MCM: Probably the best Kenyan boy band – Sauti sol

Sauti sol is making major moves in the music industry and we have to appreciate it. They recently started their own record label dubbed ‘Sol generation Records’.


The Kenyan based boy band has signed one very talented artist called Ben Soul who already has a song out. Ben soul is a song writer, a guitarist and a vocalist. He recently released his song ‘Lucy’ and i just have to be honest. ‘Lucy’ is such a sweet song and the video is just something else.


These guys are working hard.But its not only in their music life, even in their love lifes. The other day, fancy Fingers got married to the beautiful lady mandy in a lavish wedding. It does not end there, Bien engaged his long time lover Chiki where he hired a whole cinema theatre to just pop the question. A move that has left many Kenyan girls heart broken.


Bien proposing to Chiki Kuruka

Bien and Chiki have dated for four years now and they are perfect for each other.Well, we cant wait for the wedding?

McM! Enjoy the playlist below of our favorite male celebrities exclusively on SONGA

Today as women celebrate their man crushes, SONGA by Safaricom has your back with the best playlist. It’s the beginning of a new week, after a good weekend and if you want him to buy you that shoe you’ve been eyeing, now that it is end month, appreciate him with this playlist:

  1. Belinda – Sean Tizzle

2. Praise The Lord – Asap Rocky

3. Say Baba (Remix) – CDQ

Number – Wyre

To download the SONGA up you just need to dial *812# on your Smartphone. You will instantly get a text back prompting you to click on a download link. The link redirects you to the Google Play Store. Once you have it on your phone, you sign up by entering your biodata. There is a 14-day FREE trial for the app, so you have ample time to sample as much music as possible.

MCM! Check out drool-inducing photos of Nick Mutuma

Media personality Nick Mutuma is one of the finest Kenyan actors in the entertainment industry.

He is the newest father in town as he recently welcomed his daughter with his on and off model girlfriend Bridget Shighadi.

Well we cannot wait for them to reveal the baby’s face because one thing for sure is that the baby is beautiful because the parents are drop-dead stunning.

Nick is not only a handsome fellow but also his taste in clothes is amazing and simple.

I can only imagine how his DM flows with messages from women because his social media timeline can make you just love him even without seeing him.

Well Nick Mutuma is just but a snack.

Check out this pictures that he graces us with on social media.


Stunning with the shades


Selfie game on point

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#MCM Davidson Ngibuini aka DNG

Davidson Ngibuini  aka DNG who came into the entertainment scene as an artiste, is one of the country’s most sought after MCs.

He too has had his fare share of controversy and criticism, but unlike others, he used that to build himself into a brand.  His personality manages to cut across both corporate and non-corporate clientele as he has managed to be called as an MC on both platforms.

Besides being a radio presenter, a job from which he retired about a month ago, he was an actor for the TV series Sumu La Penzi, he’s the host for Sakata Mashariki, owns experimental marketing group 254 Entertainment and is also the digital strategist for Kamp-Prisk. Recently he added a feather to his cap by graduating with a Master’s In Business Administration from USIU.

dng 1

Photo credits : Dng/facebook

#MCM Blogger Biko Zulu

Born Jackson Biko but popularly known as Biko Zulu is a blogger but not one who is tied to a specific subject.

According to his blog he describes himself as a writer with the Business Daily, True Love magazine and The Saturday Nation. He is also an editor for Msafiri Magazine, Safaricom Foundation’s Msingi Magazine.

Biko’s love for writing has seen him become one of Kenya’s top bloggers because of his unique posts. He covers everyday life experiences with a rather comical side and seems to bring the point home the way a typical Kenyan would understand and hence setting himself apart from others.

Recently together with Zawadi Nyong’o he rallied people in droves to help contribute over 6.1 Million shillings to assist a young man called Jadudi get funds for a much needed brain surgery in India.

Biko took it upon himself and penned a post to not only show support for the young man but to also encourage others to do the same. The amount was raised in less than 48 hours and again he penned another post to thank those who took their time to send whatever amount they could.

It’s highly unlike that a blogger would get so personal but Biko has shown many that helping is not about what someone can do for you, but about being human.

MCM: Olympic Champion David Rudisha

Olympic champion and world record holder in 800 metres David Rudisha is recognized the world over for his expertise on the track and field. Rudisha who earned the nickname ‘Pride of Africa’ for his fluid running style and long strides shattered a 13-year-old record in the 800m held by Dane Wilson Kipketer.

