Celebrity couples who we wish were still married (List)

Most of Kenya’s celebrity divorce stories are sad especially when it comes to their financial life,however  divorce is inevitable .

We have celebrities whose break ups left us with a bitter taste in the mouth because according to us they were a ‘perfect match’ made in heaven.

Here is a list of 7 celebrity  couples who we still wish were together.

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  1. Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari

This comes as number our number one on the list. Well, they were the hottest celebrity couple that we all looked up too. No sooner had we fallen in love with them than they called it quits.

The stories on their break up are so many, with each blaming the other. Every day brings a new angle and different story in regards to their very sudden separation.

The two are still very influential personalities when it comes to journalism.

They have a daughter.

2.  Lonina Leteipan and Sharon Mundia

This falls as number two because just after Betty and Dennis, this was the fastest and saddest break-up.

Remember the guy who decided to hire a chopper and propose on Mt. Kenya? Yeah, Lonina is his name. So after all the hustle and a great wedding, six months down the line they were over and done with each other.

The biggest rumor being Sharon decided to have a threesome without him so he was like, ‘not today Satan, not ever!’ And that was the end of the power couple.

They have a daughter together.

I know, it all started all rosy and gold then a sudden slap on the face.

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3. Shaffie Weru and Debbie Asila

Image result for debbie asila and shaffie weru

The two are what we would call the mother and father of celebrity couples. They set the standards for everyone on this list when they proved we can both be celebrities and have a happily ever after(okay other than Nameless and Wahu of course).

I guess the nation spoke too soon, next thing we know Shaffie and Debbie have a daughter then we hear she has flown to the states and they are over.

Well, their sad story has never really come out, but we were all surprised when their break up was out to the public. Despite that, they did not have such a sad ending as they have an amazing daughter who stays with Debbie but Shaffie still plays the daddy role.

4. DNG and Yvette Nungari

Another very sudden separation. DNG was the man every lady thirsted to have. When Yvette won the race, many women were saddened.

Maybe the fact that he was on demand got to his head too fast and according to the rumors out there, he used to cheat a lot. Yvette could not take it anymore so she called it quits.

That was Yvette’s story, according to DNG, he called it quits saying he married a pretty woman with a cold heart and an even worse personality. Sounds weird because we would expect him to have known all about her personality before he decided she is the one.

‘Not every single lady who says HI to your man wants to lay with him’ Burale

5. JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia

JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia

JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia. photo credit:

Every time this story comes up, I see Tina Kaggia crying. She went through a hard time in a marriage that she claims was alcohol based. Tina has repeatedly said it to the public that JB Masanduku never handled his alcohol right.

This made Tina Kaggia fall into depression but from her last TV interview, she seems to be doing okay, taking one step at a time.

JB, on the other hand, found love elsewhere and he has been flaunting it on social media. We hope his new fling lasts longer.

They did not spend so much money on their wedding as compared to Dennis and Lonina’s love story as they just went to the AG and made things legal.

They have three children together.

6. J Blessing and Chantelle


This one is dramatic. The two got married and had a child who passed away. This gave both J Blessing and Chantelle sleepless nights and of course all sorts of emotions.

Next thing on the grapevines, J Blessing left allegedly because Tina cheated on him. J Blessing is a hot cake as from his current scandals. He is the dad on the block, the baby mama rumored to be Avril.

Just like that J Blessing and Chantelle were no more but they seem to be looking for love elsewhere so we can outrightly say, wako sawa!

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7. MC Jessy and Elizabeth Nyambura

Image result for mc jessy and wife

Last but not least is Mc Jessy. This is one is sad. They had an amazing wedding which was filled with laughter, love, friends and family.

MC Jessy started getting too cozy with Shixs Kapienga and boom! Elizabeth and Jessy are no more. Shixs is and has always been his one and only. The question is why did he waste 6 years of love with Elizabeth if he knew his fate was Shixs? I know so sad!

