngest is three years and I cant even fathom him touching me.”

Young couple in bed, looking away from each other

‘we share a soul. Something deeper than love, a friendship that words can only spell but not explain’Maribe on her relationship with Dennis Itumbi

Fans were given a chance to contribute to the topic and below are some of their responses.

“Sometimes this women are complicated, unajaribu kupenda na hapendek. It has happened to me I had to divorce. I got married in 2012 we had our first born in 2013.

After  2 years she completely changed to a point that she could even go out when I try talking to her. When I come in to the house she goes out when I go out she comes back.

Even when I tried initiating intimacy she would turn the other way. The problem was that she would not even tell me what the problem is, and hatukukosana.

After two years I told her that I needed another baby but to my surprise she answered back retorting that hata huyo mmoja nimeshindwa kulea.

I could not understand her given the fact that I was working and we never lacked anything. I ended up divorcing her. My marriage was so young.”

‘There is no way I could have aborted his child. I just made sure I could get not get pregnant from him’Vera Sidika spills the beans on why mbegu ya Otile haikumea


black-couple-in-bed (3)

Another adds

“Love diminishes mainly because men stop trying to be romantic, you find her there and before she has even had a chance to get aroused you jump on her like a bicycle.

No romance and before she even realizes what is happening you are done, you do the same for a few more days and she reaches a point and starts getting ‘bored’

Nowadays more men are taking alcohol thus the poor performance between the sheets,the solution is to satisfy your woman that way she will be calling you each and everyday.”

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, another fan  disclosed

“Most women don’t get support from their men during pregnancy, the men prefer going and getting a mpango wa kando, most women do not forgive this thus they find comfort in their kids.”

Listen for more interesting confessions on the audio below


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‘Is he possessed?City woman cries after her man reacted this way just because she asked him to use protection during intimacy

Men are cunning when it comes to bedroom matters, with a majority giving countless reasons why they shouldn’t wear protection.

Despite the fact that condoms protect against pregnancy and s3xually transmitted diseases, some men will go to all lengths to make sure they do not put them on.

Oh God!University student arrested for sexually abusing 13year old cousin

Young couple in bed, man sitting up with arms crossed, portrait
Young couple in bed, man sitting up with arms crossed, portrait

One city woman has been caught in a dilemma given that her man has crazy tactics when he is denied conjugal rights for not wearing protection.

She wrote
“Each time I tell my boyfriend to use withdrawal method, he will start crying and begging that he wants a bond with me. If I refuse he will try to hurt himself. I told him to be doing withdrawal method but he said withdrawal method use to give him headache that will make blood to full his head. So I allowed him to be pouring inside of me until I got pregnant 3 times and he did not give me money for abortion.”

Heartbreaking stories of Pipeline residents where slayqueens abort and feed babies to dogs

woman crying

She further adds

“I used my money to terminate it,he then came back to beg me and threatened to kill him self. So last week we were getting intimate and I told him to wear protection and he refused, so when he was about to c#m I pushed him out and he started crying. He ran to my kitchen I took a knife to kill himself, so I had to beg him, I had to lamba lolo to bring him up again and allowed him c#m inside me. I am tired, how do I make him use protection? Is he possessed or is he just selfish?”

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Here’s A List Of Things That A Good Man Will Never Do

The beauty about being in a relationship is that you get to share things with your partner. While that is great you also need to remember that someone should be with you and accept you for who you are.

You don’t need to be with someone who will make you feel less of a person. There are people who are blessed with words but always remember that words can’t do anything if actions don’t match.

If you are dating a good man here is a list of things that he will not  do to you, and if he does then he’s not a good man.

1. Never pick on your looks You may not be Heidi Klum, Halle Berry etc but a good man will never pick on your looks or ask you to wear make up or dress in a certain way. A good man will never demean you or make you feel any less of a person. Your self esteem is important to him as it is to you.