The 26-year-old athlete holds the record of what is considered ‘The Greatest 800 Metre Race Ever’ after his stunning performance in 2012 at the London Olympics where he led the race from start to finish clinching the gold.

Despite his battle with injury, Rudisha is currently back on track preparing for the World Championships in Beijing later this month. Rudisha has surely put Kenya on the map and for that reason he is our Man Crush Monday. Check him out below

David+Rudisha+IAAF+Centenary+Gala+Show+LdUecXXmdR2l david rudisha adidas+Olympic+Media+Lounge+Westfield+BQfiVfYOgkxl Rudisha-tops-winners-at-all-new-Olympics-awards-show


#MCM Photographer Emmanuel Jambo

Emmanuel Jambo’s love for the lens has seen him travel the world over to do shoots for various personalities.

Locally he has created a name and cut a niche’ for himself in both the fashion and corporate world.

The Sudanese national is among many budding photographers in Kenya, but lucky to be one who was picked to work with the president.

He has also been named as one of the top 50 photographers in Kenya.

Some of his works have captured the runways of London Fashion Week and has also worked for top-selling magazines like True Love Magazine.



Emmanuel jambo






MCM: Political Writer Oliver Mathenge

Oliver Mathenge describes himself as a versatile and creative communications professional who has tackled and excelled at different communications roles and formats.

The twitter bigwig is also known to many on Instagram as ‘Baba Selfie’ for his love of taking selfies and seems to rub many the wrong way thanks to his strong social media presence.

The Star Newspaper Senior political affairs writer has been in the communication industry spanning 11 years with 7 being actively involved in current affairs and political journalism.

Check out ‘baba selfies’ photos below

oliver1 olly oli



MCM: Top Quantity Surveyor, Sasha Mutai

Sasha Mutai is a Quantity Surveyor/Partner at Integrated YMR Partnership. The 39-year old gentleman has quite a lot of achievements under his belt, he was voted in the Business Daily’s top 40 under 40 list, is a former Vice Chair at Kenya Rugby Union and was a Vice Chairman  of The Architectural Association of Kenya until March 2015.

If his Instagram posts are anything to go by, Sasha is the perfect definition of work hard play harder mantra. From his love for fine dining, travel, and fine whisky you will spot him with his trademark blue jacket and a cigar on his hand.

Check out photos of our Man Crush Monday, Sasha Mutai

MCM: Sasha Mutai MCM: Sasha Mutai MCM: Sasha Mutai MCM: Sasha Mutai MCM: Sasha Mutai

MCM: Venture Capitalist Kris Senanu

Kris Senanu is a Ghanaian born entrepreneur who is the Deputy CEO of Access Kenya Group. He describes himself as a chartered marketer with broad experience in building telecommunication brands and start-ups from ground up.

He is also a venture capitalist and co-founder of the investment company Blackrock that invests in entertainment clubs and African themed restaurants. Blackrock boasts ownership of Skylux Lounge, Tribeka and Mama Ashanti Restaurant.

Kris started his career as a sales executive and rose through the ranks. He has successfully clocked 19 years in the ICT industry. For that he is our MCM


kris senanu1


MCM: Kris Senanu

MCM: Idris Elba

British actor Idris Elba has been named as one of the world’s hottest men. Idris is in women’s top list of one of the actors who ooze sex appeal,

His portrayal of Nelson Mandela in the biographical movie ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ was his shot to fame. He is a film favourite with British audiences and especially female fans.

He is currently dating makeup artist Nayana Garth who gave birth to their baby in April 2014. He really knows how to suit up.

Ladies, feast your eyes on this fine gentleman who is our Man Crush Monday.

Idris Elba The Royal Film Performance of 'Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom' idris-elba-naked idris-elba-gq-magazine-october-2013-fall-style-07_zps430821ce

MCM: South Sudanese Actor Ger Duany

Ger Duany, 35 is a south Sudanese model and actor based in the United States. By the age of 14, he had spent four years in Ethiopian refugee camps and fought as a child soldier wandering miles barefoot in his native Sudan.

He moved to the states as a teenager becoming one of the lost boys of Sudan. His debut into acting was in the 2004 comedy ‘I Heart Huckabees’ where he played Stephen Nimieri a refugee. He has also made appearances in movies such as The fighter, Restless City, the documentary; Ger: To Be Separate, Isn’t it Delicious, and his most known film with Reese Witherspoon ‘The Good Lie’

Meet Ger Duany our Man Crush Monday

ger and reese
Ger Duany and Reese Witherspoon in a scene of The Good Lie (

MCM: Image Consultant Derek Bbanga

Derek Bbanga is a communication skills, personal branding consultant, keynote speaker and corporate emcee. According to his website, “He discovered a knack for being ‘on show’ in front of people early on in life while performing in plays at the age of seven.”