MC Jessy and Elizabeth have a son together.

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‘I want some action not empty words’ MC Jessy tells bae

Comedian MC Jessy celebrates his birthdaytoday and his fans cannot get enough of this fact given their great love for him.

The laid back host of Churchill show raw, is loved by many not only for his humor but also for his infectious laughter and crazy dance moves.

Taking to social media to announce his birthday, he wrote,

“Another candle gets to be added on the cake.”

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Well, Shix Kapienga didn’t waste time as she too took to social media to shower Jessy with nothing but good wishes.

Happy 27th Birthday @jessythemc 😁 …wishing you God’s blessings and favor, plus many more years to come. #Barikiwa.

MC Jessy went ahead and replied to Shix’ message writing,

Mimi nimesema nitumiwe Mpesa. Sitaki wishes za mdomo pekee😜😜

This message may look innocent but given the rumors going around that the two were supposedly dating, it leaves more questions than answers.

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Here are some messages from his fans;

Mumbi: Happy birthday our favorite Mc👍🏿…tukutane #Kinoo Country
Fiiyah: Pesa enda na Mpesa kwa heemsii njesi… Pesa huyoo
Rose: Happy birthday from kasichana ka Kiambuuu🎊🎈
Kendi: Happy birthday my G… I sometimes think you are partially insane.. Keep getting people outta their depression.
Mary: Waschana wa kiambu wanunulie @jessythemc Mutura plus gathufu lazma akunywe na kawekwe tukarati na tuwaru.

Sadia: Happy birthday our jessy wish you all the best and more years to come 🎂🥂❤🙏

larahnancie: My super dope MC….happy birthday…namba ya mpesa ni 07..????many more [email protected]

saisikip: Sai ni Njaanuary…ile kitu tunaeza kukutumia ni salamu tu😂😂😂😂HBD @jessythemc

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‘KCPE for me was a sad time’ MC Jessy speaks of his mother passing on

MC Jessy, one of Kenya’s most talented comedians has had his share of hardships in this life of sin and in as much as we all wanna have our parents in our lives, Jessy didn’t have that.

In an interview with Talk Central, Jessy revealed that he’s never lived with his father and that he only saw him three times in his life

“My father passed on a long time ago, I never lived with my father for long. I saw him 3 times in my life. I grew up with my mum after my father passed on.”

He went on to reveal that his mother died during his rehearsals when he was just about to do his KCPE.

I was in Embu County School. During the KCPE rehearsals my mother passed on, KCPE exams were on Tuesday my mum passed on that Monday. I sat for exams then that Friday I went to Meru and we buried her on Saturday. KCPE for me was a sad time.”

Despite all that, Jessy has made it in life through his great talent of cracking our ribs.

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Money Talks!! Check Out Some Of The Top Earning Comedians In Town

Comedy as a career has been on the rise in Kenya. More and more people are coming out to try their luck in comedy and the society has been welcoming.

While some are still trying their luck, there are those that are already making it big; living lavish lifestyles, driving good cars all thanks to comedy.

Check out some of the comedians in Kenya who are making it big just by cracking our ribs:

1. Churchill


He has been in the fore front in promoting local talent through his comedy program Churchill Show which airs every Sunday on NTV. The funny comedian who started his career years ago, is living life to the fullest.

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2.Eric Omondi


He is one of the best comedians in the country and he goes to great lengths to be funny even if it means thinking outside the box.

Eric Omondi is largely popular from his appearance on Churchill show, although he is now doing his own comedy based on doing renditions for songs and everyday life events.

He is clearly not shy to show that he enjoys the best the things life has to offer.



The comedian whose real name is Felix Oduor, seems to be eating life with a golden spoon.

He came into the limelight after acting in a local program “Papa Shirandula” on citizen TV. His star has shone brighter with each day and he is a jack of all trades as he has many titles to his name.

