Cynthia Nyamai Narrates How She Went From Walking To Work To Flying In Private Jets

Before calling it quits at KTN, Cynthia Nyamai was and still is regarded as among the top news anchors the country has ever produced. Her composure, intelligence and her jounalistic skills were unrivalled.

The beautiful businesswoman quit the Kenyan media industry to focus on her own career, starting her own PR firm and so far, it has taken her to great places.

Though many admire her success, a majority of them would never understand the struggles she had to put up with immediately after she quit KTN.

On her Instagram post, Nyamai narrates how she sold her only car back in 2012 for capital in her quest to start her own public relations firm. This meant that she would walk on a daily basis to her offices something she was not used to.

In her post, Nyamai attached a photo of her in a private jet for the very first time in her life moments after signing a lucrative deal in Nigeria.

Little did she know it was the beginning of many more rides.

After all the struggles she went through in years of trying to realize her dream, she signs off by encouraging budding entrepreneurs that indeed ‘Entrepreneurship is an interesting adventure’.

Check her post below.

2014, my first time on a private jet. 2years earlier I had sold my car for capital to start my PR firm and I would walk to my office. Fast forward I’m smiling in this photo because I had just signed a contract in Nigeria that catapulted my career and my client let me use his private jet. Entrepreneurship is an interesting adventure. #TBT#BringingAfricaTogetherThroughTrade



Big Names Among Employees FIRED By Nation Media Group [FULL LIST]

The list of employees who have been sent home by Nation Media Group (NMG) has surfaced online.

In a memo dated December 20, 2016, the company announced that it would re-organize its operations across the group – a move which would result in the reduction of its workforce.

The media house stated that it would undertake the exercise while adhering to the law and with due respect to their employees.

After many weeks of endless speculation, NMG has finally made public the list of employees who have been sent packing.

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Unconfirmed reports indicate that 16 people have been sacked as the company which was formed by Aga Khan IV aims to transform into a twenty-first-century digital content company.

Among those who were affected include Ken Walibora who until his sacking held the title of Quality Manager as well as Kiswahili and renowned journalist Liz Gitonga.

Here’s the full list:

  1. Ken Walibora Waliaula – Quality Manager, Kiswahili
  2. Eric Shimoli – News Editor
  3. Sammy Wambua – Editor, Counties
  4. Mary Wasike – Editor, Oped
  5. Pamela Wanambisi – Subeditor Sports,
  6. Felista Wangari – Sub-editor Saturday Magazine,
  7. Esther Karuru – Sub-editor Sunday Nation,
  8. Victor Siele – (Sub-editor, Taifa Leo)
  9. Zadock Angira – Crime Reporter
  10. Waga Odongo – Writer
  11. Farayi Nyandoro – Sub-editor
  12. Domitila Katila – Editorial
  13. Connie Mwangemi – Advertising
  14. Pamela Abwoga – Advertising
  15. Liz Gitonga – Editorial
  16. Eric Obino – Managing Editor, Sunday Nation

The evolution of popular social networking sites

Have you ever wondered how Google, Linkedin,Wikipedia,Yahoo etc   looked like a few years ago when they started?

Growing with the times, the sites have changed their interfaces to be more user friendly.

Well, here is the evolution of the sites.

Linkedin 2003
Tumblr – 2007


Google 2015
Google 1998
Youtube – 2015
Youtube – 2005
Facebook – 2004




Couples who share on social media are more in-love : study

If you thought that couple who filled your news feed with selfies of their trips, moments together and status updates of their undying devotion to each other must be overcompensating for something, think again.

A joint study from researchers at The University of Houston and Pennsylvania State University has found that couples who regularly post about their relationship on Facebook are actually more satisfied with their partners than those who do not.

The study, which examined the social media habits of 188 students in relationships, found those students who were regularly sharing couple’s selfies and checking in at dates were happiest in their current relationship.

Lead author Mai-Ly Steers explains in the study that, instead of using Facebook to project a false persona, the students were using it to project important parts of their identity.

“Posting about one’s relationship on Facebook may be positively related to the quality of the relationship because it symbolizes making a public commitment to the relationship,” she says. “An individual is highlighting to themselves and to others that the relationship is an integral part of his or her self.”

It turns out that relationship over-sharers on Facebook might not be desperately unhappy at all. In fact, they might just be genuinely more in love than the rest of us.

President Mugabe’s fall elicits funny memes on social media

After President Mugabe fell down yesterday on a stairway, the social media scene went wild with memes mimicking the Zimbabwean president.

It is has also been reported that his security detail had asked photographers to delete the photos, but being a digital world some were leaked out and used to create memes.

Here are some of them.

fall mugabe4

fall mugabe3

fall mugabe2

fall mugabe


Blogger released after being arrested for “misusing” social media

A blogger who was arrested on Saturday in Mombasa and driven to Nairobi for blogging issues that abused and belittled “the big people in government” has been released.

Police accused Abraham Mutai of misusing a licensed communication platform to cause anxiety.
He was freed on a personal bond but will have to appear before police tomorrow at CID headquarters.
Mutai who uses the Twitter account @ItsMutai, was arrested at about 1 pm in Mombasa before he was driven by CID officers to Nairobi. They arrived at about 11 pm and was booked at Muthaiga police station.

Police accused him of misuse and abuse of communication-licensed platform, an offence they said they are investigating.

The online account associated with Mutai on the popular micro-blogging site has in recent months been used to post allegations of poaching, corruption and misuse of funds in Isiolo, Mandera and Mombasa counties.

Media council threatens to close The Star

The Media Council of Kenya is threatening to close down the Star newspaper.

Today it issued a press release saying that it was contemplating “withdrawal of accreditation of its journalists and excommunication of the paper from media enterprises regulated under Media Council of Kenya.”

Only accredited media outlets and journalists are allowed to work in Kenya under the Media Act of December 2013. Withdrawal of accreditation would be equivalent to closure.

The press release signed by Grace Munjuri, Chairperson of the Ethics and Public Information Committee, complained about “persistent publishing of offensive stories and pictures by the Star.” It did not specify which stories or pictures had been deemed offensive.

The press release stated that the Media Council had “summoned the management of Radio Africa Group on Thursday, 22 January 2015 to explain the unprofessional conduct of its journalists before an appropriate action is taken.”

Today the Star Managing Director, William Pike, wrote to the Media Council requesting a formal communication to appear on January 22 as neither the Star nor the Radio Africa Group has received any such request from the Council.

He also requested the Media Council to specify which articles had caused offence as the Star was at risk of being found guilty without the chance to prove its innocence.

He said that the Star had always respected requests to appear before the Media Council Complaints Commission where several cases are presently under adjudication.

The Commission had found the Star at fault in only one case and the paper duly published an apology as directed.

– The Star

How The Media Makes Men Hate Their Bodies Too

Celebrity body envy isn’t just for women any more.

The grocery store checkout seems specifically designed to make you hate yourself. So many magazines on the shelves, so much focus on fixing our flaws.

If you’re female, you’re too fat, and for the fellas, we’re not nearly buff enough. Have you noticed that for men it’s about adding, and for women subtracting?

Magazines targeted at women want them to “lose” or “trim” or “tighten,” whereas for the men’s magazines it’s “adding inches” or “bulking” or “building.” Even when it comes to weight loss, males are sold on how to “get” ripped abs.

Interesting side note: this bigger vs. smaller mentality also applies to genitalia. Men are marketed to being bigger, and for women it’s is all about trimming away “excess” in even the most intimate areas. Geez.