2. Invade your privacy – In a healthy relationship, there is no need to hide anything. Texts, emails, facebook messages, whatever. But that doesn’t mean your partner has the right to snoop through them if you happen to leave your phone around or your computer open. (Unless you have done something suspicious) Someone who does this is showing massive insecurity on their part and is likely projecting their own infidelities and issues onto you. This should not be ignored.

3. Never discourage you – A sign of a person’s confidence in themselves is how they help to support the ambition of others. A good man will always be willing to help and support those around him and will never be discouraging or insulting.

4. Recognize your value – If you have to constantly prove your worth to someone then they are not worth the time. You should be with someone because they value and appreciate who you are not how well you trace yourself for them.

5. Make you feel like an afterthought – While a relationship shouldn’t be someone’s entire life, it’s certainly a large part of it. I’ve heard too many stories about women who constantly get cast aside for “guy’s night” or something similar. A man should have have a network and individuality, sure. But there is a difference between leading an active social life, and knocking the woman in your life further and further down your priority list. If you feel like you’re waiting for him to come home more than you’re actually with him, it’s time to step back and take another look at where your relationship is going.


A study says a few beers a week or bottle of wine may help men start a family

Men hoping to become fathers are often advised to avoid alcohol for fear of harming their fertility.

But a study suggests a few small beers a week or bottle of wine may actually help men start a family.

Italian researchers who asked 323 men about their alcohol consumption found moderate drinkers had a better sperm count.

This worked out as up to a bottle and small glass of wine a week, or seven small bottles of beer.


The study, in Milan, suggested the antioxidants from grapes in wine, and a compound in beer hops called Xanthohumol, may slightly improve sperm by protecting cells from damage.

Revealed: What the colour of your urine says about your health

 Dr Elena Ricci, who led the research, said, ‘We found that men who consumed four to seven units per week had higher semen volume and total sperm count than those who drank less or more than that. We concluded that moderate alcohol intake appears positively associated to semen quality, in this group of men.’
Finally, according to Mail Online,the results show that;
Compared to men drinking zero to three units of alcohol a week, the moderate drinkers had a higher overall sperm count.
Their sperm was less concentrated, but they produced more semen
Meaning, a higher chance of getting their partner pregnant, according to the authors.

Men who fear they are going through a ‘manopause’ could be at risk of problems in the bedroom

Men who fear they are going through the ‘manopause’ could be at risk of problems in their love lives, an expert claims.

Middle-aged men who simply believe low testosterone will hit their libido could end up less interested in sex.

They may also suffer erectile dysfunction as a psychological response to worrying about the male menopause.

Allan Pacey, professor of andrology at the University of Sheffield, said: ‘This label of the male menopause creates the expectation that every man will go through it. Some of the symptoms are hormone-related but some are influenced by psychology.’

Speaking at an event on male fertility organised by the Progress Educational Trust in Edinburgh this month, he added: ‘A common question that I am often asked is about the existence of the male menopause.

‘In this regard, let me be quite clear – it doesn’t exist.’

The fertility expert used Charlie Chaplin, who had his youngest son at 73, as evidence that the male menopause is a myth, saying that men latch on to the idea because they are getting older and ‘clearly do not like it’.

His comments come amid warnings that men taking testosterone to regain their youthful energy could increase their risk of heart attack and stroke. Prescriptions for male ‘HRT’ leapt by 20 per cent between 2012 and 2016, and this can damage men’s fertility.

The British Fertility Society conference heard last year that the hormone is being increasingly misused as a ‘lifestyle drug’ by men who are convinced that they have hit the ‘manopause’.


Women live longer than men and here’s why

Assuming there’s such a thing as a battle of the sexes, then women have won it hands down by the time they get to 100.

In almost every country, most centenarians are female. On average, they outnumber men by four or five to one.

Males may be stronger. They may be taller. They may be better at hand-to-hand combat, more likely to earn better wages and are far more numerous in the boardroom. But when all is said and done, they do appear to be the weaker sex.