It was painful but i forgave her.”Dan Makataya speaks up after surviving an acid attack by his wife leaving him blind

4.Mc Jessy


The witty down to earth comedian hosts Churchill Raw on NTV. Known by many for his funny dance moves while on stage, this comedian has created a name for himself and thanks to his wit, he is now living large and is among the top earning comedians in Kenya.

5.David The Student


He is the famous Churchill show comedian famed for his Kalenjin accent jokes. Away from comedy, he is a model and an MC.

Thanks to his comic side, he is able to enjoy the best life has to offer. He owns a Subaru and a range rover sport. Pesa Otas!!

He recently came under public attack after being accused by people of conning them using his ‘celebrity’ status as a camouflage.

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He is a witty comedian known for his Kamba accent, where he tells tales from his Kamba relatives when he joined the Churchill show family. His comical nature did not go unnoticed as he is now doing his own shows on you tube.

He now runs a show on Ebru TV alongside being Director of NACADA.

7.Oga Obinna


Obinna is a local comedian largely known for his Nigerian accent. He has been on Churchill Show but is currently running his own show on Ebru Tv. He is among the best comedians in Kenya who are raking it big.



Famously known as Shirandula’s wife, Wilbroda is arguably the only female comedian and actress standing today as the most successful in this industry.

She has been in the show Papa Shirandula for years now, where she plays a crucial role.

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‘I live in Kinoo and I’m okay with that, no one cares,’ MC Jessy reacts after David the Student was accused of conning people abroad

Former Churchill raw comedian David the student and media personality Kobi Kihara have recently been under harsh public criticism.

David was accused of conning people of their hard earned money taking advantage of his ‘celebrity status’

On the other hand Kobi Kihara was ridiculed for stealing content and posting it as her own to the point of her completely shutting down her social media platforms.

Kobi Kihara

Speaking on the issue of David the student, MC Jessy who hosts Churchill raw says that hio ni shida ya kujiekelea.

Answering the question on why David the student would con people of their money, Jessy says

“Reality is everything. You don’t have to have a social media life to survive. Kama wewe ni mtu wa mutura kula mutura. No one cares. Mi naishi life yangu huku Kinoo. When I realized that I, nikasema hakuna pressure.”

He added that the pressure a celeb may have is not from outside but from within. He also explained that comedy was paying well citing the examples of MCA Tricky, also a Churchill Show comedian who is flourishing.

David the student

He emphatically said that as long as somebody is working in the Churchill Show they should be doing well, insisting that they don’t play around with their artists money.

His advice to celebs like Kobi Kihara on social media usage was to use it to market themselves saying:

“Live your own life. Look at Huddah, she changed her social media profile to market herself. Now she has Huddah Cosmetics on her page. That is wisdom. Also Vera has done the same (Selling her new salon Vera Sidika beauty parlour).”

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Hii ndo inaitwa umama Fans tell MC Jessy after this photo emerged online

Early this month, local comedian MC Jessy left for a comedy tour to the United Kingdom.

His recent photo has aroused funny reactions from hawk eyed Kenyans.

A few weeks ago Jessy was attacked online after posting a photo of him in a common Scottish wear which most Kenyans termed as a Skirt, with many making sarcastic remarks on the same.


‘Someone come to my aid’ Jamby Koikai pleads her desire to learn crocheting

Fast forward, Jessy posted a photo of him with the caption below surrounded by beautiful women and Kenyans cant keep calm. Many are of the opinion that the comedian is softening up something most can’t seem to tolerate.

“Too much love and beauty captured in one pic.
The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it. Thank you UK for the love, My Glasgow – Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 People…I have never felt that great.”


