How to use black eyepencil and lip gloss to create the ombre lip look 



Ombre lips are a style in which two or more shades are worn on the mouth. Typically, first color goes around the edges of the mouth, then another is put in the inner parts of the lips and blended outwards with a lip brush.

Nigerian makeup artistes go hard with this kind of look. Have you ever checked out their facebeats? STUNNING!!

Nigerian makeup artistes have perfected the ombre lip look and we give you some tips to inspire your next facebeat. Do share your pics when you achieve the look. We would love to share on our page.

Ombre lip combos also help add volume and plump lips for a poutier look.


Here’s what you will need:

  1. Nude lipgloss or clear lipgloss (Picture from house of drip)nudeglosses2. Black eye pencil (Courtsy Goodhousekeeping)1506619492-eyeliner-index

Scrub your lips using a sugar scrub to exfoliate

Then apply a slight dub of concealer or foundation to soften their colour

Outline the lips contour with a black liner

Then shade the pencil lightly in the inward direction

Apply a lip gloss on the lips corners or use a lipstick that is 2-3 shades darker over the lip pencil

Blend the color with fingertips

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They’re Broke: Man blasted for shaming black women with natural hair



We all have this black hair story memory: Remember being told to sit on the floor between our mother’s legs with a numb backside having our hair done? What about the impatient tugging because my natural hair is tough, and the threat to cut all my hair off if I didn’t look after it properly.

But one man on Twitter attracted the wrath of women by saying that girls rocking natural hair are broke.


Women have clapped back at the man with these comments:
If you only knew how expensive caring for natural hair was. But I suspect you don’t care about the facts, your point was to ridicule black women. So…go off.

messy fro hair

You must be broke also since you have the same natural hair as black women

Do your research, it is very expensive and time consuming to grow and maintain natural hair. Also being black and conscious is a natural progression in this era

valentines hair 1

Do you know how expensive natural hair products are

Please look up the cost of natural hair products and tools that are necessary to keep my hair healthy and well maintenance bum


These men really think they slick.

I have to laugh.

Black products cost more than your house


Natural hair is expensive. What you’re saying doesnt make sense. Unless you’re the one who associates afros with poverty.

And weaves are cheap right? what a joke

How about talk about something you actually know something about? Dunce


My guy your hairline look like it’s been filled in with a sharpie… chill on us

If you’re interested in going natural, and are hung-up on the price of things… don’t let a few nasty comments and blog posts change a decision that could be a wonderful, and self-expressive journey.


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