So why do so few of them make a century? And what have women got — beyond the obvious — that leaves the male sex trailing in their wake? There’s no single answer, of course, but there are many surprising reasons why.

A man¿s risk of dying was six times higher than normal in the year following the death of a spouse or partner, according to investigators at London¿s Cass Business School

Three decades ago, the view was that men’s lifestyle was to blame. Young men took more risks on the road, did more dangerous jobs, got into more fights, and were more likely to go to war. This could lead to life-shortening trauma or death.

Also, men smoked and drank more and subsequently built up health problems that killed them in greater numbers after their mid-50s. But were these the only reasons that women began to outnumber men really significantly around retirement age?

In the Eighties, British physician and geneticist Sir Cyril Clarke suggested another theory: once men start drawing their pensions, they tend to adopt an unhealthy lifestyle.

They run to fat because they start sitting around, watching TV and eating too much. And they’re not only less active physically but also mentally.

Meanwhile, most retired women carry on much as usual: cleaning the house, going shopping, cooking, doing the dishes and the weekly washing. There’s no real retirement for them — but keeping active helps them live longer.


But, unfortunately for men, there seemed to be far more to it than that. In the three decades since Sir Cyril’s findings, scientists have discovered that boys have an uphill struggle right from birth. They’re 14 per cent more likely to be born prematurely than girls, and twice as likely to suffer immature lung development.

By the time they reach their mid-teens, a ¿testosterone storm¿ takes control, as hormone levels peak. This, says longevity researcher Tom Perls, ¿can induce some pretty dangerous behaviour among young men.' (File photo)

They’re also more prone to perinatal brain damage, cerebral palsy and congenital deformities.

In addition, girls develop faster in the womb, so a newborn girl can be the physiological equivalent of a four to six-week-old boy. Later, they walk and talk before boys.

It gets worse. Boys are about 25 per cent more likely to die in the first year of life. Even if they survive, they’re three to four times more at risk than girls of finding their development hindered by hyperactivity, autism, Tourette’s syndrome, stammering or being slow at picking up reading.

At least there’s one area in which boys are ahead: they’re much quicker to expose themselves to danger.

By the time they reach their mid-teens, a ‘testosterone storm’ takes control, as hormone levels peak. This, says longevity researcher Tom Perls, ‘can induce some pretty dangerous behaviour among young men. They don’t wear their seatbelts; they drink too much alcohol; they can be aggressive with weapons and so on.’

But there may be another reason for this volatile behaviour. Some scientists put it down to slower development of the frontal lobes of the male brain, which deal with responsibility and evaluating risk.

Men are also three times more likely to take illegal drugs than women, according to official figures for England and Wales. Plus they’re three times more likely to kill themselves; between 2001 and 2011, more than 38,600 males over the age of 15 committed suicide.

The upshot of all this is that, between the ages of 15 and 30, the death rate for males is more than twice that of females. So, by age 30, women are already starting to outnumber men.

If a man¿s wife survives to old age alongside him, he says, his chances of living to 100 will improve significantly. (File photo)

If a man’s wife survives to old age alongside him, he says, his chances of living to 100 will improve significantly. (File photo)

That trend continues throughout the rest of their lives, with fewer women than men dying at almost all ages.

The workplace is more dangerous for men. From 2013–14, 20 times as many men as women were killed at work. Men also tend to get exposed more to hazardous substances that can damage their long-term health. But it’s from the age of 55 or 60 that the gap starts to widen.

That’s when the unhealthy lifestyle of some men starts to take its toll, particularly through heart disease and strokes.

While these killers claim men in significant numbers in their 50s and 60s, women don’t usually fall victim for at least another ten years. Yet, if something’s worrying her, a woman is more likely to go to a doctor than a man and get the condition treated.

