How to pamper your man in 20 easy ways


Girls how would you rate your relationship with your husband currently?

If things are thick, go through these 20 points and start making a change immediately.

1. Write a list of all the reasons you fell in love and married him. Read it to him, or leave it where he can find it.

2. Be affectionate at all time, with a hug, a wink, a spank on his backside, think out of the box girls. They will love it.

3. Whisper sweet nothings to him. Call, text, whatsapp or send him a naughty DM him at work.


4. Be his ride or die. Drop whatever you are doing if he needs to talk to you about things he is having difficulty with. Sometimes he needs you to just listen, there are times he will ask for your opinion and there may be situations when he wants space. Do not be threatened when he needs time to be alone. Respond with compassion and understanding.

5. Do simple things for him often. Cook and serve his tea, make mandazi, polish his shoes or any small gesture that will make him feel loved and cared for.

6. Dress up for him, put some cute lipstick, or lipbalm if you’re not into beauty products. Dress up the part and flaunt your curves, he will notice and appreciate your effort.


7. Pay attention to his needs. Sometimes we ladies tend to put our kids first, forgetting our husbands need our attention too. Make a conscious effort to take care of your husband and the little things he needs. You might need to mend his shirt, shop for new socks or buy his favourite coffee.

8. Run him a warm bath after a long day at work and hours in traffic. This Nairobi dust can also be something else. Prepare his slippers at the door, rub his back, give him a gentle massage or better yet, share the tub with him.

9. Get up early to prepare his favourite breakfast. Learn to cook if you don’t know how to. It’s true the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

10. Tell his parents about how good a man your husband is. Praise them for raising him the way they did. This will not only please your husband, it will create a bond between you and his family.


11. Make time for date nights, to keep the romance alive. He will always look forward to such moments.

12. Have impromptu parties, get togethers for him, and especially with his friends, can you picture him being the envy of his friends?

13. Assign and celebrate a day each month to be hubby’s day. Tell him it’s his special day, and you and your kids will do everything for him. Show him he is worth celebrating.

14. Drop your kiherehere. Find ways to talk to your husband about your needs without making it sound like you are complaining. Do not make your husband feel inadequate with your grievances, criticism and fault finding.


15. Be the wife any husband will be proud of. Commit to learn new things, improve yourself and develop your own interests.

16. Is he balding, and the pot belly getting bigger? When he  gets insecure about his body and age, say kind words of encouragement and reassurance. Declare your devotion all over again. Remind him you married him warts and all, and will continue to love him for the rest of your life.

17. Pray with your husband especially when he is worried about something. He needs to know you are there for him.

18. Stay in bed with him when he is sick.

19. Find reasons to be together. Run errands with him, watch football with him (yes girls do it even if you don’t know what’s going on). He doesn’t really need you, but will appreciate the company.

 20. Brag about your husband to your friends, his and your family. Let everyone know how grateful you are about being married to a terrific guy. Let your husband know he is the world to you. Love him, adore him, and let him follow you to the ends of the earth!

‘Why I go through my husbands phone’ woman admits bad habit


There is thing women call a gut feeling that prompts them to do stuff such as look through a mans phone.

It has been said countless times that go looking for trouble and it will find you. Mary Kitany is such an example.

List of the most scandalous things Kitany has alleged about Linturi!

The trending story right now is how Mary Kitany snooped through Mithika Linturi’s phone and found illicit photos and other content that made her unhappy.

Classic’s Maina Kageni opened up the topic of women going through their mens phone and whew…. people had alot to say.


Take for instance this wife who confessed she looked at her mans phone, and disappointment does not begin to describe how she feels about him,

‘The thing that makes me go through the phone is actually mistrust. My husband works in the army and one day I decided to look through his phone when he was on leave. and i found out that he’s actually been seeing his colleague.

He’s been cheating on me with his colleague. I was preparing to go to work in the morning so I didn’t even tell him I saw the text. 

What did the text say that made her upset?

They were flirting all through like sometimes they go out for missions and it’s like she was there with him. So obviously they were having a thing I think they were even sleeping together. 

‘Focus on your marriage let others be dumped’ Maina blasts angry man

I didn’t even tell him that I saw the message so I went to work and when I came back in the evening I asked him and he denied. And I was so mad because he denied something yet I saw him and mark you those messages are no longer there. 

He had deleted them

So what did she do?

There are not there so you have no proof, but I know I saw them.

I just let it go but upto today I say that this guy I will never trust him.


Why keep staying with him if she doesn’t trust him?

We have to be here Why should I leave him? It rains everywhere. 

Dear Classic 105 fam, don’t go through your partners phone no matter what.

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What he really means when he says ‘I need space’

Marital therapist Andrew G Marshall is the author of How Can I Ever Trust You Again? and Infidelity from Discovery to Recovery in Seven Steps.

In an article published on Dailymail, he says there are four reasons why men need space.

But what does ‘I need space’ really mean – and how should you respond to it?


