MehMeh! President Uhuru tells Kenyans he has seen all your silly jokes about him


Saturday June 6th was a tense day for Kenyans as they awaited President Uhuru to announce he was lifting the lockdown and curfew.

KOT shared praise messages to the President in a bid to soften his heart, but sadly it ended in premium tears.

To this end, many memes trended online to express the excitement Kenyans were anticipating with that announcement.

But lo and behold, he disappointed many. He instead extended the lockdown for another 30 days.

In his speech Uhuru said he was aware Kenyans had created memes about him, leading many to speculate if he has a parody account since deleting his official social media handles.

He told Kenyans in a State House Press conference that

nimeona mehmeh mingi ambazo mume tuma huko sijui ati freedom day ati independence day.Β 

Here are some memes that are taking over the internet.






Here are more hilarious memes to crack your ribs:

uhur curfew meme 5

Disappointment tupu according to the person who shared this meme below

uhur curfew meme 4

KOT have jokes saying ‘Uhuru ametupanga ukweli’

uhur curfew 3

Try and calculate to understand this meme below

uhur curfew meme 2 uhur curfew meme 1

Dear Classic 105 fam, are you disappointed or feeling meh, about the extension? Drop your comments below.


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These Armed Robber memes are so entertaining you’ll forget your bad mood


Whenever you log onto social media, expect to find some rather interesting hashtags trending.

#armedrobbers is trending and KOT including others in Nigeria and South Africa are sharing hilarious memes about it.

Go through and have a good laugh, it’s never that serious:

armed robber 4

How about this one that Christians will get?


Are you tickled yet?

armed robber 1

All Kenyan mums would truly say the above!!

β€˜Wamlambez’ Every Kenyan parent needs to know these sheng words

armed robbers 3

Even sports fans are not left behind:

Census: All the questions siblings/parents were hilariously unable to answerΒ 


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