Dr Marianne Legato, director of America’s Foundation for Gender-specific Medicine, says: ‘Men often deny illness. They minimise symptoms because they don’t want to go to a doctor and find out something is wrong.’

Women are not only more pragmatic, but they often nurse and support each other when they’re ill — looking after other women’s children, laughing and crying together, and boosting each other’s confidence. So they’re much more social in the way they cope with stress or things going wrong in their lives.

Men, on the other hand, are more likely to have a ‘fight or flight’ mentality — reacting to problems with aggression or withdrawal, both of which can negatively affect their health. This difference alone, say scientists, is a significant part of the reason why women generally live longer than men — and are more likely to become centenarians.


Other researchers looked again at the male sex hormone testosterone — this time in older men. And they realised that it increased levels of harmful cholesterol and raised the risk of heart disease or stroke.

By contrast, the female hormone oestrogen lowers harmful cholesterol and raises ‘good’ cholesterol levels.

Evidence is also emerging to suggest that male immune systems are weaker. The inflammation that raises our temperature when we’re unwell is the body’s first line of defence against infection, because heat can often kill off the invading agent. But humans carry an enzyme that can block the inflammation process.

Experiments on mice seemed to show that the female sex hormone oestrogen prevents this enzyme from interfering with inflammation. Hence females have a more powerful inflammatory response — which means they have a stronger immune system.

And that’s not all. Research in Tokyo found that ‘T-cells’ — which protect us from infection — decline faster in men than in women. Two other types of cell in the body’s defence armoury become more numerous as we get older — but the increase is bigger in women.

Japanese scientists concluded that these findings were ‘consistent with the fact that women live longer than men’.

In the UK, researchers at Imperial College of Medicine came to a similar conclusion. Moreover, they discovered that from 1993-1998, more men than women died from influenza and pneumonia.

The bad news for men kept coming: an American study of 12,000 men and women revealed that the more muscular men were, and the more sexual partners they’d had, the weaker their immune systems tended to be.

However, women have a slower metabolism than men, and scientists became convinced that this extended their lifespan. Even women’s monthly periods seemed to confer an advantage.

Read more: dailymail.

Kenyan Women reveal they have secret side ‘dishes’ and men are taking notes to console themselves


Mwalimu Kingang’i could not believe it this morning when listeners told him that he could be sharing his wife Mwongeli, with other men without being aware of it.

This arose from the morning conversation where Maina Kageni was asking male listeners if they are aware they could be sharing their wives with other men. One woman confessed she has many other men on the side, but insisted those men are nothing more than friends.

This prompted more confessions from female callers, and men were not happy. Women disclosed why they keep other men in their lives a secret, because they know the consequences of having their husbands discover.

Click below to read the morning conversation.

Guys, do you know that you share your wives?



Ako Na Umama! Here is Why Your Man Has Mood Swings…He Has Hit MANOPAUSE

Men also undergo their own version of menopause.

Does you man have any of the following symptoms?

  • Feeling grumpy, miserable and lacking confidence
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Lethargy. A loss of excitement about life and career
  • Weight gain, loss of strength and muscle tone, aching joints
  • Memory loss
  • Diminished libido

A blood test and full medical and symptom history will reveal whether a man has reduced hormone levels.

The three sex hormones men need are:

DHEA: Dehydroepiandrosterone, a hormonal precursor produced by the adrenal glands and made into testosterone.

TESTOSTERONE: The main male hormone, although women require low levels too (essential for muscles, bones and libido).

PROGESTERONE: A predominantly female hormone that men need at low levels; it prevents excess testosterone.

Treatment usually involves testosterone (by cream or gel), DHEA (in capsules) or progesterone. After treatment ‘men sleep better, get back their zest for life and their wives get back the men they fell in love with.’ Dr Gluck warns that treatment may not be suitable for men with a history of prostate cancer.

Here is a naration from a man who suffered from male menopause.