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1 He’s taking back control


‘I need time for myself’, or, ‘You’re always on my back’. He withholds vital pieces of information – such as the date of his brother’s stag party – so you find out from someone else, or at the very last moment.


There is a growing trend to be not just partners but ‘best friends’ too, and be involved in every corner of each other’s lives. In the first flush of love or the high of having a new baby, it is easy to put aside personal needs to make our partner happy or for the greater good of the relationship. However, we all need ‘me’ time as well as ‘family’ time. Worse still, your partner could be feeling ‘controlled’, as though you have one mental picture of who he is (for example, driving a practical family car) while he has quite another (eg, behind the wheel of a sports car). Although you fear that his idea of space is to be free of all family responsibilities, he’s really just asking for the occasional break with the boys or a chance to pursue a particular hobby.

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2 He’s stressed-out by arguments


‘I’m tired of arguing’, or, ‘Have it your own way’. He walks out in the middle of a row or threatens to leave (but backs down a couple of hours later).


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Two types of relationship end up with this kind of ‘I need space’ crisis on the man’s part. In the first, both partners fight like cat and dog – often about small things (sometimes even about the way they argue). In the second, the woman is permanently angry – often because she feels ignored or not listened to – and her partner is tiptoeing round the argument. Although the man might be hoping to avoid a scene, it just makes his partner angrier. In both scenarios, nothing is resolved and everybody gets more frustrated.

If you tend to be the angry one, your partner is simply exhausted from all the arguing, or avoiding arguments, and believes that withdrawing and switching off is his only way of coping. At this milder end of the scale, ‘space’ means a chance to lick his wounds and recover.

If the rows have been going on for a long time, he might have closed down and refused to argue, stormed out of the house or threatened to leave. At this more serious end, he fears that your relationship’s problems might be insoluble, and asking for ‘space’ – by which he means a temporary separation – might shock you into truly listening to him.

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3 He’s feeling under pressure


‘I’m fed up with putting everyone else first’, or, ‘This is my time’. He stays out until 3am without calling, or buys expensive guy stuff but hardly uses it.


Men expect to solve their problems on their own. So instead of asking for help when the stress gets too much, they pretend everything is OK and work harder, drink more and get more depressed – until they suddenly announce that they need space. This sort of crisis is especially common if your partner has had a setback at work – someone has been promoted over his head or he’s lost his job – or his mother or father has died. Losing a parent reminds us that we are not immortal and makes us question everything in our lives. If this is your situation, then your man has been feeling under so much pressure that he fears that he’s about to crack up. He is probably already acting irrationally – wildly excited about a new project but quickly dropping it, or getting moody for no obvious reason. In his mind, only by creating space between the two of you and thus removing one of his causes of stress (the ‘demands’ he believes are coming from you and the children) can he hope to keep his sanity.


4 He’s tempted to stray


‘Were we ever truly in love?’ or, ‘We’ve grown apart’. Suddenly, he has new interests, spouts views that could belong to someone else or spends a lot of time getting ready for work.

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One of your partner’s work colleagues or friends may have crossed the line from being ‘just friends’ into something dangerous. The two of them are probably no longer talking about the sales figures, but are sharing secrets about how ‘unhappy’ they are at home. Online friends are particularly worrying – because people are quicker to trade secrets and fantasies in a virtual relationship, and it is easier for your man to kid himself that a se3y text is not really cheating.

Fortunately, if he is asking you for space, he is unlikely to have begun a full-blown affair as the unfaithful unilaterally grab their space by sleeping with someone else. However, he is certainly fantasising about one, or may imagine that he’s discovered his soul mate. In this case, wanting space can be his way of keeping his options open. On one hand, he’s laid down his marker that your relationship is in trouble and given himself permission to discover whether he has a future with his friend. On the other, he has not closed the door on his marriage, and can easily return if it’s all been a big mistake.


Sorry ladies, this is why your man is mteja on Valentines day


If your man’s phone is off today, please know that he is off to Zanzibar for a conference.

A poster detailing activities men will have on February 14th, has gone viral, with many men saying they don’t have time for Valentines day.

This is the poster

mens conference on valentines day
Mens seminar

KOT have opinions about it. Read below:

Mbũrũ Kamau :Those one hour opening prayers, will definitely reach the heavens!!!!

Apacha Isaac: On February 14th
If she insists she must eat Pizza or Chocolate on Valentine day, politely ask her to read Numbers 9:11 aloud. The scripture is very specific on the foods to be eaten on 14th February.*
Num 9:11 ‘In the second month on the fourteenth day in the evening they shall keep it; they shall eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs’_
You get it? Right! For that day, the law of Moses shall prevail.

Bonface Simiyu: I will be attending

Kalingi Mshote :Why have you excluded his Excellency C.Nyakundi C in C of the boyshaod battalion,he should speak on how to say No she she asks for money

Mils Nava: Kuhepa Valentine’s day

Edwin Khaemba: Opening prayers yawa 12 good hours

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