Here are some of the comments
victor_nd3gwa: Mjamaa wa wamama 💯
marie_ern_mwangi: @jessythemc sasa the degree of umama sindio umeongeza😹😹😹😹😹😹
noshinosoro: Hii ndo inaitwa umama
mpiga_picha_: @jessythemc your very motherly uko na umamaaa… Hope sahi umejua kupika ugali ya purple
mungai_mukirai: @jessythemc you mean you attend baby showers..😂😂😂😂
100bencruz: Naona sasa Akuku Danger amepata compe…. @jessythemc
bettykinyua: Almost asked who invited you to a baby shower😂😂 mothers love

Lifeless body of missing JKUAT student found dumped near the university

u.n.c.l.e._aleckii: @jessythemc lakini nkuulize yaani hakukua na wanaume kwa io show yako??
collodeejay: Nimeona yule auntii wako, nyina wa mùthaa, mama moses
aduyu_bedoababu: How now?how do you feel being surrounded that way😀😂😆😄😅
zaibzamaan: @jessythemc vitu mamito vitu vismart vitu vi mamake vitu vya pendeza
joewylliams: You look like you’ve upgraded to the #FisisKing 😂😂😂 @jessythemc
ochi_the_ghetto_boy: @jessythemc mbona hauko hapa na unakuaga mmama
its_eddie_nelson: @jessythemc Utaskia wakikusema… ” Aki jessy na wamama… wacha 2″ i left 😂😂😂😂😂
gracemitema: Kwani ilikuwa story ya wamama😂

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Mc Jessy awarded charity ambassador for children with celebral palsy

MC Jessy is a familiar face when it comes to the comedy and stand up scene. Heis not only funny but a recent award by Furaha Centre for his charitable work proves that he has helping heart too.

The funny man from Meru steals the hearts of Kenyans with his dance moves and funny jokes when hosting local show Churchill raw which airs on  NTV.

He has made a name for himself as he was recently emceeing at the Kinoru stadium in Meru during the Madaraka day celebrations.

Away from that the talented comedian spent some time giving back to the community at the Furaha centre in Meru bonding with children with cerebral palsy.

This came as a surprise to many since not many people know about Mc Jessy’s charitable work

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“Just been awarded by Furaha Centre for charity efforts in Meru and the whole country, and I have gladly accepted to be the charity ambassador for Furaha Centre,” the comedian posted followed by him receiving an award.

Here are the photos…

image-2018-06-04 (2)(1)


Mc Jessy receiving an award for his charity work
Mc Jessy receiving an award for his charity work

image-2018-06-04 (4)(1)


image-2018-06-04 (3)(1)
Mc Jessy’s award for his charitable work

Among other celebrities who run charitable organizations include The Footprints Africa Foundation which was established  to help empower and grow healthy, dignified and informed societies in the region.

Others include Janet Mbugua who runs Inua Dada Foundation which helps marginalized girls in the society especially in marginalized parts of Kenya.Stanley Kamau who runs Ahadi Kenya and has been on the fore front helping fight against jigger attacks.

MC Jessy Sighs After A Photo Of His Broke And Ashy Days Emerges Online

Most people think MC Jessy’s life is charmed because of what he has achieved in his entertainment career.

But life for the funny man was not always that easy.

“After finishing school, I came to Nairobi to look for a job, and because I didn’t have a place to stay, my classmate’s parents took me in. It was easy for them to accommodate me because their son used to stay at our place when he came to Meru.”

He added,

“They were seven of them and were living at a small house in Kawangware, so we used to sell mandazi every morning. Their mother would tell me to sell five extra mandazis and pay myself with them. During the day, we sold chips mwitu. That’s why to date, I’m a good cook. I know how to chop potatoes for making fries.”

After staying with them for months, Jessy moved on to another friend’s house.

“One day, I was in town and met up with an old friend. We went to their home in one of the leafy suburbs and I started staying with them. His father was an MP at that time and he saw our friendship with his son. Funny enough, he made me his shamba boy. I used to wash clothes and cook.”

The struggle was real for the Churchill Raw star. Here is a photo of him when he was mega broke and ashy.

MC Jessy

He captioned the photo, “Wacheni mungu aitwe mungu.. 😂😂😂😂🙌🙌”

Kenyans in their usual fashion had to comment…

Mekkadishken Pasu Kamau: Hahaha Jeeesy na hiyo style hujawai acha ni madoido kidogo tu umeweka😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Njung’e Peter: Tumbo cut naaayoo,!!!! yenye ii ni direct nomination ya Nairobi Business Community.

Ingwe Kennedy: Respect bro! Today you have earned my respect, sky is no limit

Rhoda Nims: Wasichana wa Kiambu Nduberi wameona hii waaah watu hutoka bali

Scolarsticker: Amen ooh from tumbokat to suit

Shanizlv Lv: Kwani ulianza kutumia mafuta gani umekwa mbrown waah hadi nadaut ni ww

Jeniffer Martin: Jamani watu utoka bali.

MC Jessy Had The Worst Job Before The Money and Fame

Churchill Raw’s comedian and host MC Jesse has not had an easy journey. Jesse, real name Jasper Muthomi, told this writer the many jobs he had been doing before he became a celebrity.

“After finishing school, I came to Nairobi to look for a job, and because I didn’t have a place to stay, my classmate’s parents took me in. It was easy for them to accommodate me because their son used to stay at our place when he came to Meru.”

He added,

“They were seven of them and were living at a small house in Kawangware, so we used to sell mandazi every morning. Their mother would tell me to sell five extra mandazis and pay myself with them. During the day, we sold chips mwitu. That’s why to date, I’m a good cook. I know how to chop potatoes for making fries.”

After staying with them for months, Jessy moved on to another friend’s house.

“One day, I was in town and met up with an old friend. We went to their home in one of the leafy suburbs and I started staying with them. His father was an MP at that time and he saw our friendship with his son. Funny enough, he made me his shamba boy. I used to wash clothes and cook.”

The man has now made it and is winning people’s hearts with his jokes on Churchill Raw.




THEIR TASTE IN WOMEN IS IMPECCABLE! Top 5 Kenyan Male Comedians With The Most Beautiful Lovers (PHOTOS)

Kenyan comedians are known for their rib-cracking personalities and over the past few years, the comedy industry has grown tremendously to the point of international recognition.

Previously, most comedians preferred to keep their private life off the public radar so that it doesn’t get mixed up with their characters on stage but with time, they have been able to open up.

A lot of comedians based on their social media have began to post photos of their wives/girlfriends plus children.

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In regards to this, how about we take a look at some of the most beautiful girlfriends or wives of top male comedians in the country, in no particular order.

Check out the beauties below.

1. Eric Omondi And Girlfriend Chantal
He is one of the top comedians in the country and also the luckiest after proposing to his Italian girlfriend, Chantal Grazioli. The two have been dating for a while now and it’s rumored that the lovebirds may walk down the aisle this year. Isn’t she just a gem?


2. Chipukeezy And Girlfriend Vivian
The former Churchill Show comedian introduced his now fiancée Vivian, a year ago and though it looked like it was too early to settle down, the couple has proved that love conquers all. She is not only beautiful but also soft-spoken and always has her mans back.



3. JB Masanduku’s And Wife Tina Kaggia
Though he has been in the limelight for a while now, the former Churchill Show funny guy has one of the most beautiful wives, Tina Kaggia. The two are blessed with three lovely children.

tina and jb-horz

4. Njugush And Wife Celestine
The lovely couple walked down the aisle back in 2016 and although he initially kept her identity away from the public, he eventually showed off the love of his life to the world and soon after he proposed. They are now inseparable and seem very happy.


5. MC Jessy And Wife
He’s no doubt one of the most celebrated comedians in Kenya and other than being a lovable person, he’s also a husband and father. MC Jessy refers to his wife as Nkirote during his live shows and though he never shows her often in public, he’s a committed hubby and responsible father.