For the most part, I have managed to avoid those embarrassing mid-life crisis cliches that afflict so many men of my age: the need to buy a Harley-Davidson; getting down with the kids at Glastonbury; the inappropriately tight trousers worn without irony.

When I turned 40 I briefly flirted with the idea of treating myself to a vintage Ford Mustang. Thankfully, dignity got the better of me and I continued trundling around in my sensible, mid-range, mid-price middle-age-appropriate hatchback.

Now I’m nearing 50, my mid-life crisis (if indeed that’s what it is) has become less about recapturing lost youth and more about dealing with crippling existential anxiety. And when I’m not fretting about my place in the universe, I’ll be raging at the injustice of it all.

Life continues around me and yet I feel strangely locked out; not so much looking through a glass darkly as staring at a steel wall. My mind and body no longer feel connected. Emotionally I’m all over the place; railing against the world one minute, sobbing uncontrollably the next. My body remains in a constant state of achy fatigue.

Although I suffered from mild depression in my early 30s this felt different, more profound. Why, on the eve of my 50th birthday, had I become so irascible, so impatient, so unpredictable and distant around people I cared for? What was this woozy sense of unreality hanging over me and why did I feel so fuzzy and exhausted all the time?

I have a comfortable, interesting life, friends and a wonderful woman who loves me, so why did I find it so hard to focus on the positive? I slept fitfully and most mornings would awake with a sense of foreboding — unable to lift my head from the pillow, let alone leap at the challenges of the day. And when I finally made it through the front door and out into the waiting world, that sense of disconnection rendered me helpless. What was happening to me?

Of course, many Inspire readers will recognise these symptoms, but it was only during lunch with a close female friend, now in her 50s, that the subject of the menopause — or manopause — came up.

For the past six months, Jayne had been suffering from hot flushes, mood swings, irritability, over-emotional outbursts, insomnia and feelings of exhaustion and despair.

After hiding under the duvet for weeks on end, she finally plucked up the courage to seek help and was about to begin a course of HRT. Apart from the hot flushes, her symptoms sounded remarkably similar to mine.

‘Perhaps you’re going through the andropause,’ she suggested with a wry smile.

‘The what?’

‘The male menopause,’ she said, rolling her eyes.

Jayne proceeded to tell me about her boyfriend who was also suffering from menopausal symptoms.

‘His mood swings were becoming intolerable and he found it hard to concentrate on anything,’ she said. ‘To top it all, he lost interest in me physically, so I made him have a blood test and it turned out his testosterone levels were way down.

‘He’s now on supplements and the transformation has been remarkable.’

Jayne explained that like women’s menopause, the andropause is linked to a drop in hormones. After 30, most men experience a 10 per cent drop in their testosterone levels every decade. Unlike women, they probably have no idea it’s happening.

But if middle-aged men really do experience a similar kind of hormonal imbalance to women, why aren’t we more aware of it? Like me, none of my male friends had even heard of the andropause. Most were familiar with the menopause and some could even list a few of the symptoms, but they had no idea that men might be prone to something similar. The mainstream medical profession appears divided. My GP scoffed when I asked him whether the andropause might explain my erratic behaviour.

Although testosterone levels fall as men age, the NHS argues that the decline is steady — less than 2 per cent a year — and that this change is unlikely to be noticeable.

They suggest that menopausal symptoms in men are more likely a result of lifestyle factors or psychological problems. But I have a pretty good life, I don’t smoke or drink too much and as far as I know I have no major psychological issues. So I was surprised when my GP recommended antidepressants without much in the way of consultation.

I’d been prescribed Prozac and Valium during my earlier brush with depression, but had struggled with the deadening effect of the drugs. Better to feel something than nothing has always been my philosophy.

I wasn’t willing to take that risk again so I decided to get my hormone levels tested by one of the leading authorities on the subject.