Derek started a company Public Image Kenya which teaches soft skills, people skills, communication skills and how to portray a good professional image. He is a keynote speaker in many public forums and has worked with everyone from journalists, to senior executives, managers and students.

He speaks at company retreats, staff functions, team building sessions and seminars. The multi-talented Derek also does voice overs for commercials and documentaries.

Additional information ( Derek is our MCM today, check out his photos







#MCM Johnny Gill

Johnny Gill  is an American singer, songwriter and actor.

He is the sixth and final member of the R&B/pop group New Edition.

He was also a member of the super group called LSG; with Gerald Levert and Keith Sweat.

He is currently in the new group Heads of State with New Edition members Bobby Brown and Ralph Tresvant.

Image courtesy of

He is known for his hit song MY MY MY among others.

Credits : Wikipedia

MCM: Hollywood actor, Edi Gathegi

Edi Gathegi 36, is a Kenyan- American Hollywood actor. His first major role in film was in the tv series house as Dr. Jeffrey Cole. He also appeared in the 2007 film Gone baby gone. His biggest hit was playing Laurent in Twilight, its sequel The Twilight Saga: New Moon and he also played Darwin in X-Men: First Class.

He has also made appearances in Nikia, Veronica mars,Beauty & the Beast, Red Widow and Atlas Shrugged. He was ranked among the top 40under40 by business daily in 2014. We congratulate him on his achievements so far. On that note he is our #MCM


Man Crush Monday: John Legend

John Roger Stephens known by his stage name John Legend is a singer, songwriter and actor.  The 35-year-old legend has nine Grammy Awards to his name. His hit song All Of Me is the third release from his fourth album, Love In The Future and is his first number 1 billboard act despite being a ’90s musician and a major-label act for a decade.  According to the song is also the first R&B ballad to top the charts in 18 years, since Mariah Carey’s ‘Always Be My Baby.

Space In A Relationship

Relationships. They are supposed to be sweet, rosy, happy and satisfying. You dream of dating a man who’s always at your beck and call, a man who will drop by with chocolates and a bottle of wine. His free time is dedicated towards taking care of your needs. He sends flowers to your place of work on random days. He takes you out often and buys you those expensive dresses and heels that you lust after in clothing stores. A man who’s there for you 24/7, 360 days a year.


While most men will meet the above criteria, some are on the borderline psychotic. These men confuse affection and suffocation in a relationship. At first, him getting angry when you took your time to reply to his texts was cute. You thought the constant hourly calls to check on you were charming. His jealous outbursts when he saw you being all warm to your colleagues seemed sweet.

Then…months down the line, you just can’t take it anymore. You can stand the thought of having to explain why you didn’t pick up his call or text him back for the umpteenth time. You’re tired of explaining why you can’t spend Saturday night with him because that’s your alone time. You feel confined and frustrated. The anger boils up and you just want to vent. The love you once had turns to disgust real quick.

See, what some men don’t understand is that once a girl begins dating you, it doesn’t mean that all her time becomes dedicated towards you. It doesn’t mean that she loses touch with all the other things in her life simply because you came into it. Believe it or not, you are not her oxygen. She has things she loves to do other than you (pun intended). Yes, it is sexy for you to miss her presence and to feel neglected when she doesn’t reply to your texts, but only once in a while.

It is obnoxious when a man creeps into your personal space simply because you’re dating them. You can’t Tweet in peace because he’ll ask why so- and –so keeps mentioning you. He gets pretty mad when you don’t put him as you MCM on Instagram. He wants to know what’s going on between you and that classmate you uploaded a pic with the other day on Facebook. And why in heaven’s name were you giggling so hard over the phone with Ken? Is there something he needs to know?

All I’m saying is, let a girl breath. Yes, you love her and you want to show her that you adore her, but don’t smother her with it and ‘finish her oxygen’ in the process. Just because she chose to go hiking over spending time with you doesn’t mean that she loves you any less. Give each other space. It’s not always about you, sometimes she just doesn’t feel like texting back, understand that. And the next time you feel jealous of one of her male pals, remember that she chose you.