TOO HILARIOUS! Nick Odhiambo Reveals The Challenges Men Go Through When Buying Condoms (Audio)

When Nick Odhiambo and Larry Asego team up on their afternoon show, Larry, Nick, and Friends, expect them to give you a dose of laughter.

This time round, the duo decided to tell it all when it comes to men buying condoms and the challenges they face.

When it comes to buying a condom at a chemist or a supermarket, you can be sure that it’s never easy for all men especially when they have to go pay up with everyone watching.

It’s the same case when a woman wants to buy morning-after pills without everyone hearing her ask for them, as she tries to whisper in low tones, yet the chemist attendant is busy yelling; “ati nini madam?”

I bet no matter how many times a man buys condoms, they never get used to it, and Nick Odhiambo decided to add a little humour to this situation, where guys find themselves in an awkward situation while purchasing rubber.

According to Nick and Larry Asego, it’s never a walk in the park to get a packet of condoms, and men find themselves in very embarrassing moments when things don’t go as expected.

Nick Odhiambo gave an example of a man who is going to visit a woman, describing how he goes to pick up one or two things for her in the supermarket, like a bottle of wine, chocolates, chewing gum and eventually a packet of condoms.


When the man gets to the cashier to pay up for the items, everything else reads the barcode apart from the condoms, and then the attendant ends up shouting to his supervisor to ask how much the condom is, the type and the size, in front of everyone ! Awkward.

The way it ends is just an unpleasant experience and a total humiliation. Well, listen to the hilarious audio below as Nick Odhiambo describes the whole scenario in the most rib-cracking way.