Dr Marion Gluck is a world pioneer in ‘bio-identical’ hormones to rebalance the body’s endocrine system. She’s the go-to specialist for menopausal women in the know, but has recently seen a steady trickle of men too, which she finds gratifying.

‘The only time I tend to see men in my surgery is when their wives or girlfriends have dragged them here,’ she says, wrapping a tourniquet round my arm in preparation for a blood test. ‘Men find it much harder to admit when something is wrong.’

Marion believes GPs are too quick to dismiss the manopause. She tells me that hormones regulate virtually every function in the body, so it’s important to recognise their significance to physical and mental wellbeing.

When my blood test results are in they reveal my testosterone and thyroid levels are low. Marion isn’t surprised. The exhaustion I’ve been feeling, along with my inability to concentrate, are classic symptoms of a thyroid deficiency. My irritability and mood swings are a sure sign my testosterone levels are on the wane.

Marion is keen to point out my symptoms may not be exclusively down to hormone deficiency; there are probably a number of factors at play, so it’s important these are taken into consideration when diagnosing signs of depression. This, according to Marion, is where the NHS is failing patients. ‘Instead of blithely prescribing anti-depressants to anyone who complains about feeling low, doctors should take a more holistic approach, by asking why patients feel depressed.

‘The diagnosis should be built around contributing factors including hormone levels, lifestyle choices and mental wellbeing.’

For this reason she tends not to rely too heavily on blood test results. ‘I prefer to treat individual symptoms, not statistics on pieces of paper,’ she says. ‘Besides, there is no such thing as “normal” when it comes to hormone levels. What’s normal for a 48-year-old man may not be normal for a man in his 70s.’

Marion describes her diagnostic approach as like building a jigsaw, fitting each piece of the puzzle together until a bigger picture emerges. ‘Before prescribing any treatment I really need to understand the person I’m helping.’

The good news is that none of my symptoms appears to be unusual for a man of my age and Marion is confident that with some carefully planned hormone treatment, I will soon be feeling my old self again.

The middle years can be particularly tough for men as we take stock of our lives and wonder what might have been. It’s when those anxieties impinge on our ability to function that we should start to be more like women and seek help.

It’s liberating to know my symptoms may be down to a simple chemical imbalance.

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‘I Would Like To Introduce The Man In My Life,’ Betty Kyallo Shouts

Betty Kyallo almost caused a frenzy at her Pre valentine’s party when she made a captivating confession.

During the launch of her high-end beauty spa, Betty Kyallo gave a speech about what inspired the business idea. For the very expensive business venture, she has partnered with her best friend, Susan Kaittany.

Betty is very family oriented and her mum was also present at the launch. Check out the details below;

Betty Kyallo’s Mum Breaks Down And Cries At The Launch Of Her New Business (Video)

Three months after the launch, Betty’s business seems to have flourished, big time. This was so successful, they even hosted a post pre-Valentine’s party for their customers telling them “Asante sana”.

Betty Kyallo

As the night wore on, the party that was hosted at the rooftop of Sifa Towers, came to order when Betty started addressing the crowd. She introduced her business partner then went on to talk about the benefits of becoming a platinum member of the business. As a member, the fortunate few would be getting discounted prices for trips to exotic holiday destinations as well as expensive dress shops etc.

Anyhow, that is not my point. During her speech, she paused and said,


This caused a frenzy among members of the press to say the least. They were all jostling and shoving to get a photo of this new man.

After a few very tense moments, Betty finally pulled the man into the limelight, and lo and behold…it turned out to be her brother.

Mcheeew! What an anti-climax.

This is him by the way, and to his credit, he’s quite easy on the eye.

Oh My! KTN’s Betty Kyallo And Her Sister, Gloria Kyallo, Are Worlds Apart, Find Out Why (VIDEO)

Men find women with simple faces more attractive – study

What’s your face got to do with it?

Well, according to this study as it appears on TimesOfIndia…alot. Simpler faces are more attractive to men, a new study has found.

