Diamond and Jokate Mwegelo lead tributes for late Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa

Many Tanzanians woke up to the news that their former President Benjamin Mkapa had passed away at the age of 81. The late head of state’s death was announced by President John Pombe Magufuli, declaring 7 days of state mourning.

Magufuli explained that the former Tanzanian President died at a hospital in Dar es Salaam where he was undergoing treatment.


The news was met by collective sadness with most Tanzanian celebs chiming in to send their condolences. Celebs like Diamond Platnumz, DC Jokate Mwegelo and Mbosso led celebrities in mourning the sudden demise of their third.

The personalities led others in paying tribute to the late Mkapa who led the nation from 1995-2005. Some of those messages are below:

Diamond Platnumz “May His soul Rest in Paradise 🙏🏼”

Jokete Mwegelo “Nimepokea taarifa za kifo cha Mzee wetu Rais wa Awamu ya Tatu Ndg. Benjamin William Mkapa kwa masikitiko makubwa sana. Salamu zangu za pole ziende kwa Watanzania wote. Mzee Mkapa alikuwa ni Baba, Mwalimu, Mlezi na wengi tulimtazama kama kioo. Binafsi nimejifunza mengi kupitia uongozi wake na maisha yake kwa ujumla. Tunashukuru kwa kutuacha na kitabu cha maisha yako kitakachobaki kama kumbukumbu na sehemu ya sisi kujifunza na vizazi vijavyo. Pumzika kwa amani Mzee wetu. 🇹🇿”

MAMA Dangote  “Mbele yake nyuma yetu”

Mbosso “Innalillah Wainna ilaih Raajuun”





Soudy Brown “Rest in Peace Mr President (Benjamin William Mkapa 3rd President Of Tanzania 1995-2005)”







Rapper AY “💔💔💔💔💔💔 May Your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace Mzee Wetu 🙏🏿🙏🏿”

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We should have won the condoms! Mbosso pokes fan at his mentor Diamond

I have always maintained that Diamond Platnumz doesn’t know how a condom looks, much less how one works! Yes, and I can wager on that last statement I have just made – A 10 bob wager at that!

The man seems to get a get with any woman that he is linked with – nay he so much as looks at. From Zari to Hamisa to Tanasha the Tanzanian musician got those women pregnant within weeks of meeting them!

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

Talk about a poor pull-out game (non-existent is my guess) or just an aversion for condoms, the man reminds many that he is one man who will most likely never go to a doctor for a sperm test as he has shown his virility in the past.

It seems that even his WCB labelmate Mbosso has noticed that his boss might have a problem in that department and offered some advice.


Mbosso decided to hilariously troll the “Jere” singer after a fan won a pack of condoms on Wasafi TV’s entertainment show dubbed #BigSundayLive.

Diamond responds to claims that he gave Tanasha’s Landcruiser to Mbosso (Video)

Interesting thing is that Mbosso also enjoyed himself along with Diamond noting that the pair of them should have won the pack of condoms as they are the artistes with many children at WCB.

“Lile Briefcase lilokuwa na Condom kwenye Big Sunday leo, lilifaa tushinde Mimi na Wewe, Lingetusaidia sana kaka Yangu 😂😂😂😂😂” wrote Mbosso.

And to show what a spot he is, Diamond defended himself by saying that he is a changed man. “@Mbosso_ Unaumwa wewe. Mie asahivi ni mtu wa ibada,” responded Diamond.

Diamond-Platnumz's with his kids in the past
Diamond-Platnumz’s with his kids in the past

The conversation between the two stars, prompted their fans to join in, with a section agreeing with what Mbosso had raised, while others opted to just laugh at them.

It is possible that Diamond has started seeing the importance of wearing a rubber after getting 3 baby mamas in 3 years! Funny thing is that Diamond was hired as a safe s3x brand ambassador in 2019 by the Tanzanian authorities and he was tasked with promoting condom use among the youth! This despite him having a poor track record with rubbers!

Diamond Platnumz shirtless

Or maybe that experience had an impact on Chibu?


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EXCLUSIVE: WCB’s Mbosso presents ‘Haijakaa Sawa’

WCB signed artiste Mbosso has a new song out dubbed ‘Haijakaa Sawa’. The singer says he wrote the emotional love song intentionally for this season to encourage people.

In an exclusive interview with Classic105.com reporter Kalondu Musyimi he said

‘The song is about a typical African family. Not all African families but most of them where you have to go to work and sometimes come back angry but then you might fight with your partner and later on patch things. It’s a life that involves getting or not getting, it’s a situation that comes and one must hope that it will pass, that’s the meaning of this song.’

The ‘Tamu’ hitmaker says he has counted losses after his show in France was cancelled due to the pandemc

‘I had a couple of shows in France and they were all cancelled. I was supposed to get a lot of money. The corona pandemic has affected everyone.Things are now at a standstill’

Mbosso who is well known for his numerous hits says he is set to gift his fans with a surprise

‘Please expect something good from me. I have good news. Anytime from now, I’ll be announcing something to my fans cause I have a gift for them. I feel like I have just started my year afresh’

‘Why I left Yamoto Band’, Mbosso reveals

He reminisces a time when he was supposed to perform in Malindi, which unfortunately never happened

‘Last year, I had a show in Malindi but the organizers failed to met their end of the deal. At the airport, they told my manager that they would pay the rest of the amount at the hotel. When we go there, they said they’d pay after the soundcheck. After that, they said they don’t have the money. When we informed the management in Dar Es Salaam but they refused. I was ready for the show but the management refused and the organizers weren’t anywhere to be seen. To say the truth, I was hurt that I disappointed my fans in some way. I apologized and I thank God that they understood me.’

He and Kenyan boy-band Sauti Sol were supposed to do a collabo ‘ Yes, We were supposed to do something together but both our schedules were tight and I still want to do a collabo with Sauti Sol cause I know they are my brothers and I know they’ll agree so fans should not think that there are differences between us, maybe the time is not yet’

He went on to thank Kenyans for their undying support for him

‘I thank Kenyans for supporting me and even when I come for shows, you welcome me with love. I’m happy and I pray that you continue to support me. I love Kenyan people’

Mbosso joined WCB in 2018 after exiting the boy band ‘Ya Moto Band’

‘I never blocked Tanasha,’ says Mbosso

Tanzanian singer Mbosso has rubbished claims that he blocked Tanasha. Unlike rumours, the ‘Hodari’ hitmaker told Classic105.com in an exclusive interview that he never did.

Tanasha was said to have blocked Diamond Platnumz and his crew including Mbosso.

Mbosso says he didn’t follow up to know whether he was blocked by her on social media or she just unfollowed

‘I have never blocked Tanasha. I never understood whether she blocked me or unfollowed me. I have never understood why. I didn’t really follow on to know what the situation was. I have never been in an argument with her. I also don’t know her issues with the father of her kids. I only did a song with her and I thank God that the project went well’

‘I could not sleep…’, WCB’s Mbosso narrates how he cried after fans insulted him

Mbosso and Tanasha hadworked on a project dubbed  ‘La Vie’ which has over nine million followers

Diamond responds to claims that he gave Tanasha’s Landcruiser to Mbosso (Video)

Diamond Platnumz rarely speaks about any of his baby mama’s once he has moved on. But the Tanzanian superstar has decided to address recent rumours that the car he had given ex Tanasha Donna had been regifted to his WCB signee Mbosso.

The WCB boss chose to respond to the claims by sharing a video of his parking lot with the video beginning with the car he gave to Tanasha on her birthday, as well as his mother’s and his other cars.

Diamond’s action comes a few days after Mbosso refuted claims that he was given Tanasha Donna’s Toyota Landcruiser TX.

Alikiba confesses love for Diamond’s baby mama Hamisa in new music video

The singer set the record straight, saying that his boss Diamond had already warned him on the confusion his car was going to bring once people saw it.

“Hata wakati nanunua hili Gari hata Diamond Mwenyewe aliniambia usipochunga mdogo wangu Gari yako itaonekana ya Tanasha. Lakini nafikiria pia tunaeza kulipeleka hili gari mpaka kwa Diamod kule alafu tupige picha zikiwa zote, ile ya Mama Dangote, Tanasha na hii Hapa. Chombo chnagu na Nashukuru Mwenyezi Mungu ndo nimekianzia Mwaka nacho, ndo linafikisha kama Mwezi hivi,” said Mbosso.


Mbosso Khan also produced the Logbook to his Toyota Landcruiser, in the quest to bring to an end the speculations surrounding his new ride.

Fans raised questions on the vehicle after Mbosso was seen driving a white Toyota Landcruiser TX which looked similar to the one Ms Donna was bought.

Diamond and Tanasha at the birthday
Diamond, his mother and Tanasha at the birthday
Diamond's gift to Tanasha
Diamond’s gift to Tanasha

In a recent interview, Ms. Donna had said she did not want to take the car because she has her own BMW in Nairobi.

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Mbosso is lying – The late Boss Martha’s sister says about baby claims

Boss Martha suddenly died this week and unconfirmed allegations swirled around about her. One of those allegations was that she had a baby with Mbosso, but one of Martha’s relatives has refuted the claim.

In an interview shared on Instagram by Bongo Five, the deceased’s elder sister, Pendo, said the family was shocked to hear Mbosso claiming that he had a child with her sister.

Boss Martha
The late Boss Martha

She said the deceased did not have a baby and had never given birth to any baby;

It hurts us so much for Mbosso to leave this place and then go around saying such stuff. He knows as a family we are mourning and we are in agony for losing our younger one, it is painful especially for our mother if she comes across such allegations. Martha did not have a baby and had never been expectant. 

Mbosso reveals terrible news that late comedian Martha was his baby mama

Apparently Martha had just been staying with her relative’s children since she had never conceived. Another family spokesperson has, however, come out to say that Martha’s child had been living in the village with the grandmother – the same information that Mbosso shared on his post.


The ‘Hodari’ singer had earlier told the media that he was on several occasion visiting his baby mama at her home, where he could spend a good time with his son.  He also said the baby was about four years old.

However, the information given by Mbosso about his son with the deceased was scanty. He claimed Martha wanted to keep their communication away from their baby.

So who is telling the truth?

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Mbosso reveals terrible news that late comedian Martha was his baby mama

Tanzanian musician Mbosso is in mourning at the moment. Why? His baby mama who passed away yesterday was the famous comedienne called Boss Martha.

The singer was in a sombre mood afterwards and camped at the beauty’s Instagram comment section saying his friend and companion had gone too soon. According to Mbosso, Martha had only complained of a headache, so news of her death hit him way too hard.

Boss Martha
Boss Martha

Mbosso wrote;

Despite all the disagreements that started five years ago or more, we did not stop showing how much we needed each other.

The Hodari singer also explained the less-known fact that he and Martha shared a daughter together. The reason this fact was not well publicised was that Martha wanted details of their relationship kept secret and warned him against letting the world in.

Boss Martha
Boss Martha

The singer even wondered whether it was now o.k for him to share that information. He also pondered how he would explain to their daughter why they had hidden her from the public eye?

‘Why I left Yamoto Band’, Mbosso reveals

He wrote sadly, ‘What will I explain to our daughter? How will she understand that she had to be kept a secret? Martha, you went too early.’

Mbosso with Diamond in the past
Mbosso with Diamond in the past

Some popular celebrities like Harmonize and even Diamond Platnumz’s mother commiserated with the singer. Some of their comments are below;
harmonize_tz POLE KAKA
mzaziwillytuva Mungu akupe nguvu. POLE @mbosso_
iamlavalava Pole Sana Ndugu Yangu @mbosso_ 🙏
professorjaytz Pole sana mdogo wangu, R.i.p Martha🙏

The popular Tanzanian blog Millard Ayo has reported that the late comic suffered from a spinal condition coupled with malaria. This had her hospitalised and when her condition worsened she was transferred to another hospital for specialised treatment.

May Martha’s soul rest in peace.

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Another star? Meet WCB’s new kid on the block

Mbosso is the name. I’m talking about the new kid in Diamond Platnumz’s WCB label record.

Mbosso is currently making airwaves in Tanzania with his hit song Watakubali after making a comeback as a solo artiste.

You’ll probably remember him in the famous group Ya Moto Band, a boy band that broke up due to what was termed as irreconcilable differences.


In his new song, Mbosso has revealed the struggles he went through after the group broke up. He talks about getting into a life of crime, something he says is based on a true story.


The simple advice Maina Kageni has for Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz

The songs has hit over a million views on Youtube.

Check out the song;