Researchers asked men to rate the attractiveness of women’s faces, and found that women with ‘simple’ faces were rated as more attractive.

The study suggests that this is because simpler faces are easier for our brains to process, and this is why they are more pleasant to look at.

The researchers developed a computer algorithm which “models the sparseness of the activity of simple cells in the primary visual cortex of humans when coding images of female faces”.

The faces that were rated most attractive were also the ones that were the most “sparsely coded” – the ones that were most easily processed in the visual cortex.

The ages of the women, skin roughness and facial symmetry were all controlled to ensure accurate results.

The study said that how easily processed a face was “explained up to 17 per cent of variance in attractiveness”.

Prof Bill von Hippel, a psychology professor at the University of Queensland told that the study “raises the possibility that symmetrical faces, faces without unusual features, are perceived as attractive partially because they’re processed more easily.”

Prof van Hippel also said that we may be attracted to logos and emoticons the same for the same reason.

“We see the Nike swoosh or the word Coke and it’s processed easily by virtue of its familiarity and that makes it more positive,” he said.

 The initial hormonal rush you feel when you see someone you’re attracted to may feel like the most important and stringent factor at the time.

“Think about an emoticon. You have two dots and a curved line that immediately everyone processes as a smile. It’s sparse, it’s plain. It’s familiar, and it’s easy to understand.”

 The study says that results support recent advances in psychology and neuroscience that “suggest that aesthetic preferences in part are a perceptual bias favouring efficiently coded stimuli”.
It also added that the study may imply that we don’t have as much choice as we like to think when it comes to who we find attracted – our brains are hard-wired to be more attracted to some faces over others.

Muscular Guys Make the Worst Boyfriends, Says New Study

Ladies, forget those muscular guys in tight t-shirts that you keep admiring, if this study is to be taken as the gospel truth.

According to a study conducted at the University of Westminster, men with fabulous physiques make awful boyfriends and is not the kind of guy you would want to bring home to mum as told on online site yourtango.

The study surveyed 327 straight British men, more than a third of whom were single, and discovered that the more muscular the participant, the more likely he was to have sexist beliefs and hostility towards women. Yikes!

The correlation between brawny men and sexist beliefs is rooted in traditional gender roles. “We think men who hold oppressive beliefs about women and gender equality are also more likely to endorse traditional stereotypes of masculinity, which includes the muscular physique,” the study authors wrote. So often times, men who are already sexist strive to be muscular, because that upholds their idea of what a “real man” should look like.

The researchers claimed that, in societies where patriarchal structures are being challenged, men may attempt to prove their masculinity by bettering their bodies. Basically, men who are around women in power tend to feel threatened and display this through gaining muscle.

Although the study was not conducted internationally and the number of men surveyed was rather low, on face, it does seem to hold true.

So before you dismiss the next scrawny guy who approaches you, consider that science thinks he’d make a better boyfriend.

Girls, in your experience, are muscular guys more sexist?

Women: 21 Rules From Men That You Need To Observe

The rule books between men and women will always differ.  There will always be differences of opinion and perception on different things, some small some big. The way men see things is not the same way women do.

For example, women love dressing up when going out, men on the other hand do not bother much so long as they are covered.

Women take time choosing a dress, getting the hair and make up right which always takes time and bothers their men. So the men came up with a list of rules to keep the peace.

Here are the 21 rules of men according to 9gag



Do Women Isolate Their Men From Friends And Family?

There is a woman who called in yesterday and got Mwalimu so worked up because of what she said during the morning conversation.

She said that women are the driving force behind their men as they help them make decisions for the future. She added on to say that men are like “overgrown babies” who need guidance. In fact she used the famous quote, “Behind every successful man is a woman”.

Mwalimu on the other hand thinks  that these women’s actions of making all the decisions isolate their husband’s friends.

The question posed  today was “has your woman isolated you from your friends or family ?”

Here is what the listeners had to say: